Don Larsen’s perfect game uniform sells for $756k


Former Yankee Don Larsen has sold the uniform he wore during his perfect game against the Brooklyn Dodgers in Game Five of the 1956 World Series. The uniform was put up for auction and sold to the CEO of (who figures to resell it) for $630k with a 20% buyer’s fee. Larsen sold the uniform to help pay for his grandchildren’s education. It’s the only perfect game in postseason history, but the sports memorabilia market kinda stinks at the moment. Larsen would have gotten seven figures pretty easily a few years ago, but $756k is nothing to sneeze at.

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  • bobby two knives

    Good for him! He pitched his perfect game on my 10th birthday. I watched it on TV. I will never forget it.

  • Preston

    I hope his grand-kids appreciate the hell out of it.

    • Kiko Jones


  • dan gen

    The buyer intends to open a museum some day in new york to display this and other high end items…………..