Martin: Yankees have had “preliminary discussions” with Raul Ibanez

Melvin & Johnson take home Manager of the Year awards
Thoughts following the Jays-Marlins blockbuster

Via Dan Martin: The Yankees have had “preliminary discussions” with Raul Ibanez about bringing him back for a platoon gig next season. He played more than the team wanted him to play this year due to Brett Gardner‘s injury, which makes it sound like they’re hoping to limit him to DH duties against righties going forward.

Ibanez, 40, hit .240/.308/.453 (102 wRC+) with 19 homers this year, including a 115 wRC+ against righties. He also started 76 games in the outfield thanks to Gardner’s elbow. The Yankees reportedly had interest in bringing him back a few weeks ago, which I guess I’d be fine with as long as they plan to limit him to DH work against righties and don’t consider him a right field solution. Either way, Ibanez will forever be remembered for many clutch homers down the stretch. That was a blast.

Melvin & Johnson take home Manager of the Year awards
Thoughts following the Jays-Marlins blockbuster
  • Alex Rodriguez

    I’d like to see him come back. He was the one that really helped me get through a horrible October.

    • Monterowasnotdinero

      Which was shocking after your power explosion in September.

  • The Real Eddard

    Great news. Sign Raul, sign Ichiro, sign Mo, sign Andy and you’ve got yourself the makings of a great team. 2013 will not go down in history as a lost year before austerity. The Marlins just opened up a ton of cap space for ARod and hell, we’ll even throw in Granderson to help them piece together 9 major leaguers.

  • Bob Buttons


    • Jersey Joe

      I knew I would see at least one of these, right when I saw the headline.

  • Rich in NJ

    If Ibanez comes back, it should be as a PH.

  • wolfgang’s Fault

    2013 is shaping up to be a 21st century equivalent of 1965. W/the deal earlier today, Blue Jays are staking a claim for 2013, although can’t see Reyes legs holding up on the turf. That said, we’ve got a 38 y.o. shortstop w/a broken ankle. Oy!

    • Ted Nelson

      The Blue Jays were 22 wins worse than the Yankees last year. They’re asserting themselves, but not staking a claim to anything.

      Expecting the Yankees to fall below .500 in 2013 (as they did in ’65) is ridiculous. It’s possible, but it’s almost a worst case. They are projected to win 85 games without any further additions to their current roster (as in not re-signing anyone either).

  • LarryM., Fl.

    If he doesn’t get regular reps at DH. He’ll be rendered ineffective as a PH. No matter who you sign, guys have to play to keep their timing. I prefer Rual be a last minute signing if there are no other alternatives.

    I did like his hustle and big time hits at the end of the season.

    • Ted Nelson

      You know that PH is a common use of a roster spot in the NL, right? Most of those guys aren’t good enough to play more regularly, but some of them do hit just fine.

      • LarryM., Fl.

        Yes, I’m aware of the PH use in the NL but if I was a mgr. in the AL. It would be my practice to get Rual or ? some Dh Abs to be effective. Too many guys just look horrible at the plate when they hit 80 times a year.

  • Jersey Joe

    Meh. Only if he costs as little as last season. No raise over 500k IMO. Carlos Pena would be a really good fit with his OBP and more power potenial in YS3. I know he doesn’t play the outfield like Ibanez does (But from what I’ve seen he can probably fake it in right field to be as good as Raul). I think this should be a signing only if there are no other options by late January.

  • Phil

    Matt Carpenter the first/3rd baseman..had a playoff homerun. You forgot to comment on the young arm (i meant either Shelby miller, Joe kelly or Rosenthall). All three are power arms!

    • Jersey Joe

      How much would it take to get Carpenter? I feel like the Cardinals have zero holes. Maybe Nunez and put him in a Skip Schumaker role. OF, second, even some ss. I don’t know. They had similar rookie seasons by their stat line. Maybe if we add, Mesa? I really don’t know.

      • Mike Axisa

        I feel like the Cardinals have zero holes.

        The Cardinals are extremely well-run, but have you seen their middle infield?

        • Jersey Joe

          Well I meant in their system. I’m not sure if they would want Nunez for MI.

  • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero

    Jays get Reyes and Johnson and we may sign Raul.

    Wow-what a great 24 hours for us!!!

    • Ted Nelson

      Really? I expected better from you. Judging teams on a one day window is silly, as is judging them on whether they match the moves of their rivals. The Yankees were 22 wins better than the Blue Jays last season. There’s certainly a chance they make that up if everything goes right for them, but I would be surprised.

      • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero

        Well Ted-I am glad you have high expectations but I have to say that these 2 items are a bit uninspiring for Yankee fans in whatever window you want to use for judgement.

        It is true that Raul may not be out best hitter in the post season next year. We can hope.

        • Cris Pengiucci

          these 2 items are a bit uninspiring for Yankee fans in whatever window you want to use for judgement.

          First, deals like this don’t happen all the time. Once in every few off-seasons, perhaps (although you could say twice this year if you include the Boston sell-off).

          Second, you can’t judge the Yankees offseason just yet. There’s a long way to go.

          Third, I don’t think anyone should really expect the Yankees to make any blockbuster deals this offseason, based on the impending budget reduction actions. We may see something big, but I would expect it to be one big player only (one of the Uptons, preferably Justin, or now, Stanton). That would be best case scenario. I expect none of these, yet still believe a 90+ win season is well within reach along with an Eastern Division championship in 2013.