Yankees down 3-0 to Tigers in ALCS following Game Three loss to Verlander


The Yankees are really trying to disprove this whole “pitching win championships” thing. They got another fantastic performance from the pitching staff in Game Three, but yet again the offense didn’t muster much of anything until it was too little, too late. The Yankees are down three games to none in the best-of-seven ALCS and are just one more loss from the end of their season.

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Ninth Inning Rally

Justin Verlander threw 132 pitches in Game Three and I think only the final 17 were stressful. He held the Yankees to two base-runners — two ground ball singles by Ichiro Suzuki — in the first eight innings and was more efficient than overpowering. Verlander went to eight three-ball counts (28 total batters faced), which is an awful lot, but he also didn’t walk anyone. He struck out just three, only got eight ground balls (22 ball-in-play outs), and I counted just two tough defensive plays by Detroit. Very easy outing for Verlander, at least until the ninth inning.

With the bullpen a mess, manager Jim Leyland stuck with his ace right-hander for the final three outs even though his pitch count was over 110. Eduardo Nunez led the inning off and worked a real hard at-bat, fouling off six pitches before hitting a solo homer to left on the ninth pitch of the encounter (a hanging curveball). It was, by far, the team’s hardest hit ball of the night. In fact, you can argue that their second hardest hit ball was a foul ball down the left field line earlier in the at-bat. Brett Gardner followed Nunez by fouling off four pitches as part of an eight-pitch at-bat before grounding out. That ended the night for Verlander.

Leyland went to former Yankee Phil Coke against various left-handers, and he surrendered two two-out singles (Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano) to put the tying run in scoring position and bring Raul Ibanez to the plate. Joe Girardi‘s options at this point were Ibanez against Coke or either Nick Swisher or Alex Rodriguez against Joaquin Benoit, and the skipper stuck with Ibanez. I would have done the same thing despite his general inability to hit southpaws just because he’s been out of this world clutch these last few weeks. Raul worked the count full and fouled off the sixth pitch of the at-bat before swinging over a slider for strike three and the 27th out. Coke deserves some credit, it was a great slider.

(Jonathan Daniel/Getty)

Back Breaker

Assuming the Yankees do not make a historic comeback, Phil Hughes will end his season at 201 total innings and with a stiff back. He exited Game Three after three innings and 61 pitches, but not before Delmon Young hit a hanging two-strike curveball out of the park to left field for a solo homer. He’s been killing the Yankees in the postseason for two years now, no reason to expect it to stop anytime soon.

Anyway, Hughes walked three while striking out just one in those three innings, pitching out of jams seemingly all night. The pitching line — 3 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 3 BB, 1 K — looks a little better than he actually pitched, and it could have easily been four or five runs had the Tigers picked up some timely hits. Joe Girardi said after the game that they’ll re-evaluate Hughes tomorrow before deciding whether or not to take him off the ALCS roster, which would automatically disqualify him from the World Series roster should the Yankees actually make that historic comeback. Not a great night for Phil, but he did battle and the effort is always appreciated.

Effective Relief

(Jonathan Daniel/Getty)

It’s a good thing Monday was an off-day, because Girardi had to go deep into his bullpen following the short start by Hughes. The first guy out of the bullpen was David Phelps — he inherited an 0-2 count on Jhonny Peralta — who completed the fourth inning before allowing an unearned run in the fifth. Eric Chavez booted a hard-hit ground ball before Miguel Cabrera clubbed a double into the right-center field gap, accounting for the Tigers’ second and eventual game-winning run. I was a bit surprised Girardi didn’t go to Derek Lowe in that spot, but I guess he didn’t want the ground ball guy in there while Nunez was playing short.

Clay Rapada replaced Phelps and retired the two left-handed hitters he faced with an intentional walk sandwiched in. Cody Eppley took over, finished up the fifth, then put two men on-base with one out in the sixth. Boone Logan replaced him and allowed a single to pinch-hitter and the right-handed Avisail Garcia — Garcia is now 3-for-3 off Logan in the series — before escaping the bases loaded jam with a 5-4-3 double play from Cabrera. I have to admit that I assumed the worst when I saw Logan was going to face Miggy with the bases juiced, but he got the ground ball and Chavez started the twin-killing with a nifty backhand pick.

Boone remained in the game to throw a perfect seventh as well as retire the first two men in the eighth, his longest outing (2.1 innings) since throwing 2.2 innings against the Phillies back in June 2010. Joba Chamberlain stepped in to wrap up the inning, so all told six pitchers allowed just two runs (one earned) in eight innings on seven hits and five walks (one intentional). They only struck out three, but the pitching staff definitely gave the offense a chance to get back into the game. The Yankees have gotten a 2.25 ERA out of pitching staff and only have three wins in eight playoff games to show for it. Gross.

(Gregory Shamus/Getty)


Cano’s ninth inning opposite field single ended an ugly 0-for-29 stretch that was the longest single-season hitless streak in playoff history. Ichiro had the two ground ball singles but didn’t steal second either time, which was quite annoying. I thought he had a chance for a Johnny Damon-esque double steal in the seventh since the Tigers were playing the big shift on Teixeira. The one thing Verlander will let you do is steal a base, and the Yankees didn’t take advantage of it.

The Bombers sent 32 hitters to the plate and I counted just seven “good at-bats” (by my completely arbitrary definition) — Ibanez in the second (eight pitches), Gardner in fourth (nine pitches), Ibanez in the seventh (seven pitches), Nunez in the ninth (nine pitches), Gardner in the ninth (eight pitches), Teixeira in the ninth (seven pitches), and Ibanez in the ninth (seven pitches). Seven “good out-bats” out of 32 total plate appearances isn’t good enough, especially when three came from the same guy.

