Yankees shut out of Baseball America’s Top 20 IL Prospects


As expected, the Yankees did not place any players on Baseball America’s top 20 Triple-A International League prospects list, which was topped by RHP Matt Harvey of the Mets. LHP Manny Banuelos missed basically the entire season with an elbow injury while RHP Dellin Betances just stunk, and they were the squad’s best hope to make the list. In the subscriber-only chat, John Manuel said UTIL Ronnie Mustelier “does have bat speed and he can hit a good fastball,” but otherwise has nothing to offer while dropping Barbaro Canizares and Leslie Anderson as comparables.

The Yankees had five different players crack the various top 20 lists, and all were in the High-A Florida State League or Low-A South Atlantic League. They didn’t have any prospects in the Double-A Eastern League, Short Season NY-Penn League, and Rookie Gulf Coast League. It was a very down year for the farm system and the rankings reflect that.

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  • The truth hurts

    Exhibit A for why this organization needs a top to bottom cleaning:

    Complacent millionaires (and their enablers in the media) would rather Ichiro gets re-signed than they actually improve the organization. They have nothing close as an upgrade to this dreadful team.

    Save the Big Three!1111!!!


    • jjyank

      Very much disagree. A team who picks 30th consistently is going to be hard pressed to build a top flight farm system. But still, they’ve produced guys like Hughes, Joba, D-Rob, Nova, Gardner, Cano, Wang, and also the guys that facilitated trades for Swisher, Granderson, etc.

      Not all those guys have worked out 100%, but such is the life of a farm system. I don’t think this is exhibit A for anything.

    • Bo Knows

      They actually have a ton of intriguing talent in the low minors, just because they are barren up top (mostly due to the graduation and trades of various players) it’s not that big a deal it was just a down year.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        It is a big deal in a sense that they don’t have talent ready to step in if need be.

        • jjyank (HIROK Them Like a Hurricane)

          RIght, but what I think he means is it’s not a big deal like everyone needs to be fired, as that Truth guy seems to be implying.

        • Ted Nelson

          They do have a lot of talent close to the bigs. Not top flight studs, but good prospects. Warren, CoJo, Adams, Montgomery, Romine, Betances, Marshall, Almonte, Whitely, and Goody could be up within a year or two. Not all will, but among that group you could definitely see a few guys make some impact.

          • The Big City of Dreams

            They could make an impact or they could get injured, traded, or just not make it at all. You might get one or two guys out of that group that does anything.

    • Ted Nelson

      Don’t have to be voted top 20 in your league to be a prospect.

      • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

        Herein lies the problem, Ted. These commenters don’t understand how building a minor league team works and buy way too much into whatever scouting reports they read.

        There are solid young players in the system, as there are plenty of org guys as well as veterans who can be plugged into the big team. Where was Jayson Nix half the season?

  • paul a

    This shouldn’t suprise anybody. We have no budding stars on the farm.I blame this all on Cashman who terribly overrates his prospects. This is why Cashman has to be held responsible along with the entire scouting staff. Its time for Hal to step foward and clean house, igf not the future is looking very very bleak, just ask the Red Sox.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      It’s not that we have no budding stars its the fact that the real talent is yrs away. Cashman does pump up his guy though. This winter you will hear the same thing 10 GMs asked about this player, this guy can start in the bigs today, player X is the best in this league at this position, etc.

    • Ted Nelson

      Are you kidding? Austin, Mason, and Sanchez are budding in front of your eyes. Try opening them.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        Unfortunately those guys are 2-3 yrs away.

  • Dan Wasserman

    Our organization isn’t the only one who projected Betances as a solid prospect last year. At worst he was thought of as s solid relief possibility, Is it the front offices fault that Pineda, Campos and Banueloscwpuld miss the year. People would be whistling a different tune if they all were healthy and had all developed in a nice progression from 2011. How can you hold evaluators responsible. For unforeseen injuries. Some have attributed Pineda and Betances size as a cause of their injuries while our own ace who is also of the same build is a top ten MLB starter.

    • dalelama

      If the queen had balls she would be king.

  • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

    Meh. We know where the best guys in the system are, and know what happened to the best guys in AAA. This will surprise no one.

    Of course, since it’s BLAMESOMEONETHEWORLDISENDING week, we’ll just go with “Cashman failed.”

    • Chip Off the Ol’Knoblauch

      Personally, I’d go with Bobby V. He’s been quiet lately…a little too quiet.

    • jjyank (HIROK Them Like a Hurricane)

      Really? I thought Swisher’s smile caused a barren AAA squad?

      • Robinson Tilapia (Overreacting is American)

        If Andy hadn’t pitched as brilliantly, the game would have never gone 12 innings. Therefore, Jeter would never have gotten injured.



