Sabathia plans to begin throwing after Christmas


Via Jeff Bradley: CC Sabathia plans to begin throwing after Christmas following late-October surgery to clean out a bone spur from his pitching elbow. “That’s when I always begin throwing,” said the left-hander. “That’s normal. The past three seasons I waited until Christmas to begin throwing. Before that, I started earlier. But I have been giving myself a break the last few years. I should be right on schedule. Feeling great. The range of motion is back. I’m not worried. I’m excited about the season.”

Sabathia, 32, will be on a “modified” pitching schedule in camp but (unsurprisingly) the Yankees haven’t really explained what that means. The important thing is that he’s on schedule to begin throwing soon and is expected to be ready in time for both Spring Training and Opening Day.

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  • dkidd

    all is want for christmas is 80+ starts from cc/hirok/andy

    • Ted Nelson

      I would take the over. CC has never started less than 28 games in a season, and 2012 was the first time since 2006 he started under 33. Kuroda has started less than 31 once in 5 seasons. Pettitte is a bit more of an unknown. His 2012 injury wasn’t an arm problem, and was actually a pretty freak incident not directly involving wear. If CC and Kuroda make the ~64 starts that they make most years you only need 16 starts from Pettitte. So, I think there’s a very good chance you see them make 80 starts, and would ask for a C for Christmas.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        Who would you like to see at catcher? Anyone in particular.

        • Preston

          Since it’s Christmas I want Buster Posey, I’ll settle for Carlos Santana though, hell who I’m I kidding at this point on a one year deal I’ll willing to settle for AJ and his excessive whining.

          • The Big City of Dreams

            I’d settle for AJ as well.

        • Ted Nelson

          No one in particular. I thought Soto could have been interesting, though I don’t know enough about the causes of his recent collapse to feel too strongly. Realistically, I guess I’m hoping one or two of their in-house options get hot and the position isn’t an enormous hole. I can see Shoppach and/or AJP on a one year deal. Hoping for a trade, I guess, which is tough to predict who is available for a reasonable price.

          • The Big City of Dreams

            I wouldn’t mind AJP. Although he is a jerk but hey we already have Youk on the team so why not.

  • Trollin’

    I just hope it’s better than the “Joba Rules” schedule