Yankees agree to re-sign Mariano Rivera

Thursday Night Open Thread
Rosenthal: Pirates to sign Russell Martin
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The greatest reliever of all-time is back for another year. The Yankees and Mariano Rivera have agreed to a new one-year contract with a $10M base salary and another $5M in awards-based incentives according to Jon Heyman, Dan Barbarisi, and Jayson Stark. The Yankees have been monitoring the right-hander’s health this offseason, so the process of finalizing the contract should be expedited.

Rivera, who turns 43 today, appeared in only nine games in 2012 before a fluke incident shagging fly balls during batting practice in early-May resulted in a torn right ACL. He had surgery to repair the knee and missed the final five months of the season plus playoffs. Prior to the injury, Rivera allowed just two runs in 8.1 innings. Rafael Soriano took over as closer and was phenomenal, but he opted out of his contract after the season and figures to sign elsewhere as a free agent. Mo will resume ninth inning duties.

The Yankees have now re-signed three important veteran pitchers to new one-year contracts as Hiroki Kuroda ($15M) and Andy Pettitte ($12M) with join Rivera in the Bronx next season. The pitching staff can still use some tinkering, but the heavy lifting is done. Right field and catcher will be the priority when the Winter Meetings start next week, ditto the bench and miscellaneous depth. The Yankees have taken care of some major offseason business before the calendar flipped to December, but there is still work to be done.

Thursday Night Open Thread
Rosenthal: Pirates to sign Russell Martin
  • Luisergi

    Sweet, i can go to a game this year and finally watch him pitch.

    I was scared when he got injured that i may never watch him throw, just like i was never able to attend a game at the old place.

  • Steve (different one)


  • Tipsie

    Here’s to one last season of greatness.

  • flamingo


    I kind of want him to announce it’s his last season, so he can get a farewell tour around the league this year.

    Or he can announce he’s retiring right after we win the World Series. That’s fine, too.

    • Jacob

      I like number two better

  • Assapopulus

    Okay, now go sign Soria!

  • Frank Castle


  • MB923

    Say your prayers little one
    Don’t forget my son
    To include everyone
    I tuck you in
    Warm within
    Keep you free from sin
    ‘Til the sandman he comes

    • Jacob


  • Get Phelps Up

    Great news!

  • Rich in NJ

    Stay healthy, Mo.

  • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM)

    No more shagging fly balls for you old man!!

  • vin

    I was hoping for a 10 year deal, but whatever.

  • Yankonymous

    We finally get to see Pettitte/Mo go for 69. Career win/save combo, that is.

    I’ve been waiting awhile to say that.

  • mrdbag

    Yeah that’s great how much and how long for Hamilton? For those say it’s a 95 win team quote bill beame “if you don’t win the last game nobody gives a shot”

    • jjyank

      No, no, and no.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      A shot of what?

    • Get Phelps Up

      Who is bill beame?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        According to Google, literally no one.

        I can’t even see that the quote’s attributed to Abe Beame.

    • Knoxvillain

      >how much and how long for hamilton?

      I’d give him a 4/12.

  • DC

    A nice birthday gift for Mo and myself today!

    • jjyank

      A happy birthday to both you, and the greatest reliever to ever step foot on a mound. I wish I shared a birthday with someone that cool.

      • Get Phelps Up

        I share a birthday with Bartolo Colon. That made his 2011 extra fun to watch.

        • Giancarlo Stanton 2017

          I share a birthday with Brian Bruney. Remember when he started a game in KC?

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Reggie Jackson, bitches.

            • Ted Nelson

              Seriously? May 18? Me too.

            • YanksFanInBeantown

              I’ll see your Reggie Jackson and raise you a Bryan Cranston.

              Oh, and Jeff Kent, but Walter White/Hal is cooler.

        • Knoxvillain

          Cano and Ichiro. Step up, fellas.

          • G

            Not baseball, but May 19th: Malcolm X, Ferdinand Magellan, Pete Townshend, and most importantly Peter Mayhew, the man who played Chewbacca.

      • DC

        Thanks. It’s also shared with Vin Scully.

  • YanksFanInBeantown