Nunez’s ninth inning homer kept the Yankees from getting shut out in back-to-back playoff games for the first time in their history, so I guess that’s neat. It was also the first ninth inning homer Verlander has surrendered in his entire career, believe it or not. Nunez is the first non-Derek Jeter shortstop to hit a postseason homer for the team since Jim Mason in Game Three of the 1976 World Series. The Yankees only had five hits and zero walks in the game and have scored 12 of their 21 postseason runs in the ninth inning or later. That’s just too many. They have to start scoring earlier in the game.

It was a really rough night for Russell Martin, who allowed two stolen bases (in two attempts) and a passed ball. He also hurt his right thumb on a jam-shot ground ball against Verlander in the ninth, but said after the game that he’s fine and will play tomorrow. It’s worth noting that Nick Swisher was on deck to pinch-hit for Martin when Ibanez struck out to end the game. Not sure if that was just a matchup thing or a sign that Russ’ hand wasn’t good enough to hit.

The Yankees did get a little luck in that sixth inning when Omar Infante stopped at third on Garcia’s single off Logan. He would have scored easily — replays showed that Curtis Granderson had not even picked up the ball by the time Infante reached third base — and given the Tigers a three-run lead. The Cabrera double play following and that was that. Nunez also deserves some credit for a nice diving stop in the fifth, keeping the ball on the infield to save a run.

Sam Holbrook’s strike zone was just ridiculous; Verlander was getting a ton of calls off the plate to lefties. That’s not why the Yankees lost, but it certainly didn’t help. Here’s the PitchFX plot so you can see for yourself.

Box Score & WPA Graph

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights. The Yankees have not been swept in any playoff series since the Royals got them in the 1980 ALCS, which happened before I was born. Crazy. The Yankees also had four winning streaks of at least four games this season, which is what they’ll need to do to advance to the next round. For now, one game at a time.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next

The season is in the hands of CC Sabathia, who will start Game Four on Wednesday night against Max Scherzer. Hopefully the ninth inning was an indication that the offense is starting to awake. That would be nice. That game starts at 8pm ET, and check out RAB Tickets if you want to score some last minute deals to attend.

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  1. DT says:

    The umpire probably took away 4 walks away from this team against Verlander. Same shit happened last year. Verlander gets his own personal strike zone against lefties. It makes no sense.

    • Carl LaFong says:

      A truly terrible game 3 lineup. How can you leadoff w/a guy who hasn’t played the entire season, particularly when you have a HOF leadoff hitter in Ichiro right there? How do you bench ARod when he’s the best chance the club has to turn things around and he’s hit Verlander well this year? Would ARod have botched the grounder that Chavez did that led to the Tigers second run? Who knows, but Chavez hasn’t hit either.

      Oh, hitting Russell Martin 5th in game 2 & 6th in game 3 was just throwing in the towel. The guy is a #8 or 9 hitter at best, is one dimensional, & had a terrible year. His placement that low in the order just made things worse. Both Nunez & Nix should have been in the lineup tonight along with Arod. IF it were up to me, Nunez, Nix, Swisher, Arod, & Stewert would be in the lineup tomorrow against Scherzer. This leaves Martin off to rest his jammed hand & no one will miss his absent bat anyway. Granderson needs to sit as well. IMO, the lineup below gives us our best chance to win a ballgame & take it to a game 5.

      Ichiro – CF
      Swisher – RF
      Texeira – 1B
      Cano – 2B
      Arod – 3B
      Nunez – LF
      Ibanez – D/H
      Nix – SS
      Stewart – C

      • MannyGeee (Dead men walking) says:

        Any PLAYOFF lineup that starts Chris Stewart is a shit lineup.

      • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

        If you were actually watching the game you’d have noticed that Gardner actually put together some good at bats. Better than A-Rod having a 4 pitch at bat and yet another K. How do you justify Alex being “the best chance the club has to turn things around”? He’s striking out against inferior pitching, you think he’s gonna turn it on against Verlander? Unlikely.

        Valid point about the Chavez error, for all his hitting inferiority at least Alex has played a good 3rd base.

        I agree Granderson needs to sit (he won’t), but put Gardner or Ichiro in CF and keep the other in LF with Swisher in RF. Either might have gotten to the Cabrera double. You can’t put Nunez in left, it’s not Little League where you just throw the sucky fielders in the OF, he’s more of a liability there than he is at short.

      • Hummingbird S. says:

        Maybe Alex makes that play and the Tigers don’t score that second run. But then again, maybe Alex doesn’t make the play on Cabrera’s DP. The error was bad but I still think Chavez is the better fielder.

        Also, if you want to argue lineups and be taken seriously, don’t ever advocate for Stewart to start.

  2. DT says:

    Also Swisher was up, because Stewart replaced Russ in the 8th i believe. Swish was pinch hitting for Stewart.

  3. Anonymous says:

    1. Resign Kuroda
    2. Resign Andy
    3. Shake up the offense
    4. Hope for the best from Pineda going forward
    5. ???
    6. Profit

    • Little CANOlli says:

      4. got a plan?

    • John says:

