Yankees strand all the runners! in Game Two loss


Welp, you can’t say they didn’t have their chances. The Yankees dropped Game Two of the ALDS to the Orioles despite Andy Pettitte‘s admirable seven innings of work. More to come … eventually.

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  1. Get Phelps Up says:

    Frustrating, but they weren’t going to go 11-0 in the playoffs. I’m still saying Yankees in 4.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I’d love four but my hunch is that they would have swept had they won tonight, but that they’ll now win it in five.

      Off to bed. Midnight wing and beer specials for the trolls tonight. No cover if you can provide ID that actually states your name is “Athenian.”

    • forensic says:

      I think it’s going 5. I worry that the offense will do their typical terrible job when Kuroda is on the mound and they’ll lose on Wednesday. Just gotta hope Hughes can outpitch whoever will be going for the O’s, then put it in CC’s hands.

      • I think Tillman goes on Thursday, and Tillman is probably their best pitcher. That’s a scary-ass proposition.

        Then again, so is Miguel Gonzalez Changeup, apparently. We’ve seen that act twice this season, at Yankee Stadium.

    • Chris says:

      I hope you’re right. Not feeling too good about the offense after this loss.

  2. Rahul says:

    This was a disgraceful, uninspiring game by the Yankees. Played like crap, almost seemed like a meaningless regular season game wtf. The ump screw up in the first inning didn’t help matters at all. NYY should’ve been up 2-0, but NOOOOOO

  3. Exactly the kind of game the Orioles have managed to luck win this year, and kind of game the Yankees have managed to fuck up, and lose.


  4. Cano fan #1 says:

    Oh boy A-ROD

  5. Chris says:

    I’d give Pettitte a C+ on this game. More than enough to win, especially with the Yankee “Offense”. Too bad the first two games feel just like last year’s ALDS; feast or famine.

  6. And I’ve been one of the bigger ARod backers over the years, but he CANNOT be hitting anywhere near #3 anymore. He has, what, five or six strikeouts in the first two games of this series? 1-9 at the plate?

    Glad he did what he did in 2009. Because he’s gone back to the ARod of Yankee playoffs past ever since then. He’s batting #3 only because his name is Alex Rodriguez. Not because his bat carries anywhere near the worthiness of it in 20

  7. Cy Pettitte says:

    what a waste of a good start. no killer instinct with this offense I guess. 2-0 going home is so much different than 1-1

  8. Rahul says:

    I hate A-Rod, drop him the f down

  9. Hans Moleman says:

    At least Phil Hughes gets a start now.

  10. Martin says:

    Martin should have bunted in the 8th inning. Yankees lost due to the fact of waiting for the long ball once again. If Martin bunts he puts pressure on the pitcher to be around the plate more.

    Also Cano belongs batting third you want your best hitters to get to the plate the most.

    Yankees lost due to the last of small ball. Martin bunt, Base loaded try a squeeze. Think outside the box oops sorry that’s not how Joe thinks.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      You want the RH hitter who hits lefties well to bunt against a lefty to get to Granderson against the lefty?

  11. Hummingbird S. says:

    Much has been said about A-Rod, and he was terrible. But this loss is on Curtis fucking Granderson. How many times do we have to watch his sorry ass take two steps back on a blooper? That 2-run rally by the O’s only happened because Granderson is a shitty CF. Gardner would have made that play and the inning would have been over.

    When you add that to the 2 Ks per night and the failure to come up big with runners on you have the goat of the game.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      The ball in the third landed like 30 feet away from him, no one was catching that. That’s ridiculous. He also had a hit in his only at-bat with RISP, but no run scored because Tex needs a walker. Kindly get a fucking clue.

      • Hummingbird S. says:

        I think an average CF gets to that ball. He broke late after taking steps back, as usual.

        Also, Grandy’s UZR:

        2011 -> -5.1
        2012 -> -17.8(!!)

        I think you’re the one who needs to get a clue.

        • Hummingbird S. says:

          and I mean that in the most respectful way.

