Report: Cano will not give Yankees a hometown discount


This is not terribly surprising, but Mark Feinsand and Christian Red are reporting that Robinson Cano will not give the Yankees a hometown discount with his next contract. In fact, one source indicated he may seek an Alex Rodriguez-type contract. “He knows he’s the best player on the Yankees,” said the source. “There’s no reason for him not to be paid that way.”

Cano, 30, hit .313/.379/.550 (150 wRC+) this season and set career-highs in a number of offensive categories. He finished in the top six of the MVP voting for the third straight year and played at least 159 games for the sixth straight year. The current records for second base contracts are $15M annually (Cano and Ian Kinsler) and $85M total (Chase Utley), but Robbie is probably going to double that latter number. There’s no way he’ll get an A-Rod contract since all of baseball is looking at that albatross and laughing at the Yankees, but Cano didn’t hire Scott Boras last year to take any kind of discount.

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  1. Kman says:

    I hope he becomes the highest paid Angel. Let him run, err jog to Cali.

  2. Grit for Brains says:

    I think the team needs to decide what direction they are going in and do so…It’s hard to argue that the team is really all in to win right now yet they are also clearly not willing to blow it up for a rebuild. Buster Olney compared the Phillies to the mid 2000′s Knicks on ESPN radio the other day, unfortunately I think the Yankees are on the verge of adopting the same business model.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      I don’t think that’s a good analogy for a couple of reasons.

      1. Basketball is a very different game. I actually think the Knicks model at that time was better suited to MLB, where you can more aggregate talent without worrying as much about fit.

      2. The Knicks were trying their hardest. They were outspending everyone and getting the players they were targeting… they were just totally incompetent. (Isiah was quoted on who the best PGs in the NBA were before he even came to the Knicks and cited both Marbury and Crawford as top 3 or 5 or something… he got both. The issue was that he never should have wanted both that badly and should have built a better fit team around them once he did.)
      The incompetence extended into the corporate culture as well, which isn’t surprising with Dolan at the helm. Levine seems to be doing his best to ruin it, but the Yankees’ management seems pretty strong.

  3. Hearn says:

    Have fun in LA slacker.

    6 Years would be ABSOLUTE max I’d offer Cano.

  4. LeftyLarry says:

    Love to sign & trade him, we have enough in an Adams/Corbin Joseph platoon to win with and the money is better spent elsewhere later on for more and younger pitching.

    • we have enough in an Adams/Corbin Joseph


      You sure about that.

      • Electric Nunez II (yes I stole this handle w/o compensation) says:

        I ain’t sure about nothing, But I think that could be a very productive platoon, at least offensively. Nothing in their respective minor league numbers indicate they won’t be so. Robbie Cano productive? No, but pretty damn respectable at least.

        The question mark among the 2 (now that Adam’s health doesn’t seem to be a biq question mark anymore) appears to be CoJo’s defense at 2nd, and if the reports are to be believed he has worked hard to at least be adequate. I agree with LL here. And not just cuz I’m a fellow lefty

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

      Why the hell would you platoon those two? If Cano were to move on I would think it would be one or the other who gets the chance, probably Adams.

      • Electric Nunez II (yes I stole this handle w/o compensation) says:

        You’re right, I’m thinking its just a hedge til one grabs hold of the job full time. If its CoJo then Adams might be able to play 3B

      • Ted Nelson says:

        Because neither has even appeared at the MLB level, and they hit from opposite sides of the plate. Obviously you’d play it by ear, but a platoon seems like a perfectly reasonable approach.

  5. voIII says:

    Man these guys just love piling on the Yankees when they think they’re dead and buried…This is old news, once Cano hired Boras we knew where this was going. Cano will get paid and I have to believe the Steins will come to their senses. The only team that worries me is the Dodgers… Still it may be worth seeing what they can get for him at the deadline regardless of where they are in the standings. A couple of draft picks for a player of Cano’s caliber would really suck.

    • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho says:

      Question here. Can the Yankees and Cano tear up his 2013 contract for $15M and do a two year contract for $25M per. Give him a third year with a team option for $27M with a buyout for $3M.
      This is attractive to the Yankees because, if they are to retain Cano in 2014, it would otherwise cost $25M. Their AAV for $2014 would be reduced to $20M.
      The team option only guarantees $3M. If the Yankees pick up his final year, he gets $27M. If not, he pockets $3M and moves on.
      Can the Yankees and Cano play the 2014 game that way?

      • I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

        Even if it worked that way why would Cano ever agree to that? He is in line for a 9 figure pay day. Pushing that out an additional year makes him a year older, gives him that much more of a chance to have an injury, etc. It is not remotely plausible that he would agree to this.

  6. LarryM., Fl. says:

    I wish him the best but I believe the Yankees mindset on long term contracts has changed. Four years with and option on the fifth year for crazy money if its not good enough then adios.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      They just re-signed CC last off-season. I don’t think that they will just stop giving out long-term contracts to premium players… because that will mean not retaining any premium players.

  7. As big head Michael Kay would say…..”See Ya!”

    6 years/$150M is my max.

  8. Doron says:

    Bye Bye Robbie!!!
    It is so funny to me. The guy griped about his deal with the Yankees.
    30mm for 4 seasons, plus the 2 team options.
    Did any1 force him to sign that deal? He agreed to it. He could have easily stayed the course of arbitration, getting consistent raises year to year, maybe even hitting 20 million in his finaly season in arbitration. But he chose guaranteed money.

    I think that there are maybe 2 players in the entire MLB that are worthy of a 10+ even deal. Mike Trout, & Bryce Harper. Naybe 2-3 more players beyond that. Robinson Cano is going to be in total decline from age 35 on. Send him packing.

  9. Leg-End says:

    Cano is gonna get paid but my absolute certainty it would be the Yankees paying is on the wane.

  10. Knoxvillain says:

    I’m getting close to the point where if Cano is traded or not resigned, I’m fine with it. He’s our best player and it isn’t close, but this year is going to be his last year in New York.

