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Baseball news is going to start to slow down in a day or two because of the holidays, and it won’t be until after the new year that things pick back up. Sure, there will be a move or three between Christmas and New Year’s, but GMs and agents and players tend to take it easy that week. Can’t really blame them, it’s a 24/7/365 profession and everyone needs a break at some point.

1. Now that R.A. Dickey has officially been traded to the Blue Jays, I sorta hate that I’m going to have to root against him. He was a blast to watch on the other side of town this season, and I don’t think he’ll have a ton of trouble switching leagues. Yes, the parks aren’t as friendly in the AL East, but he’ll still be well-above-average if not ace-caliber. Someone (I believe Bill Petti) has done recent research showing that the knuckleball removes some of the hitter’s skill from the equation in the pitcher-batter matchup, which would obviously serve Dickey well in the tougher league. The one real criticism I have of the Rays over the last few seasons is their unwillingness to make the big move to go for it, but we certainly can’t accuse the Blue Jays of that. The see an opening in the division and are going for it like hell.

2. So what changed about the Yankees’ evaluation of Russell Martin over the last 12 months? They offered him that three-year, $20M-something extension last offseason after the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (and incentives to get under the luxury tax) were in place, yet they wouldn’t go near the two-year, $17M deal he took from the Pirates a few weeks ago. Do they think his offense will continue to decline? That he’s not a safe bet to stay healthy the next two years given his big career workload? Is his defense not as good as advertised? The Yankees have passed on a ton of free agents over the years and for the most part you can understand why. With Martin, given the dearth of quality catching, it just makes no sense to pass on that price even with the 2014 payroll plan looming, especially since they were so willing to give Ichiro Suzuki two years. So weird.

Late Add: Forgot to include this in the original post, but isn’t Martin + Chris Dickerson > Chris Stewart/Austin Romine/Frankie Cervelli + Ichiro + $4M? Doesn’t that seem obvious?

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3. This is worthy of a larger post later in the offseason, but is there a more important Yankees position player right now than Mark Teixeira? Given the offensive hits the team will take in right field and behind the plate (Derek Jeter is unlikely to hit .316/.362/.429 again as well), the Yankees badly need to Tex to halt his decline and get back to his 30+ homers, 125+ wRC+ ways. I’m not asking him to hit like he did from 2005-2009 (141 wRC+), but he needs to do better than a .332 OBP. Hopefully good health — remember, he had the cough and wrist issues in addition to the calf problem this past year — will help Teixeira improve his offense next season. The Yankees need him to be a middle of the lineup force again. It’s imperative.

4. Here’s the list of unsigned free agents; anyone in particular you want to see the Yankees sign before Spring Training? The big names are Michael Bourn and Scott Hairston and Shaun Marcum and A.J. Pierzynski and blah blah blah. I’m talking about someone off the beaten path, like infielder Ronny Cedeno (110 wRC+ vs. LHP in 2012) for the bench or right-hander Matt Lindstrom (2.85 ERA and 3.24 ERA from 2011-2012) for the bullpen. I’d love to see right-hander Tim Stauffer (3.15 ERA and 3.72 FIP from 2010-2011 before elbow surgery in 2012) on a minor league deal to stash in Triple-A for rotation depth. Any irrational favorites?

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  1. Jacob says:

    I have always liked Barajas, that being said I don’t know if it is such a great idea for the yankees but he has pop.

  2. Upstate Yanks says:

    I’d like to see us address the OF situation and the catching situation internally. I’m sick of us constantly waiting another year for guys to develop. Think about it. If Harper was in the Yanks farm system last year at 19 years old, do you think we would have called him up as fast as the Nats did?

    • Jacob says:

      If he was absolutely raking like he was and was still a highly touted prospect from age 16-present? Yes, hell yes.

    • Bavarian Yankee says:

      I think there would’ve been a chance that they would’ve called him up. Remember: they had Ibanez and Jones playing the outfield almost every day and they weren’t anything special, most times even under replacement level. The Yankees don’t have a guy that is even close to Harper in terms of skill, so that discussion is probably a waste of time. You can make an argument here and there but we don’t know for sure what they would’ve done if they had Harper (or somebody like him).

    • MannyGeee says:

      If Harper was in the Yankees farm system last season, he would have gotten called up at the All Star Break so quick that they would have had to put him immediately on the 15 Day DL with whiplash and concussion symptoms…

    • LK says:

      Bryce Harper is one of the best prospects of all time. He just completed what was perhaps the greatest age 19 season in the history of baseball. Comparing what the Yankees have in their farm system to Harper is nothing short of laughable. I’d trade the entire top 10 for him.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Just plonking Harper down in the Yanks system is kind of a difficult hypothetical to believe.