        • Ethan says:

          UZR doesn’t give range though does it? I didn’t really think that ball was catchable. Grandy did have a poor jump and MAYBE if he played it perfectly he could make a shoestring catch. In all reality with 2 outs, I would have rather had him play it safe and keep it to a single. Of course, hindsight is 20-20

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Oh I know the numbers. Never said he was good. It was a broken bat bloop to shallow center, no one was making the play.

          And besides, like five hitters came to the plate after that. At some point the pitcher has to actually get an out.

        • DC says:

          A CF that could catch that would not be average. You have some warped expectations of players.

        • Rivera Venue Blues says:

          Lol, you should probably rewatch that play, definitely not a play an average CF would make regardless of how poorly he may have played it. And you’re not addressing the fact that he did get a hit in his only at-bat with RISP.

      • Captain Gift Basket says:

        Agree with you, Mike – but please don’t defend Granderson. I’ll puke if I see him pop up to 3B again. The guy is completely one dimensional.

  12. Ace says:

    Does anyone know if MLB administers drug tests during the playoffs?

  13. PFOJ says:

    I would have gladly signed up for the split before Game One, but tonight was still quite awful to watch. At least one of the switch hitters or right handed guys has to get hot or they are going to be in trouble against any lefties.

  14. BigBlueAL says:

    I know they wont do it (and aprobably shouldnt) but with the Orioles starting all RHP in NY it has to be somewhat tempting to think about starting Chavez for Arod. Arod this season had a .717! OPS vs RHP, Chavez had a .908 OPS vs RHP this seasonn.

  15. Knoxvillain says:

    Jeter SS
    Ichiro LF
    Cano 2B
    Chavez 3B
    Martin C
    Ibanez DH
    Tex 1B
    Granderson CF
    Swisher RF

    This needs to be the line-up. No debate.

  16. Hummingbird S. says:

    maybe we should consider last game’s 9th inning the anomaly since the offense was their usual pathetic self in 17 of the 18 innings played so far. It would be nice to have some more hitters to go with Jeter and Cano.

  17. Get Phelps Up says:

    This is probably a fruitless argument but…

    Swisher grounded out with a runner on 2nd to end the 1st.
    Cano grounded out to the pitcher with runners on 1st and 2nd to end the 3rd.
    Nunez hit a 50 foot popup and Jeter his a chopper to 3rd w/ the bases loaded in the 4th.
    Swisher flew out to end the 7th with runners on 2nd and 3rd.
    Granderson and Nunez both popped out with runners on first to end innings.
    Tex and Jeter both made errors.

    And yet we all jump on ARod and he is the sole reason for this loss.

  18. CapitalT says:

    6-1 when they lose game 1
    4-6 when they win game 1

    A-rods bat looking very slow. He needs to take one to right center and stop trying to pull everything

  19. I didn’t respond to this in the prior thread, in part because it was buried at the top anyway, but…

    Mike Axisa says:
    “Orioles won six of nine games in New York this season.”
    Who cares? Texas mopped the floor with the Orioles this year and that did them no good on Friday.

    It doesn’t guarantee the same thing is going to happen again, obviously, but it’s still noteworthy. The Orioles came into the Bronx three separate times this season and walked out winning the series. They didn’t face Sabathia at all, and don’t face him in the next two games either. Lets hope this changes starting Wednesday, but there’s no guarantee it will.

  20. Eddard reboot v.1.0 says:

    You can’t keep making excuses for Nick Swisher. Year after year the calender turns to October and Swisher is nowhere to be found. When the sample size extends over a decade you can no longer claim it is too small. If Swisher cannot turn it around this postseason, don’t offer him anything this offseason.

  21. CapitalT says:

    Swish 1-33 with RISP during his playoff history. That is a batting average of 3….. .030 Pitchers hit better than that from the wrong side.

    • Eddard reboot v.1.0 says:

      Yeah, I mean even Alex managed a good postseason in 09. You would think Swisher would be able to come up with one good postseason. Just one! They need to move clutch hitters like Raul and Martin up in the lineup and move Swisher and A-Rod down. Sorry, but this is do or die.