    Although the Yankees shouldn’t give him 8 years at 22 a year like the Dodgers probably will, Cano still shouldn’t give the Yankees any discount. Cano provides great offense at a premiere position and he is going to get paid like it. I would like for Cano to stay, but no player should give any discount for any reason.

    Not to mention he has already played for a discount his entire career. Good luck in Los Angeles.

    • entonces says:

      “no player should give any discount for any reason.”

      Snott Boras (and Ayn Rand) approve.

      By the suspect logic of this statenent, every player should value financial compensation above all else. A sick child or parent getting local treatment? No problem. Move for an extra few million. Friends where you play currently? Forget about em. Emotional or sentimental attachment? Love your current teammates? Don’t let that get in the way of money.

      And yet when money is the easiest thing to come by — as it is for free agent ballpayers — it should actually be only one of many considerations.

      That said, let Cano go. Sign Hamilton. And start rebuilding now.

      • Ted Nelson says:

        Do you have any reason to believe Cano has a sick child or other compelling reason to stay in NY? If anything, hiring Boras suggests he’s looking for the maximum possible financial return.

        • I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

          Ted I’m surprised to see you put out a straw man like this. Did someone steal your handle? Dude didn’t say that Cano was looking for something other than max dollars. Dude said that players could forego max dollars for any number of reasons. Come on man.

    • tmoney says:

      Maybe we could do a 4 team trade where the Yankees give up Granderson, Cano and Gardner and get back Stanton, Harper and Trout?


  11. Travis L. says:

    I know its going to cause someone to have a fit, but with the way draft picks are a gamble…wouldnt it maybe behoove the Yankees to at least explore a trade? Getting a comp pick for Cano, would be way less than what they could get trading him. That may not be true for Granderson or Hughes, but I think Cano should be shipped. Yes, he’s the best player and we want to win in what could be Andy and Mo’s last year. But damn, if they want to have a cheap team that is capable of being competative and dont have faith in what we have on the farm, then damnit, get the 1-3 cheap talented players you would get for Cano and move forward.

    • Cris Pengiucci says:

      I’m sure they’re listening. Not sure they’re going to hear something they like. If they feel they’ve got the best shot to compete for the WS with him, they probably want the stars and the moon in trade for him. Since there’s only one year left on his contract, they won’t get it. So, they probably keep him this year and let him go when his contract expires (after offering him 5 or 6 years and close to $150MM, I would suspect).

  12. jjyank says:

    Always amazes me how the best player on the team, who had one of the best (if not the best) year of his career gets so much hate.

  13. Bill says:

    Good bye Cano annd Granderson will be shock if Hal spends the money necessary to keep them .

  14. Bavarian Yankee says:


  15. Rich in NJ says:

    It would be negligent not to gauge his trade value. If a reasonable offer is made, move him. Overpaying him would only further constrain an organization apparently determined to restrain spending.

  16. You should have shot Arod says:

    Cano does not step up in the big at bat. Sign Hamilton keep grandy and trade or let cano take his
    Slack elsewhere.

    • Dr. Jake Rosenstein says:

      To quote Need Pitching & Hitting on Hamilton: “He can’t hit against the Yankees if he’s on the Yankees, and he’s pretty much sucked against everyone else in the postseason (205/240/321).”

  17. Austinmac says:

    So what are they doing about Cano? I think he will leave for a draft pick. Brilliant.

    • Knoxvillain says:

      It looks like it. He’s gonna get about 25 million a year from some team and it isn’t going to be the Yankees. I doubt the Yankees are going to offer him more than five or six years as well. If they have no plans on resigning Cano or they don’t think that they will, I hope they trade him this offseason. They could get a huge return for him and with the way the Yankees draft in the high rounds, I wouldn’t take that risk.

      • They could get a huge return for him


        What huge return are you going to get for a guy on a 1yr deal

        • Knoxvillain says:

          He’s the best second baseman in baseball, that’s why he gets a huge return. I’d look at the Dodgers. They know they can easily sign him and they have the prospects to get him.

          • He’s still on a 1yr deal. If you’re the Dodgers why give up anything for him when we can sign him months later especially if the Yankees are going to keep their hands in their pockets when the bidding war starts.

            • Now Batting says:

              The Red Sox gave up two of their top three prospects for A-Gon and he was on a one year deal.

              • True but that was done with the belief that Agon would be signed to an extension. How many teams are willing to give up their best spects and then extend Robbie?

                • Now Batting says:

                  If the Dodgers are willing to sign Robbie as a FA then I think they’d be willing to trade and extend him if they’re in the race. I know it’s not a perfect comparison, but I think recent history shows you can get a good return for a rental player, especially if that player is a superstar.

            • Rich in NJ says:

              The Mets got Wheeler for two months of Beltran; the Indians got Lee, Phillips, and Sizemore for two years of Colon; Texas got Andrus, Feliz, Harrison and Saltalamacchia for a no more than a year and two months of Tex.

              There is an opportunity for a good return. Are the Yankees willing to take a step back, and if so, can they scout well enough to get a maximum return?

              I doubt it.

              • There is an opportunity for a good return. Are the Yankees willing to take a step back, and if so, can they scout well enough to get a maximum return?

                I doubt it.

                We agree Rich as we always have in the past.

              • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho says:

                All those trades are well and good. However, the Yankees never go into a rebuilding mode. They always are retooling by moving out older guys and bringing in middle aged guys. OK, occasionally a guy like Tony Womack is replaced with Cano or Tony Fernandez/Mariano Duncan are replaced with Jeter. But Cano is in early mid career. Moving Cano for prospects is fine if you are ceding the AL East now.

                This is a team with Sabathia, Kuroda, Pettitte and Hughes. Rivera and Robertson. Jeter, Granderson and Teixeira. Below them, there are a some decent pieces like Gardner and a half season of Rodriguez.

                Unless you are going to make a wholesale housecleaning, getting rid of Cano for prospects makes no sense. This is not to say that moving Cano is all wrong. If he was moved for a very good outfielder who had just gone through his second arbitration year, I could see that.

