Roster Moves: Rule 5 Draft, Storey, Herndon

Open Thread: Mo on the mound
Yankees re-sign Hiroki Kuroda
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In addition to agreeing to re-sign Hiroki Kuroda, the Yankees made a series of roster moves today. Let’s recap…

Six added to 40-man roster

The Yankees added six minor leaguers to the 40-man roster: LHP Manny Banuelos, RHP Brett Marshall, LHP Nik Turley, OF Ramon Flores, RHP Jose Ramirez, and LHP Francisco Rondon. Midnight tonight is the deadline to set the 40-man for next month’s Rule 5 Draft, and all six guys would have been eligible had they not been protected.

Banuelos will miss pretty much all of next season due to Tommy John surgery, so the club is losing a pre-arbitration year of team control. That really bites. The annual lolwut addition is Rondon, a 24-year-old southpaw who had a good but not great year at three levels in 2012 (3.93 ERA and 10.1 K/9 with 5.3 BB/9 in 71 relief innings). The Yankees now have five (!) lefty specialists on the 40-man. Marshall, Turley, and Flores were no-brainer adds and some team could have hid Ramirez’s big arm in long relief next season.

Mickey Storey claimed off waivers from Houston

The Yankees have claimed 26-year-old right-hander Mickey Storey off waivers from the Astros. He had a phenomenal season in Triple-A this year and made his big league debut in the second half: 3.86 ERA (2.80 FIP) with 10.09 K/9 (26.8 K%) and 2.97 BB/9 (7.9 BB%) in 30.1 relief innings. He also missed a few games after taking a line drive off the face.

Despite the gaudy peripherals, Storey isn’t a power pitcher. He’s a four-pitch reliever in the Cory Wade mold, throwing an upper-80s four-seamer, a mid-80s cutter, an upper-70s slider, and a mid-70s curveball. The curve is his bread and butter. I believe he has two minor league options remaining, but don’t hold me to that. That stuff is hard to verify. Here’s some video.

Yankees re-sign David Herndon

According to agent Josh Kusnick, the Yankees have re-signed David Herndon to a split contract. He had elected free agency after the team outrighted him off the 40-man roster and I assume it’s a minor league deal. The 27-year-old reliever will received $750k in the big leagues ($50k in incentives) and $180k while in the minors. Herndon is coming off Tommy John surgery and won’t be ready until June. The Yankees claimed him off waivers from the Blue Jays earlier this month.

* * *

After all of today’s moves, the 40-man roster is at 39. The Yankees will be able to make one selection in the Rule 5 Draft unless they remove more players from the 40-man between now and midnight. Catcher Eli Whiteside is the obvious candidate to be removed, but one empty spot is plenty. If Herndon’s contract is a big league deal, the 40-man will be full and the Yankees won’t be able to make any picks in the Rule 5 Draft.

Open Thread: Mo on the mound
Yankees re-sign Hiroki Kuroda
  • Rey22

    So…are the Yankees going with a 15 man bullpen next year or…? That’s a lot of relievers.

    Assuming Mo, Robertson, Logan, Aardsma and Joba are locks, that leaves 2 spots. One is likely for Rapada or Cabral as the 2nd lefty, so then you have one spot left for Phelps/Nova(whichever one loses the rotation spot and is the long reliever)Storey/Herndon/Montgomery(when he is ready)

    • Slu

      Pitchers get hurt or are ineffective. Having a large number of relievers is a good thing. Recent team history shows this.

  • Need Pitching & Hitting

    I think Kuroda makes the 40-man roster full, unless they delay making his contract official until after the draft.
    I’m assuming Herndon’s contract is a minor league deal.

  • forensic

    5 lefties? That’s just absurd, even if you don’t need the spots right now. There are also 4 catchers, with no starter but two guys who probably shouldn’t be anywhere near a competing major league team.

    For what it’s worth, still lists Herndon on the 40. I don’t know if they just haven’t removed him yet or what.

    • Ted Nelson

      Hmmm… Where do you come up with this stuff?

      What is wrong with throwing with your LH? Pretty sure lefties are no longer considered to be possessed by the devil or anything. You know, that whole genetics thing…

      Whiteside was literally on the WS champion for a portion of last season… Cervelli was a back-up for Yankee contenders… Stewart was a back-up for a Yankee contender… Which two will be no where near a contender?

      • forensic

        Where did I say any of that about lefties? I know you just post to try to start arguments with people, but don’t make stuff up that I didn’t say. 5 lefty specialists is unnecessary when 40 man spots are so valuable.

        And keep stretching things on Whiteside, who appeared in all of 12 games for them, 6 of them in the second half of September. And Stewart being on the Yankees doesn’t mean he should have been and there are no better options. It’s a waste of games and at bats, and could cost your team games.

        Contrary to your opinion, just because the Yankees do something doesn’t automatically make it the best or right move.

        • Steve (different one)

          Sure, and when they need the roster spots, some of those guys will be removed. Obviously they will need a spot for Pettitte and Mo and an OFer, DH, etc

          Doesn’t matter too much what the roster looks like in November, a bunch of those guys won’t be on it in a few weeks.

          • forensic

            I never said they can’t/won’t remove any of them. But it’s still a waste of space at any point.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Law. Sausage. Rosters.

              It makes absolutely zero difference whether the team leaves those spots empty at the moment or whether they’re filled, whether temporarily or not, by guys who the team may feel are of some use at some point if they stick around long enough.

              This is squirrels gathering nuts at the moment, and I mean that in the best possible way.

              • Ted Nelson

                Yep. It gives them depth and options. There is value in that.

        • Ted Nelson

          That was humor. The point is that an effective RP is such regardless of handedness. Cabral nor Logan is a “LOOGY.” (Could argue Logan should be, but Girardi doesn’t really use him as one.)