      • forensic says:

        A-Rod’s been good in about 7 of his 15 playoff series. Swisher’s been good in 2 of his 10, both against the Twins.

        A-Rod looks terrible right now, but comparing their careers isn’t fair to A-Rod.

  22. tipsie says:

    When Cano left two stranded in the top of the 3rd (he did have a couple of hittable fastballs that he missed), it felt as if a shut down inning was imperative. Sure enough, with 2 outs and no one on, the next 5 reach. Love Andy, but that rally can’t happen.

    Then, Chen wiggles out of their shut down inning with the BL and one out.

    Felt like game over at that point. Shouldn’t have, but it did.

  23. FIPster Doofus says:

    A-Rod at three is fucking laughable.

  24. BigBlueAL says:

    I dont care if it takes 5 games I just want the Yankees to win this series but man having to use CC in Game 5 would really suck. The ALCS starts on Saturday so not only would the Yankees need to use a 5th SP in either Game 1 or 2 but CC would have to start on 3 days rest just to start Game 3.

    But again not the time to worry about the ALCS lets just win 2 out of the next 3 and go from there.

  25. Karl Krawfid says:

    You could see it in Swishers face he was scared.

  26. Eddard reboot v.1.0 says:

    Even if they do scrape and claw their way to a series win in 5 we’ll get taken out in the ALCS. Tigers gonna have their pitching lined up- Verlander, Fister, Scherzer, Sanchez. We’re gonna counter with Andy, Dave Phelps, CC, Kuroda, Andy, Phil, CC. That ain’t gonna beat the Tigers elite staff. Kuroda and Phil must win Games 3 and 4 if we’re to have WS hopes.

  27. 27 rings says:

    There are a lot of horrible hitters in this line up. Swisher and A Rod are jokes. Martin got hit one hit for the week. I would put Garner in LF and Ichiro in RF.

  28. Rich in NJ says:

    Turn the page.

  29. BigBlueAL says:

    Is it Gonzalez then Tillman for the O’s the next 2 games or the opposite?? Not like it matters just curious.

    • forensic says:

      Gonzalez is game 3. Not sure if they’ve definitely announced Tillman over Saunders for game 4.

      • BigBlueAL says:

        Would be pretty foolish to start Saunders over Tillman. Though I guess maybe not wanting to start all RHP at Yankee Stadium could be a reason.

        • forensic says:

          Eh, it’s a groundballing lefty instead of a righty at YS. And though Saunders has bad career numbers vs. the Yanks, Tillman’s are downright horrid. Plus, Saunders helped them past the Rangers, so he’s in the flow of pitching.

  30. King George says:

    Admittedly, I’m down on Alex, Swisher, and Grandy right now. But for those saying two games is a small sample size, we are 40% of the way through this series and they are batting a collective 2-for-22 or so. At what point do we shorten the leash? We need to ride the hot hands or this will get ugly. Splitting Baltimore’s 2 home games is huge, but if we want to get to the ALCS we need production from our top part of the lineup. And it appears many people are re-igniting their frustrations with Swisher and A-Rod specifically not pulling their weight in the postseason.

    • BigBlueAL says:

      Im all for starting Chavez for Arod vs RHP but I assume Im in the minority on that. Would create a huge story too so probably not worth it.

    • Cliff says:

      We don’t shorten the leash. There is no such thing as a hot hand. Getting on base a lot in one game has almost nothing to do with whether you get on base a lot the next game. It’s just random variation.

  31. Matt says:

    The Yankees lost 34 games in the 2nd half. 21 of them were by 1 or 2 runs. TWO-THIRDS OF THEIR LOSSES IN THE SECOND HALF WERE BY TWO OR FEWER RUNS.

    Just let that sink in for a second. Imagine how good this team would be if they could buy a clutch hit in even 1/4 of these games. They would have won the East by 7 games. Just think about that.

    If I expand the criteria to 3 or fewer runs, those 21 losses jump up to 26. Just think about that. 26 of their 34 losses in the 2nd half have been by 3 or fewer runs. Over 3/4 of their losses have been by 3 or fewer runs.