            • Now Batting says:

              Another comp is CC to the Brewers. They gave up LaPorta (top 20 prospect at the time) and three other prospects for 3 months of CC.

            • Joba is Einhorn...Einhorn is Joba says:

              that is said every year about every star on the block with one year left – look at cliff lee a few years ago. he had a three month contract and the yanks offered up montero

      • Travis L. says:

        FINALLY!!!!!!!! I’ve been saying that, but few have agreed!

    • Well to the New New York Yankees where they can’t even keep their best player anymore lol

  18. Cano to the Dodgers for 2 or 3 prospects, coupled with 4 prospects from the Yanks for Giancarlo.

    Dodgers are one of the only teams that could give him the deal he’ll surely be looking for and how can the Marlins say no to 6 or 7 prospects?

    If that doesn’t work, I’d look to deal for Asdrubal Cabrera…makes the sting of losing Cano hurt less.

    • Knoxvillain says:

      Cano for Yasel Puig, Alex Santana, Corey Seager, AJ Ellis, and Dee Gordon.

      Puig has a very high ceiling.

      Corey Seager has a very high ceiling. He’d have to be the PTBNL later because he was just drafted.

      AJ Ellis would fix the catching problem.

      Not a fan of Dee Gordon, but he can turn it around.

      Alex Santana because I’m good friends with him and it would be cool to see him with the Yanks.

  19. paul a says:

    Trade him now to the Dodgers for Gordon and Either.

    • Knoxvillain says:

      Is this serious? The Dodgers would throw in Matt Kemp just to say thanks.

    • 42isNotMortal says:

      I might be falling for some trolling here, but Ethier is expensive and really just an above average platoon bat vs RHP, while speed is nice but Dee’s .228/.280/.281 is about as depressing as it gets. This doesn’t approach making sense for the Yanks.

      • RetroRob says:

        Agreed. Gordon sucks. I’ll go with Adams and/or CoJo before Gordon. Ethier is okay but overpriced. His contract was a mistake before the ink dried. If Cano is going to be traded, that’s not the right package.

  20. BronxBomber says:

    Time for Cashman to put out the trade feelers on Robbie and get max return! Cano hiring Boras was the tipping point in these “negotiations.”

  21. Nolan says:

    I love cano but the yanks should not do another arod mega deal for his decline years. Trade him now. Get a young good outfielder/catcher/3bman with 2-3 years of control left. Then sign Hamilton to a 4 year 100 million deal. Hamilton replaces canos bat and will sign for half as many years as cano and we bring up David Adams.

  22. 42isNotMortal says:

    I’m guessing this is just early leverage tactics by Boras, but it seems Hank may have burned us Yank fans twice with the A-Rod contract.

    I mean Cano seems like a good enough guy with YES access specials and what not, but is anyone else nervous Robbie’s presumed casual personality will simply collect from the highest bidder?

    • but it seems Hank may have burned us Yank fans twice with the A-Rod contract.


      Blame Hal there he takes the same amount of blame as Hank. Hank couldn’t have made that move w/o Hal signing off on it.

      • 42isNotMortal says:

        That’s true, but from the outside “reading” in, it seems Hank hit the panic button and was the overriding hand in the decision making. Whatever the case, A-Rod becoming the HR King @ YSIII was a fantasy that spun out of control into a 250 mil budget choking whirlwind.

        • I think both brothers hit the panic button. The season ended in a 1st Rd exit, the relationship with Torre didn’t end well, and they had to do something to quiet the noise. Ppl forget how much heat they took that off season with the whole Torre thing.

  23. BK2ATL says:

    Time to explicitly put Cano on the trading block. Maybe package him with Nunez and Joba/Phelps to Miami (Stanton) or Arizona (Upton). Sign Hamilton for 3 yrs, $75 mil. Re-sign Grandy, move him to LF, Gardner to CF. Bring up Adams and Romine now. We screwed ourselves on missing out on the very-reasonably priced Keppinger of this off-season. Might as well play the kids now.

    Never thought it would come to this. I understand his POV on getting paid, but Cano isn’t a lifetime Yankee. The Yankees will go back to business as usual after 2014. He just won’t be a part of it.

    • BronxBomber says:

      Agree completely – I’d rather see some of the kids play with the energy and hunger that seems to be lacking lately. We took a chance in 1996 with a rookie shortstop, a sophomore lefty starter and a converted starter as our 8th inning man setting up Wetteland on the mound that seemed to pan out pretty well :-)

      • A young Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera aint walking through that door.

        • BronxBomber says:

          You’ll never find the next Jeter, Pettitte, Posada or Rivera if you don’t start playing some kids to see what we have, right? If we can’t start depending on what we have in the farm now, then maybe those in charge of the farm need to be replaced and we need to restock through a trade or two now while we have chips like Grandy, Cano and Hughes, no?

          • Joba is Einhorn...Einhorn is Joba says:

            for every 1 pettite there are 100 Sam Militellos and for every one jeter there are 500 Andy Foxs

            i think the yankees know the ceiling of these kids in the minors. not that they cant be wrong once and a while, but thats a powerball type gamble

            • entonces says:

              “for every 1 pettite there are 100 Sam Militellos and for every one jeter there are 500 Andy Foxs”

              What a ridiculous statement. Of course, there are many failures for every good prospect. But among those seen by scouts as the most promising, a high percentage succeed.Andy Fox never had the same prospect status as Jeter (and yet he actually played a big role in early 96– no Jeter but not a bade guy to have around).
              If the Yankees have four BA Top 50 prospects now, it’s likely two will succeed. Maybe even three, as the success rate for position players is higher than for pitchers. Also, position prospects who are already plus defenders at skill positions almost always have at leas some value. So this would mean Mason and Heathcott can come up even before they’re fully developed as hitters and still help with their gloves. And legs.
              The only way for the Yanks to build going forwerd is with a nucleus of kids supplemented eventually by free agents. Trades are the biggest crapshoot.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          This go-to argument is unbelievably predictable. People act like it’s the only core that’s only been developed. What about making our own Pedroia, Youk, Lester, Buchholz, Papelbon, and Ellsbury?

