Frankenstorm Open Thread Day V



My brother stood on line for two hours to get five gallons of gas today because the line of cars for a full tank was more than two miles long. I guess the good news is that the ports are opening back up and power is coming back on, so there should be more gas in the coming days. The subways are still limited but more and more service is being added each day. This situation still sucks, a lot, but at least things are starting to improve. Still a nightmare though, I hope everyone else is managing okay.

Here is your open thread for the night. You’ve got the NBA and that’s it, so find something non-politicy to talk about. Go nuts.

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  1. Murderers' Row Boat says:

    Gary Bettman hate thread for cancelling the Winter Classic?

  2. Ethan says:

    Not in NYC or anywhere close. I’m in Nova Scotia at university. It’s gonna be a great friday night here!

    • Joe says:

      Worst night in the history of new york >>>>>>>Best night ever in the history of nova scotia.

      • jjyank says:

        I’ve never been to Nova Scotia, but somehow I doubt that. In fact, it comes off as pretty uncultured and ignorant.

        • Dan says:

          Go watch star

        • Dan says:

          Losers who have no life dont get to talk about New York. The hottest girl you have ever been with (even though I’m 90% sure your a virgin) is a girl that would never be allowed in any places in new York that i go to. So go watch start wars u loser and know that you have no idea about the real New York

          • jjyank says:

            Ha, wow, you really are clueless. Enjoy your mom’s basement. At least you can make me laugh.

            • Dan says:

              A guy with degree that homeless man use as their bed and who work as a teller in a bank and spend all day posting on every comment section on a website can’t call others losers. What’s worse is that you think your not a loser, how sad.

              • jjyank says:

                Thanks. I get a real nice chuckle at comments like these. You’ll thank me when I’m protecting your sorry ass in a few months.

          • Ted Nelson says:

            What are you in, 5th grade?

        • G says:

          As someone who currently lives in New York: Nova Scotia sits atop the list of places in the world I want to visit. Pictures are absolutely gorgeous.

      • cr1 says:

        There is no one as provincial as a New Yorker (says one who loves NYC and spent many years living there, but has also lived in and visited — and loved — a number of other places).

        • Ethan says:

          number of other places such as??? My family has lived all over the world and i’m curious if we may have crossed paths as some point!

      • Ethan says:

        All I can say is go to Halifax. The place knows how to party. Break into someone house (accidently, legit of course) and party like a mofo. Seriously, if you’ve never been to NS it’s a truly incredible place. Even better if you’re under 21 (of course). I not, still a great place to go. Hit me up if you’re passing through, free place to stay! (as long as you’re cool!)

        And of course it of course took me a long time to reply cause we were of course having a crazy party at our place. Something you couldn’t do in NYC (btw i still want to live there!!!)

        • Deep Thoughts says:

          A Nova Scotia party troll. That is some elite art haus trolling right there. (And not for Atlantic salmon.)

          • Ethan says:

            Trust me, no where in north america parties like anywhere else in the world (and i’ve been to many a place). Bangkok is my personal favorite. Truly an amazing place. If you’re going, let me know. I can hook you up!

            • Derrick says:

              have you ever been to a party with Victoria’s Secret models and celebrities. No didn’t think so so please stop thinking that your crappy college parties even compare.

              • Ethan says:

                And i’m sure you’re a regular. Probably at the playboy mansion too. I’m not talking about college parties. Get a fucking life.

  3. Alfredo says:

    Glad to here that the city is doing better!
    On a baseball note does anyone want to predict what the USA team roster for the World Baseball Classic will look like?

  4. Looks like the Lower East Side and Chelsea got power!

    • richard says:

      The photo reminds me of the Great Blackout (was it ’77?) Most if Brooklyn got the power back on, while Staten Is. remained in the dark. Somethings never change.

  5. Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

    Windows 8 is fucking weird…I had to buy a new laptop today and I’m trying to get used to it…but it’s so fucking different.

    • jjyank says:

      Macs for life, baby.