      1) sign BJ upton? i know he sometimes tends to not concentrate a la robinson cano … but if right he may come cheaper than a swisher or even granderson ..
      2) agree with resigning kuroda
      3) attempt to sign tori hunter or carlos beltran(although not sure he is a FA)
      4) resign andy pettitte
      5) pick up his option and trade curtis granderson. trade him for some good talent.
      6) you know soriano is going to opt out but offer him the qualifying offer so when he signs with another team they get a draft pick.
      7) submit a qualifying offer to swisher. if he accepts again trade him for some talent .. pretty sure he is going to sign elsewhere so the yanks will be getting another draft pick compensation here.
      8) attempt to trade Arod(alot of wishful thinking here) will probably never happen.
      anyways with all those moves i think the yankees will be ok next year by getting rid of those guys and significantly improving their outfield defense. You can expect bounce back years from Cano (who had a decent year but not spectacular, didnt even drive 100 runs) and texeira (he was injured for pretty much the whole year). also they need to get rid of andrew jones.
      for the bench i think we need to get younger there as well. obviously we have nunez which i have always been a strong supporter, i just think he needs more time at short. many people forget that in jeters first full 2 years in the majors he had 40 errors. Nunez is quick and can get to balls that jeter cant anymore. now im not saying nunez should be the starting SS. but he should see more time there so the yanks can give Jeter more Dh ab’s as he gets older. the yankees also need to get younger at 3rd. what about seing what a guy like adams can do at third next year. have him on the bench … play him 2-3 times a week while arod dh’s. the yankees should definitely stop getting the old washed up players like jones to fill out the bench.
      9) they should trade joe girardi man love crush Stewart and i know im gonna get heat for this move but they should resign martin to like a 1 yr deal so he can teach romine. so romine and martin should split time at catcher like they did this year with martin and stewart.
      anyways with some of these moves .. granted they prob will never happen but hey im a huge yankee fan and it is ok to dream.
      CF BJ Upton
      LF Brett Gardner
      RF Tori Hunter/Beltran(by the way he wants to play for NYY)
      3B Arod/Adams(by the way can he play some 1B?)
      SS Jeter/Nunez
      2B Cano
      1B Texeira
      C Martin/Romine
      Util Nix
      4th OFer ?
      SP Sabathia
      SP Kuroda
      SP Pettitte
      SP Hughes
      SP Nova ( i honestly think he will have a bounce back season. he has really good stuff he just needs to put it together. i think he can be a #1 type starter.)
      SP Pineda ( once he comes back)
      RP Chamberlain
      RP Aardsma
      RP Logan
      RP Phelps
      RP Rapada
      CL Rivera

      • DT says:

        BJ upton is a shitter version of Granderson. Low OBP strikes out a lot and less power.

        Hunter is a FA and old. Beltran is not a FA.

        Yes to pettite.

        Keeping Curtis give you more value than trading him, unless you have a guy who can give his value or more.

        You’re not trading Arod who has a no trade clause and a toxic contract.

      • MannyGeee (Dead men walking) says:

        BJ Upton will not come cheaper than Granderson. He would be an epic Carl Crawford size mistake signing

  4. NJ_Andy says:

    Have their been any rumblings from Olympus about Umpire accountability? Each game so far has had fairly negative rulings go against the Yankees (Cano being “out” in the first game, Cano not applying the tag in the second, and the ludicrous strikezone here). I realize that they aren’t the reason the Yanks have been losing, but this can’t stand.

    Need we mention the infield fly?

    • stuart a says:

      from who the blind mice? The lefties got screwed all night on outside pitches….verlander does have his own strike zone and the astute baseball minds on TBS when I was watching did not say a word…

      i think smoltz wants to havesex with verlander….

  5. tipsie says:


    Really interested to know what your thoughts are on the ARod situation (benching, nowhere to be found in the 9th inning, Swisher on-deck as the next hitter behind Ibanez, etc).

    Very odd that he would be handled this way with the years & $$ remaining.

    • Fin says:

      I’m not Mike but I’m guessing his wrist just isn’t healthy enough for Girardi to count on him at all. No other reason they would treat him as rough as they have. He is not the worst offender in the offensive woes.

      • dalelama says:

        C’mon stop covering for Arod—it isn’t his wrist it is he chokes. If it was his wrist the Yankees would have said something by now.

        • Fin says:

          I dont think hes chocking, hes been awful since he came back from the DL. I think Cano is chocking, he was bound to cool down after his hot streak, but this is sad.

    • MannyGeee (Dead men walking) says:

      A-Rod is flat out not healthy right now. I wouldnt play him till he proves he can contribute either

  6. Little CANOlli says:

    Props to Axisa for working late night.

  7. Mem says:

    Killing me softy…..

  8. WhittakerWalt says:

    As soon as Delmon Young hit the homer we all pretty much went “well, there goes the game.”
    That was in the third inning, and we were right.
    This has not been my favorite postseason.

  9. Red Sox fan says:

    I’m so happy seeing the Yanks break apart like this.
    Spends so much money on “great” players and they can’t even win one game in the ALCS.
    Have fun with the following sh*tty players:
    Alex Rondriguez, Mark Teixiera.
    I hope Cano struggle next regular season the way he struggled this playoff.
    I hope Pineda never fully recovers.
    Also, a message to the yankee fans:
    Just give up, the yanks are not Red Sox, they’re not coming back from the 3 games down. Have fun losing!!!!

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Why is a fan of an irrelevant team talking crap? Three years and counting on that playoff drought. Plenty more where that came from.

    • Fin says:

      I’m just disappointed the Sox didnt loose 100 games this year. Nothing else really needs to be said.

      • Fin says:

        He is right about one thing though. The Yankees wont come back from 0-3. This teams hitting isnt close to that Sox team and the Tigers pitching isnt nearly as bad/hurt as that Yankee team. We’ll get the CC win and then we can all concentrate on football.

        • Carl LaFong says:

          Just win game 4 & take it one at a time from there. This prognostication crap is old & meaningless. I don’t care that Arod has been horses**t. Sitting him is just such a bush league move. Maybe they win, maybe they lose w/him playing, but without him, this club has NO chance of winning this series so why are they farking w/him? Levine, Cashman, the entire FO can stick it!!!

          • R. Cooper says:

            Completely and totally agree, Carl. The Yankees will not win a WS without A-Rod. He proved it in ’09, and is proving it by default now.

        • Mike says:

          When you have clutch players like Jeter and gamers like AROD in the line up winning 4 straight is definitely a possibility. I think our team is going to surprise the doubters.

    • Just too disappointed right now says:

      The yankees will never fall apart like the red sox. Your team just sucks period and how’s that 1927 camparison going for your team? yea thought so.