    • The Yankees will go back to business as usual after 2014


      lol ok that’s what everyone thinks.

    • stuart a says:

      keppinger is 32, had 40 rbis and is not exactly wade boggs.

      keppinger is a nice pesty, singles hitter, utility player….

      • BK2ATL says:

        Keppinger is exactly what he is. A better, more reliable version of what we currently have in Nunez and Nix. A stopgap but quality utility IF until A-Rod and maybe even Jeter come back. Youklis is older and more brittle. Good piece when he plays, but how often is that. I guess the same could be said about Hamilton, but he’d offer future trade value and maybe a position switch to LF or RF will keep him healthier.

        Now is the time to move Cano and get back something substantial. We’re not gonna sign him at 8 yrs, $200 million. That’s pretty clear. A draft pick is a consolation prize and not enough. Now is precisely the time to move on from the Cano and Boras show.

      • BK2ATL says:

        Keppinger is exactly what he is. A better, more reliable version of what we currently have in Nunez and Nix. A stopgap but quality utility IF until A-Rod and maybe even Jeter come back.

        Youklis is older and more brittle. Good piece when he plays, but how often is that.

        I guess the same could be said about Hamilton, but he’d offer future trade value and maybe a position switch to LF or RF will keep him healthier.

        We need a 3B, RF and C. At this stage, I’d be okay with getting rid of Cano + now for a J. Upton or G. Stanton, signing Hamilton and Youklis. See about what Granderson can bring back as well, not as urgent a move as Cano, but he has significant value.

        Now is the time to move Cano and get back something substantial. We’re not gonna sign him at 8 yrs, $200 million. That’s pretty clear. A draft pick is a consolation prize and not enough. Now is precisely the time to move on from the Cano and Boras show.

  24. mt says:

    I am strangely getting confortable with Cano not being on team after this year – the fact we have Arod (and, to a lesser extent, Tex and Sabathia) means we will not be doing 8 years for $200 million for Cano. The reason I am getting comfortable is I cannot deal with another Arod-type fiasco for several years at end of another outrageous contract.

    I have problems with Cano’s hustle too at times but from his perspective it must be hard to sit there and accept a discount of , say, $15 million salary a year for 4 or 5 years while Arod was signed by his same employer and will be taking up space at $20-$27 million annually. But two wrongs do not make a right and from Yankee perspective they should resist anything beyond 5 years for $110 milion or so for Cano.

    Boras will be on a mission to maximize Robbie next year especially since he has been making so many comments about how Yanks are wrong with their decisions to get under $189 million (even Randy Levine spoke up this week to tell him to shut up by commenting that Boras has never run a baseball team.)

    Also Boras may have over sold his skills with Bourn (Phillies, Giants and Braves seem to be out with their recent signings) and Soriano this year so he may be licking his wounds a little bit going into next year. Soriano is fascinating especially since Boras supposedly told Levine (don’t know who is lying about whther this was said or not) that he was seeking $60 million for 4 years for Soriano. Even if I were the Detroit Tigers, supposedly lined up for a World Series run this year, I wouldn’t pay Soriano more than $28 million for 2 years.

    • 42isNotMortal says:

      Very good point. It’s hard to tell your best player he’s not worth A-Rod money, because A-Rod isn’t worth A-Rod money.

      I had assumed the Yanks would break policy and really try to extend Cano before they had to deal with the 8/200 type mega-deal you mention above. The fact they haven’t and likely won’t before ST, I think it’s fair to at least start preparing mentally for life without Cano.

  25. mrdbag says:

    Adios homes thanks for tanking in the playoffs

  26. Joba is Einhorn...Einhorn is Joba says:

    i can only imagine the backlash that will be laid on the yankees if/when Cano leaves for another team. People on this site understand how lethal long term contracts can be to a team, but the average fan will not. next year could be a really messy offseason

    • BronxBomber says:

      Good point – Hopefully the average fan will finally see what the last excessive contracts handed out to Arod and Tex are exactly why the team is in the position it finds itself in right now.

    • JobaTheHeat62 says:

      tough to be messier than this offseason, but you might be right…oh well i love my yanks but they deserve this, actually just the steinbrenners deserve it all for the arod deal. It has effectively ruined this arod deal the robbie deal isnt even debatable. sad.

    • mt says:

      It will get very messy – not only will the average fan go crazy but columnists and haters like Lupica (who seems to never have written a column about Yankees without mentioning spending almost $2 billion over last 10 years, or whatever it is, and only getting one World Series) will turn around and hypocritically attack Yanks for economizing and not living up to old George’s vision (which, of course, they used to criticize). It has already started with Rosenthal saying how can Yanks be so boring, etc..

      To be honest, it is also Yankees fault because they keep saying $189 million is reasonable to field a World Series caliber team which should be true in a vacuum but not with all their contracts already on books for over 30 year old players at pretty big salaries and no really young MLB stars waiting in wings. If Yanks had even one Trout or Harper or even Stanton who would be cheeap but a potential superstar to watch and energize the fan base over a couple of difficult years it would be a different story. Also Yanks will still expect to charge the highest prices for everything which will rub all fans the wrong way.

      • Joba is Einhorn...Einhorn is Joba says:

        this is the only reason i can see them going after hamilton. the possible loss of cano would be temperred in the media if they had another superstar in place.

  27. Bo Knows says:

    He’s not going to get a 10 yr deal, 7 (which I think is what it will get it done. I have no problem with Cano getting overpaid, because I have a strong feeling he will be the last player because the team is going to start doing what the Rays have been doing and locking young productive players up early and through their productive years.

  28. mt says:

    People say sign Hamilton this year to replace Cano leaving next year but miss a couple of things – the same factors that may make Hamilton come back to Yankees’ price range, say 3 years for 25 million, are the same factors that will make Texas match it.

    MLBTR has already had an article where Hamilton has promised Rangers that he will let Rangers match his best offer before accepting with another team – that only works for potential new teams if he is getting some outrageous long-term Pujols/Fielder type deal which Rangers clearly will not match. However, if he has to fall back to a shorter term “more reasonable” deal because market is skittish about a long-term deal, Rangers will be more likely to match.