      I had Windows up until I graduated college. Or just before, really. My stupid Dell was dying fast (after only 3 years), and I was paranoid that all the finals stuff I was working on would be lost, so I made the change. Never looked back.

    • Big Member says:

      i upgraded my windows 7 to it because my friend emailed me this promotion that if you lie that you bought a new computer recently you can upgrade for just $15. i was eager to get it because i read reviews that said it turns your screen into a touch screen.

      i tried and tried to use my hand to touch control my screen but it won’t let me me. i am emailing an angry letter to apple right now. did you have better luck with the touch screen update?

      • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

        Huh, I got the most recent version actually. Steve Jobs gave it to me directly. I don’t have to touch anything…I’m not even typing right now. I just have to think. I thought Open Internet Explorer, Go To RAB and type this. I think you got a faulty download my friend.

    • Pat D says:

      Just bought a new desktop out of choice and a new laptop out of necessity. Made sure that I got Windows 7 because when I saw previews of 8, I wanted no part of it.

      Looks like it’s great for a touch screen interface but that’s about it.

      • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

        I like it because instead of looking for something on your desktop you can just start typing it and it’ll pop up.

        • jjyank says:

          Mac already did that 3 years ago :P

          It may not be as simple as “start typing”, but at the top of my screen at all times is the “spotlight” button, and I click on that, start typing, and everything I need pops up in a split second. And my computer is 2 and a half years old. I’d imagine it’s even better now. I came from Windows XP, which was all that was available at the time. Well, Windows Vista was available, but that was complete shit, so I’m not counting that. And Mac OS Snow Leopard blew the doors off of any Windows OS in my experience. Maybe Windows has gotten better, but I sure as shit wouldn’t bet several hundred/thousand dollars to buy a new laptop on it.

  6. Knoxvillain says:

    Haren to the Cubs for Marmol? That trade makes no sense for the Cubs in my opinion. And for Marmol? The Yankees could have gotten him for Boone Logan then.

    • jjyank says:

      Huh. I had to go check MLBTR to make sure you weren’t just proposing something. I agree that it makes no sense for the Cubs. They’re not contending in 2013, what are they gonna do with Haren? I also don’t really like Marmol, so I don’t really see it from either side.

      • Knoxvillain says:

        The Cubs probably aren’t going to contend for another four or more years and that’s assuming that everything goes right for them. Marmol is nothing. How the hell did the Cubs get Dan Haren for an average at best reliever?

        • jjyank says:

          Maybe this tells us something about his medicals. If the Angels really thought his back would hold up and Haren would bounce back, why would they settle for Marmol?

          • Knoxvillain says:

            That’s the only thing that makes sense. I can’t believe all they got for him was Marmol. They may have made off better with the Ervin Santana trade. Wow.

            • jjyank says:

              Also tells me that they’re really going all in for Grienke. The moved two starters, and cleared a good bit of payroll. They’re gonna sign him, I’d wager.

      • Get Phelps Up says:

        Trade him at the deadline.

        • jjyank says:

          That’s probably what the Cubs are looking for, but I wouldn’t be so sure about his back holding up if the Angels settled for Marmol, as I said above.

          • Get Phelps Up says:

            It surprised me too but I’m thinking the Angels wanted to get rid of his salary so they could sign Haren. Which will make it so funny if the Dodgers sign him.

        • Knoxvillain says:

          Big gamble for the Cubs. I still find it hard to believe that the Angels could only get Marmol.

          • Ted Nelson says:

            I wouldn’t call it much of a gamble for the Cubs. They’re paying Haren less than $6 mill more than Marmol, and there’s talk the Angels will even throw in up to $3.5 mill…

      • Ted Nelson says:

        If this deal goes through 1-for-1, they got Haren for like $6 mill more than Marmol was due. That’s a brilliant deal for the Cubs. Keep him and win a few more games (revenue and wins being correlated), or turn around and trade him for… anything. Marmol is deadweight at $9.8 mill.

