Report: Yankees considering moving Gardner to center in 2013

What Went Wrong: Freddy Garcia
Yankees reassign Nardi Contreras, hire Gil Patterson as minor league pitching coordinator

Via Danny Knobler: The Yankees are considering moving Brett Gardner to center field next season with Curtis Granderson shifting to one of the two corner spots. Gardner is the (far) superior defender and the move would improve the team’s defense overall.

This was a hot topic last offseason but some analysis suggested that the gain would be minimal. I thought Granderson’s defense took a step back this year and feel that switching the two would be a worthwhile move at this time. I don’t know if Curtis is better for left or right — left field is bigger in Yankee Stadium but he doesn’t really have the arm for right — but his spot could depend on who they acquire for the other outfield spot in the coming weeks.

What Went Wrong: Freddy Garcia
Yankees reassign Nardi Contreras, hire Gil Patterson as minor league pitching coordinator
  • Mark L.

    Granderson is not a good defensive centerfielder. He reminds me a little of Bernie in the mid-late 90s, great legs but poor instincts.

    Also, if Granderson goes to LF, that should knock down his asking price after 2013. He’ll be a 32 year old, three outcome OF who hasn’t played a convincing CF since 2010.

  • Eddard

    This should have been done 2 years ago. Gardner is a center fielder. Granderson has become a slightly quicker Giambi and that’s why I think they should trade him this offseason. They aren’t going to re-sign him anyway. Re-sign Ichiro and put him in LF. Sign Hunter and put him in RF and then you have the best defensive OF in the game.

    • Mike Myers

      “Granderson has become a slightly quicker Giambi”

      Stop it….just stop it.

      • Eddard/Syrio Forel/Occasional Troll

        I will never stop it. People will respond to my posts if I make a ridiculous comparison, as you just proved. If i say he’s lost a step, nobody is agitated or compelled to reply.

        This is an internet message board, and my traffic-driving schtick works just about every time. It is what it is.

        • jjyank

          He’s right. Maybe it’s finally time to O:S the whole thing.

          • Eddard/Syrio Forel/Occasional Troll

            People always say that, and it never happens. Due to my insistence on being 1st to comment in a given thread, saying things I know are not likely to be popular, and having safe fallback options when I run out of material (Nunez is awesome, Ichiro is awesome, fuck Andruw Jones, etc), I will always be able to incite tons of fury and rage on here.

            Just get over it. If you don’t want to comment, don’t. Others eventually will so whatever.

            • Hitman 23

              Seems like a pathetic life to try and enrage people on a message board. Good luck with that you loser.

        • TomH

          This — “if I make a ridiculous comparison, as you just proved — is the lead in to one of the dumbest justifications I’ve ever read.

          • Robinson Tilapia (We go hard)


            The reply isn’t really Eddard. It’s sort of like Eddard’s ego, or superego, or id, or whatever.

    • OldYanksFan

      Jason Giambi? The guy who has a .925 OPS for the Yankees? How many Yankees have/had a .925 OPS?

  • The DonSlaught

    MAKE IT SO!!!

  • FIPster Doofus


  • Matt :: Sec 110

    Granderson/Gardner/Hunter left to right?

    • jjyank

      I’d be cool with that.

    • FIPster Doofus

      Works for me.

    • MB923

      I’d be fine with that

    • libsstinks

      Hunter, Gardner, Ichrio. Left to Right!!!!

      • MB923

        I wouldn’t mind that either, but do you really expect them to trade Granderson?

        • DZ

          we can dream….

  • jjyank

    Don’t consider, just do it. Garnder is the better fielder, and I don’t think anyone would argue that point.

  • Ted Nelson

    I think now is the time. Granderson struggled this season without Gardner’s range in LF. Plus you might be able to marginally reduce his value before he hits FA (though I wouldn’t say it’s clear cut, since teams might already consider him a corner guy)..

    (At the same time, perhaps there’s an argument that if the RF has strong range and Gardner is in LF… Granderson might actually be best protected in CF.)

