Feinsand: Pettitte has started offseason workouts

Heyman: Talks "heating up" between Yankees and Russell Martin
Update: Yankees have not re-signed Ichiro

Via Mark Feinsand: Andy Pettitte has started his usual offseason workout routine to “see how his body will react” before making a final decision about next season. Over the weekend we heard the veteran left-hander could have a decision by the end of the week.

Feinsand’s report seems like an indication that a) Pettitte’s family has already given him the okay to pitch next year, and b) Pettitte wants to come back. Now it’s just a matter of finding out if he’s physically up to it. Andy is a big part of the Yankees’ offseason one way or the other, so the sooner he makes his decision the better. Working out a contract doesn’t figure to be much of a problem, it’s Pettitte figuring out if he wants to come back.

Heyman: Talks "heating up" between Yankees and Russell Martin
Update: Yankees have not re-signed Ichiro
  • RetroRob

    Andy, please do not pull a muscle in your early workouts.

    He was just pitching in the postseason last month. Does he really need to check how he feels?

    Looks like he’ll be back, but until he says yes…

    • Gonzo

      I’m cautiously optimistic too.

      • Get Phelps Up

        As am I.

  • Gonzo

    What types of exercises does he do at this point in the offseason? I’m just curious nothing else.

    • RetroRob

      In the past, I remember reading about running exercises and some throwing.

      I appreciate that he puts great thought into this, but as I’ve jokingly said in the past, he should commit to pitching right away so he doesn’t torture himself thinking about it while he should be relaxing, and also so he can get the most money from the Yankees. Not giving a clear signal and waiting to the last minute has cost him more than a few million over the years, including last year.

    • forensic
  • Jersey Joe

    I know it’s 1 year but I’m out if he needs a base salary of over $5 million. Especially with Martin close to signing, needing Mo, and just signing Kuroda, we need payroll space. Ideally, we should be making sure Hughes/Nova/Phelps/Pineda are able to be worthwhile SP in 2014 with low payroll, so give them more starts in favor of ’14. I don’t know just my 2 cents.

    • johnfish

      yeah, well Andy should demand the same contract as Kuroda. The Yankees have low balled him for years.

    • Preston

      What do we need payroll space for? Who else in FA should we be targeting that we can’t because we don’t have room in the 2013 payroll?

    • Laz

      Who cares what he costs. If they had a hard cap this year I would worry, but giving him $15M wouldn’t change next years plan. I don’t see them going after anyone else on 1 year deals.

    • RetroRob

      I don’t see anyway they could offer Pettitte less than a $10M base. They offered him that much money last January when he had been out of the game for a year and was more of a mystery. Now he’s shown he’s as good, if not better than ever, plus tossed about 100 innings between minors, majors and postseason last year, which will help him transition up to hopefully 175 IP in 2013. Perhaps a $10M base with incentives for a few million more if Andy pitches enough. Kuroda still deserves a higher base because he did pitch basically 220 innings last year while Andy did not, and it’s unlikely he could do that again at this stage of his career.

      Pettitte is the best option for the Yankees now because he’ll only take a one-year deal, and frankly Kuroda and Pettitte are the best quality pitchers on the market short of Greinke. Yes, they both are better pitchers than Sanchez, who’ll require at least a five-year deal.

  • Herby

    10mil base, 2 mil over 120 innings, another 2 mil for 12 wins another 1 mil for either 150 innings or 15 wins and perhaps other incentives above that

  • Grover

    I am more worried about Martin, Chavez and Ibanez not signing elsewhere while the Yanks wait for Andy and Mo to resign. Andy’s salary does matter as all three are likely to see significant raises, arbitration raises will add another $18M+ and there will still remain right field, whether Ichiro or a better solution and a couple of minor signings for depth. I still have an underlying fear that If no owner is willing to pay Josh Hamilton market value that Cashman swoops in, the Yanks break their payroll record and simply let Granderson and possibly Cano walk next year.

  • MB923

    Andrew Marchant and Buster Olney tweeted the Yankees and Andy are close to a deal!!