  7. matt montero says:

    Maybe I’m overrating him, or over under-estimating what it would take to sign him, but if Anibal Sanchez cost 4yr and about 52mil (which I’ve read a few places), wouldn’t that be a pretty good signing?

    • Knoxvillain says:

      Probably. I’d rather have Kuroda/Pettitte for one year each though.

      • jjyank says:

        Agreed, but it’s no lock that they both come back. I like Sanchez, and would welcome him with open arms on a reasonable contract.

        • Knoxvillain says:

          Not a lock, but I would bet on it. I’d love to have Sanchez here but with their payroll goal it isn’t gonna happen.

          • jjyank says:

            Well let’s hope that Pettitte and Kuroda make fairly quick decisions, so if one decides not to come back, a guy like Sanchez might still be on the market.

            • Knoxvillain says:

              I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kuroda be back very soon. I think it will take a little longer for Pettitte to decide.

              • jjyank says:

                I actually think Pettitte will decide quickly. In years past, it has taken him awhile. But the reason he went through with his comeback is because his family wanted him to. They didn’t merely give him the okay to do it (from what I understand), but they actually encouraged him. I hope they do so one more time.

                Hell, I know if I was in my early-mid teens, I sure as hell would want my dad to pitch for the Yankees if he still could.

  8. jjyank says:

    So who here is as excited as I am about Halo 4? It’s gotten some great reviews already, and I grew up with the franchise. So pumped.

    In my mind, Halo is up there with Half Life in terms of most revolutionary and the most impact a series can have on the genre.

    • Pat D says:

      My Halo experience is Red vs. Blue.

    • Knoxvillain says:

      The number one game for me right now is Grand Theft Auto V. I can’t wait for that game.

    • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

      I’m just saying, you don’t get Halo w/o Golden Eye and Perfect Dark =P

      • Pat D says:

        And you don’t get any of those without Castle Wolfenstein.

        • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

          I love Castle Wolfenstein.

        • jjyank says:

          I love all three of these games as well. I still own Perfect Dark, and Castle Wolfenstein. The sequel, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, remains one of my favorite games to this day.

          But I’m talking consoles here. Obviously PCs have been around longer and generally have the edge. Halo almost single handedly re-invented the control schemes, the strategy, and game flow for FPS console games. I’m actually playing the anniversary edition of Halo CE as we speak, just for fun. Such an amazing game.

    • Anthony says:

      9.8 on IGN so excited!

      • Jimmy McNulty says:

        IGN is ran by complete and total hacks. That being said if they like a game that much it has to be at least good. I still can’t believe AC3 only got an 8.5 Though to answer JJ’s question yes. Excited for Halo 4, although stores shouldn’t sell it to people unless they have an “I voted” sticker. Also, if you get it join the Gamer’s Club and pre-order at Best Buy. You get 10% extra on trade ins and off used games, a shitload of coupons each month, a subscription to their magazine (which is published by Future Games the publisher of OXM, and it’s not bad) for joining the gamer’s club. Gamer’s club members also get a 20 dollar Best Buy gift card for pre-ordering select titles. The big ones recently were Dishonored, AC3, Halo 4, Black Ops, MoH: Warfighter

        • jjyank says:

          It’s gotten good scores elsewhere, too. I’ve read that’s it’s the most intriguing storyline yet. Plus, it will allow me to relive my college days of Captain Morgan and Halo multiplayer with my friends.

          • Anthony says:

            I’m such a nerd about the story. Although there’s a part of me upset that none of the forerunner stuff will be this awesome mystery like in the first 3 games.

        • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

          ONLY an 8.5? An 8.5 is a great score. If a game has an 8.5 I know it’s going to be a great game.

        • Anthony says:

          As much as I play video games I’m completely clueless about gaming culture and all of these rating magazines and whatnot. How come you feel that way about IGN? I’ve always thought they’ve had some pretty strict criteria when rating games, so that’s why I was impressed about the 9.8. Its funny, people though 343 as going to “kill” Halo. I already preordered mine at Gamespot simply because its closer.

