• jerry

    i would like to hear Cashman admit how much he misses Posada.

  • stu phillips

    I wish they would fire him.

  • MikeD

    “Maybe I’m alone in this, but I’m curious to see how Cashman is going to put all these roster puzzle pieces together and make it work. It adds another element to the offseason and makes it more interesting.

    by Tarik 2:32 PM”

    Just you Tarik. We are all in an offseason Yankees chat but we have no interest in how Cashman puts the roster together.

  • Cano fan #1

    Why i cannot see the chat in full screen on my iPhone ???


    If the dodgers do sign AJP, then Maybe they are willing to trade Ellis, no? If so, he is a right handed hitter with pop, and a better bat at least last yr, then Russ Martin(so glad we didn’t resign him!) We can’t be having these catchers floundering around 210-230 BA.. Imean, i gurantee we never WON a WS with a catcher hitting as miserable as Martin did last yr..