Open for Business: Free agents now able to sign with new teams

Frankenstorm Open Thread Day V
Yankees plan to keep Cesar Cabral this offseason
I bet he winds up back in LA, either with the Angels or Dodgers. (Jeff Gross/Getty)

As of 12:01am ET this morning, free agents are now free to sign with any team. This isn’t the NBA or NHL or NFL though, the top players aren’t signing anytime soon. A few guys will sign in the coming days, but the representatives for all of the notable free agents will play the market a bit over the next few weeks. The winter meetings in early-December is when things will really start to ramp up.

To hold you over, here is a collection of recently released free agent rankings to help you get a feel for the market. As you know, the Yankees will be looking for a catcher, an outfielder, a starting pitcher or two, a reliever or two, and basically an entire bench this winter. Yeah, this won’t be a slow offseason.

In case you missed it yesterday, our 2013 Draft Order page is up and running. All of the players to receive qualifying offers — and therefore require draft pick compensation to sign — are listed there, so make sure you check back to see which picks move around throughout the winter. If you’re curious to see what the current roster looks like, check out our Depth Chart.

My guess is that the first move in what figures to be an eventful offseason for the Yankees will be re-signing Kuroda, which I suppose could happen before the end of the month. There’s a chance he’ll accept that one-year, $13.3M qualifying offer before next Friday’s deadline. I think he could probably press the team for upwards of $15M, but we’ll see. Either way, welcome to the Hot Stove League.

Frankenstorm Open Thread Day V
Yankees plan to keep Cesar Cabral this offseason
  • dan gen

    lets not get carried way this regime has placed 189 payroll first.

    • Mike Axisa

      You spent all of last winter complaining first about the pitching, and then the DH. Now you’re starting with the payroll?

      • dan gen

        you must be confusing me with someone else,all I TALK ABOUT IS 189.

  • Phil

    first step sign Kuroda then Petite and Mo. Then on to the position players…..

  • Eddard

    Re-signing Kuroda, Ichiro, Raul, Andy and Mo should all be priority #1.

    • thunder rd runner

      yep, ’cause we all know how teams full of 40 year olds win pennants, right?

      • Steve (different one)

        If the 40 years olds are still great, why not?

        I could pass on Ibanez, and i’d take Ichiro in a 4th Ofer role, but there is a very strong chance the rest of those guys are very good players next year.

      • mustang

        Yes, as much as a team full of 25 year olds.

        Man, its going to be a long 2 years until the the Yankees top prospect hit the show.

        • Mike Axisa

          Just wait until they don’t play like Mike Trout in their first year.

          • Get Phelps Up

            Even Trout hit just .220/.281/.390 in his first 40 MLB games. He would have already been declared a bust.

            • Steve (different one)

              Not true. Nunez is still ticketed for stardom…

        • dalelama

          What top prospects? Our system is barren.

          • jjyank


            3 in the top 50. They’re not on the cusp of The Show yet, but the system is not barren.

            Or maybe you don’t consider them prospects because their lips are not purple?

            • dalelama

              #28, #30, and #39…Like I said barren. As Purple Lip Syndrome is caused by lack of blood flow to lips due to choking under pressure consistently it is a sign of future underperformance.

              • Steve (different one)

                Are you trolling or just ignorant?

                • Get Phelps Up


                • YanksFanInBeantown’s Turn


              • Need Pitching & Hitting

                This is dumb even by your standards.

              • jjyank

                Had to reach hard for that one, huh? I love it when trolls make themselves look so stupid.

            • Steve (different one)

              And this doesn’t even include Slade, who we know BA is now very high on.

  • jjyank

    I hope Pettitte and Kuroda make their decisions rather quickly. It’d be real nice to wrap those two up and have the rest of the winter to focus on the outfield, bullpen, and bench.

    • Steve (different one)

      Would be great if Kiroda just accepts the QO

      • jjyank

        Definitely. If he is at all hesitant, I hope the Yanks throw in a couple extra mil and get it done.

  • paul a

    Heres my five point plan
    1. re-sign Kuroda
    2. replace Martin with Prerzyski
    3. replace Swisher with Hunter
    4. replace Chavez or NIX WITH wIGGINGTON
    5. sign Scott Baker

    • steve (different one)

      1. yes
      2. no
      3. maybe
      4. why?
      5. maybe, how much?

    • Get Phelps Up

      Wigginton and Baker are probably downgrades.