  9. MB923 says:

    The Haren/Marmol trade is not a done deal now they report

    Also, Orioles 2B Ryan Adams suspended for PED’s

  10. G says:

    Found some brand new video of Heathcott in the AzFL:

    Video from 2 years ago:

    Looks like he’s opened his stance, lowered his grip, and shortened his leg kick. I’m no pro scout, but the swing looks much simpler and a bit more level these days. If nothing else, it shows he’s willing to make adjustments. That’s always a positive.

  11. CT Yankee says:

    Anybody watching that Sandy Relief Concert on the NBC networks? I tuned in for a minute and saw Springsteen on and could barely hear him. Must have been bad audio.

  12. Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

    • Pat D says:

      The last point is poop.

      • Rocky Road Redemption says:

        The 3rd point (in their ordering) sucks too. Lovely impassioned argument, but I’m not buying that Lucas doesn’t “Get” Star Wars. And yeah, the last point.

        To me, the biggest issue is that this will star Luke, Leia, and Han Solo-but without the original three actors playing those roles. I can’t imagine somebody else doing that right. And seriously, I’m barely a Star Wars fan, I saw the original movies once, like, years ago.

  13. Don Spivey says:

    I am very sorry for the damage that Sandy has caused the Northeast.

    Having said that, I am appalled and disappointed in the narrow-mindedness of many of the Northeast residents who would rather endure no electricity than to allow Southern electricity contractors (who voluntarily traveled to the Northeast to assist in the hurricane aftermath) to repair the electricity problems.

    Worry about a “union job” in normal situations. In “emergency situations”, take all the help you can get and be thankful!

    • Robinson Tilapia (We go hard) says:

      Where are you getting this from? Do you have a link?

      • Gonzo says:

        Is @ComfortablySmug the source?

        • Robinson Tilapia (We go hard) says:

          If what this guy’s saying is actually true, then those people are idiots. I really, really doubt that’s the case, if it’s even as presented, or anything more than an isolated incident.

          No one in this city, or region, would deny help from someone because they’re from another region.

          With Miami and Andrew, a lot of so-called “contractors” tried to take advantage of a whole lot of people. It’s very possible someone felt like they were being played.

          Union labor matters. Union labor’s gotten a whole lot of this city back much quicker than anyone thought.

          • jjyank says:

            I can attest to that last statement. My mom works in NYC and has been staying there in a hotel that still has power (since her own house in Jersey does not). There’s bouncing back faster than I expected.

            That said, there are still many, many people that my heart goes out to for their stuggles.

            • Robinson Tilapia (We go hard) says:

              I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to have trains going from BK to Manhattan by Sunday.

              What I really need you to pray for is on your end and that my wife can catch a Decamp bus to campus on Monday.

  14. Mattchu12 says:

    Haren to Cubs deal off, jump on it Cash!

  15. Phil says:

    gee the deal is off….bad move for the angels…Marmol sucks!

    • Mattchu12 says:

      Exactly, but now we know what the Angels want, so lets send some of our sucky players to get a guy who can still be a quality mid-rotation arm, if not better!

      • jjyank says:

        Ehh. I like Haren (or liked him at least) but to me, the fact the Angels wanted to trade him for Marmol tells me something bad about his medicals.

  16. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    Reading one of the comments in the Cracked article above made me think of a completely random story.

    When I was in a play several years ago, we had a small cast and were going to see a production of Hamlet, which was pretty good. Anyway, on the way back we got into discussing Lion King (either you love Lion King or you hate good things in life).

    I started talking about how Lion King was based/stolen from a show called Kimba the White Lion. I prefaced this by saying, “I don’t normally believe in conspiracy theories, but…”

    Here’s a word of advice to you guys: If you don’t want people to look at you strangely and think you’re kind of crazy, don’t start off a sentence with those words. Ever. You’ll thank me for this later.

  17. Phil says:

    If the Yanks get 2 comp picks , one each for Soriano and Swisher,along with their first round pick; they need to draft a front line pitcher, 3rd baseman and first baseman!