    Also Rangers may be getting some salary relief by trading Young to the Phillies. So the only question is whether Rangers can afford Hamilton if they sign Greinke to a big contract offset by the salary relief for Young.

    • 42isNotMortal says:

      Exactly, I mean I agree a 3 year 60-75 Hamilton deal would need to be jumped all over, but then Texas would be enjoying the savings, not the Yankees.

      So if it’s one huge contract or the other, I’d take 156-162 games a year of smooth you to sleep Cano over 120 games of roller coaster streaking and the inevitable babysitting of Hamilton without a hint of hesitation.

  29. Miked says:

    Bye bye. I no more long contracts to guys on the wrong side of 30

  30. There's the Door says:

    The “no hometown discount” press release has become a staple of the Boras pre-sale. So tedious.

  31. stuart a says:

    so what. 30 year old 2b, over 5 year deal is pure aroid and pujols insanity.

    again this long term deals for over 30 year olds NEVER work out.

    adios…..maybe he will dive for a ball once he has a 7 year deal, after all playing for minimum wage at $13 mill. a year must be such a hardship.

    really cano a superstar, he has carried no one ever… his playoff performance this year does mean he deserves a raise from $9.00 per hour to $10.00 per hour….

  32. George says:

    How about giving him the years he wants, but the $ is all performance based. So as long as he is the “he’s the best player on the Yankees” he will be paid as such. Then when the decline comes in a few years (or one)the pay drops off accordingly. So many $ per HR, RBI, with subtractions for strikeouts with runners in scoring position, and no hustle on the base paths. Of course, in a few years he may not want to pay the Yankees for the privilege to play. And we won’t be complaining about the decline of RCan.

    • Knoxvillain says:

      No player would ever agree to that and I’m pretty sure that a contract like that is against the MLBPA’s rules.

    • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

      There is no such thing as performance based deals, they are against the CBA. That’s why ever incentive given in contracts is games appeared in or plate appearances. The only “performance based” incentives there are to my knowledge is being an All Star and were you finish in awards. However, why would a star player agree to that type of deal? If I was one of the best in my field, I would want a deal where I was guaranteed money because the people paying me looked at my history and realized how good I am.

  33. Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

    I know Fiensand and Red were just doing their job reporting what they heard and Mike’s just doing his job passing it along here but this report is just about as shocking as a report that the sky is blue because the ocean’s blue. Sure it’d shock the shit out of an 8 year old, but anybody with common sense(yes I’m saying 8 year old’s don’t have common sense) saw this writing on the wall when Robbie hired Boras and said he regretted signing that deal a few years ago.

    As for Robbie possibly not resigning: I’m on the fence. I understand that he’s currently the best all around player we have, and probably will be for the next 2 or 3 seasons after this year and I love watching him do his thing. On the other hand though, history has shown that 2nd basemen do not age well, especially defensively, and we haven’t heard one peep about Robbie switching positions. If he were an OFer or a 3rd basemen, or a SS were he could conceivably move to third in a few years, I’d be much more willing to give him a monster contract.

    With all that said, I’d be willing to go 6/165-170 with a front loaded contract if he signs it after this season, 7/185 as an extension this off season.

    • Jacob says:

      Exactly and it has been said numerous times but I do thank them for reporting it and letting us all know nothing has changed because some probably thought it had. I also agree with your contract offers, I was recently thinking we should give out contracts that are super duper frontloaded so we pay the most for the best years(theoretically speaking)

  34. RetroRob says:

    I don’t have a problem with the team paying for decline years. I have a problem with them paying for “collapse years.” Cano on a five-year deal means he’ll be paid a higher salary for years that will become less productive than his 20s, but they should still be productive seasons. It’s a byproduct of the CBA that teams get great bargains on young players and less so on older players.

    In Cano’s case, it’s going beyond five years and into his post age 35 seasons when it can get nasty and I’d rather they just let him walk and focus the $22M AAV they had targeted for Cano on other players.

  35. Ryan says:

    This is crazy ……ARod money? They’re gonna have to match tex’ contract probably 8 yrs 180 and that’s bad but 10 yrs 275 ain’t happening. Since tex was younger maybe they can get him at like 7 yrs 160 , he’ll be paid better than kemp isn’t that enough? I’d prefer 6 yrs but doubt he signs that short of a contract.

  36. emac2 says:

    I think you have to look at trading him. Some team might overpay to take a one year shot or to sell him on an area in hopes of resigning him.

    I think the fact that payroll is simply more important to the owners than winning for the next couple of years means we should blow up the team and rebuild now.

    I think we should be looking at trading for at least one young core offensive player this off season at short, 3rd or catcher and I think we should happily overpay for the right guy.

  37. Stephen says:

    This might be a stupid question, but who exactly counts against the 189M. Everyone on the 40 man plus 60 day DL?

  38. Nathan says:

    How nice for this to come out right now…as if the Yankees don’t have enough on their plate and to think about.

  39. Jacob says:

    I could only stand reading about 5 comments before I had to quit because I could not stand the idiocracy. I do admit I have a slight bias because Cano is my favorite player but come on you people are being ridiculous with all this hate. Yes I do see he lacks the hustle but the guy is by far the best player on the team and if the season started tomorrow he would be one of the only things keeping us in contention. No I do not think they should overpay for him and honestly I think letting him walk is possibly the best idea but it is not because I don’t like him because I love the guy, it is because we don’t need to give a huge contract(that he easily deserves) again. I honestly wish that we could keep him but I know his demands will get out of hand and we should go a different way and invest the money elsewhere. I love Robbie and he has easily been our best player for 3 years now and is on a hall of fame path, if any 2B was to break the stereotype of breaking down I know it will be him and I would love to see him wearing a yankee cap in the hall with his plaque saying only one team and being able to tell my kids he was my favorite player and I watched his whole career. Even an older robbie could do good for a younger team in our future. But I know this part is buisiness and it might be in our best interest to let him go get the money HE DESERVES elsewhere. In no way does this guy deserve the hate you people give him, you cannot possibly critisize this man when you in no way are good fans as you stand back and critisize everything anyone on the team ever does, this is a game and you, hell even I, get into to much. Yes I understand that we get paid not even a third of what he gets paid but it is enertainment and a huge booming buisiness that we love and even defend to the many people who talk about how boring baseball is so stop the hipocracy. We are the reason he is getting paid so much because we pour our money into baseball stuff and then complain how much they get paid. Robbie deserves his money, not the criticism, he is one of two people, maybe three, that deserve to get paid because they make this team.