    This level of failure is monumental. Maybe even historically bad. It’s flat out embarrassing that a team with this many good players continues to choke away winnable games.

  32. Drew says:

    Frustrating loss for sure. Although simple math tells me that 1-1 while not being as good as 2-0 is much better than 0-2. Yankees have a 3 game set at home now, I like their chances.

    • Matt says:

      Being 1-1 when you were 1-0 and should have easily won the game at hand if you didn’t choke repeatedly with runners on base is not very good either. Losing the way they did is crushing, and probably turns this into a 5 game series.

      What you don’t get is that everything matters. Losing this game might force them to burn CC in game 5. Even if they win it, they can only throw him 2 times instead of possibly 3 in an ALCS. And if they don’t go 7 and the team loses, he might only get one chance to pitch, while a guy like Hughes has to take the important Game 6 start.

      • Drew says:

        You are right, losing is never good, but (like someone said before) the Yankees weren’t going to go 11-0 in the postseason. The loss sucked to watch but whats done is done. The Yankees have to pick themselves up and play better, and yes hit better with runners on base. I for one would bat Arod lower in the order. Having Cano get as many at bats as possible with men on base is going to be key, at least in my opinion. The Yankees are going to have their most consistent pitcher on the mound Wednesday, and while everyone seems to knock Hughes ever chance they get, hes the best #4 starter in the playoffs right now. Like I said, I like the Yankees chances playing the next 2-3 games at home. I am not worrying about messing up the ALCS rotation since they are not finished the ALDS. Playing for tomorrow when you haven’t finished today is a really stupid way (and an easy way) to get knocked out of the playoffs.

  33. Winter says:

    If the Yankees lose on Wednesday, is there a reason not to start CC in game 4 on three days rest instead of Phil? That way, we have a better chance in this series plus CC’s ready earlier if we make it to the next.

    • forensic says:

      If you did that, you’d still have to start Hughes in game 5 since they’re not going to start Pettitte on 3 days rest. Either way, it’s the same two pitchers. Let Hughes matchup with Tillman/Saunders and CC with Hammel.

    • BigBlueAL says:

      Then who starts Game 5?? Pettitte on 3 days rest?? Hughes is gonna have to start one of the games regardless and CC threw 120 pitches last night. Hopefully Yankees win Game 3 which takes some pressure of Hughes in Game 4.

  34. Kentucky Bomber says:

    If Girardi insists upon “splitting up the lefties” as a rationale to bat the husk of a-Rod 3rd, then do this: Ichiro, Jeter, Cano, Tex (at least he’s making contact), Martin, Swisher, A-Rod, Granderson, DH. And ya know what’ll happen? A-Rod will still come up in key situations and screw the pooch. Here’s hoping the team sends him for a complete physical after the season, they find his hip is totally degenerating and they put him on the 60 day for the next 5 years. Of course, Alex will fly to Zambia and some witch doctor will implant a goat pancreas in his hip socket, or some other wacko procedure that the team will buy into.

  35. The pitching’s solid, and the last three games are at home. I still think the Yanks take the series.

  36. mt says:

    I don’t recall the source but I thought I saw something where Swisher admitted that he has been trying to use relaxation techniques for this postseason – I actually thought he looked calm yesterday, not so much today.

  37. maniv says:

    This is looking too much like last year’s series against the Tigers. Game one won by a large margin, game two lost by one run with lots of chances squandered and very bad at bats with runners on, specially Swisher’s who let go a 2-1 very hittable breaking ball and swung at ball four, a pitch low and inside in a full count. Same for Alex crappy at bat against Johnson in the 9th. He did not threw a strike to Alex, yet he swung at 3 pitches out of the strike zone. This team needs to figure out how to comeback and win this close ball games or we are out of this in a hurry. The Orioles have been great hitting at Yankee stadium. Look for them to score at least 5 runs in the next two games…I think a game 5 at the stadium is up on the horizon with the same result…a one run loss and out…

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