    • jjyank says:

      …or they could not, and end up with nothing! Prospect hugging is enough, but let’s not start hugging future unknown draft picks.

      • Robinson Tilapia (We go hard) says:

        FACT: There are actually no first or third basemen in the Yankee minor league system. This accounts for the obscene amount of doubles down the line being given up.

  18. Robinson Tilapia (We go hard) says:

    I’ve never played Halo. I’ve never seen Halo be played.

    I am a total old fuddy duddy with videogames. Never got into the first person shooters. Before I decided not to replace my broken PS3 and got out altogether, I was down to a handful of character-based third-person games like God of War and the Rachet & Clank series, which were the only throwbacks to the games I really used to love.

    I’m pretty sure Xybots predated Castle Wolfenstein in the first-person maze-type game. Am I wrong?

    You’ll currently find me just tapping on my IPad screen playing stuff like Ski Safari and the 100th Pitfall reboot.

    • jjyank says:

      It’s cool, man. I’m pretty sure that in 10+ years people will be telling me “ZOMG, you played Half Life and Halo. LOL We got the new ZOMGCopter game! You’re so old!”

      It’s all relative.

      • Robinson Tilapia (We go hard) says:

        I love ZOMGCopter, actually. The graphics are pretty fucking lifelike.

        The moment the games lost me is when it took more than one button to shoot. Totally serious.

  19. Robinson Tilapia (We go hard) says:

    My Sox buddy finally got her power back in the E. Village tonight. She said that people were honking their horns and generally just partying on the street once they got back into the neighborhood (a lot of people just shacked up with friends uptown.) I’ve missed a lot of strange new cultural happenings being in my Park Slope bubble for the past week. Haven’t moved my car. Sent several bags of diapers with a friend down to Red Hook today, but have been mostly insular.

    Thoughts on the marathon cancellation? I’m divided. For the reasons I gave above, I feel like I’m no one to really opine on the matter. However, I really could only come up with reasons to actually hold the race, not cancel it. The symbolism of it, the money which could be raised, etc. I think the city can multitask – you can have the race AND help and respect those in need. Again, though, I never lost my home. I’ve eaten well. I never lost power. This isn’t about me.

    • jjyank says:

      I feel ya on both sides. However, I did sit in front of CNN all day, so I’d like to ask an actual New Yorker if this is true, since this would sway my opinion. I had heard that there were generators set aside to allow the media specific coverage for the marathon, while citizens were being told that there was a shortage of generators. If that is actually true, then I’m glad it was cancelled. I get the moral and distraction stuff, but if there were generators that could be used to keep refrigerators running, do that instead.

      • and says:

        Yea this is true about the generators being there for the marathon but not for those people without power. Hence the outrage

      • Robinson Tilapia (We go hard) says:

        I know about the generator on the cover of the NY Post and the outrage there. I just don’t think that, if that generator were to be shut off, someone was going to drive it over to Staten Island. Things are just more complicated than that. Staten Island’s problems go beyond whether there’s enough generators. It’s just something easy to get mad at.

        A somewhat shitty analogy would be that the dinner I had out with my family was wrong because I didn’t take that money and feed someone in need.

        NY Road Runners gave $1 million to recovery efforts, which I’m sure they’re not pulling back. They also asked each runner to show up with $26.20 each as a donation – that would have added up. There was potential for good here which I think people were losing sight of.

        I also know runners who were going to participate who were dead set against it. It’s complicated.

        My wife thinks there may have been a threat of violence against the runners themselves. The NY Times writeup seems to imply anger against the runners themselves, so its possible security was starting to be threatened as well.

    • Gonzo says:

      I agree. I think the risk of continuing with the marathon and having it become a “Let them eat cake” moment was enough to cancel it. Just my two cents though.

      • Robinson Tilapia (We go hard) says:

        The problem with that line of thinking is that, in the end, we’re talking about people running 26.2 miles in an amazing amount of time. That’s a beautiful symbol for overcoming adversity and, yes, symbolism doesn’t help put food on the table, but there’s a place for it.

