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As we wrap up our seemingly never-ending review of the 2012 season, it’s time to look back on the last handful of position players. These are the guys who spend some time on the big league roster this year but not much, ultimately contributing little in the grand scheme of things.

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Dewayne Wise
He was sparingly used during his three months on the roster, but the 34-year-old Wise hit .262/.286/.492 (106 wRC+) in 63 plate appearances for the Yankees. He also retired both batters he faced while pitching in a blowout loss. The team originally recalled him to fill Brett Gardner‘s roster spot before cutting him loose following the Ichiro Suzuki trade. Wise went 9-for-18 with a double, a triple, and three homers during an eight-game stretch in late-June/early-July, but his greatest contribution to the club — besides the bunt that turned the season around — was his non-catch against Indians in late-June.

Chris Dickerson
Had the 30-year-old Dickerson not been on the minor league DL early in the season, chances are he would have been recalled to take Gardner’s spot instead of Wise. He instead had to wait until rosters expanded in September, and he went 4-for-14 (.286) with two homers and three steals in his limited playing time. Most of his action came as a defensive replacement in the late innings. I like Dickerson more than most and think he can be a useful left-handed platoon outfielder who also provides speed and defense, but it’s obvious the Yankees aren’t interested in giving him an opportunity. For shame.


Melky Mesa
Mesa, 25, was the team’s only true rookie position player this year. He came up when rosters expanded in September and only appeared in three games — one as a pinch-runner and two as a late-innings replacement in blowouts. Mesa did pick up his first career hit and RBI in his first big league plate appearance, singling on a ground ball back up the middle. His most notable play was a base-running blunder, when he missed the bag while rounding third base on an Alex Rodriguez single in extra-innings against the Athletics. Mesa would have scored the game-winning run, but alas. Rookie mistake.

Darnell McDonald
The Yankees got a little cute prior to the All-Star break, claimed the right-handed hitting McDonald off waivers from the Red Sox before heading up to Fenway for a four-game set. The Sox were set to throw three left-handed starters in the four games, so the 34-year-old figured to see some playing time against his former team. McDonald instead received just four plate appearances, made outs in all of them, and collided with Curtis Granderson in center field. A run scored on the play. Embedded Red Sox? Embedded Red Sox.

Ramiro Pena
Rakin’ Ramiro was on the roster for less than a week this season. The Yankees called him up after Alex Rodriguez had his hand broken by Felix Hernandez in late-July, but he was sent back down following the Casey McGehee trade a few days later. In between, the 27-year-old infielder singled once in four plate appearances and got into two other games as a pinch-runner. Pena became a minor league free agent after the season, ending his seven-year stint with the organization.

Mailbag: Walden, 2014, Hall of Fame
RAB Live Chat
  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    Wise was a great player for us last year. It’s a shame they dumped his ass like they did.

    • JLC 776

      I (probably irrationally) hated seeing this guy get released. I thought he was exactly the kind of role player we needed with Gardy out for the year.

      Plus you don’t get rid of a guy with the kind of good ju-ju that follows him. The Bunt, the Non-Catch, and the Buerhle Catch? KEEP HIM!!!

      • Jersey Joe

        He was hitting better than Jones, and had better D than Ibanez. He also accepted his bench role, and having Wise in CF every few days was a good thing with Grandy D. I’m with you, I was pretty pissed when NYY released him.

        • Preston

          I agree, the best baseball decision would have been to cut Jones (I argued for it at the time). But I think it’s easy for us to be armchair GM/managers and say we should cut Jones in favor or Dewayne Wise. But it’s real life and these people have relationships. Andruw could have probably gone and gotten more money and playing time someplace else after his strong 2011. Instead he told Brian Cashman he wanted to come back and try and win, and I’m sure Cashman felt he made an implied promise to him that he would be there for all of 2012. At the very least there is a relationship there. Same with Girardi, and I’m sure both respect him and what he’s done in his career. Wise was a fungible kind of guy, when he came in he knew it was probably short term. Not that things like that should be the sole reasoning for a move (I also think they held out hope that Jones power would return) but it’s probably very hard for it not to play a role.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Guys like DeWayne Wise exist for the sole purpose of being DFAed. Sorry. That DFA was penciled in the moment he was signed.

      I understand he did well. These are the sparkplug kind of players that look good in short spurts and bad in long ones. This is why I don’t necessarily make fun of Suzyn’s “professional ballplayer” line that Plouffy love to poke fun at so much. The label is silly, but the sentiment is understood.

      Wise will look good in someone else’s uniform and have another Sportscenter moment next year….and in another uniform the year after that. It’s not a bad way to make a living. I’ll buy the book after he’s retired.

    • commerce

      Nice guy in the clubhouse; and, good defender who hit better than anyone expected. Good piece off the bench–GREAT=HYPERBOLE

  • Dewayne Wise


    • Cris Pengiucci

      And for this, we will be forever thankful.

  • Cris Pengiucci

    I know Russo (also a minor league FA) has signed with Detroit. Any word on Pena signing anywhere yet?

  • teknetic

    If anyone wanted to watch Clemens 15K shutout against the Mariners. It’s the full thing, just click on the boxscore for each inning.

  • Jersey Joe

    Is Chris Dickerson worth anything in a trade with Eppley? Would Dickerson, Eppley, Marshall, and Adams get the Yankees Willingham?

    • Preston

      Chris Dickerson passed through waivers with Maxwell last year if I’m not mistaken, any team in baseball could have had him, so no he has next to no value, we traded Sergio Mitre for him, who was cut a month later, and that was when he was younger and had recently been a big league player. His only value is to us as AAA depth, possible 4th OFer.

      • commerce

        We kept Chris and let Maxwell go after ST–both were big guys w/ pop and the ability to play all three OF positions. I think Chris has a better arm and more skill and speed on the bases. Maxwell got a chance in Houston and played better then his past record projected. Dickerson, in small samples, played well for the Yankees in both ’11-’12, He had a brilliant season at AAA and may help a team as a platoon guy until he learns to hit lefties. He’s better than AAAA given the opportunity. We ought to give it to him.

    • Preston

      As for your trade idea, the Twins are pretty delusional about their chances to compete, so I don’t know if they would trade Willingham, although Marshall seems like a good center piece for that kind of a trade. I’m a fan, and would probably rather keep him since he I think he could end up serving a similar role as David Phelps did this year in 2014, when we’ll need cheap production and with Adams getting playing time at 3b, and A-Rod’s age/frailty, I’d probably rather hang onto him too.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      *puts gas in car*

  • Dan Gold


  • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

    Darnell McDonald – HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Man he is one shitty player.