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Curtis Granderson is a well-traveled man, having gone to places like the Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, New Zealand, China, and Taiwan as part of MLB’s ambassador program, and this year he’ll add South Korea and Japan to the list according to Adam Berry. Granderson will spend three days in South Korea and eight days in Japan in the coming weeks, where he’ll run clinics for kids, hand out donated equipment, speak on panels, all sorts of neat stuff.

In other news, Granderson was recently re-elected as one of the union’s two Association Player Representatives, the highest elected position in the MLBPA. Jeremy Guthrie is the other. The Grandyman’s got a ton of stuff going on off the field, though traveling around the world to promote the game is really awesome.

Anyway, here is your open thread for the night. The Nets are playing tonight, plus there’s college football and basketball on. Talk about whatever, anything goes.

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  1. Matt says:

    Yankees gotta make some kind of trade this week. Need some offense.

  2. fat jeter says:

    Let’s just hope Granderson’s next destination is another team.

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

      But…but…but…HOME RUNS!!!!!!

      • jesse says:

        I don’t really like Granderson either, but it would be foolish at this point to trade him. They would then have to replace two outfielders and a catcher knowing they have to trim payroll for 2014.

        • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

          Oh, I’m not advocating trading him unless they somehow swing a power-hitting outfielder in return (unlikely). But I’m not going to shed a tear when he’s gone after 2013.

        • radnom says:

          They are going to have to replace two outfielders for 2014 anyway, as Granderson is not under contract. No one is saying trading him is better for 2013….but it might be necessary in order to compete in 2014.

          Of course, many seem fine with going all in for 2013 then dealing with 2014/15 when it happens.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

            If they intend to stick with the 189 plan, 2013 is likely to be their best chance at winning of the next few years.
            Unless they are getting a monster return (unlikely for Granderson), better to put more emphasis on the team with a higher likelihood of winning, imo.

  3. Pistol Pete says:

    Granerrson strikes out too much can’t hit leftys and is a far from perfect outfielder but just exactly where do you think the Yankees are going to replace 43 hrs and 103 rbi’s. the Yankees are losing serious power with Swisher gone, Martin gone, and Arod declining. You can’t win in the AL East without power. If you think you’re going to replace him with anyone with power you’re going to spend a fortune. He’s actually very affordable given his power numbers and contract length. Problem is what do you do after this upcoming season.

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

      There’s no problem. He plays 2013, hopefully puts up good numbers, then takes his talents to South Beach or wherever the hell else pays him.

    • Jacob says:

      The rays won it in ’08 without much power, now the World Series? that is a different story

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      I’m going to miss Grandy

    • fat jeter says:

      why do we need to replace 43 Hr and 103 RBI across the board? (and i know we are supposed to hate RBI, but if you hit 43 HR, should’t you hit like 120 RBI?) Granderson is all or nothing. Homerun or strikeout. He also has an anemic batting average and a shitty OBP. Ignore the sexy power numbers and get a .300 hitter with .385-.400 OBP. Obviously that’s easier said than done, but you don’t need to replace everything Granderson can do (it’s really only 1 thing anyway, the guy doesn’t even fucking steal bases anymore), just get a guy who is better in other areas. Homeruns are overrated and overvalued, especially in NY. The 1998 Yanks did not have a single player who hit more than 28 HR that season. That team also hit 72 less homeruns than the pathetic 2012 team. Worked out just fine. Fuck homeruns. They’re stupid.

      • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

        Bingo. Your viewpoint is definitely in the minority on this site but I agree.

        Yes Granderson’s power numbers are great, but what else does he do? He used to hit triples (OK, he did play in Detroit) and doubles, and steal bases while having better contact numbers and still hitting a decent number of home runs. Now he is all or nothing, a one dimensional player if there ever was one.

        Some people argue that strikeouts don’t matter, as an out is an out. That is patently stupid and these people have never heard of such things as productive outs. A fly ball or ground ball out can bring in a run from third or advance a runner, a K cannot unless the catcher has a passed ball.

        And the problem with “43 HR” is that is doesn’t take situation into account. How many of those dingers were hit in laughers that didn’t really matter? That is the crux of my problem with power-only guys.