    • I don’t think a number of ppl hate Cano but he has caught a lot of flack recently. I shouldn’t be surprised those these are some of the same fans that said F Jeter, we paid him enough, let him walk, best yrs behind him, etc.

    • Elton Cod says:

      I could only stand reading about 5 words of that before I had to quit because I could not stand the lack of paragraph breaks.

      • Jacob says:

        I can’t even stand reading your comments because of how ridiculous they are. At first they were just silly little things but they have expanded to stupidity

  40. Ryan says:

    Cano for morse, Ramos and detwiler ?

    • Jacob says:

      This is a terrible idea, detwiler is not much, I am pretty sure morse has one or two years left plus he is not that amazing and ramos is not as good as the hype tbh

      • Ryan says:

        Terrible idea? Mose is a beast we’ll get him for ’13 and ’14 a much needed RHB . Ramos is legit and under control for cheap, hit 15 HR’s 265 Avg in 2011 and was poised for a repeat before injury. Detwiler can provide affordable mid rotation type starter under control for ’14. How is that a terrible return for one yr of cano?

  41. JoeyA says:

    If StL can contend with letting Pujols walk, NYY can with letting Cano go too. Only difference, we then have to stop pretending we are the NYY of old & truly start drafting/scouting/developing

    • Andy Pettitte's Fibula says:

      Only difference s they had a guy like Allan Craig ready to step in as well as all kinds of young nearly ready talent from their farm system.

  42. Andy Pettitte's Fibula says:

    The Yankees stupid policy of not buying out the first few years of free agency from young players like everyone else has been doing is gonna bite them on the ass next year. They’re gonna either have to break the bank to keep him or watch him leave and accelerate their downward spiral.

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      Well…they did extend Cano.

    • Joba is Einhorn...Einhorn is Joba says:

      if they are going to continue being “fiscally responsible” even after 2014 (which is suspect they will) they are going to have to scratch this policy. they got bitten with jeter years back and now the same thing will happen again with robbie and hughes to a certain extent if he has a good year this season

  43. Brooklyn Nets says:

    Cano is going to get paid whether people here like it or not. And it will be by the Yankees. 5-7 years at 20 million. Cano wants to be in New York. Doesn’t want to be anywhere else.

    I’ve had some interactions with the guy (especially when Melky was here) and he is embedded in New York.

    I bet the Yankees know this.

    • Brooklyn Nets says:

      Oh an it’s laughable to think the Yankees will sign him for 5+ years expecting him to be at 2B all those years. He’ll move to 3B. Has always had the arm and reaction time for 3B.

      • RetroRob says:

        It’s not laughable that he can remain at second through age 35.

        • Brooklyn Nets says:

          Will it matter if he plays 4 years at 2B and then plays 3 at 3B?

          I would look at it this way. Pay the man 7 years at 20 million. The clock starts as soon as he signs that contract to develop a cheap 2B replacement for him in 4-5 years so when he isn’t producing like he was and is forced to move to 3B years 6-7, you have a replacement at bargain dollars.

          That is REALLY using financial muscle to the fullest. The Yankees can’t stop spending just because of a few bad contracts.

      • Herby says:

        My thoughts too, I always saw him as the Yankee third baseman in a couple years or sooner depending on the Alex Rodriquez situation, especially with two younger players as replacements. It would probably be the only way I’d do a long term agreement, but in no way would I go over 7 years. Let’s trade him away, and be part of the market for him next year, “didn’t you miss us Robbie.”

  44. OMG! Bagels! says:

    Say what you want about Arod, he has a strong work ethic and works like a beast. I would worry that Cano would be laying on 2nd base after he signed that contract thinking I may or may not field that ball or walking to first after hitting a single.

    But the Yankees (or anyone else) is never giving anyone Arod money again.

    • Brooklyn Nets says:

      I think people often pick on Cano for not running down the first base line, when more than half the team dogs it. That’s a reflection of the manager. If the manager isn’t getting on Cano (like Acta gets on Santana) then he isn’t going to hustle down the 1B line.

      Every other aspect of his game Cano works hard. He just makes it look significantly easier than any other player because he’s a once in a generation-type talent, that the Yankees were lucky enough to not trade away for Randy Johnson.

      Cano is a Yankee for life. At least I hope it turns out that way. He could go down as the best 2B in baseball history if he sustains production from last year for 3-4 more years.

    • Bo Knows says:

      Cano works hard, that isn’t opinion that is fact. After every game he hits the weight room, in his offseasons he trains close to 10 hours a day. This has all been reported, just because he doesn’t run down the first base line on a ground out to 2nd doesn’t take away from anything else he does, has done or the work he puts in his craft.

  45. TradeCanoNOW! says:

    Never thought I’d be saying this but I’d actually accept a subpar year in 2013 from the Yankees if they were to trade Cano for the betterment of the future.

    I think Cano’s decline is going to be dramatic once it starts. I think he’ll be a beast in 2013 to get the 10-year, $220M contract and then from 2014 on it will be a mess with maybe 1-2 really good years before a huge drop off. Based on what we’re seeing in the free agent deals available to even mediocre players this off season, there will be some owner out there that bites on the contract that Boras will be selling.

    Let’s just trade him now and get as much of a haul as possible. Every day closer to free agency is one where the haul will be less.

    At least with Granderson, if the return wouldn’t be ideal, the prospect of getting a draft pick back by making a qualifying offer seems OK. At least if they don’t want to pay him, his salary comes off the books for 2014 and they get something back. With Cano, they will certainly want to keep him but will need to overpay to do so. The two situations are different.

