Monday Night Open Thread


The worst part of the offseason is the waiting. The GM Meetings provided a little spark last week but not much else, and now things are pretty silent. The Yankees have several holes to fill and appear to be focused on retaining their own (specifically Hiroki Kuroda, Andy Pettitte, and Mariano Rivera) at the moment. In a week they’ll have to set their 40-man roster for the Rule 5 Draft, a week after that comes the non-tended deadline, and a few days after that will be the winter meetings. Things should pick up soon enough.

Here is your open thread for the evening. The Monday Night Football game is the Chiefs, who technically have not held a single lead all season, at the Steelers (8:30pm ET on ESPN). There are also various NBA games in action, but neither of the local clubs are playing. Talk about whatever you like here, enjoy.

It’s always a bit of a pain to come up with photos for these things, so I’m going to just embed random video clips until I get bored and think of something else.

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  1. ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa says:

    I feel like the Yankees must be working on something huge. I can’t imagine things would be this stagnant otherwise. I’m hoping, at least.

    • RetroRob says:

      It’s waayyyy early. No teams have signed a big free agent or made a big trade. Anything can happen now through January, but more likely later.

    • forensic says:

      The Yankees are pretty consistently stagnant for the first month or two of offseasons. I would bet there’s nothing going big going on, they just don’t want to spend in years or money, so they’re waiting for the somewhat bottom of the barrel guys to be left after the higher demand guys have signed and players begin to get worried about having a spot to play next year.

  2. Pat D says:

    You know what? I’m getting really frustrated by the lack of content on this site over the last few weeks. You can try and convince me that it’s because of the offseason, but I’m just not buying it.

    So I’m going to start a petition to secede from being an RAB reader. Who’s with me????

    • Luisergi says:

      Well, not me.

      You’re free to do whatever you want of course, but it hink this (lack of content) happens every year by this time of the year, it’s… normal.

      In fact i was thinking the other day that spliting players’ numbers in two for the what went right/wrong series was pushing it a little by RAB just to post something.

      That’s just me anyway, i really enjoy this site, even when it is quiet.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        In fact i was thinking the other day that spliting players’ numbers in two for the what went right/wrong series was pushing it a little by RAB just to post something.

        I felt that way about a week ago and decided to trim some down. I have a few left that are split, but they’re major players (Sabathia and Pettitte) or just general ideas who fall on both sides of the coin(farm system, etc).

      • jjyank says:

        Pretty sure he was just doing a Barbara Booey impression.

    • Alkaline says:

      So this is random. I’m not going to secede with you, but on another note…

      I remember awhile back people commenting on the new Scranton name. I think you commented about the Black Diamonds. I and a few others I saw all submitted the Black Diamonds. I was sad to see it was Black Diamond Bears. That name is way too long. I guess I’m hoping for the Trolley Frogs to get it.

    • Mike E says:

      That’s just the nature of the offseason. It’s incredibly hard to come up with fresh and original content at this time of season. Mid-November is probably the slowest time of the year, which is why they do the award ceremonies now.

      Mike and everyone here have done a fantastic job of not going to the dark side. That is, sacrificing quality for quantity. If you want a bunch of articles there are plenty of blogs you can read that’ll come up with ridiculous and down-right stupid ideas.

      Mike published three articles today, a confidence poll, and 2 news pieces. I got to give him kudos for keeping things fresh. It’s not a lack of content, it’s just the nature of the season.

      • jjyank says:

        Dude, it’s Pat D. Why is nobody else getting the joke here? I’m confused that nobody else it.

        • Mike E says:

          If that’s it, it went way over my head. Surprised it came from him to start with.

          • jjyank says:

            See my comment above. I’m going with him making fun of the Barbara Booey commenter that comes out for every “What went right/wrong” thread to bash Mike and RAB for content.

            Pat’s a regular, I guarantee you he’s not serious.

            • Pat D says:

              See my explanation below.

              But I’m going to go ahead and declare myself the winner of tonight’s open thread.

              By the way, an hour for this “awards show” on MLBN?? Talk about shameless self-promotion of your own self-importance.

              • awesomeo says:

                Imagine having to write about a team like the Astros during the offseason :|

                I wouldn’t welcome that task. All you would think to write about would be negatives the whole time. Maybe they Astros would be ok right now since they are changing leagues, but any other season…

            • Alkaline says:

              I’m not sure either. I should have made a historical joke or something to go along with it.

    • Slappy McWaterbug says:

      I see what you did there.

      I wonder if there are always idiots who do that when a new president is elected or if this is just a special kind of idiot.

  3. Ethan says:

    How exactly can the chiefs not have held a lead at any point this season and yet still have won a game. I’m confused.

  4. Luisergi says:

    Is it wrong to be a yankee and a steeler (fan)?? Or am i just that smart??

    • McLovin says:

      Im a Yankee and Seahawk fan, idk if I can like or hate you, just super bowl 40 man, was just terrible.

      • Luisergi says:

        Man watching the Bus winning in Detroit was pretty sweet. Was my first superbowl victory as a fan after many posts4ason fails and the loss to the freakin cowboys in SB XXX.

        I’m sorry for your Seahawks by the way.

    • awesomeo says:

      Just saw a Yankee/Lakers fan. I puked a little.

      • matt montero says:

        I know a Yankee/Lakers/Patriots fan who vehemently denies he’s a frontrunner.

      • NYY says:

        I’m a Yankee/Laker fan. One as us Yankee fans know it’s not easy being a Yankee fan. People think it is, but there is lots of hate constantly thrown our way over a bunch of bullshit. You win and they say you “bought it” and if you lose it’s “what happened, Yankees Suck”.
        Two that goes the same for being a Laker fan but not quite as bad.
        Third point I find funny is that other people get worked up over who is a fan of what team. Let people like whatever team they want.

