Yankees designate Eli Whiteside for assignment


The Yankees have designated catcher Eli Whiteside for assignment, the team announced. The move creates room on 40-man roster for the recently-re-signed Andy Pettitte. Whiteside just signed a new one-year split-contract, so he’ll remain with the organization if and when he clears waivers.

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  1. emac2 says:

    Am I missing something or did they just bet 200,000 that no one claims him?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:


    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      If someone claims him, the claiming team also gets his contract.
      The contract probably makes it even less likely that anyone else claims him.

    • Jerkface says:

      The Yankees would only be on the hook for 30 days pro rated pay of the 200k guarantee. Since they claimed him last time and were the only team to do so, I doubt anyone is lining up to claim him.

      • MannyGeee - $189M ain't gonna cut it says:

        this. safe bet he gets through waivers. We’re not talking about a real valuable player here.

  2. Jedua says:

    We will not forget you Eli whit…

    Oh well Nevermind

  3. jjyank says:

    Aren’t the Yankees last in waiver priority? Considering he fell to them, it seems like a pretty safe assumption he’ll clear waivers.

  4. Rich in NJ says:

    I suspect that if you put Chris Stewart and Eli Whiteside in a room, it would be tough to tell them apart.

  5. Austin Aunelowitzky says:

    Eli, We Hardly Knew Ye….would be the back page of the Post if he was any good.

  6. Flyer7 says:

    Okay Whiteside gone…whose up next when Mo signs?

    • Travis L. says:

      Thinking logically that Yanks get last priority on the waiver wire, I’d say Spence or Storey. Since we have 5 lefties on the the roster, I’d bet Spence…or Rapada…or Rondon (since I’m lost as to why we saved him from the Rule 5 anyway).

      • RetroRob says:

        When is the Rule 5? Maybe the goal is to protect one of two of these lefties from being picked up in the Rule 5, but then try to pass them back to the minors after the Rule 5.

  7. RetroRob says:

    Throw him a parade.

  8. soxhata says:

    Whiteside is good triple a insurance.There is no place here for a new topic but I would take one or two steps back.and decide between Cano and Granderson,which one I am going to try to keep,and trade the other for needs like catcher{Ruiz and others for grandyman-don’t care about the suspension}How about trading phil Hughes and whatever else for Wil Myers to play RF.Even if he plays AAA til June,you could sign Ibanez and a righthanded OF to keep the seat warm.We got swept for the first time since 1976-all the stars should donate their playoff shares to me-or charity,

    • Jersey Joe says:

      Why would we trade for Ruiz now? Anyway, Phillies are looking for righty hitters. Howard, Utley, Brown, no Ruiz anymore, etc.

      • soxhata says:

        Why would we give no hit Martin a multi year.Ruiz is an option.Don’t care if he misses 25 games.Dude is clutch.And,please,having Martin for 3 more years is ludicrous. One year would be ok.Did people not see him hit under ,190 for 5 GD months-jeezus!!

    • Ted Nelson says:

      The Yankees can’t unilaterally make trades. The other team has to agree.

  9. M-Three says:

    They should’ve cut Cervelli instead. Their no need to keep him around. Cervelli is the catcher version of Sergio Mitrash. He must have naked pictures of Cashman and Girardi somewhere.

  10. Dicka24 says:

    The contract he signed basically guarantees he declines FA and accepts the Yankees minor league assignment, since no one is likely to claim him and his guaranteed coin ($200k). He’s veteran minor league insurance the Yankees can afford.

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