Report: Torii Hunter expects to sign within two weeks

Nightengale: Yankees have interest in Mike Napoli
Monday Night Open Thread

Via Mark Saxon: Outfielder Torii Hunter is expected to make a decision about his next team within two weeks, though a source told Mark Feinsand that “I’d say there is little shot” of him winding up in New York. Hunter said he hopes to sign soon during a recent radio interview and signed his last contract with the Angels before Thanksgiving, so he has a history of wrapping this stuff up quickly.

A number of teams have expressed interest in the 37-year-old Hunter, including the Yankees, Tigers, Rangers, Dodgers, and Red Sox, among others. Lots of teams have cash and need outfield help this winter, so he figured to be a popular target. The Yankees reportedly won’t offer him a two-year deal given their plan to get under the luxury tax threshold by 2014, which means they might be left on the outside looking in. Here’s my Scouting The Market post on Hunter.

Nightengale: Yankees have interest in Mike Napoli
Monday Night Open Thread
  • Arod’s Bat

    I know what he’s going to say when he signs with the Yankees……….”ever since I started playing baseball, It was my dream to play for the Yankees. I’m willing to do anything Joe ask me to do in order to win a championship” lol

    • MB923

      ”ever since I started playing baseball, It was my dream to play for the Yankees”

      Sounds more like a Johnny Damon thing

    • RetroRob

      He’s actually said the opposite in the past, making reference to it being good with players don’t sign with the NY Yankees! I don’t take it too seriously, though, since he seemed to be doing it more to play up to Angels fans and with a bit of a smile. He’s friendly with Jeter and if the Yankees offer the most, I would expect to see him in right.

      I’m pretty sure, though, that some team is going to offer him two years and the Yankees won’t match.

  • Darren

    I will bet one BILLION internet dolars that he goes to the Dodgers.

  • Guest

    he’ll sign with tigers and a Jackson..Hunter..Prince..Miggy..V-mart line up is pretty darn good. This luxury cap BS sucks but i understand

  • Greg

    weird world. the paucity of free agent talent, combined with the amount of money available because of TV deals, is driving up prices on even the most average of talents. Normally, you would think Hunter is a 1 year $8-10M guy (think of Abreu, Vlad, Matsui and Damon recently). But instead I bet he’s going to be 2/$25M. And that’s too much for the Yankees to afford. Like I said, weird world.

  • FIPster Doofus

    It’s looking more and more like Ichiro in RF next year, no?

    • forensic

      Yup, the sooner Hunter signs, the less likely it’s the yanks. It seems as though they like to not really do anything for the first couple months of the offseason regarding other teams free agents, outside of the rare huge contract they’ll overwhelm someone with (which they don’t do now with the upcoming $189).

      Signing early likely means he got a nice 2+ year contract that the yanks won’t do, thereby leaving them going back to one of their own free agents later in the offseason who isn’t near good enough for multiple years anymore.

      I thought at the start of the offseason they’d have a shot at Hunter, but there seems to be quite a bit of interest in him such that their, likely, somewhat low 1 year offer will barely register in his decision making.

      • Preston

        If you sign a player early it’s usually because you overpaid. If you were in line with the other offers the player was getting he’d keep listening. Think Papelbon’s 4/60.

  • Soxhata

    Don’t want no part of Hunter.I hope Russel Martin takes his mendoza line bat somewhere else too.I would sign Ichiro as a fourth outfielder,but in no way do I think Gardner is a lock for a solid season,so Ichiro is an insurance policy.In right field,Cashman needs to suprise us with a trade for a young outfielder.We should have enough trade chips to pick up a major league ready guy from a team like the Royals,who have position players galore.