      • Red Sox fan says:

        I rather see the sox win once in a while and win the whole thing rather than see them make the playoff often and don’t make the world series after spending so much money on players that break down quickly. Yankees think they can win every time, as long as they throw money on players faces, or in another words, buy championships. Yankees suck. By the way, I’m from the Bronx. hahaha. I hate the Yankees.

    • DT says:

      Enjoy not making the play offs for the next 5 years.

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      Didn’t the Red Sox JUST spend hundreds of millions of dollars on two players, who they then ended up trading once the season went down the crapper?
      I realize we’re talking about non-white players here, and you Sox fans would just as soon not have too many of those on the team, but really. It JUST happened.

    • John says:

      why are i****t redsox fans still talking. at least the yankees aint home watching the ALCS like they are.

    • Just too disappointed right now says:

      Oh yea and didn’t AGon say that the red sox were gonna win alot of world series LOL? Nice fire sale your team had btw

    • Get Phelps Up (wins needed: 8) says:

      The Yankees have won more playoff games this year then you’ve won since the start of the 2008 ALCS. Enjoy losing 90 games again next year and also enjoy Fenway’s sellout streak ending.

    • You are a pussy says:

      2011=biggest choke of all time and you are now the AL version of the Astros. Enjoy the basement for the next half decade.

    • GT Yankee says:

      This is one of the primary differences between a Yankee fan and Sox fan. A Sox fan wishes that a younger player like Pineda never comes back from a severe injury.

      With the realization that it is of much more consequence because it it life threatening, when John Lester was diagnosed with cancer I really pulled for him. I even still wish him to do well in games where he’s not facing the Yankees. He deserves it.

      Most Sox fans are classless and you demonstrate this so well.

    • MannyGeee (Dead men walking) says:

      Dont feel the trolls, stupids.

    • Bavarian Yankee says:

      lol, you’re a joke.

      The Sawx nearly spent as much money and haven’t made the postseason 3 years in a row now.

      “Just give up, the yanks are not Red Sox”

      true, the Sawx win something every 100 years or so. We’ll never be that bad no matter how hard we try.

  10. stuart a says:

    when your life is so bad you must hope for someone else’s misery you are a true loser…

    enjoy the john lakey contract next year…..

  11. Little CANOlli says:

    1. DO NOT re-sign Russel for the 3/24 that Axisa was talking about a couple of days ago.
    2. Replace Swisher via trade, if that means dealing guys like Hughes and/or Nunez for Kubel or Willingham, so be it.
    3. Let Ichiro walk, let Soriano walk
    4. Re-sign Kuroda, re-sign Pettitte
    5. Re-sign Ibanez
    6. Sign Scott Hairston to be the right-handed side of the DH platoon and the 4th OFer
    7. Bring in a veteran SP for depth, i.e. Marcum, McCarthy, C. Young. whatever
    8. Shore up the bullpen, maybe bring back Nix, and start marching toward number 28

    • Little CANOlli says:

      oh and re-up Curtis

    • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

      I disagree about a lot of this. I have no problem bringing Martin back. Not at 3/24…more like 1 for 9-10 or 2/15-20.

      I’d replace Swisher via Free Agency. There are plenty of options out there, including Swisher himself. I understand he falls apart during the playoffs, but you have to make the playoffs before you play in them and Swisher is a very good regular season player. If he is willing to take a reasonable deal, I’d resign him.

      Soriano’s going to opt out anyway. He deserves a closers job as well as closer money. He’s only going to get one here.

      I’d look into resigning Ichiro, especially if Swish walks

      I’d resign both Kuroda and Pettitte. Hopefully they both want to come back.

      Thanks for some heroics this year Raul, but peace!!

      I’d look into a LHH side of a platoon, seeing as how Jeter/Rodriguez are going to get a lot of ABs as RHH DH’s this season

      If Andy and Kuroda come back, and with Pineda coming back in June, I’d rather the team not waste time on and resources on worse versions of the Phelps’ and Lowe’s of the world.

      Bullpen help is bullpen help. Every year there is going to be an Epply or Wade that comes out of nowhere and becomes a brig to Lo-Jo-Ro-So.

      • Little CANOlli says:

        I’ll take Martin at 1/9-10 or 2/15-20 no problem, just not the number that Axisa posted on here a couple days ago.

        Swisher will get a multi-year, big $ deal somewhere, there’s no doubt about that and if 189 by 2014 is the goal 4+ year deal for Swisher is probably not feasible.

        I don’t see how Melky is not a better option than Ichiro to replace Swisher if you’re going the free agent route. Especially considering he’s likely to take a discount. Even Melky not on PEDs i have to believe would be at least as productive as Ichiro in this stage of theri careers.

        I’m having a hard time finding a serious upgrade over Ibanez as LHH DH on the market, if you got any ideas let me know.

        And the bullpen will sort itself out.

        • Get Phelps Up (wins needed: 8) says:

          There’s several LHH DH’s out there. Hafner, Thome and Berkman to name a few.

        • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

          Melky is just one of the names I’d look at. If Swish doesn’t resign I think the Yankees should kick the tires on Melky, Upton, Victorino, Ross, Hamilton, basically every outfielder FA under the age of 33. As for LHH DH’s, I’d look at Berkman, Huff, Pena, Thome, Ortiz, again basically anybody w/ some pop and On Base Ability from the left hand side. This team as presently constituted is still alive in LCS, so I think upgrades need to be minor and with a little bit of luck and more timely hitting this team could’ve and should’ve won the World Series.

          • Little CANOlli says:

            Yeah, Cano going 0 for whatever really fucked up this whole postseason, i know they’re still alive, but had he hit at all it’s an entirely different story. And i’m not saying hes a bum, loser, not trying whatever, or that he’s the only problem, but he is the main problem right now. Imagine if MiggyCab were 0-30, or Posey or any other of the marquee guys out there, all those teams would be just as fucked as the yanks are right now. Bad time to go cold.