          You said they shouldn’t be near contenders… yet they consistently are… Is it that contenders all suck at evaluating and acquiring talent? Or that you misjudge the market for back-up Cs?

          That you say I agree blindly with Yankees management shows your small mindedness. I tend to agree with them because they are a very well run organization.
          They have actually watched Rendon pitch. Have you? Who do you want taking his roster spot?

          • Tom

            LOOGY or overall effective reliever?

            vs Lefties – 10.5K/9, 3.2BB/9, 3.25FIP, .696 OPS
            vs Righties – 6.3K/9, 5.1BB.9, 5.29FIP, .864 OPS

            Those are Logan’s career splits.

            People overreacted to splits over 1 calendar year (2011, all of 67 righty batters faced) and somehow Logan became more than he is. He is a small step up from a LOOGY, but he’s not a guy you would (should?) leave in to face a righty if the game is in jeopardy (unless the bullpen is fried)

            • Ted Nelson

              Read what I wrote.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      They may like Rendon better than some of the other lefties of the non-Logan variety.

      Do you really think they’re going to maintain five lefties and four catchers on the 40 man for long? I bet the numbers look different by the time the draft happens.

      None of this is going to prevent the team from clearing up space when it comes time to clear it.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Roster has been updated now. Herndon off. Currently at 39 without Kuroda.

  • kenthadley

    Which notable minor league talent did we not protect…who is most likely to be picked in the draft?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      There was this Jewish-Dominican guy, Moshe Quintana….

    • Steve S

      Stoneburner is all i can think of

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Ah. Good one. That saddens me. One of the best names in baseball. Hopefully he remains in the system.

        • RetroRob

          He might, although the Astros may claim him to replace Storey.

          Actually, why was Storey even available. Do the Astros have 40 spots where they can’t protect him??? I mean, this is the Astros.

  • http://none coquienorlando

    Let’s take it easy, this is just a 40 man roster that has to be submitted for the rule 5 draft. Alot of these guys will wind up in the minors, traded or just released at a later time.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Exactly. How many guys spent a few minutes on the Yankee 40-man these past couple of years? Who remembers the illustrious Lord Danny Farqurar? Who could forget Shane Lindsay?

      • Ted Nelson

        I can see him getting picked, but I can’t really see him sticking in MLB.

        • Ted Nelson

          Repy fail… That was re Stoneburner

  • Jason

    Mariners just DFA’d Figgins…wonder how he’d do coming to NY cheap as a supersub.

    • Ted Nelson

      Nt sure there’s anything super about him anymore.

  • Tom

    There is a downside cost to just filling the 40 man up in advance of the Rule V draft.

    As the Yankees sign some FA’s after the Rule V draft (Mo, Pettitte?, RF, backup OF, Martin?) the 40 man folks taken off to make room for them now have to pass through waivers. This makes them more vulnerable than the Rule V draft as a team claiming them just has to be willing to add them to their 40 man as opposed to keeping them on the 25 man MLB roster all year.

    So in a few cases it may be better to leave a guy off the 40 man in advance of the Rule V draft (the “tweeners” that a team would not likely be willing to keep on the MLB roster all year but would spend a 40man spot for).

    It’s a pretty limited downside, but for those saying “well might as well protect them if you have the open spots on the 40man” and then move them off the 40 man later – there is an increased risk that fringe guys who wouldn’t have been picked in the Rule V may get claimed by a team willing to carry them on their 40man when they have to be passed through waivers later.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      True, but of the 6 players they protected, Rondon is probably the only one that would be close to being on the chopping block when they need more roster spots.

      • Tom

        That’s why I referred to “tweeners” – obviously guys like Banuelos or Marhsall are going to be kept on the 40man long term.

        Guys like Rondon (in my view) are almost certainly going to be moved off once a spot is needed – the Yankees have just seemingly made it easier for a team to claim him after the Rule V draft.

        If the Yankees are really worried about him being claimed in the Rule V draft, what’s going to happen when he has to pass through waivers and teams only have to give him a 40man spot as opposed to a MLB spot? It seems like they just lowered the hurdle for an opposing team.

        I’ve seen a few people say it makes no difference… in some cases it actually does and it might be better to leave a spot open.

        • Ted Nelson

          This is one of those cases where you can assume the Yankees are irrational or rational. You have chosen irrational, I prefer rational.

          • RetroRob

            That’s a very rational view of a clearly irrational situation.

          • Tom

            This is one of those cases where someone replies with no actual substance whatsoever. I have chosen to think they made a mistake and provided some detail as why. You have chose a trite response which offers nothing to the conversation. I guess it’s easier to just say “You assume they are irrational, I prefer rational” rather than actual consider any of the comment or provide any actual insight of your own. Why even bother replying?

            And you completely missed (or chose to ignore) the main point. A bunch of folks, including yourself, were saying to the effect “doesn’t matter” , “makes zero difference”, “might as well fill up empty 40 man spots, there’s no reason not to” “Yup.. depth”

            I pointed out why it can occasionally matter, why it is not always true that it makes no difference, and why in some cases it may make sense to leave some off the 40man, even if you have an open spot. Rondon was used as an example of that.

            Perhaps the last sentence was unclear?

  • alpah

    Hate that year on DL gives them ml service time when they still have options.

  • Wayne

    Was Rafael depaula protected?

  • Don

    Filling the roster with this many pitchers implies (to me at least) that we will make a 3 for 1 trade at some point this winter. I hope D-Rob is not the one traded, but truthfully he has the most value (relative to his salary cost) of any pitcher we have. We may be trading some pitchers (and Nunez) for a young, cost-controlled outfielder not named Justin Upton.