Kussoy: Rivera to announce 2014 plans during Spring Training

2012 Winter Meetings Chat
Heyman: Diamondbacks to sign Eric Chavez

Via Howie Kussoy: Mariano Rivera will announce his plans for 2014 at some point early next year. “I’ll tell you in Spring Training,” he said at a charity event yesterday. “Spring Training is going to be the date.”

Rivera, 43, debated between retirement and playing again after the season only to announce his return. I think we’ve all assumed next season would be his final year, and in fact Mo confirmed to Kussoy that he would appreciate a Chipper Jones-style fairwell tour. Rivera could easily announce an intention to pitch in 2014, but it seems pretty obvious the retirement announcement is on its way in a few weeks.

2012 Winter Meetings Chat
Heyman: Diamondbacks to sign Eric Chavez
  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    Judging on the contract he just signed, his age, and his family I’m guessing this is the last year for Rivera. I can’t wait for his second standing O at Fenway.

  • JD

    Why does he seem to draw attention to himself by always having an ” announcement ”
    Or is he just bustin chops of media every time?

    • Bo Knows

      I bet it’s the latter, Mo always seemed to enjoy messing with the media

    • Deep Thoughts

      Maybe he’s just truthfully answering a typically stupid mediot question.

  • Rich in NJ

    I’m fine with whatever he decides.

  • Yankee Fan 1

    I’m kind of shocked Mo would come out and say he wants a farewell tour. Not that he doesn’t deserve it ( obviously).

    • Deep Thoughts

      He didn’t “come out and say” anything. Some reporter asked something stupid like “Do you think you’d enjoy a farewell tour like Chipper’s where everyone gives you a standing O and a memento?” His obvious answer was probably something like “Yeah, of course. Who wouldn’t like that.”

      That exchange gets written up as “Rivera confirmed that…” and then below-grade-level readers like you get your panties in a twist that “Mo would come out and say he wants a farewell tour.”

      Stop being so credulous.

      • Yankee Fan 1

        LOL my panties were not in a twist at all. I love Mo.

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

    If Mo decided 2013 is his last hurrah, I’d love to see a farewell tour.

    He’s the best to ever play his position and certainly deserves to be honored like the champion that he is.

  • http://www.blueseatblogs.com Dave

    Weird seeing someone I graduated high school with being quoted on RAB.

    • http://www.workwithpete.com Pete

      You went to high school with Mariano?!

  • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

    MO will always be the best.

  • JD

    Good, Chavez signed w someone else, now cash has to think

  • Tion Lon ton

    I can only interpret dis to mean 2014 is his final hurrah—/- after that joba will close for a time

  • Graig not Craig

    Mo has secretly cloned himself. Mo 2.0 will close for the Yankees beginning in 2014.

  • Phil

    2013 Will be a joke as we watch some very good teams compete with good young talent.