            For that reason, there’s really no need to break the bank on guys. Our rotation is gonna be deeper and even more dominant next season, we got arms in the bullpen, just replace whoever walks and tinker with a few things and this team will be fine.

            • I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

              Ot sure how you can say our rotation will be more dominant next season. CC will be a year older though he’s not yet ‘old’. Andy and Kuroda – old guys – will be a year older and are dicey health bets. Nova flat our shit the bed this seasons and there is no particular reason to believe he will bounce back – he certainly didn’t show any signs of life. Hughes seems to be steadily improving so there’s one possibility. And who the F knows what if anything Pineda will give us?

              Said another way: the rotation’s performance was pret much best case this year save Nova. Tough to say how it’s going to be more dominant next season.

      • Rivera Venue Blues says:

        I agree on Martin, I don’t see any better options than resigning him and hoping that Sanchez or one of our other young catchers gets ready by the end of Martin’s deal.

        I have to wonder what the prices will be to trade for Justin Upton or a Shin Soo Choo. If it’s not reasonable, we’d have to address the position in free agency. I really don’t want to bring Swisher back unless he takes less than what I can imagine him getting in free agency. As much as I think a lot of playoff struggling is small sample noise, Swisher just seems to really not get good at-bats and his antics are a lot less “cute” when he’s struggling in the postseason.

        I’d at least ask Ichiro and Raul what they want to come back. If Ichiro is okay with not playing against most lefties and batting lower in the order and is willing to take a salary in line with that, I’d bring him back. Raul I would only bring back if he’s willing to take a one-year deal that wouldn’t be too painful to cut loose if he seems to have just lost it due to age. Assuming Gardner is healthy, I’d deal Granderson to an NL team ideally. Granderson’s a great character guy and I like him but if our offense goes out with such a fizzle, I think a change of scenery could help for everyone. Also, his defense seems to be getting worse and even if he’s brought back, I’d see if Gardner can be a more effective defender in CF.

        I agree on getting Jeter and A-Rod plenty of at-bats as righty DHs so we should find a decent lefty bat even if we bring Ibanez back, in case his bat is cooked.

        LF-Ichiro/righty (Reed Johnson)
        RF-Choo (Justin Upton pipedream)
        DH-Ibanez/Eduardo Nunez/half-day off for Jeter or A-Rod

        SP Sabathia
        SP Kuroda
        SP Pettitte
        SP Hughes
        SP Nova/Phelps/Pineda


        • dalelama says:

          So basically the same squad that failed this year.

          • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

            I think we’d all be singing a different tone if our best hitter doesn’t go 0-30 over two series. Say what you will about Alex, Grandy, Swish, Martin, who ever, but in my mind Robinson Cano is the biggest reason that the Yankees face a 3-0 deficit in the LCS.

          • Rivera Venue Blues says:

            Try as we might, we can’t reasonably move A-Rod, Teix, Cano, etc. and Jeter, Ichiro, Martin, Ibanez have not really been problem spots. We kinda have to hope that A-Rod and Cano are better next year in the postseason (hard not to be) while changing the pieces that we can.

    • John says:

      kubel and willingham will not replicate their numbers from this season. we dont want anymore dh’s

    • Fin says:

      1. Whos your replacement for Martin?
      2. So your getting Willingham for 1 year of Hughes or a SS that was was sent down to AAA because he cant field.
      3. I have to relate this to your number 8…you want to shore up
      pen while letting Soriano walk. As far as Ichiro goes, it would
      depend on the money and roll he would play. If he is a 4th of’er
      for say $5m no reason not to keep him.
      4. Absolutely!
      5. NO thanks.
      6. So those guys are going to agree to be pitching depth for the
      Yankees, rather than starters on other teams?
      7. SHore up the bullpen while letting Sori walk, hard to do.
      Bringing Nix back I suppose would depend on what happens with
      Chavez. He has no place if Chavez comes back. I would rather
      have Chavez at 3rd than Nix.

      • Little CANOlli says:

        1.Cervelli/Stewart/Romine + a 1-year deal guy vet. It sucks but Martin on a 3 year deal can’t happen.
        2.Probably a pipe dream
        3.Soriano will walk, and even without him the bullpen will be fine. They just need to find the next wave of Wade’s, Eppley’s etc.
        5. Who else is gonna be the LHH DH?
        6. We’ll see how the market plays out, those are just examples
        7. Nix>Chavez, i’ll take the guy who can play all over and isn’t a huge injury liability

        • Fin says:

          1. I agree 3 years cant happen but its really really really
          hard to think anyone is giving Martin 3yrs. 2yrs is rough
          to live with, but its far far better than that mess of
          back up catchers you listed.
          2. Yep
          3. No idea if the bullpen will be fine without Soriano. Mo
          wont be Mo forever. Even with Mo being Mo, its a wash, as
          Sori was just as good this year as Mo.
          4. Someone else, Ibanez had his magic season, no way hes
          anything close to this next year.
          6. They will sign a couple scrap heap guys, but not of that
          7. I’ll take Chavez, he stayed pretty healthy this year.
          Nunez will back up Jeter, so Nix will only play third.
          Chavez can play first also, so with next years roster he
          may have more positions to play than Nix.

    • MannyGeee (Dead men walking) says:

      wow… all of this sucks

  12. RetroRob says:

    I suggest they invite Johnny Damon to visit the clubhouse for all remaining games in this series with the single purpose of serving shots of whiskey before each game.

  13. Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

    As much as I’m getting involved with discussing off season plans, mostly because it’s fun to speculate on what I would do as GM, but I’d also like to say…as dead as this team is we still have 27 offensive outs to keep our season alive another day. Fuck all this off season shit. Nunie and Gardner both showed me something tonight. Both of them should remain in the lineup tomorrow, putting some damn good ABs against Verlander more than once. Ichiro hasn’t given up yet. Lets get this shit tomorrow and not just lay down for the TigerLillies and get one win closer to getting Ichiro his ring.