    • YanksFanInBeantown says:

      I’m a Yankee/Eagle fan, so I can’t judge anyone.

      Except Yankee/Laker/Cowboy fans. Or really just Cowboy fans in general…

      (I kid, I kid)

  5. dan gen says:

    189,189,189,…no josh under the xmas tree

  6. James A says:

    What exactly happened with the Heathcott twitter rant on the election? Was it enough to be a big deal or just a kid being an idiot?

    • Pat D says:

      Someone posted his now deleted tweets a few days ago.

      I think it’s a little of both.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Being an idiot. No one was hurt by a kid posting overblown blowhard stupidity on the internet.

    • RetroRob says:

      My guess is he wanted the other guy to win, although never saw any of the Tweets. He’s young and certainly does not seem shy, even brash, so I’m guessing he said stupid things that went beyond the support or non-support of a candidate. I don’t care about who he supports.

      I don’t care who any athlete, singer, movie star, director supports.They lead very different lives from me and for the most part they simply serve as entertainment. I don’t value their opinion more than anyone else’s, although when some loon actually announces their support for a candidate I like, it actually gives me a moment of pause and wonder if I should reconsider who I support! Nah, actually I don’t.

      As for a Heathcott goes, I care if he can hit, run and field.

      • RetroRob says:

        …although I should add that since his goal is to play for the NY Yankees, and knowing how the media is always looking for any reason to create controversy, I am concerned that he might create problems for himself as he moves up the ladder. Hopefully someone like a Derek Jeter can help him on that front. Shockingly, maybe even an A-Rod!

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        I saw the tweets. They sounded exactly like what you’d expect the angry outbursts of a young d-bag who wanted the other guy to win would sound like.

        He’s got plenty of time to learn how to keep it to himself a bit. Worst case scenario, he starts up a small software company somewhere which goes belly-up and costs a whole lot of taxpayer dollars.

        • jjyank says:

          He’s young. I made plenty of my own outburts for the other candidate in the last few months. From what I’ve seen in his baseball related interviews though, he’s poised, complements his teammates, and speaks with a great deal of humility for the game. That’s all I need to be a fan of his. I have plenty of friends that would have “liked” his tweets had they been facebook statuses. There’s more to a person than that.

  7. Pat D says:

    So the Chiefs do at least have a lead right now.

    OK, Mike, next week, please say that the Giants won’t lose another game this year.

  8. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Good to see Mike D’Antoni get another shot with an infinitely better team and franchise. I always thought he was a real nice guy, too nice, even. Here’s to hoping Kobe doesn’t bite his head off and shit him out.

    • Pat D says:

      I remember I always likened the Kobe/Shaq breakup to the breakup of The Beatles. Shaq was John Lennon, saying what he thought of the situation and calling out Kobe on his shit. Kobe was Paul McCartney, denying that he caused the problems and saying he got along with everyone and treated everyone equally.

      Now with years having gone by and having read more information on The Beatles’ breakup, I realize this analogy doesn’t fit.

      Kobe has shown that he has the power to just destroy anyone he wants to destroy. He chews up people and then spits them out. So, this clearly means that Kobe is……YOKO ONO!!!!

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Shaq was an absolute class act in Miami. No doubt in my mind that, in his prime, he could play with anyone, and we know that Dwayne Wade does not mind ceding the spotlight in order to have a better team around him.

        Arison’s done an amazing job continuing to build solid teams around Dwayne Wade. There are few better owners in pro sports.

        • Andy Pettitte's Fibula says:

          He’s smart enough to hire a smart guy like Riley and then stay the fuck out of the way except to write big fat checks when necessary.

          That’s all you can ask for from an owner.

    • Andy Pettitte's Fibula says:

      If D’Antoni can help bring down that unholy trio in Miami then more power to him but he quit on the Knicks who have been infinitely better under Mike Woodson.

      Defense wins titles and to D’Antoni, defense is an afterthought. I doubt he’ll even win a title unless he changes his approach significantly.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        I thought he gave a good interview and seemed like too nice a guy for a shit franchise like the New York Knicks. I hope LA fans appreciate him a little before he gets spat out there.

        Should be a great rivalry between the Heat and Lakers, though. Very much looking forward to that.

        • Andy Pettitte's Fibula says:

          Read this article about the Knicks, Woodson and D’Antoni and I’m sure your opinion of him will be a lot worse.

          A great coach adapts to put his players in the best position to facilitate their success. D’Antoni is totally rigid to his system and when he didn’t have the pieces in NY to run it, he bailed.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            Walt Frazier, Jeff Van Gundy, and Anucha Brown Sanders?


            • Andy Pettitte's Fibula says:

              A half of fame player, an excellent coach who had a nice run and a chick who helped facilitate the removal of the abomination also known as Isaiah Thomas from NY.

              All 3 are favorites of mine.

    • NYY says:

      As a Laker Fan. I like the hiring. Would’ve rather seen Chief Triangle get it, but Dr. Buss wasn’t having it. With the likes of Howard and The Artist Formerly Known as Ron Artest, I think D’Antoni has a chance to implement a good Defensive system as well as bringing the run and gun Lake Show back to Staples.

      • Andy Pettitte's Fibula says:

        Lakers are a big slow team with poor outside shooting, no bench and a 2 guard who likes to dominate the ball on isolations. Their roster is a poor fit for a D’Antoni offense that pushes the ball, shoots tons of 3′s and preaches ball movement. If they play any D, it will be inspire of him.

  9. Andy Pettitte's Fibula says:

    After watching MNF tonight, I’m not sure who’s the worst QB in the NFL, Matt Cassell or Mark Sanchez.

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