    I actually think they could afford Hamilton for 3-4 years at $20M given the fact that Swisher’s $13M is off this year and Grandy’s $15M will be off next year. Not saying Hamilton would work in NY given his demons but financially it could fly.

  46. Cuso says:

    A little perspective:

    What is the purpose of this “report” other than to try and perpetuate the fact that the Yankees have holes and burdensome contracts?

    It’s not like anyone believed the Yanks were going to get a discount.

    Feed the paranoia from another anonymous source.

  47. MJT says:

    Good to hear, let him go to the highest bidder. Robbie, is already an overpaid piece of crap who never hustles anyway. The last thing the Yankees need to do is commit 10 years to him. I can’t wait to see someone else sign him and regret the contract before the ink is dry. If I were the Yankees, I would trade him tomorrow.

  48. Dicka24 says:

    If I’m the Yankees, i try hard to negotiate an extension in the next couple of weeks, if only to at least find out what Cano’s actual demands are. If he legit wants 7, 8 or 10 years at absurd money, then I work on trading him before the opening of the season. He has less value once the season starts, because the acquiring team can’t offer him a qualifying deal for the compensatory draft pick. It sucks, but the Yankees could use an infusion of high end young talent, and with their salary constraints, be it by budget, or bad deals, trading Cano for a young piece or two, or three, might be the best move going forward. Think about this roster. The left side of the infield is pushing 40. They have no catcher, and their upside prospects at the position are a couple of years away. Pettitte and Kuroda are both 42 and 38 respectively. Mo is 43 or so. They have no starting RFer. I know it sucks for Yankees fans to think this way, or accept it, but taking a step back and replenishing the roster might be the best plan moving forward. Trade Grandy too if you have to. I’d be ok with it, if they could secure some real good, high end talent in return. The alternative is to keep both, risk losing them but getting a draft pick, or overpaying to keep them long term. I don’t mind the draft picks, but they’re not only a crap shoot, they tend to be 4-5 years away when good.

  49. bkight13 says:

    The Yanks have to re-sign Cano. Teams are locking up their young stars and every team is making more TV money these days. The Yanks cannot consistently build thru the draft because we are always in the 20s at best. If we want to completely tank for 5 years and become the O’s, sure we can get some high draft picks like Weiters, Machado and Bundy, but those 5 years will suck.

    Free agency and trades are still the best tools for the Yanks, but they have top be willing to use their financial advantage. The idea of an $189M austerity budget is laughable. Jeter, Arod, Mo, Pettitte, Granderson and Tex will all be gone soon enough. We need Cano, Gardner, CC and hopefully Hamilton to bridge the gap.

    • Brooklyn Nets says:

      Gardner isn’t a cornerstone. Cano is a cornerstone. CC is a cornerstone.

      Everyone else should be expendable.

      • bkight13 says:

        Right now, Gardner is very valuable. Great defense and speed and a bargain price. I know he must stay healthy, but so does everyone else.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          The only thing he has is defense. Maybe an above average OBP if 2010 wasn’t a fluke. While it’s great it hardly makes him a cornerstone.

          Especially when they don’t even let him use his talents on a premium position like CF.

        • dan gen says:


          • TradeCanoNOW! says:

            I agree that the Yankees value Gardner more than most teams would. I think the defense is exceptional and the speed in tremendous when he uses it properly; seems to get picked off or caught stealing at the worst times.

            Being cheap is his greatest asset because if he cost more or was a free agent getting Pagan-type money, they’d let him walk.

  50. Chris says:

    Considering the free agent class of hitter next year (assuming no one signs an extension), Cano is the clear class of the market with Ellsbury (if he has another very good, healthy season), Choo, Zobrist, and Granderson as the next tier. I can definitely see someone dropping 8 years on him. Not saying it will be the Yankees, but someone. An elite player without a comp available on the open market will get a ridiculous deal.

  51. Zack says:

    It is not hate to not want to sign another horrible long term contract.
    If Robbie and Boras want to whine about that,the Yanks should simply point out how horrible the A-Rod contract is,easily among the worst in baseball.

    • They have themselves to blame for the A-rod contract.

    • bkight13 says:

      Arod’s deal is probably one the worst deals ever, but that shouldn’t stop the Yankees from ever giving long term deals again. Money is one of the remaining advantages the Yankees have. The draft and international signings rules have changed for the worse as far as big money teams are concerned. As you point out, FA is getting thinner every year and a guy like Cano has to be kept. Of course there is always a limit, but a six or seven year deal is acceptable.

  52. Gonzo says:

    The odds are that he’s not going to be traded this offseason no matter if it makes sense or not.

    Just figure it out this year. A lot of important information about the Yankees and Cano are going to be collected this year.

  53. dan gen says:

    just remember he still wont run out ground balls because no one will make him.

  54. Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho says:

    Question here. Can the Yankees and Cano tear up his 2013 contract for $15M and do a two year contract for $25M per. Give him a third year with a team option for $27M with a buyout for $3M.

    This is attractive to the Yankees because, if they are to retain Cano in 2014, it would otherwise cost $25M. Their AAV for $2014 would be reduced to $20M.

    The team option only guarantees $3M. If the Yankees pick up his final year, he gets $27M. If not, he pockets $3M and moves on.

    Can the Yankees and Cano play the 2014 game that way?

    • Bavarian Yankee says:

      why would Cano do that?

      • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho says:

        Cano makes more money in the first three years than he would make under a long term contract. He plays for the Yankees for two and picks up a third year at a very high price or plays for the Yankees for two years and walks away with option money. If he is motivated to stay and be around a strong team, it makes sense.

  55. bkight13 says:

    Doesn’t the ARod injury throw a wrench into the $189M plan? If they get back money from the insurance(I think Alex is done, two hip surgeries at 38 is bad news) that would more than offset the savings from the luxury tax. I don’t think the Yanks can put a playoff team on the field with the injuries and the $189 plan. Why not go all in for the remaining Jeter years and re-sign Cano, get AJ Peirzinski and make a run at Hamilton if it’s only for 3-4 years.