    • Fin says:

      EEh. Dont put too much faith in good AB’s against Verlander tonight. He clearly didnt have his best stuff, was given a huge strikezone and the post game show, showed 8 or 9 outs the Yankees made with pitches directly down the middle of the plate. Gardner looked pretty helpless in regards to actually getting a hit. Nunez should clearly start.

    • Brian S. says:

      We’ll win tomorrow but lose game 5.

      • Fin says:

        Yea, seemed to be destined to be that way since game 1. I use game 1 as the reference because the Yankees had a chance to win and didnt and showed they cant hit in this series as well.

    • Little CANOlli says:

      We got the starters lined up, lets just pray for some offense! Maybe Swisher for Grandy tomorrow?


      • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

        Nah, I’d do
        Ichiro 7
        Nunez 6
        Ibanez 0
        Cano 4
        Teixeira 3
        Rodriguez 5
        Martin 2
        Swisher 9
        Gardner 8

        Like I said, Gardner had some good AB’s tonight, but like other have pointed out, he’s still not “there” yet, so put him in the 9th spot where there won’t be too much pressure. However in a must win I can see Joe just going with his guys and have Alex, Swish, and Granderson all in the lineup again. Meaning that Gardner would be pushed back onto the bench.

    • dalelama says:

      Yeah Gardner showed he can’t hit good pitching. Open your eyes man the guy went 0 for 4.

      • Fin says:

        Thats a little rough on a guy who didnt play baseball this year. He just showed hes not ready to play. He was just slapping at balls as they were almost by him. That being said no way should he start a game again.

        • Little CANOlli says:

          “He was just slapping at balls as they were almost by him”

          Just like viturally every other position player on the roster

          • Fin says:

            THere wasnt a chance he would even run into a single with any swing he took in that game. Other players could run into a single, with swings, as bad as they are, are hit possible if the bat got lucky in the right zone.

        • Dave M says:

          That’s the way he always hits. Even when he does get a hit, or a walk, he still looks over matched most of the time.

      • Dave M says:

        THANK YOU! I was beginning to think I was watching the wrong game or something.

  14. Fin says:

    Hey guys, as much as we all love Jeter. Does anyone notice the striking difference with balls that Nunez gets to and balls that Jeter doesnt even come close to? I bring this up because Nunez even without his throwing issues is never going to be Ozzie Smith. How long can they leave him out there? Every time I see Nunez play, at least once a game I see him get to a ball that I think Jeter wouldnt get close to. Is it really up to Jeter how long he plays SS if Nunez can work out his throwing issues? I just bring it up because of that play Nunez made tonight, I’m not even sure Jeter would have moved for that ball.

    • dalelama says:

      If the queen had balls she would be king. Didn’t you notice that Nunez’s fielding was so bad this year he couldn’t even stay up in the big leagues?

      • Fin says:

        Clearly you missed my point. My point was that if a suspect fielder can make you notice how very limited Jeter’s range is, how long can he stay there. I certainly did notice, and no where did I say Nunez at this point should be SS over Jeter. HOwever, if Nunez became solid on the plays he should make, would they still leave Jeter at SS. Even the O’s moved Ripken, and hes at least an equal legend with Jeter.

        • Little CANOlli says:

          There’s nowhere to put him though, Jeter will never play the OF, and there’s this guy at 3b with this contract….

          • Fin says:

            If he can keep hitting like he did this year, he can DH/OF/3B and back up SS. If hes going to keep playing into his 40′s and hit like this, thats whats going to have to happen, No? I would have put 2B there, as that is probably the best place for him to play, but Cano doesnt miss games.

            • dalelama says:

              Wwhat are you going to do with our current douche bag at third? That $25M/year piece of choking crapola isn’t going anywhere.

              • fin says:

                Why are you so angry? You arent paying Arod! His cost to the team is closer to 30 than 25 I believe. I was advocating Jeter becoming a super utility player basically. Nothing to do with 3b, except one of the spots he fills in. I just really cant see the Yankees continuing to let him play SS when even Nunez makes him look awful.

      • Dave M says:

        Jeter used to make his share of errors and never had Nunez’ range. Not saying Nunez is better than Jeter. Just that he might actually be a decent player if given the same opportunity.

  15. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Blow the team up. They’ll need another big bat, because it’s clear that A-Rod and Teixeira have already seen the end to their days of being a protypical 3/4 hitter. Cashman misfired with the Montero chip, now he’ll have to wait for something to develop. The Steinbrenner cap gives them an excuse to do this, that and the anchor contracts that they have sitting on the books. Swisher can probably go, as can Granderson. Granderson is a good player, but he still has that huge hole in his swing and strikes out a lot. Maybe someone will overvalue his HR totals and they’ll get something for him.

    • Fin says:

      Its going to be really hard for the Stiens to reduce payroll with the state of the offense. Is the $50mil check they will get, be bigger, than the fan loss they will absorb if the Yankees fall out of contention. A very large portion of the fan base comes from NJ and there is no reason to go to the fuckin Bronx when the Yanks are out of contention.

      The NJ portion of the fanbase does not go to the Bronx when the Yankees arent winning. Its fucking no fun to get there. Either you drive an hr to public trans, and then deal with the path and subways, that you arent use to and dont like, you drive to the game with limited access making it take 3hrs for an hr drive or you live in N. NJ and take path to subway and sweat like a pig for an hr and a half. Not to mention the danger of bringing your kids to the fucking Bronx from NJ. If shit runs late and they start barring the windows and cops shifts are done and your stuck there for what ever reason, its not good.

