Report: Pascual Perez murdered during robbery

When bad contracts go good
What Went Wrong: Mark Teixeira

Via Hoy (translated article): Former Yankees right-hander Pascual Perez was murdered in his home in the Dominican Republic during a robbery last night. Enrique Rojas says they were after the money he receives from his MLB pension. He was 55.

Perez spent just two seasons in New York, pitching to a 2.87 ERA in 87.2 innings from 1990-1991 while battling shoulder problems. He spent most of his career with the Braves and Expos. Check out this guest post on his interesting career from David Meadvin, which ran earlier this year. Condolences go out to Perez’s family and friends.

When bad contracts go good
What Went Wrong: Mark Teixeira
  • jjyank

    Holy shit. I don’t even know who that is, but terrible news all the same. Condolences to his family and friends.

    • Luisergi

      He was called “I-56″ or something like that. I-56 was the name of a highway that goes around Atlanta in wich Perez got lost when he was supposed to make his debut (As a starting pitcher). Joe Torren was the braves mannager at the time. He was a crazy character that would make Swish look like a serious person.
      Let me see if i can find the link of the SI piece on him, it was quite good.

      • jjyank

        Sounds like a funny story. Sounds like I would have liked him.

    • Luisergi

      I-285 was the higway.
      here it is.

      • jjyank

        Ah cool. Thanks man, I’ll give that a read.

  • Luisergi

    RIP one of five twin brothers…

  • Cuso

    Damn. I remember thinking Pascual was going to turn things around for us in 89. Best geri-curl in baseball. He got injured and then we turned to Melido.


    • Robinson Tilapia (We go hard)

      Yup. GREAT stuff. Just never put together the career people hoped from him.

      Melido: Best pitcher on some of our worst teams.

      RIP Pascual

  • ADam

    Hacked to death?… My God that is awful. Very Sad. Condolences

  • JLC 776

    In related news, Soul Glo futures took a huge hit today…

    Very sad news. I have such a soft spot in my heart for all of the guys I remember from my youth, slogging through the bad years.

  • JLC 776
  • Cano fan #1


  • Old Pinstripe fan

    Not positive, but I believe that he and his brother tag-teamed a no hitter at some point. Condolences.