    • Mr. Sparkle says:

      If George was still around and running things, I’d say yes. With the current crew running the show…I doubt it.

  3. KofFH says:

    Nick Johnson
    Kyle Farnsworth

  4. Midnight Rider says:

    wow, when the BIG names Bourne, Hairston,Marcum and Pierzynski it might be smart the yanks are showing some intelligent restraint for once. Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it and clearly with just 1 WS in last 12 seasons the model is either broken or needs fixing anyway.

    • LK says:

      1 WS in 12 seasons is actually, kind of, you know, good.

      They’ve also made the playoffs in 11 of those seasons. I’d hate to hear your opinion on other team’s models.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        WURLD SEREEZ OR BUST, he says.

        • LK says:

          It’s going to be funny in 30 years when people look back on the 1996-2012 Yankees and note their massive success to think about all the fans who were completely unsatisfied.

      • Laz says:

        it is really good. In 1950 there was still only 16 teams, so you could expect to win a lot more often. With 30 teams if you can win once a decade you are doing way better than most other teams.

  5. Ryan says:

    How about Swish for irrational favorite? I mean if his best offer is indeed the 4yr/50m from the Indians, the yankees need to swoop in and bring him back. Not to mention if Cano does indeed price himself out of the yankees, Swish would provide solid offense, and i cannot see 12.5m hamstringing the yankees too much where they can still resign Cano and be under the 189m cap.

  6. LK says:

    Couldn’t agree more on Martin, Mike. No matter how much I try to analyze it still doesn’t really make sense to me. It’s hard to see how whatever alternative they throw out there won’t be more than $8.5M worse than Russell.

  7. Rich in NJ says:

    I agree, Mike, I had thought that if the Yankees were going to give anyone guaranteed money in 2014, it would be Martin. There has to be a backstory.

  8. Bacciagaloop says:

    Teixeira will never be what he was, or even close. He was able to get by with such terrible mechanics at the plate for so long because of how good his hands are. Probably the best hands in recent history, but as players age, the hands aren’t what they were. He will no longer be able to live at the plate with the swing he uses. Unless he changes something with his back side at the plate, it will be pop up city. He might run into 20 bombs, but the days of. 300 hitting are way gone. And with diminishing hands comes poorer defense, and his defense is one of the reasons there isn’t more complaining about Mark.

    • Jacob says:

      Everyone rides Mark so much and it is stupid. Does it really matter if he hits .256 as long as he is popping out 30+ and driving in 100+ while providing the leagues best Defense at first? Last year he got hurt oh and the play he got hurt on? He was safe so much it was not even funny, on a hustle play to save the game but was called out most likely because he slid. And why did he slide you ask? Because if he did not his hamstring most likely would have torn straight off the bone and would not be back to help his team. Quit riding the guy, he does a lot for the team.

  9. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    I blame Sports Yapper for Teixeira’s struggles, that and that goddamned fruit press.

  10. Drew says:

    Although Mike has stressed the need for the DH to be versatile, I always had an irrational love for a pure DH in Jim Thome or Travis Hafner type. With all the power the Yankees are losing at C and DH, I think they could help.

  11. Mark L. says:

    Hafner over Ibanez as the DH vs. RHP
    Juan Rivera to split OF time with Gardner/Ichiro
    Brandon Inge just to have a bench player who can play CF, 3B and C
    Brian Schneider – just to have a glove-centric LH partner for Cervelli
    Tom Gorzelanny as a LHRP/Long Reliever
    Manny Parra – just to roll the dice
    Juan Carlos Oviedo – because he has Leo Nunez’s arm
    Tim Stauffer for depth
    Willie Harris for versatility in AAA

    • Jacob says:

      Not bad not bad, i like the majority of those choices.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

      Losing 7 players off the 40-man roster for those guys would be troubling.

    • Bob Buttons says:

      Hafner can’t really stay healthy (or hit much) or play defense
      Juan, Inge, Schneider and Harris can’t hit a lick
      Gorz, Parra and Nunez probably would get more playing time elsewhere even as a ST invite.
      Stauffer might actually get a major league contract from a bad team.

      • Mark L. says:

        If the Yanks package Boone in a trade – Gorzo could soak up a lot of innings in various capacities.

        Rivera has a .770 OPS vs. LHP over the last three seasons. Not exactly eye-popping numbers, but I’d rather do that than give Scott Hairston a multi-year deal.