        We also don’t know how many people from SI were running in the race. That would have been powerful.

        People are eating a ton of cake in NYC right now. The Metropolitan Opera started back up days ago, as did other much more one-percenty events than the marathon.

        • Gonzo says:

          I understand totally, but if things go bad, someone get’s beheaded (figuratively in this case). Rule #1 in politics, don’t get beheaded.

          The perceived resources for this event are much different for the perceived resources for the Met.

          • Robinson Tilapia (We go hard) says:

            True on the Met thing.

            There’s actually a pretty good cover in place if someone’s head had to roll. Bloomberg’s not seeking a fourth term and his probable replacement, Christine Quinn, was against it. Voila.

            I really wonder whether there was fear of people trying to disrupt the race and endangering the runners.

            • Gonzo says:

              Total tangent, but I was just thinking about the differences in baseball management and politics. It’s fascinating, to me at least, that in baseball you have have to rule with one fear in mind, getting fired by the owner vs. politics where you have to worry about getting fired by the people.

              Sorry, just a random thought.

        • Rocky Road Redemption says:

          I’m HUGE in favor of cancelling the marathon. Sorry, but running this race is highly inappropriate, and it’s very hard for me to buy that it’s not wasting time and energy that can be spent on more important matters.

          • Robinson Tilapia (We go hard) says:

            I get the sentiment.

            I believe that we are New York City and that we can do both. I believe the combination of city, state, and federal government are doing an amazing job thus far and, while things take time, no one can offer proof that cancelling this race will get supplies to Far Rock or SI quicker. It’s all gut, emotion, and no press to me.

            ….and I’ve been in a part of NYC that didn’t suffer one bit and need to offer that disclaimer every time I say this.

    • vicki says:

      there’s a catalogue of reasons but the one that jumps out at me is the water. how vulgar the many many thousands of water bottles sipped from and discarded throughout the race when so many communities are getting their water from open hydrants right now.

      i got my lights and hot water back this afternoon and i’m happy to have them (and the interwebs). i was cold and inconvenienced for four days but there are people who are really suffering.

      • Robinson Tilapia (We go hard) says:

        Those water bottles would directly go to Far Rock? That water bottle that was dropped was directly ripped away from a child on Beach 89th?

        • vicki says:

          you’re fixated on that one argument. you cited the ‘symbolism of it’ as a reason to have the race. some symbolism.

          this isn’t 9/11 where some statement begged to be made to the world.

          your disclaimer is the smartest point you’ve offered.

  20. MontgomeryClosing says:

    Dan Haren’s option was just declined and is now a FA. Let’s get him Cash! Low risk, high reward

    • G says:

      Would rather invest money in a guy who can help out long term like Anibal Sanchez. 1 year deals are nice, but we are going to have to cut budget for 2014 and it’s probably better that we start getting guys who can contribute then right now so we don’t have to just take whatever’s left at the last minute.

  21. DC says:

    A fly ball RH pitcher with back problems definitely carries a risk.

  22. TomH says:

    From Lohud today (Sat.):

    Draft position has certainly helped the Giants — the Yankees never had a shot at guys like Lincecum, Bumgarner or Posey — but the Giants also have been more willing to deal with the development growing pains, while the Yankees win-at-all-costs approach has made that path difficult to follow, even if it was the Yankees who came up with the model.

    The point about Lincecum, Posey, and Bumgartner. Always, and sadly, true, I guess. Interesting, otherwise, on the number of ex-Yankee people in the Giants’ organization, and also on this (so, which is it: “unwilling” or “unable”):

    The Yankees have been unwilling or unable to develop a new core to follow in the footsteps of Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. Aside from Robinson Cano, the homegrown Yankees have been somewhat secondary. They’ve been middle-of-the-rotation starters (Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova), late-inning setup men (Dave Robertson and Joba Chamberlain) or bottom-of-the-order hitters who never seem to have a full vote of confidence (Brett Gardner, Melky Cabrera, Eduardo Nunez).

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