    LF vs. RF is an interesting question. Guess it depends in part on who else they get.

    • dan2

      It does not matter, left or right. The fact remains that he has become Alfonso Soriano before our very eyes. A HR or nothing. And, if the pitcher does not somehow hit his bat, it is all nothing.

      • Ted Nelson

        Sort of… He was comparable to Soriano in his best recent years, much better than Soriano in his bad recent years.

    • jjyank

      I do think there is merit to the idea that Granderson took a big step back defensively in 2012 in part because Ibanez and Jones did little to help him cover ground in left-center. I think Granderson can handle left with Gardner in center. I’m not sure how I feel about him in right. Might see too many opposing runners going first-to-third.

  • Blake

    Assuming they are both on the team in march I do think its time to make the move….

  • AC

    Sign Hunter for RF. Seemslike an ideal fit to me. Moving Gardner to CF should make the team better DEF wise. Do whatever you gotta do to improve the team. The biggest headache was could they actually bench AROD. We crossed that step everything else shouldnt be too earth shattering.

  • vin

    Are the Yanks currently having their post-season organizational meetings? Is that where this is coming from?

  • Mattchu12

    Maybe I’m alone in this, but I almost feel like at Yankee Stadium, left field is a harder position to play than center field and that’s why I almost want Gardner to stay in left. On the road, definitely put him in CF, but I’d be tempted to play Gardner in LF at home.

  • Mark

    Hunter 2/25 any takers?

    • DZ

      No thank you, rather victorino for 3/38

  • Mark in VT

    I’m really surprised that people on this site are so comfortable with losing Swisher. People are quick to sign Hunter or find someone to trade for. Do you all buy into the 2014 salary cap or are people just tired of him not producing in the post season? A few years ago people would be complaining that the Yankees need to spend that money to keep him.
    Personally I think they need to figure out how to keep Swisher

    • KeithK

      Swisher’s October struggles have left a bad taste in some peoples’ mouths. But I think the real issue is whether he will be worth what he’s likely to be offered on the open market. He’ll be 32 next year and would be 35 in the last year of a possible four year deal. Is he going to be worth $15M in 2016? Maybe, but there’s a good chance he won’t. Swisher is a nice player but I don’t think he’s a good bet to be worth his market value during the decline phase.

      • OldYanksFan

        Well said.

      • Fin

        I think people better get use to the new money reality of baseball….alot of teams have alot of it and players salaries are going way up. Is Swisher worth what hes going to be paid, in relation to what players have been getting for say the last 5 years, certainly not. However, we saw it start with the Werth signing and from what I’ve read we can now expect stuff like that as the norm.

    • mike

      People have short memories. Swisher doesnt hit in the Playoffs or WS. He barley hits during the Reg. Season. He’s a very likable guy and has a Smokin hot wife. But he needs move on to KC/Rays/Oakland/Red Sox. He got burned on a few catchable balls late this season too. Here’s a thot, NUNEZ (can he catch a Fly ball?)in R field. Ichiro/Grandy platoon as DH/LF. Or, not sign either and go after a lesser expensive, contact hitter, capable of hitting 15-18hrs to play the outfield (Jeter?). Or, keep Ichiro and bring a Minor Leaguer with skills, up. Trade Grandy too.

  • greg

    gordon, gardner , granderson….now thats what i call 3 g coverage . also alex gordon can backup thirdbase

    • Steve (different one)

      Sounds good, how do we get Gordon?

  • libsstinks

    About time the Yankees have done something right. Granderson is OK but Gardner can run rings around him.

  • Aaron

    Pesonslly think granderson is a great player . Gardner has trouble in batters box too ( thought he would go before swisher ) sign Napoli to replace Martin . And bring Ichiro back –

  • jim p

    It’s hard to imagine a justification for not doing this. Grandy should stay in center because….? What? he’s been in center before?

  • http://riveraveblues panos

    gardy is there best cf right now.

  • JLC 776

    There’s never a bad time to make a good move. Do it!!!

  • SRB

    Howm about we trade Granderson for Austin Jackson and Ian Kennedy