Heathcott ranks sixth among Arizona Fall League prospects

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Saturday Night Open Thread

Following a monster .388/.494/.602 (192 wRC+) effort with the Scottsdale Scorpions in the Arizona Fall League in recent weeks, Slade Heathcott was named the sixth best prospect in the circuit by Baseball America (subs. req’d). The write-up noted that at least one evaluator considered him the league’s top prospect.

“Heathcott displays an aggressive approach and smooth left-handed swing with above-average raw power,” wrote Baseball America. “His plus speed makes him an extra-base hit machine, although he is still improving his stolen base ability … Heathcott’s intensity made him one of the most exciting players to watch this fall, and it showed itself in his laying out for flyballs, frequently taking the extra base and once even bulldozing the catcher.” That all-out style of play has been his downfall so far, leading to three left shoulder injuries including two that required surgery. Heathcott could be a star if healthy, but so far that’s been a challenge.

Love Me Non-Tender
Saturday Night Open Thread
  • jake

    i know hes an injury risk but this kid gets me more excited than any other prospect. i think if he stays healthy then he can be a future stud. fingers crossed

  • Rich in NJ

    I hope that as he matures, he will be more selective about when he gives up his body on a play.

    • Mister D

      “… otherwise Dykstra will done in his early 30s.” – a scout or someone else in 1984

  • Preston

    Fingers crossed starting LF in 2015

    • Preston

      Anyone with a subscription and fewer scruples than Mike want to post who the rest of the top ten were?

      • vicki

        i don’t know, but will guess chris mcguinness, nate roberts, the prince kid, a couple marlins and a mariner.

    • Laz

      Lets hope. LF should keep him going after fewer plays and thus hopefully healthier.

    • JU

      Why not 2014? Not out of the realm of possibility.

      • Preston

        It’s pretty unlikely he’d start opening day 2014, the Yankees don’t just hand rookies jobs unless they truly deserve it. So he’d have to mash AA, get promoted to AAA and not have a let down, get a late call up and look really good in a couple of games in september, and then win the job in ST the following year. It’s not impossible, it’s just unlikely, and kind of an unfair expectation to put on the kid.

  • dalelama

    Seems like this guy’s balls are bigger than his brain. No one can help you if they are on the DL.

    • fat jeter

      Injuries are always a concern, but you gotta like a guy who plays the game all-out. Diving in the stands and playing on a broken ankle never landed at Derek’s feet as criticism.

      • jjyank

        Agreed with this. Sure, I think we’d all like to see him consider the cost of an all-out style of play, but can you blame him at this juncture? If I was a prospect for an MLB team, I’d give every ounce I have to prove myself too. He’s still a kid trying to make a name for himself, I don’t think going all out is necessarily indicative of “his balls being bigger than his brain”. But this is dalelama we’re responding to, so really I’m just thrilled he didn’t find a way to work A-Rod into his comment. Progress?

        • dalelama

          No one will ever accuse you of dealing well with reality.

          • jjyank

            At least you can be entertaining sometimes.

  • Nick

    So how strong is the competition in the fall league? AA, AA+?

    • Preston

      It’s a lot of AA players, but is usually weak on pitching depth, because most guys have already reached their innings limit. So it’s definitely an offensive oriented league.

      • Nick

        I knew it was an offensive league, but was curious at the overall skill level. I expected the offensive numbers to be crazy, but the fact that he was among the best is still a good sign.

        He was coming off a half season at A+, so he was playing at or slightly above that in the fall.

        Just trying to temper my excitement about him…though that makes Romine’s fall numbers look that much worse.

    • dalelama

      Of course Aroid won’t get mentioned when the topic is heart and hustle.

  • Jamey

    “A Yankee prospect ranked well? Well, we’ll see about that. *gets Heathcott in his target* Say goodbye to your ACL’s pal!” -God

  • dkidd

    my all-time biggest prospect crush

    no idea why, completely irrational, maybe it’s the troubled childhood, i just have a huge emotional investment in seeing him in pinstripes

  • Tim

    Closest thing to Trout that the Yankees have.

    • Bob Buttons

      I’d actually consider Mason Williams to be a better comparison.

      • JU

        No offense, but you’d be wrong

  • vicki

    that’s right, i said mama but weer all crazee now.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I just hope he stays healthy long enough for us to see if he’s got what it takes to do this, and sustain it, at a higher level.

  • Robert

    I think Tyler Austin has an edge on Williams and Slade, and dont forget Flores..

    • G

      In terms of potential or current level? In current level, sure. In potential, Austin lags quite a bit behind them. He only really has 2 tools, they just happen to be the most important ones and he’s pretty much average in the other 3. They both have potential to be well above average in all 5 tools.

      • Ted Nelson

        Meh, a whole lot of the top players in MLB are not 5 tool talents. If Austin is an amazing hitter I think he can be as good or better than the rest. Granted they play CF, but I don’t think Slade or especially Mason even approach his power potential.

        • Preston

          I agree, guys like Austin get slighted all the way up because they are limited to the corners. But the fact is that a lot of those up the middle guys get moved to the corners anyways. And even if they are a true up the middle talent it doesn’t matter if the bat doesn’t translate. Austin is the best hitter of the three right now, so it shouldn’t surprise anybody if he becomes the best player. Even without any value coming from his glove, legs and arm.

          • Robert

            And remember we only have 3 more years of TEX and Austin can play 1B also!

  • Scout

    I’ll get excited after I see him do it over a full season at double A. Prospect hugging for players below that level just invites disappointment. Curb your enthusiasm.

  • ton lon ton

    if we let mason williams man center field, can heathcott take left field. gardner and ichiro can take right. granderson traded for king felix and montero.

    • JMK


    • Uke

      Don’t forget trading Cano, Tex, and ARod for Verlander, Miggy and Prince, maybe they’ll toss in Castellanos too.

  • dalelama

    The collapse of the Yankee Empire isn’t a pretty sight.

    • Evan3457

      Or, even a “sight”.


      • dalelama

        It began with the departure of Damon and Matsui and then Posada’s collapse. Aroid’s bloated deal has prevented curative measures. Tex’s premature deterioration has also contributed.

        • YanksFanInBeantown

          What have Damon and Matsui done since leaving the Yankees.

          Tell me, I’m curious.

        • forensic

          What’s the statute of limitations on these absurd roster assertions? Should the lineup next year be:

          C: Leyritz
          1B: Tino
          2B: Sojo?
          SS: Jeter
          3B: Brosius
          LF: Damon
          CF: Bernie
          RF: Matsui
          DH: Justice

          They all contributed big-time to Championships. I bet that team would be awesome in 2013…

  • Wayne

    Tyler Austin is the better of the prospects but l think Austin auné is our best outfield prospect. But they got him in the infield?

    • Bo Knows

      No way is that is a serious post can’t be…..