Minor League Ball’s Top 20 Yankees Prospects

Raul be seeing you: Ibanez heading back to Seattle
Sunday Night Open Thread

John Sickels at Minor League Ball posted his list of the top 20 Yankees prospects on Friday night, and the top spot is occupied by C Gary Sanchez. The three outfielders — Tyler Austin, Mason Williams, and Slade Heathcott — round out the top four with RHP Brett Marshall ranking fifth.

I think Sickels tends to overrate performance but I do like that his lists are always off the beaten path a bit. Always neat to see different opinions with this prospect stuff. I do think it’s interesting that RHP Corey Black, this year’s fourth rounder, cracked the list (#12) while RHP Jose Ramirez did not. Both guys have huge, huge arms with elite velocity, but Ramirez will open next season in Double-A (confirmed by VP of Baseball Ops Mark Newman) while Black has yet to play his first full pro season. Oh well, the exact ranking is trivial since both are in the organization.

Raul be seeing you: Ibanez heading back to Seattle
Sunday Night Open Thread
  • Blake

    Think Adams has to be in the top 20 but interesting list….highest I’ve seen Austin but hey he has performed and he’s probably their closest legit bat to the majors.

    That group of position players is going to be crucial to the Yanks long term success if they are serious about this budget….,they HAVE to get at least of a couple of them making a big league impact and hopefully all of them

    • Brian S.

      Joseph is their closest legit bat to the majors. He tore AAA a new asshole as a 23 year old. If his name was Will Middlebrooks he would be seen as the savior of mankind.

      • Laz

        If Cano leaves, it is possible that Adams and cojo fight for it.

      • Blake

        Joseph hit .266 with an .840 OPS in AAA which is pretty good but I’m not sure Id describe it as you did…..I do like his bat though but he can’t play anywhere but 2B and he’s obviously blocked there

      • dan gen

        lets not forget that hall of famer that the bosox traded casey kelly

  • Dalek Jeter (formerly: Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM))

    “An outfield of Heathcott in left, Williams in center, and Austin in right would be stellar defensively and highly-productive on offense if everyone maxes out their hitting skills.”

    Literally drooling over the fantasy of this happening. I don’t see it happening, I don’t expect it to happen, but at the same time IF it does for a couple of years the Yankees could have a payroll of $150 and be great. I love what he said about Sanchez too, “showing enough defensive improvement to give decent hope that he can stick there.”

    In my fantasy world these guys are all ready to contribute and/or have starting jobs by the beginning of the 2016.

    • jjyank

      The bit about Sanchez is most encouraging for me. I’m confident that he’ll hit, but if he can stick at catcher, that puts the context of his offensive production in a whole new league.

    • Brian S.

      Austin/Slade 2014. Williams/Sanchez 2015.


    • bobtaco

      +1 on the new name

    • G

      Your new name.
      I am happy.

      I just got to the newest episode today, supposedly I need to prepare the waterworks.

      Anyway back on topic, that is a drool worthy potential outfield, but I’m definitely going to say it’s very, very unlikely until the day it happens. I can certainly see two of them making it, all 3 just seems like a bit of a pipe dream.

  • Robert

    I am Hoping to see Austin,Heathcott and Williams in Trenton by June 1st as well as Sanchez catching!

    • Laz

      Don’t think so. Should hold Williams back, just because he didn’t get all that many ab, didn’t show enough to advance (.302 obp) and Flores deserves a spot in Trenton. While Flores doesn’t have the ceiling of the others he still has some decent potential, he proved himself in Tampa more than good enough.

  • Brian S.

    Yeah no Jose Ramirez is a travesty. He’s probably my favorite pitching prospect in the system.

    • Laz

      Well he was awful in 2011, has taken awhile to advance up the ladder. He could be decent, but he is still a ways off.

  • Ryan

    Bryan Mitchell only has mid rotation upside? Thought with his stuff he has a chance to be a 1 or 2 no?

    • thunder rd runner


    • Jake H

      Probably #2 stuff but lack of any control limits him.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Lots of things would have to go right is my understanding.

  • Laz

    Corey Black must have bad command, and they put it nice. No other way 100 mph starting pitcher available in 4th round.

    • Bo Knows

      He has decent command but he’s 5’11 that more times than not is going to make you fall

    • SimCity

      He’s undersized(5’11”), so his future is likely in the bullpen.

  • Billy

    Excited to see what Marshall can do. he doesn’t have the ceiling of other guys byut he just keeps winning at every level.

  • turd surfer

    The discussion about Gumbs’ reproductive talents in the comments section was funny.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      His sperm count is much higher than Cito Culver’s. This will matter come gift basket time.

    • Bo Knows

      Although the Dude was completely wrong in that Gumbs has two kids not four

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Interesting. Surprised to see Marshall that high and Montgomery that low.

    • RetroRob

      Reliever. They rarely get ranked at the top. In fact, it’s a sign of how good Montogomery is that he’s rated this high. At least that’s my take.

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    I agree with his point that the pitching could jump quick if DePaula and Hensley are for real and Campos is healthy.

    I am a unabashed prospect lover but I feel like these position players have the right mix of tools and performance.

  • Vertical Pinstripe

    It’ll be great to see some rookies mixed into the 25 man roster. Especially if they perform well. It breathes new life into the team and invigorates the fan base.

    We’ll probably only see one rook at most break camp this coming spring. (Ronnie M?) But there could be easily be two or three in ’14.

    • Ted Nelson


      • Sweet Dick Willie

        Barring a trade, that’s pretty much a given.

        • Vertical Pinstripe

          Guess I dobn’t consider Romine a rookie. Although I’m sure he’d qualify for ROY based on ABs. We can dream can’t we?

  • BJ

    I think I’ve got the exact opposite opinion of Sickels’ lists – it seems like he UNDERrates performance. For almost all of the lists he’s released so far, he’s included a pretty shockingly high number of 2012 draftees, suggesting that he prefers the shiny new prospects instead of the battle-tested players already in the systems. While I find Sickels’ letter grading invaluable for comparing prospects in different organizations, it’s hard to take his lists totally seriously just because he seems to eschew established prospects in favor of new untested guys.

    • YanksFanInBeantown

      I think he’s talking about having Austin over Williams and Marshall over Banuelos, not to mention CoJo over Adams.

    • Ted Nelson

      That’s every prospect ranker, because it’s the right thing to do. There’s a balance between potential and probability. You can’t just ignore a guy’s potential.

  • Wayne

    Depaula is definitely for real not sold on hensley!