      • Bavarian Yankee

        Baker is a downgrade. Injured all the time, giving up homers like he’s Phil Hughes.

      • Phil

        wigginton yes downgrade …baker as a 6th starter is ok

    • jjyank

      Regarding Pierzynski, I think his supporters really need to take a step back and look at his statistics.

      Last year, he had the best year of his career, good for a 118 wRC+ and a .351 wOBA. Would you like to know the last time that Pierzynski posted a wRC+ over 100 and a wOBA over .350? 2003. Yes, 2003. Anyone thinking that he can repeat his 2012 campaign at age 36 is nuts, in my opinion. Plus, he’s a grade-A douche nozzle.


      • Preston

        And a terrible defensive catcher

      • Slappy McWaterbug

        One of my favorite things is when Axisa calls Pierzynski a world class asshole. I laugh every time.

        Funny because it’s true.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      2 and 4 won’t work, those players don’t exist. We should sign Hunterton to replace Martin. Oh … nevermind, he doesn’t exist either. Damn you reality, Hunterton is one heck of a player.

  • mike exista

    i love me some hot stove!

  • Andrew Brotherton

    I say Keppinger, Kuroda, Pettitte, Ichiro, Soria, Hunter.

    • FIPster Doofus

      I like that group, but you forgot about catcher and Rivera. Plus, Keppinger will probably get a starter’s job somewhere. The Yankees can’t offer him one.

  • CANOlli

    Martin @ 3/24-30 & Swish/BJ @4/50-60 > Pierzynski @ 3/30-36 & Hunter @ 2/20-24. Pretty simple

  • GoNavy-BeatArmy

    My Top 10 list would be:
    1. Resign Kuroda — hopefully he just takes the 13.3 so we can move on.
    2. Resign Andy
    3. Resign Mo
    4. Resign Soriano — 3 yrs max — only if no Mo
    5. Sign Hunter — let Swisher walk
    6. Sign BJ — 5 yrs max
    7. Trade Granderson
    8. Resign Martin — 2 yrs max
    9. Pick between Ichiro/Ibanez
    10. Resign Chavez

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. YES!
      4. No
      5. No
      6. NO!!!
      7. Why?
      8. Yes
      9. Ichiro
      10. Maybe

      • GoNavy-BeatArmy

        To your NO’s and Why’s:
        4. Soriano is a mute point now that Mo is coming back.
        5. Not sure what your object is to Hunter who still hits 20HRs and over 300 every year. It’s Swisher with an average.
        6/7. I can see why you’d object to BJ, but in all seriousness, he’s just underperformed and has more potential than anyone out there. He will cost less than resigning Grandy and is a better defender and can do just as well as Grandy under Long. I don’t think we can resign both Cano/Grandy and stay under 189 so I pick Cano.

  • sec

    i’ve been a big supporter of getting younger but i’ve come around that it’s probably best to try it
    one more time w/the old guys in 2013:
    hope DJ comes back ok

    see if you can get a couple of quality young guys for grandy.
    swish goes
    give C-Dick & someone else you bring in the chance to compete w ichiro for the two corner OF spots. I see ichiro as kind of a #3.5 OF in 2013.

  • G

    My “big moves” for the offseason are sign Anibal Sanchez and Shin Soo Choo (with an extension window). If you’re really concerned about his platoon splits, get Hairston as a 4th OF.

    Other than hoping for one or both of those, the obvious stuff: sign Mo, Kuroda, Pettitte, a reliever (Soria on a 1 year price yourself deal?), and if we don’t get a trade done, Hunter. Last but bit least, swap Granderson and Gardner.

    • G

      Should say and trade for Choo* also, last but NOT least. Stupid mobile site and it’s input lag.

      • vicki

        what do we have that cleveland would want? if they had a mind to trade choo it should be for a big right-handed bat, which they need more than oxygen.

  • endlessjose

    Tarde Curtis Granderson,A-Rod and try to get Hamiliton for 4 years $100 million.We all know Hamiliton can hit in this stadium.

    • Steve (different one)

      And get unicorns for the ball boys…

      • vicki

        whole lotta crazy up in here.

  • Kosmo

    sign Pettitte , Kuroda and Mariano.

    I´d wait and see what trades NY may or may not involve themselves in before I´d consider signing Ichiro or Hunter. NY could spin trades for young and TALENTED player(s). Did I say “talented AND young“ in the same sentence ?