        Inge can still hit LHP a little bit – also can’t hurt to have a 3B sub who can play the OF and catch.

        Brian Schneider is indeed an awful hitter, but he has a decent defensive reputation and hits lefty.

    • MannyGeee says:

      Hafner is the textbook definition of washed up.

  12. Kanes giant penis says:

    I agree. I just got home from moms and now I’m gonna get me some pirogues.

  13. JohnC says:

    Russ Canzler, whom the Indians just DFAed, would be worthy of a ST invite. Didn’t do bad in his limited ABs in the majors last season and his righty power is intriguing

  14. Kosmo says:

    NY offered Martin a 3 year 21 million contract at the beginning of 2012 for which he declined. There´s your backstory. So now he gets to play for a team that´s maybe 3 years away from being a legit contender.

    • jb says:

      Totally agree. Cashman keeps score. Gave Martin an opportunity, stuck with him. Going to lose some home runs and a little D, but again would rather struggle for two years knowing we are going to be better and get draft picks so can be good and compete for the next ten.

      • Jonathan says:

        packaging this up as losing a few home runs and a little D is a little simplified don’t you think? We don’t have a single MLB caliber catcher and what on earth does Russell Martin have to do with draft picks?

  15. Jacob says:

    Mike who was that one fellow that you mentioned before, I believe he was a minor leaguer for the dodgers and he was DFA’d. Van Horn or something?

  16. Totally agree with Teixiera, he’s got to step it up this year, and I think he will.

    Also, has the market fallen enough for A.J. Pierzynski that the Yanks could swing a 1 year deal for him?

  17. Total Dominication says:

    I hear there’s a pretty good bat left on the market who can play solid defense in the corner outfield spots and can be effective on both sides of the platoon spot. He even has AL East experience!


  18. Rockdog says:

    I hate to say it, because I am not a big fan, but I think that A. J. Pierzynski makes some sense for the team, especially on a 1 or 2 year deal.

  19. Jacob says:

    This will be the year of #notenoughhomers

  20. Flyer7 says:

    On the above list I’d take Rivera for OF/DH split; Inge for versatility, Hafner for DH, Gorzelanny…

  21. austinmac says:

    The 2014 Pirates may well be better than the 2014 Yankees. One only has to look at the likely departures and unwillingness to spend to see why.

    I would give Liriano a shot. At least he presents some small hope of being decent.

  22. Jersey Joe says:

    Juan Rivera has always been a favorite player of mine. I also have the tiniest strand of hope that they will sign one of my favorite players, Jermaine Dye, for the righty OF/DH instead of Hairston.

    Another irrational favorite is Andy LaRoche. Some 3B depth can’t hurt if we learned anything from this past season.

  23. Chris Widger says:

    god I would love a Juan Rivera renunion. He’s gotta have something left in the tank, and I have a thing for old Yankee farmhands.

    I’ve aways been irrationally fond of Stauffer as well. He’d be great as rotation depth.

    bring Diaz and Raburn aboard and see if they’ve got anything left in ST.

    Ryan Sweeney?

    Wang on a minor league deal? I thought he would be a key rotation piece for years before the injury.

  24. Ryan says:

    Wonder what move would’ve been better sign Martin 2 yrs use Dickerson as a stop gap until one of Heathcott or Austin are ready ? Or the route they’ve obviously chosen sign Suzuki 2 yrs cervelli stop gap until Romine, jr Murphy, or Sanchez are ready. I personally think Martin and Dickerson would’ve been better given Suzuki will be 40 in year 2.

  25. BJ says:

    I think our number one priority right now should be signing Shaun Marcum. He’s got AL East experience and can be had at a reduced price. There are some interesting relief arms available: Matt Lindstrom, Todd Coffey, maybe a reunion with Kyle Farnsworth?

    At catcher, I would love to see the Yanks sign Yorvit Torrealba. I was hoping they’d grab him last year. I think he could be a sneaky good value option considering he’d take almost nothing to sign, would probably even take a minor league deal. His numbers from 2010-11 are not bad at all for a catcher. Ronny Paulino might also be a name of interest, coming off injuries/drugs and looking to rebound.

    I also think we should attempt to re-sign Casey McGehee, he’s definitely my “irrational favorite.” I still vividly remember his 23 HR, 104 RBI season in 2010. I think we could still use more reinforcements at third if Youkilis’ back locks up again.

