Murti: Troy Glaus reached out to Yankees about a comeback


Via Sweeny Murti: Retired third baseman Troy Glaus reached out to the Yankees about a potential comeback in the wake of Alex Rodriguez‘s new hip injury. The team instead signed Kevin Youkilis to fill-in at third base. Cody Ransom, who filled in for A-Rod during his first hip surgery in 2009, reached out to the team as well.

Glaus, 36, hasn’t played since 2010 but is supposedly 100% physically after battling knee and shoulder problems late in his career. He had some monster years with the Angels in the early-aughts (including a league-leading 47 homers in 2000), though he finished his career by hitting .240/.344/.400 (104 wRC+) with the Braves in 2010 while playing first base because the shoulder problems prevented him from making the throw from third (also, Chipper Jones). The Yankees need a right-handed bat (preferably in the outfield) and if Glaus is willing to come to camp and compete for a spot as a non-roster player, I’d be all for it. There’s no way he should get a guaranteed contract though.

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  • BJ

    Hell, why not? Give him a minor league deal and let him come compete for a job.

    • jjyank

      Agreed. I never say no to a minor league deal.

    • Shot Clock Kennet

      Just say no! There is a reason why a guy as talented as Troy Glaus never stuck to one team for too long. For one, he was good but considered himself to be on a level playing field with the games elite which he wasn’t and two, he was probably the most disliked teammate of any player in the league. In short, he was a jerk.

    • Gerard

      Hell put Yogi back behind the plate! LOL

  • Curtis

    Big mistake! The Yankees would’ve had better chemistry with Cody Ransom!

    -Fat Pete

  • Jersey Joe

    I still think we should give him a shot. With Youk oft-injured and the lack of DH with a big lefty presence, on a minor league deal, why the hell not?

    • Hitman 23

      Yeah maybe we should check in on Albert Bellle. He was a terribble teammate but only chocked out 2 of Jim’s coaches. Seems like a perfect fit, oh, and he is a right handed hitter.

  • kenthadley

    If he has anything left, he becomes the right handed Ibanez…plays 3B/OF/RHDH to Rauls’ OF/1B/LHDH.

    • Rich in NJ

      I really hope that if Ibanez comes back, he will not play in the field.

      As for Glaus, if he can make it out of ST, sure, but it shouldn’t stop them from looking to trade for a young SS/3B, if they can, and I don’t think it will.

    • DC

      Glaus has never played the OF.

      • Laz

        Who cares. You can always change the position around of guys that have been in the league 10+ years.

  • tbord

    Let’s bring back Walt “No Neck” Williams to replace Swisher while we’re at it.

    • Dr. Jake Rosenstein

      Well, Mason Williams is No Neck’s great-nephew. He’s got his cell number, I’m sure. Not kidding, he really is Mason’s great-uncle.

  • Jacob

    Sounds like a good low risk high reward type of move to me, i’m all for it.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    The obvious joke just writes itself here. “HE’S YOUNGA DEN ICHIRO!!”

    Come to spring training, Troy. Why the hell not?

  • Tom

    Anyone know what Julio Franco is up to these days? He would be a nice fit for the DH spot.

  • Yankees Insider

    I really like the idea of glaus… He’s big as hell… But if we were to do this after we signed Youk I’d be happy but what about Carlos lee or lance berkman (each can DH/OF/1B). Also I have a trade possibility the yanks could receive Carlos Gonzalez from the Rockies prob for Hughes/Nunez/GRANDY/Romine

    • DC

      Why would Colorado want Granderson?

      • vin

        They’ll need to replace CarGo, who they inexplicably traded for a far below market value package.

    • BJ
    • Strat

      “I really like the idea of glaus… He’s big as hell…”

      Yes, he’s big… But he’s not left handed, he’s not hairy and he’s not a monster.


    • Laz

      I would never trade for CarGo. He is a product of Coors field, big time. No way should they give up that much, and Rockies would probably demand more.

      • Ted Nelson


  • soxhata

    Invite him to spring training.You never have enough hitting-er is it pitching?

  • Hoss

    Signing Kelly Johnson and moving Cano to 3rd would have been a better long-term option to begin with.

    • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM)

      Moving Cano to third in general isn’t the worst idea in the world, but no player/agent would(or should) move off of a premium position the year before free agency. Especially when moving to a position that houses arguably the best hitter in the game right now.

      • Hoss

        1) Since when did an agent have a say in whether a player moves positions? That is the team’s call. If Cano balks, that would lower his free agent value IMHO;
        2) Moving Cano to 3B will likely extend his career.

        • Rich in NJ

          The agent doesn’t have to say a thing. After all, be works for his client, and it really doesn’t take much of a logical leap to infer that Cano, who is arguably on a path to the HoF as a 2B, would be willing to re-sign with a team that wants him to change positions during the peak of his career.

        • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM)

          I disagree with your first point. There is a lot of politics that go on behind the scenes. I’m sure if the Yankees tried that they’d get a call from Boras saying “Listen, if you move my player off of 2nd base (a position you know he’s the best in the league) don’t expect him to resign with you next off season at any price. Also, yeah in a perfect world him balking on moving positions would lower his value, but some team would still pony up the big bucks to get him. Look at A-Rod, he was painted as a “me me me” type guy all throughout baseball and we still gave him a kings ransom. Same could be said for a guy like Soriano(Rafeal) who is considered to not be the best teammate or a company man and was signed to big money and will be again.

          • Rich in NJ

            It is a little strange that A-Rod received almost no credit for changing positions in his prime, despite being on track to being the best SS in MLB history. Yes, he got out of a losing situation for a winning one, but if he was truly a “me, me, me” guy, he probably would have wanted to remain at SS somewhere.

            • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula


              He was the better defensive SS than Jeter and in a vacuum, he was the one who should have remained there, not Jeter

              • dalelama

                Arod was a proven loser until Matsui, Damon, et al carried him to a title, he had no leverage.

                • Get Phelps Up

                  Matsui and Damon don’t perform their WS heroics if not for A-Rod.

        • Laz

          But makes no sense this year since they already got Youk. Sure it will help him later, but with Boras as his agent there is absolutely no guarantee that he is a Yankee after this year. Get the most value out of him this year, only should really care about their longevity if they on your team (from a front office pov).

    • Bob Buttons

      They’d be much better off starting CoJo or Adams if they did that. Johnson plain sucks.

      • Juke Early

        Agreed. AND if they show well, Adams & Mason Williams really should get a shot out of ST. If the Yankees are going to have a 75% 4A roster, give the prospects a break. It’s not as if they’re starting pitchers. . ..

  • Angel

    F*%@ it!! why not? they have signed so many old timers so far, why stop now. I swear, they should keep signing old guys until they have enough for a whole lineup, so that way on old timers day, they don’t have to search for participants, they’ll already be there!! can’t lose. F@$*ing morons….

    • DC

      You need to get a grip.

      • jjyank


        • dalelama

          Is Jake Gibbs still alive?

  • http://Tab Aly

    Damn! I love all these fantastic ideas! And Glaus is the best idea of all. He was old and couldn’t hit when he retired. Now, he would be younger and with a higher batting average than some of our high-priced regulars!

    • Ted Nelson

      Glaus was 33 his last season. Not exactly old.

  • Roadgeek Adam

    Nothing’s impossible, as far as I am concerned. He could be our one-year amazement.

    If Glaus wants to try, and I were Cashman, I’d go yes immediately.

    • Roadgeek Adam

      Of course, on the condition he gets out of ST.

  • Jimmy Page

    the yankees should have reached out too chipper jones about coming out of retirement before singing youk.

  • Jimmy Page

    gardiner for dominic brown or phil hughes for mark trumbo. also trade for mauer.

    • Bob Buttons

      Joe Page would have better trade proposals than that.

      • Jimmy Page

        i am still trying to figure out this american game. why is it that these baseball players are not allowed to use either their heads, feet, legs, chest, shoulders, to strike the ball when the man that throws the ball toward them?

        • Bob Buttons

          They are, but it hurts very much if you stick your body parts in the way.

          After all, a baseball is much harder than any other spherical sporting equipment other than a golf ball and those track and field stuff.

          You can stick your heads in the way, but it won’t go far and you’ll probably get two concussions.

        • Herby

          Faker, Your not Jimmy…he’d be confused it wasn’t Cricket…of course there was all that acid. It certainly wouldn’t have been Rounders, only thing he associated that to was throwing back another round.

    • jjyank

      All 3 of these are flat out terrible ideas.

  • endlessjose

    Hey why not.The only players the Yankees can get are all over 35.

    • Herby

      They could take a break at Old Timers game and then trot out the starting line-up or switch it up trot out the old timers for the starting line-up and the starting line-up for the old timers

  • James A

    Can Tim Salmon be our righty hitting platoon-OF?

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

    If they’re gonna bring in someone who hasn’t played in years, at least bring in someone interesting like Barry Bonds.

    He retired after a season with a .428 wOBA and 157wRC+.

    • Preston

      I’m actually all for it. But when Barry retired he did so because nobody was willing to pay him 20 million per year. He doesn’t strike me as somebody who would accept less or take a ST invite.

  • Monterowasnotdinero

    He’d be a perfect fit for the 2013 New York Downsiders….

  • Hoss

    Mickey Klutts…

    Now how poetic would that be?

  • dalelama

    What the hell we are paying Aroid $25M to sit out half the year.

    • DC

      Is there a contest to see who can be the biggest whiner on RAB?

    • Get Phelps Up

      They’re not paying him $25M. Considering your total obsession with him, I thought you’d at least bother to get his salary right.

  • Herby

    It wouldn’t hurt to see what he has in spring training a couple years off can make a big difference in shoulder issues, those can come back to haunt you in no time, it would be pretty easy to see in his swings and if he had to throw what he had left.

  • Mick taylor

    How about giving Heathcott a shot. Is he less advanced at his stage than Gardner was when they brought him up.

    • Preston

      Heathcott is 21 and hasn’t played a single game at AA yet. Gardner was 22 when he was drafted, and still spent 3 years in the minors before, getting over 100 games at AA and 140 more at AAA before getting called up.

      • DC

        Mick Taylor has never met a fact before.

  • Ben D.

    The potential here is huge…A non-guarantee invite gives the Yanks nothing to lose and much to gain. We are in big time need of a RH bat with power and Glaus gives that. Even though he didn’t play last season, he did manage 16 HR with ATL in 2010. While his ability to still play 3B may be limited, he does give the Yankees someone to spell Tex at 1B, now with Swisher gone.

    This is a no-brainer in my opinion as he will also be much cheaper than the likes of Vernon Wells.

    Do it!

  • BabeRuthsGhost

    Why don’t we move Jeter to 3rd base and try and pick up a shortstop?

    • nyyluvr4ever

      That’s why we got A-Rod. Jeter didn’t want to move. I don’t think they’re going to ask him to now.

  • nyyluvr4ever

    Is this a baseball team or a geriatric ward/retirement home? We could’ve had Eric Chavez for $3 million a year and yet they sign Kevin Youkilis for what $12 million? Cashman’s lost his mind and so have the Steinbrenners.

  • Derave

    Are we really that worried about winning spring training games? Bring him in and see what he has. As for the “bad teammate” thing, age can mellow and humble people. Look at Rubén Sierra.