  4. OldYanksFan says:

    Grandy’s highly imperfect but we need him this year.
    Next year he’s gone…. so appreciate him in 2013.

  5. Robert says:

    Ichiro is now talking to other teams losing patience with the Yankees.Maybe we will see a lot more of the AA and A prospects than we thought!!!

  6. NZYankeeFan says:

    Re the Grandyman’s travelling, I have to say that on his visit here to New Zealand a year or so ago I don’t think that MLB or the Yankees could have asked for a better ambassador. Saw him an a couple of TV features and heard him interviewed on local sports radio – pleasant, articulate and seemingly very obliging to everyoen he met. A class act.

  7. NZYankeeFan says:

    Re the Grandyman’s travelling, I have to say that on his visit here to New Zealand a year or so ago I don’t think that MLB or the Yankees could have asked for a better ambassador. Saw him an a couple of TV features and heard him interviewed on local sports radio – pleasant, articulate and seemingly very obliging to everyone he met. A class act.

  8. Seb says:

    What do you guys think about trading for Alfonso Soriano? That is.. if the Cubs are willing to take the bulk of his contract.

  9. Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

    I have no good reason to, but I really, really hate Alabama and Nick Saban.

  10. WhittakerWalt says:

    If Curtis could ju-u-u-u-st not strike out quite so much, I’d marry that man.
    And also if he was into dudes.

  11. Neil says:

    Mark Reynolds, yae or nae? We know he can play 1st even fake 3rd once in a while.

    Entirely unrelated SEC champs game is far better than expected. There’s been, y’know, scoring.

  12. Jacob says:

    If curtis could only hit for more average and strike out way less, hell even if him hitting 15 homers meant a .280 average with 90 k’s and 35+ stolen bases with a nice OBP, than he would easily be my favorite player because he is so awesome as a person. But this is baseball and personality does not overcome having more strikeouts than the majority of your starting pitchers. BUT atleast he is somewhat productive with his homers and walks, which keeps me from not liking him

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      I’ll even take 150 Ks if he still does all the other things. But hitting .230 AND striking out 200 times is too much to take. Not to mention looking like a rank amateur in the playoffs (though he was hardly alone in that).

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Ifhe hit .280 with 15 HRs and 35 SBs he’d likely be much less productive.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

        Probably not.
        If his BB% stayed the same, he’d be Choo, but with more steals.
        Choo 2012 wRC+ – 131 (.283, 16 HR’s, 21 SB)
        Granderson – 116

      • Jacob says:

        Nah his strikeouts take a lot of production idc about the one out theory, and with a .280 BA his OBP would be higher because he is still walking so this would mean a better chance for other batters to drive him in so more runs.

  13. Neil says:

    I don’t see the Irish beating either of these two.

  14. MatUk says:

    Had a crazy dream where NYY traded Cano, Gardner, Brett Marshall, Dellin Betances, Tyler Austin to the Nats for Ramos, Espinosa and Morse. Clearly the offseason is driving me mad.

  15. Vic H says:

    I’m about to graduate with a Masters Degree in Public Administration. If anyone knows of any opening related to my field please give me a heads up. Thanks in advance. Granderson is really awesome and a great role model for the kids to follow.

  16. Kvothe says:

    Is there a reason people (Mike) is against kicking the tired on Jair Jurrjens? He’s only 26. He could rebound.

    • Knoxvillain says:

      I’d love him on a minor league deal but some team will outbid the Yankees and offer him a major league deal, so it won’t happen.

    • nsalem says:

      Andrew Brackman and Dave Debuscchere could rebound also but they both are/were not very good pitchers. Michael Jordan is another prime example of a basketball player unable to develop baseball skills. It’s a very difficult transition!!!

      • Preston says:

        That took me a second, very funny. I actually think Mike could have played. He was 31, hadn’t played baseball since HS and got thrown straight into AA, the fact that he hit .200 is actually impressive.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        I laughed.

        In all seriousness, I assume the team will do their due diligence on someone like Jurrjens.

  17. Matt says:

    I have no clue why they have no interest in Pierzynski. It makes them very left handed but he’ll give them a lot more offense than Stewart/Cervelli.