  • Greg

    with our self-imposed $189M cap in 2014, and the CBA imposed limits on monies to draftees and 16 year old Dominicans, you have to develop your own to succeed. And what the rankings tell us is that we’re behind at the upper levels. And obviously, the farther down you go, the more risk there is (a good AAA prospect is worth more than a good A prospect). So what do we do if $189M is real: (1) let Swisher go and re-sign Ichiro to 1 year/$6M or so, (ii) let Grandy go next year and move Gardner over, (iii) play poker with Cano, and (iv) see if Jeter has anything left. That means that some combination of Joseph, Adams, Heathcott, Austin and Williams have to be ready by 2014.

  • Mister D

    5 out of 120, with some of those 120 being duplicates, is above average. Not bad for a team always drafting in the bottom third.

    • Ted Nelson

      Thanks for offering some perspective.

      • Bubba

        What’s this perspective thing you speak of?

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Here we go again with the draft position.

    • The Moral Majority is Neither

      Aren’t there only 15 teams providing prospects to each league? An average team would have 8 out of 120.

  • Preston

    I don’t really get the criticism of the farm system. If the criticism is “we have nobody in the system”, that’s patently untrue. We have a lot of interesting guys in our system. If the criticism is “we have nobody ready for the MLB level” the answer is few do. We had David Phelps emerge this year as a nice pitcher, a year after Ivan Nova was our second best pitcher as a rookie, so we aren’t getting nothing from the farm. We have plenty of middleing position players that might play on other teams. They don’t play here because we have a REAL major leaguer playing in that spot already. Dickerson, Maxwell, Laird, Cervelli, CoJo, and Nunez would have been given a real shot to win a job if we were the Astros or Mariners. And no we aren’t littering the AAA field with big league blue chippers, but the only way to do that is be really bad. Usually the team with the top rated farm system not only has had high draft picks but has traded several of their better players to stockpile prospects. Like the Padres trading AGon and Latos, or the Rangers after the Teixeira trade. A down year for the system really means nothing, prospects are inherently fungible, most of them are going to fail, this year several did, and some will bounce back and some won’t, either way we’ll reload and replace them. If you’re panicking because your realizing that Dellin Betances flamed out instead of becoming a right handed CC Sabathia, you need to adjust your expectations.

    • Mister D

      Pretty sure if that last sentence happened, people would just bitch about Betances getting fat.

      • Preston

        Plus they’d be mad he wasn’t left handed, why didn’t they draft a player whose handedness better fits stadium better.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      If you’re panicking because your realizing that Dellin Betances flamed out instead of becoming a right handed CC Sabathia, you need to adjust your expectations.


      I don’t think it’s panicking. I think it’s fans getting frustrated with the results of the farm. Obviously not all of them will work out but yrs ago Cashman changed the philosophy of the org. and decided to develop from within. Going forward they are going to need to produce players that can step in and produce because of the 289 limit. They are no longer going to outspend their mistakes which is fine but they can’t continue to see guys flame out or not reach their potential and not expect some type of regression in the big club.

      • Preston

        The point is MOST minor league players flame out. A prospect not becoming a big league player is not a failure, it’s the norm. Even for high draft picks, if a player contributes at all that is a huge success. David Phelps was taken in the 14th round. Nova was signed for nothing, these are stunning successes. They are all lottery tickets. But if you want young elite talent you need to keep gathering tickets and upping your odds. You can never outspend your mistakes, even the Yankees have a limit, we reached it in the mid 2000′s. Having a budget actually gives us flexibility. It gives us the flexibility to give some kids some leash, it gives us the flexibility to say no to bad investments, it gives us the flexibility to take a hard line in negotiations and actually be believed. Plus the Yankees get the benefits of being under 189 for one season, this still would allow us to make short term additions if the team felt it was necessary to compete for a season, instead of our budget being maxed out every year. This might be a rough transition, we might only win 87 games one of these years, but the team that comes out the other side will be much better run for having done it.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          Nova took a step back this season and Phelps has to do it again. Not saying what they have done means nothing but it’s still early in their careers.

          Hopefully the team comes out of it ok but I don’t believe the FO has what it takes to see them through it.

  • Wayne

    We have to be patient. I expect Rafael de Paula Nik Turley Gabe Encinas and Jose Ramirez (although Jose Ramirez might be a future reliever star) to have big years as far as starting pitching goes in our minor leagues. Tyler Austin Gary Sanchez Ramon Flores. As far as relievers Nick Goody Mark Montgomery Tommy Kahnle (kahnle could be future closer). Trade Jose Ramirez Mark Montgomery Ramon Flores plus major leaguer Curtis granderson and see what you can get!