    • MannyGeee (Dead men walking) says:

      Montero isnt exactly blowing anyone’s dick off in Seattle this season, sorry to say.

  16. jimmy1138 says:

    Most important offeseason task: fire Kevin Long – it’s telling that his products (i.e. Cano, Granderson and to some extend ARod) are dead cold. Let’s get someone who can turn our guys into more versatile hitters.
    And by the way: move Granderson out of Centerfield. His runs horrible routes which might have cost the Yankees the game yesterday.

  17. Sarge says:

    This is not even a joke. I got hit by a car today. Dragged along a city street in noon traffic. Bicycle wrecked. Left leg between the car and the bicycle. Left heel ripped. Left ankle cracked. Left hamstring twisted… and why do I write this? Because unlike Yankee pussies, I walked/hopped into the ER and didn’t take innings off, and came home and still did upper body, 90 minutes. Fuck Phil Hughes and his vertebrae. Punk. Fuck Tex and his stiff calf. These pussies look for reasons to take games off. Bad backs. Sore thumbs. Get the fuck outta here. Since 1980 I’ve been backing this team, and if it were losing 4-3 and leaving blood on the base paths, we’d all get it. We’d cheer and shake Tiger hands. But swinging at air and not stealing bases and babying injuries I got on drop zones and still jumped the next night…. Fuck these clowns. Good season. ALCS is no mean feat. But to die whimpering is to waste a life. Where are Girardi’s balls? Has he ever read Henry V? Does he understand anything? Wipe your ass with a binder. Patton’s 3rd Army didn’t need a binder. Peyton Manning didn’t need a binder Monday. Tebow didn’t use a binder to knock the Steelers out of the playoffs last season. What a sickening display.

  18. Mick taylor says:

    Josh Hamilton would hit 60 home runs for the yanks he can’t be a bigger head case than swisher or cano. Let swisher Martin soriano go let cano and granderson go or trade them for prospects . Trade arod to angels for Vernon wells and 30 million that wa y you save 30 million team in 2014 will be under 189 million: lineup Gardner lfNunez/jeter ss/ cano2b hamiltonrf/ wells dh/ nj upton cf

    • nick2slick says:

      Can’t be a headcase? The guy is a former heroin addict, who has fallen off the wagon recently, and essentially was dealing with “head issues” this season.

      “I just feel out of sorts, mentally,” Hamilton said. “It’s the mental aspect of it more so than the physical aspect of it and that’s where I think I am right now.”


    • DT says:

      Swisher and Cano aren’t head cases, they just sucked this postseason. Hamilton is a head case, addict, slacker. Rangers fans could wait to get rid of him by the end of the oakland series.

      Also Veron wells is a shit. He gives you no value. At least ARod gives you some value back.

    • fin says:

      WOw, Did you see Hamilton in the playoffs this year? He would have fit right in with the Yankees. He assured himself of not playing for the Yankees by sucking so bad, Hes not an upgrade for anyone on this roster, just a replacement. Watch some fucking baseball before yapping. THe rest of your shit is so bad its not worth responding to

    • DC says:

      Were your parents first cousins?

  19. Hoss says:

    Someone should ask Cashman how he thinks the Granderson trade is working out. In the very beginning I said that the Yankees would regret this deal for years. They’ve gotten 1 nice year out of Granderson (2011), 1 terrible year(2010), and a year of ‘Adam Dunn’ with below average CF defense (2012). Austin Jackson is a star now and will be for years, Kennedy is a top of the rotation starter and Coke is a decent left-handed reliever.
    Maybe it has been “a good trade for all three teams” through 2012, but the returns have gone negative for the Yankees.

    • DT says:

      Not rally considering the Tigers got one good year out of AJax (this year), one below average year (2010) and one terrible Year (2011). It balances out, except Grandy’s good year is better than any of AJax’s season by far. His bad year was better than Ajax’s bad 2011 year. And his preformance this year is better than Ajax’s 2010. Grandy in 3 years has been better than Ajax offensively. And in terms of WAR. He has given more value so far. But you know is if you look at the fact and numbers.

    • Andy Pettitte's Fibula says:

      I agree the Tigers won that trade hands down and it’s only gonna look worse for the Yankees over the next 4-5 years long after Granderson is gone.

      • DT says:

        Except the numbers say otherwise. They’ll only win because they’ll keep Ajax longer than we’ll keep Grandy.

        • Andy Pettitte's Fibula says:

          Austin Jackson 12.4 WAR
          Ian Kennedy  10.7 WA
          Phil Coke 3.7 WAR

          Granderson 13.2 WAR

          I’m not sure which numbers you’re looking at but it’s not even close and that’s not even considering the fact that Granderson has been paid a lot more than those 3 guys combined over the last 3 years.

          • DT says:

            I was simply comparing Grandy to Ajax. IPK is doing well in the NL, but i highly doubt he is anything but middle of the rotation starter at best in the AL east or even makes our rotation. Coke is a relief pitcher which isn’t much to cry to about since they already have a lot of those. The team have replaced the value they would have gotten from Coke and IPK with other parts that they otherwise would not have picked up. And who’s to say these guys would have lived up to their value with us? IPK’s development would have been completely different under this organization. Even Ajax had to go through drastic changes in his play style to be good this year. What we do know is that the Yankees wanted a CF and got one. He has given us a ton of value which is rare in many trades. And when you compare Grandy who is playing CF for us now, to Ajax who we would had had at CF. Grandy has given us more value in that regard.

    • MannyGeee (Dead men walking) says:

      Austin Jackson the star, huh… maybe Austin Jackson the nice player and Phil Coke the good LOOGY, but dont get your dick too hard over Austin Jackson the star. I was one season, and even Grandersons 2 ‘bad’ seasons are comparable to Austin Jacksons Superstar season in WAR and such.