    • Jonathan

      So who’s the better option than Martin at C next year, that’s realistic and available? I’d love to hear that. You also think Ichiro wants to come back as a backup? Somebody will pay him to start on his name alone. So we should make a trade with the Royals…They want MLB ready pitching and more MLB ready pitching. What do we have to give up? Hughes with 2 MLB average seasons in his best years as a starter with 1 year until FA? Nova who just gave up the most extra base hits in the league? Pineda coming off shoulder surgery that won’t be ready until June if he’s ever ready? Phelps with 1/2 a season in the majors starting? And what young OFer is available that matches up with us. Upton is the closest but they need SS/3B and we don’t have any of those either. Find a team looking to trade a time machine for some spare parts so we can bring Williams/Austin/Slade/Sanchez/a healthy Banuelos/Campos/Pineda up and we’re in business. This isn’t a video game where people have to trade with you whoever you want and when you get rid of someone there has to be someone better or there’s no point in getting rid of them.

      • MB923

        “So who’s the better option than Martin at C next year, that’s realistic and available?”

        Pierzinksi (I know the spelling is probably off but you know who I mean)

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          Martin’s probably better defensively.
          AJ was much better offensively last year, but was about Martin level overall offensively for several year’s before that. And AJ’s much older. Last year was AJ’s first above average offensive season since 2003. I wouldn’t expect him to repeat it.

        • Ryan

          Pierzynski would be a good fit at catcher. As for a trade for a young outfielder? It isn’t happening. I would bring Ichiro back to start and sign Derosa as a back-up OF/3B. I would also lead Ichiro off and Gardner 9.

        • Ryan

          Pierzynski would be a good fit at catcher. As for a trade for a young outfielder? It isn’t happening. I would bring Ichiro back to start and sign Derosa as a back-up OF/3B.

      • Soxhata

        I would not sign Martin for more than one year. A three year deal,which is being reported,is plain stupid.The guy hit under the Mendoza line until September,and I hate when I hear our pitchers love pitching to him-big deal.I would kick the tires on a deal for Joe Mauer.I would think about AJ Pierzinski,and Mike Napoli,both better options.I would be willing to trade Joba,Phelps,Warren and or others for a decent major league ready outfielder.I will let Cash find him.I used the Royals as an example.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          Napoli is a better option for DH, not C. He’s not a full-time catcher. AJ is also far from a lock to be better than Martin overall.

  • jason

    I think that the yanks are going to get hunter. Why would a person go around saying “of course ill sign him for 2 years and 20 mill”, that would only drive the price up.

    • RetroRob

      If they’re going to go for Hunter at 2/20, why not go after Swisher at 3/33? One million more AAV, but once the decision is made to lock into a contract for 2014 in RF in the $10M-plus range, then the door opens for Swisher again, unless the market goes crazy. Hunter’s AAV will impact Swisher’s since they’re much closer WAR wise than many believe. Hunter was actually even better last year, although his BABIP will regress quite a bit just as Posada’s did after his fluke BA season in 2007. They are both 3 WAR players, although they deliver it in slightly different ways. The Hunter concern is age.

      I don’t expect Swisher back, but I still think there is at least a 30% chance Swish is back in right again next year.

      • Mike Myers

        Swisher is going to get a lot more than 3/33. The Yanks would jump on that number in a second.

        • RetroRob

          Yup, agreed. What I’m attempting to sa to those who think the Yankees will go for a second year for Hunter is once that leap is made, and they’re committing to a $10M or more contract in 2014, then that opens the door again for Swisher. How much more in AAV would they pay Swisher.

          I believe Swish’s AAV will creep too high, but if it doesn’t, then I can see a return since Swisher likes NY and my guess is Cashman is still a fan. So it’s certainly under 50% that he’s returning, but better than the basically zero percent much of the media and fans believe.

  • Hank

    “In fact, Mark Feinsand here’s that the team’s chances of signing Hunter Here’s my Scouting The Market post on Hunter.”

    This sentence is a grammatical nightmare. Yes I am aware that grammar nazis are lame but this one made me chuckle.

  • Chuck

    Torries stories…
    Can do without another kiss ass like swisher.
    Bring ichiro back.

  • Bill

    Since Hal so worried about the payroll our next right fielder will probably come from the rule 5 draft.