    Other random names I wouldn’t mind seeing come to us on minor league deals: Freddy Sanchez, Mark DeRosa, Jason Bartlett (2009, anyone?), Chone Figgins, Chien-Ming Wang, Joey Devine

  26. Mike HC says:

    Definitely on the same page with that Tex comment. He needs to match Cano’s production next year giving us a beastly 3-4. Disagreed about the Jeter comment, I think he can definitely match last years production.

    • Havok9120 says:

      I’m not sure Mike or most of the regulars are arguing he CAN’T replicate last season but simply that it is pretty unlikely. Which it is, since that was the 2nd or 3rd best season of his career.

      • Mike HC says:

        I know Mike is not saying “can’t,” but I can see how I wasn’t clear on that. Also, Jeter hit below his career averages last year. Career .829 OPS and OPS’d .791 last year. By my tally, last year was maybe Jeter’s 12th or 13th best season.

    • Mike HC says:

      Also, about the Russel Martin comment, the Yanks offered him 3 for 20 last off season. If they matched Pitt’s 17 mil offer, then tack on the 7.5 mil they paid him last year, that would comes out to 3 years 24.5 mil. Yanks reported were willing to offer Martin 2 for about 12-13 mil, which would have put that back in line with the original 3 for 20 offer. I don’t think anything changed about their evaluation of Martin.

  27. Ryan says:

    Anyone else notice on intentional talk when joba was asked about Ivan nova doing barmitzvahs for $4000 joba stone faced said something like “he better be doin more than that he better be worried about winning us a championship”.

  28. Bob Buttons says:

    Matt Diaz and Jeff Baker possibly for major league contracts

    Stauffer, Wang, Schlereth and Flores as ST invites.

    Diaz was always able to hit lefties (in my mind), and Baker can play over the IF (not very well, but he can)

    Stauffer has potential
    Wang seems like he wouldn’t get a guaranteed deal anywhere
    Schlereth because he has potential to be the next Boone Logan
    Flores because he’s a catcher and he might bounce back enough to not suck as much as our current options.

  29. Darren says:


    You and most SABR folks have a fatal flaw when talking about Derek Jeter. Your forget that the sample size of players in his peer set is so tiny, it’s essentially meaningless.

    Honus Wagner, Luke Appling and Derek Jeter.

    Three of the best HOF SSs of all time, still playing close to the top of their game at age 38. You certainly can’t look to those guys (who played a million years ago without modern medicine, rehab and nutrition), to try and predict what Jeter’s still capable of doing. And if you’re going to use ALL SSs, and not the best of all time, isn’t it flawed analysis to predict Jeter’s future based on, say, how Mike Gallego, Spike Owen and Alvaro Espinoza performed in their career?

    At this point, nobody has any idea what is likely or unlikely to happen next in the career of Derek Jeter. You’re looking at one of the best players of all time, you realize that right? And yes, I’m including intangibles. They do count.

    • vin says:

      So because Jeter’s had an amazing career, and is among the all-time great shortstops, we can’t estimate how he will perform as he approaches 40? 99% of the time, players peak between ages 25-30, and fade as they get older. We’re not just comparing him to Mike Gallego (don’t you dare speak ill of Alvaro Espinosa), but to the entire sampling of major leaguers.

      He very well may buck the trend, but I wouldn’t put money on it. Neither should Cashman.

      • Darren says:

        That’s correct, you can’t estimate how he’s going to perform at 40, because he has already proven, especially with his 2012 season, to be in the 1% of players with comepletely unpredictable careers, in fact, in the .001%

        That’s why predicting his future by comparing him to ANYBODY, whether average or above average, doesn’t make sense.

      • Cris Pengiucci says:

        I think the point he was making is that, with all the pointings to “SSS”, the same has to be said of what Jeter may or may not do next year. I don’t think Darren is saying it’s likely that Jeter will repeat what he did last year, it’s just that you can’t look at past performances as much to determine what he is likely to do, since there’s almost no one to compare him to. Other than the names mentioned, ther really isn’t anyone in the same class as Jeter.

        We all have to agree it’s difficult to perform at a very high level as you approach 40, but Jeter appears to be different than nearly everyone else that has played his position, at his level in MLB history.

        • Darren says:

          Exactly. Thank you!

          It’s a mystery what he’s gonna do next year. I wouldn’t be shocked if he hit .301, played a steady SS in terms of fielding balls hit near him, and continued to have extremely limited range.

          I wouldn’t be shocked if he hit .270 and even lost a little time at short if we actually had a valid alternative (Nunez doesn’t count, sorry).