  56. Bo Knows says:

    I have a question…if you let Cano walk who replaces him? I’m not just talking about position, I’m talking about his bat. The 2014 class is essentially Cano and then everyone else (unless you trust Jacoby Ellsbury)

    We can talk about how the team will be competitive, but if Cano leaves this team is going to struggle a lot. Adams and Joseph combined aren’t even half the offensive players Cano is and Relying on rookies is all well but considering that outside of possibly Slade and Austin, none of the elite prospects will be ready at that time.

    Free agency is starting to become a joke, with teams turning more towards locking guys up early and that figures to get worse in the coming years. The team also figures to get really young (and really really cheap) at several positions in the coming years whether they want too or not (once again with the age of FA likely going to skyrocket, the team will probably be better off allowing the kids to take over).

    I say make Cano the last FA overpay (no to 9 or 10 yr deals), he’s going to still be productive when Tex’s deal runs out in 2016. Jeter is going to be gone before then, and even if Andrus is signed the money saved by fielding younger players as well as the departure of the old players leaves the team in good position.

  57. Wiljaq YankFan says:

    I’ve always liked Cano, but if he’s looking for a A-Rod-like contract next year, then put him on the block now, and replace his numbers at other positions (Hamilton & Ichiro in the OF, maybe).

    Heck, maybe Nunez could be a good replacement at 2B.

  58. Robinson Tilapia says:

    185 comments. I’d wager half of them worked up a nice lather even though this is the same shit we hear every off-season from every big free agent to be.

    FWIW, no one is worth ARod or Pujols money, not even Alex or Pujols. I’d still invest a hell of a lot of money in Robbie if I were the Yankees. There’s a place for big contracts in baseball.

  59. Dr. Vinny Boombatz says:

    Great posts…anything beyond 3 years is crazy imo…ARod; Tex and CC contracts are controlling Yanks decisions and will be for years…I said many time on many blogs how much I hated Arod contract…we had him over a barrel an we caved…ha…I know it was b4 all of the steriod stuff came out and the Yanks mgmt dreamed of having the HR king in Pinstripes again. However, I would have just signed him for the remainder of the Rangers deal 2008 thru 2010 minus the Ranger subsidy the Yanks lost because A-Rod opted out….take it of leave it…at worst 20m for 3 yrs ending in 2010…We would have let him walk after 2010 for sure…The bottom line is 2-3 deals are best…It may cost more in the long run…but gives a team more options…Robbie deal max 3 yrs 65m…take it or leave it…

    • Electric Nunez II (Handle stolen w/o compensatory draft picks) says:

      You know, while you make good sense, good Dr.V. Boombatz (f**ing awesome handle), I have recently entertained the rather bizarro notion that in retrospect Arods contract at the time it was given was only mildly awful, maybe even barely tolerable.

      Consider: -Arod was coming off a monster MVP year

      - yes, he had hit the dreaded 30 yrs old, but as of yet he had not been tainted w/ steroids & was considered a physical freak w/ an excellent health track record

      - Guys like Bonds had been productive til they were 40 and beyond. It wasn’t so absurdly unreasonable at that time to think that Alex could be very productive, though not MVP caliber, til his late 30′s at least, which would cover most of the contract. And by that time, his contract numbers wouldn’t have looked so bad due to market inflation

      -he was considered a virtual shoo-in to break the HR record and unlike Bonds, be “untainted” in doing so, and whatever financial windfall that would entail to the Yanks as well as Arod

      -even now, its assumed that Cano at the same age as Alex was will still get a 7-8 yr offer from someone despite being at a position which generally speaking doesn’t age as well as 3B, despite as good as he is not being the impact player Arod was in his prime and despite more evidence since of the imprudence of giving out these kind of contracts.

      Now, the argument that Hank or whoever never NEEDED to give out this kind of contract to Arod to get him back is another thing altogether…

  60. Dr. Vinny Boombatz says:

    Ok Robbie then we won’t give you the hometown bonus!

  61. toad says:

    My tendency is to think the Yankees will sign Cano. Of course the wisdom of that is unclear, as we see on this very thread. But I think there is too much unrealistic thinking going on. First, what else are you going to get for your money? Will the team just keep it? That doesn’t sound like the way to build a winner, so assume it’s going to get spent. How? On who?

    Remember that there is a market out there. If teams are willing to outbid the Yankees for Cano, then they are going to be willing to outbid them for other Cano-level players. He’s not a one-time special case. Remember too that other teams know how old Cano is, and the history of second basemen, and so on, so all the reasons for not giving him a giant contract are known. If it takes 176/8 to sign the 30-yr old Cano, and someone pays it, you can’t say you would have signed him for that if he were 26, because someone else would have paid even more.

    What I’m saying is that Cano is not an isolated case. In th epast the yankees have been willing to bid top dollar to get who they want. If you say let Cano go, then you are saying that policy should change.

  62. OldYanksFan says:

    When the Yankees got ARod, he was sporting a 146 OPS+.
    When Pujols got his big money, he had a 169 OPS+. (I mean… Holy Shit!)
    Robbie currently has a 123 OPS+.

    Robbie is a great player, but he is not a $25m/yr guy over a long contract. The reality is all the elite FAs get grossly overpaid. That is just the game now. Hell, even some mid level guys are getting crazy money (looking at the Red Sox signings).

    So maybe someone crazy will give Robbie 8/$200m, but the Yankees are not in a place where they can overpay like that. It’s a shame to lose him…. he of homegrown talent… but I’m afraid he’s history.

    And this has nothing to do with race or ethnicity….
    but when a guy is up with 1 out and the tying run on 2nd…
    and he makes $2,500 per AB….
    and he hits what looks like a DP grounder…
    I HATE seeing him JOG to 1st base.

    • toad says:

      Robbie is a great player, but he is not a $25m/yr guy over a long contract. The reality is all the elite FAs get grossly overpaid. That is just the game now.

      The trouble is, your second and third sentences contradict your first one.

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