    FAs Madson, Soria, Keppinger and Maicer Izturis I would definitely look at.

    • Kosmo

      I would add Sean Burnett to my short list.

      • Mike Axisa

        The Yankees don’t need another lefty reliever, especially an overpaid free agent one.

        • vicki

          for reals. cheap, arb-eligible boone and more valuable, pre-arb rapada should be enough for any bullpen, and as a duo are downright luxurious on the yankees, where joba and drob both own lefties.

  • Mike Myers

    Kuroda, Pettitte, MO and 2 of Hunter/Ichiro/Rauuuul on one year deals seems like the perfect storm to me.

    They can make the playoffs with that team with out adding any long term contracts. That helps 189, 2013 and the future. The simple solution seems to be the best one this year.

    Now about cather…..

    • Mike Myers


  • Frank

    Sign Kuroda, pettite, and Martin. Bring back Rivera if he wants.

    Use Hughes or nova to bring in some lineup youth where possible. Hunter/ichiro are fallbacks.

  • Travis L.

    Is anyone else on the “let them go one year early, instead of one year late” boat with Raul? I kinda wanted that with Jones and I turned out to be right. I’d hate to see what you guys would say if 2013 Ibanez = 2012 Jones. Other than that, I agree with what a majority of you said. Re-sign Rivera, Kuroda, Pettitte and even Ichiro. If Ichiro would accept a trade to be a 4th OF, then maybe he’ll come back as one.

    From there, I’d trade Granderson. I know he’s good. I know he’s got 40 HR power and plays a decent OF. That alone would (hopefully) make Wren and the Braves come off of some pitching for one year of him in their OF. Maybe we could get a O’Flaherty or Venters, with a Delgado or Teheran, and Varvaro or another reliver. That would shore up the bullpen. We could package Logan, Nunez, Nova and a prospect for Justin Upton (maybe). That gives us Upton, Gardner and an empty slot in the OF. We sign Hunter for a two year deal and our OF is set.

    We go to Martin (unfortunately) for C, because there isnt much else that makes sense on the market (either trade or FA) and hope he at least gives us the 2011 version of himself for the life of the contract. That’s do-able. If after signing Kuroda and Pettitte, we have a five man rotation of Sabathia, Kuroda, Pettite, Hughes and Phelps…I think we could survive that. Give Pelfrey (ugh!) a minor league deal (like we did with Ramon Ortiz) and stash him in AAA with Teheran or Delgado. Marshall will be there (and on the 40 man to avoid the rule 5 draft) in case of emergency (oh yeah, and Warren too).

    We rotate the DH, like Girardi loves to do to rest A-Rod and Jeter. I miss anything?

  • Harris

    My Plan:

    1. Resign Kuroda, Pettite, Mariano, Russell, and Ichiro.
    2. Collect draft picks for Swish and Soriano.
    3. Sign Torii Hunter to a 1 or 2 year deal.
    4. Sign Reed Johnson to play the Andrew Jones role against LH.
    5. Sign a very good utility guy, Jeff Keppinger seems like a great fit, especially with the lack of contact on the roster now.
    7. Sign a cheap, high upside SP such as Liriano, Jonathan Sanchez, Bedard, etc.
    8. Don’t ignore the RP market and try to do what the Rays do.

  • Chau

    Pen: resign Mo and a cheaper arm that can close ie Lindstrom, Meyers
    Rotation: resign Kuroda, Pettitte. Sign a proven name coming off poor season to compete w Nova for 5th spot ie Baker
    RF: Hunter
    Bench: sign Izturis to cover for jeter and arod’s age, sign Reed Johnson to mash LH
    Would love Ichiro! back but seems redundant with BG.
    Nunez needs to learn to play LF

  • ultimate913

    I would go crazy. I’d do this:

    Re-sign Mo to 1 year deal.
    Re-sign Pettitte to 1 year deal.
    Re-sign Chavez to 1 year deal.
    Re-sign Kuroda to 1 year deal.
    Re-sign Ichiro to 1 year deal
    Attempt to re-sign Martin to 1 year deal. Would do 2, but would be in 12 – 15 mil range.
    Sign Haren to 1 or 2 year deal.
    Sign Hunter to 1 year deal.
    Sign Soria to 1 or 2 year deal.
    Sign Hafner or Ibanez to 1 year deal. Either or with this one. Would probably go with Hafner.