  18. Matt says:

    I have no clue why they have no interest in Pierzynski. It makes them very left handed but he’ll give them a lot more offense than Stewart/Cervelli

  19. Hornets686 says:

    C Dioner Navarro, LF/DH Alfonso Soriano, and SP Matt Garza for Granderson and Nova!

  20. GoNavy-BeatArmy says:

    I’m going to go crazy for a moment…

    Yanks give up:
    Cano, Granderson, Nova

    Yanks get:
    Santana, Cabrera, Choo, Masterson

    I think the Yanks come out on top here and give them a crapload of financial flexability. Yes, I would like to sign Cano, but not at 20/yr for 7-8 yrs (which is what he will ask for and may get from someone). Cabrera moves to 2B to cover Cano until Jeter retires. If he’s OK with 2B, deal gives ability to go after someone like Andrus when Jeter retires. Santana fills a need as does Choo. All cheap options. Deal keeps all Yanks prospects for either development or additional trades to fill in more.

    I can ask the common “Who hangs up first?”…

    I don’t see the Indians taking them if they don’t plan on resigning them. However, you would think the draw of Cano/Grandy would be enough to make them bite.

    Criticize away…

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Why would the Indians do that? They don’t need a 2B (Kipnis) or a CF (Brantley), and they sure as hell aren’t re-signing Cano and probably not Granderson either.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I actually don’t see how that works at all for Cleveland.

      Cleveland needs all the help they can get, not two guys a year away from free agency and a possible serviceable pitcher.

    • Giancarlo Stanton 2017 says:

      I won’t criticize your opinion, I will just state what I think.

      The Indians would hang up first because it in no way benefits their team. They’ll struggle to compete in 2013 even with those guys. It’s not so much that the Indians wouldn’t plan on resigning them, it’s that neither Cano nor Granderson would want to sign a long term deal with them.

    • vicki says:

      that’s what the indians need. more left-handed hitting.

  21. forensic says:

    From MLBTR:

    The Cubs will also head to Nashville in search of a rightfielder and a third baseman, though the latter will be tough to fill, Kaplan tweets

    How long till the constant reverse A-Rod for Soriano trade proposals flood in here to replace the A-Rod to the Dodgers trade proposals that have slightly died down?

    • Travis L. says:

      This is really stupid on my part, but hey…I’m stupid. Would it be worth it to try to get the Cubs to do that trade…if we threw in Heathcott? I know we are giving up a top 5 prospect, but at the same time, we take on what? Alfonso Soriano @ $36m though 2014. We give up Heathcott (a prospect OF) and Alex Rodriguez @ $114m through 2017. We would have to throw in about $20m, but we would save in the end. As GoNavy said earlier…criticize away.

      • forensic says:

        I understand the money matches up on the Yankees end (in your scenario), but it’s still pretty absurd to think the Cubs, or any team, will just take all that money on. I have a hard time seeing the Yankees eat a large percentage of the money only to still have to pay his replacement too.

        I would also disagree on Heathcott’s trade value, but I know that’s kind of a minority view. I just can’t assume that someone below AA has a ton of value, especially one with significant issues on and off the field, despite his age.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          I think that, if there’s a way to get yourself out of the salary commitment, you look into it. You don’t do something desperate, like this, in order to accomplish it, though. This doesn’t make the Yankees better in the short-term, and I very much question if it would in the long term.

      • Simon says:

        It won’t happen. 3 Things:
        1.) If the Cubs are taking on massive salary I think they’d ask for a lot more in terms of prospects.

        2.) A-Rod has a NTC and would never agree to go to the Cubs, he’s said he’ll exercise the NTC whenever he can so he’s here to stay.
        3.) Even if the trade did happen, it leaves a hole at third where A-Rod is still average to slightly above-average. Maybe they’d try to sign Mark Reynolds but I’d still rather have A-Rod.

    • jesse says:

      Bet the RAB inbox is filled with ‘em already.

  22. Mick taylor says:

    Trade cano since he is not worth a 180 million 8 year deal. You could then sign Josh Hamilton for 4 years90 million and save that money while getting the same production without the down years

  23. Drew says:

    you know what I dont understand? why the braves are so high on Simmons, that they are reluctant to trade him for Upton. Go out and sign Steven Drew, move Prado to 3rd and you have an a ridiculous team.

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