      • Andy Pettitte's Fibula says:

        Jackson isn’t a star but his last 3 years have been nearly as valuable as Grandersons at a fraction of the cost and there’s gonna be a huge disparity moving forward when Granderson is long gone from the Yanks.

  20. Mick taylor says:

    THis team showed it is not a championship team . The series was lost on Saturday nite after ibanez homerun a championship team wins that game . Instead we get hitters like russel l Martin swinging for the fences with the winning run at third

    • fin says:

      Russell swinging for the fences when all that was needed was a single, was the hardest thing to watch in this shitty playoff. They all want a Yankeeography. There was no conceivable reason in the world for Russell to be swinging for the fences except Yankeeography. You dont get one for a game winning single, you do get one for game winning HR in the playoffs.

  21. MannyGeee (Dead men walking) says:

    OK so its possible (while not completely likely) that we can see the Yankees pull out of this tail spin. We have seen far better teams be beaten by far shittier teams (2004 anyone?)…

    But for the love of god please win A game. just one, just to make me feel a little better about this season. Give me an offensive explosion (and by the standards of this week, “Offensive Explosion = 4 runs) so I can say we didnt die in vain.

    Also, winning games 4 & 5 would be awesome, kthx…

    • Andy Pettitte's Fibula says:

      It’s possible the Yankees could win this series. It’s about same as their chance of pitching 4 consecutive shut outs.

    • Tino!_24 says:

      Tigers post season luck (yeah, lot’s of this is luck cuz these are very close games.. a line drive or grounder a few feet this way or that way and things would have been different – game 1 especially…last night…Phil Coke becomes Mo against Raul)over the Yanks reminds me of our domination of the Royals and Dodgers in the 70′s early 80′s – both of those were reversed by those teams eventually. Then later the Sox got their revenge (The twins turn will come in the year 2525). So, maybe not this year because the psyche of the team is hurting due to Jeter being out and “benchgate” (A new term I invented to describe the situation of who is getting benched and what is the real reason for the benching yada yada). The Boston “Idiots” had a personality conducive to the comeback on 2004 – they also had some thumpers in the lineup. Can the Yanks develop this personality overnight? Like all of a sudden they are a gardner-ichiro-nunez speed machine? I think it depends on detroit opening the window with some huge mistakes and one lousy pitching performance. So it is possible, but highly improbable.

  22. Yank the Frank says:

    In the immortal words of that manly of men Boy George “everyday is like survival”

  23. Eddard says:

    CC, Andy, Kuroda and CC. They can win 4 straight. The offense showed signs of life last night against the best pitcher in the game. They were working counts, fouling balls off, any pitcher but Verlander would have left in the 7th. Today’s lineup-


  24. Reggie C. says:

    People are overlooking the one obvious mega improvement to the lineup that can be made …

    SIGN JOSH HAMILTON. And then sway Tim Tebow from his NFL “career” and pay him to be Hamilton’s life coach. I think Tebow would rock that new job like a champ.

  25. Mickey McMick says:

    Cano is awesome, streaky, emotional, detached, brilliant, monstrous and not ready to lead this team.

    • Darren a/k/a Judd Nelson's nostrils says:

      This response reminded me of the meter in Sonnet 129:

      The expense of spirit in a waste of shame
      Is lust in action; and till action, lust
      Is perjured, murderous, bloody, full of blame,
      Savage, extreme, rude, cruel, not to trust,
      Enjoy’d no sooner but despised straight,
      Past reason hunted, and no sooner had
      Past reason hated, as a swallow’d bait
      On purpose laid to make the taker mad;
      Mad in pursuit and in possession so;
      Had, having, and in quest to have, extreme;
      A bliss in proof, and proved, a very woe;
      Before, a joy proposed; behind, a dream.
      All this the world well knows; yet none knows well
      To shun the heaven that leads men to this hell.


  26. Jose M. Vazquez says:

    The question remains. Can anybody on this team hit a baseball anymore?

  27. Darren a/k/a Judd Nelson's nostrils says:

    Let’s talk about the defense.

    Nunez made a great play to knock the ball down and an even better one to stick with the ball as it rolled away. Great barehanded catch by Cano of the flip. He has such sure hands (nice run into left field to grab the pop up later too).If Cano leaves as a FA, I’d like to see Nunie try second base.

    Great sliding catch by Gardner. Unlike Grandy’s atrocious jump. Those are the kinds of jumps I get in softball nowadays. That’s not a good thing.

    For tonight I definitely want to see Grandy in Left and Gardner in center.

    Chavez’ error was really poorly timed but he made a great snatch on that double play. The error shouldn’t have mattered if they had won.

    Martin looked bad but what are you gonna do.I’m not putting Stewart in there, that’s for sure.

    Anyway, all of you people out there, try and man up and believe for one. You play one game at a time.

    • DZ says:

      grandy shouldn’t be in the lineup. He’s been worse than swisher and arod. I know he had that homerun, but take away that at bat and he looks more lost than anyone else on this team

  28. DZ says:

    Let swish go get the pick from the qualifying offer
    Trade Grandy for some prospects
    Resign Kuroda and Andy
    Resign Ibanez and Ichiro
    If you can move Arod then obviously do it and go for headley or start NunEz.
    Try and pull off a miracle and get Justin upton/Cargo

  29. Widget says:

    Jeter needs to wear a bloody sock. That will spark them.

  30. paul a says:

    Replace Swisher with B.J.Upton
    The FA catching class sucks, so we have to re-sign Martin
    Other than that we need to stay away from these 37 year old plus free agents(ichrio,chavez, e.g.) and give those spots to younger more athletic types

  31. rek4gehrig says:

    “Joe Girardi‘s options at this point were Ibanez against Coke or either Nick Swisher or Alex Rodriguez against Joaquin Benoit”

    Question. The pitching coach had already made a visit to Coke so if Joe had sent in Alex, Leyland would have to stick with Coke, right?

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