          I WOULD be shcoked if he totally fell off a cliff and hit like .240 and only played in a 100 games due to poor performance and nagging injuries.

    • Yankee Dandy says:

      Yessiree folks, there’s been a Spike Owen sighting on RAB!

      Hmmm…another former Boston IF that signed with the Yankees. Don’t remember a Youk-sized backlash when HE signed… :\

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Why on earth would you make that an issue with SABR? SABR is just applying statistics as a science to baseball, and sample size is something anyone who has taken an intro stats class would know about.

  30. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Completely with you on Dickey, Mike. Being actual New Yorkers, we have a ton of Met fans in our life, and it is rather easy to root for a guy like that PLUS not want to see the actual decent Met fans in our life rather heartbroken. My son’s godfather’s FB profile pic was a picture of Dickey.

    To root for his painful demise is going to be difficult.

    Can’t blame the Mets for selling high, though, not when they’re headed nowhere for a few more years.

    • Jacob says:

      I remember hearing his story in 2010 and liking the guy ever since. Have to admit I got a sense of happiness from watching him these past years and especially last year but I guess now I have to hope he serves up Wake’s knucklers and all of our hitters are Aaron boone

  31. MannyGeee says:

    Placido Polanco? Passes the “Shiny New Toy”, “Used to be good, but now can get him cheap” and “Hey, this guy is not left handed” tests…

    Utility infielder, has “played” all three non 1B positions… I am a fan for the Ibanez test.

  32. jesse says:

    I don’t have a particular name in mind, but I’d like for the Yankees to sign a long-man or two just so the loser of the fifth starter spot (Ivan Nova or David Phelps) doesn’t have to start the season in the bullpen and potentially rot as a long-reliever. Preferably, I’d like the loser of the fifth starter competition to start in AAA.

    • LitFig says:

      I actually agree with this. With the possible (probable) loss of Kuroda and Pettitte after next season, as well as Hughes impending free agency, it makes sense to have as many young fully stretched out starters as possible. Even if we kept Hughes and signed a vet, we still need 2 full starters in 2014.

  33. Jacob says:

    If you can get me an average defensive catcher with a .220/.310./.380 line or something similar and can take a walk than I say go for it

  34. OldYanksFan says:

    This is how I believe Cashman thinks.
    It’s a shitty FA market, and everyone (not just the top players) are getting overpaid. So, as Cashman needs to be carefully with both dollars and years:

    1) He will look for a favorable trade.
    2) He will wait last minute, and see if someone decent is left
    3) He will wait until mid-season, and get a good deal on someone looking to unload.

    He will not panic.
    The truth is we need Cano, Teix, Gritner and the rest of the ‘true Yankees’ to step up and carry the team. If the $180m part of our team doesn’t perform, the other $20m of the team won’t make that big a difference.

  35. King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

    How much would we lose if we swapped Granderson for Swisher (on a production basis)?

    If we were able to swing a deal for a catcher (for Granderson) and then signed Swisher (to RF, Ichiro to LF, Gardner CF), how much of a loss of production would that be? (ignoring impact of our mythical C that could easily be gotten for Granderson…)

    • Jacob says:

      I would think not a whole lot, some homers and rbi’s but swish is very adept at working count better than grandy. Grandy does walk but his strikeouts somewhat outshadow that and when he K’s it seems to be in a very short amount of pitches, while swish seems to work the count even when he k’s. Then again that is purely what my mind sees with no actual facts to back it up

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Two of the last three years, they’d gain offensively. His one career year in 2011, they’d lose quite a bit.

  36. Jacob says:

    If you had to choose, who have the top 5 most important players been to the yankees for the past 3 years?

  37. Garcia says:

    Barring a trade for something better, I’d take a flyer on Kelly Shoppach if I’m the Yanks. FA that’s garnered very little interest, seemingly. Yeah, he’s nothing to write home about behind the plate, but at least he’ll replace a little bit of Russell’s pop. Plus, he has a career 136 OPS+ against lefties, which would be a big help. I wouldn’t mind carrying 3 catchers (let’s say, Shoppach, Cervelli, Stewart) and have Shoppach on the short end of a DH platoon with Raul. Not to mention his AL East experience.

    Such an idea would have been anathema in any other season, but I think for this year the Yanks could do a lot worse. Namely, overpaying for Scott Hairston.

  38. BWill51Fan says:


  39. Ted Nelson says:

    I don’t know if the Blue Jays are making these moves in response to an “opening” in the division. I don’t think AA is dumb enough to plan around what other teams are doing. If the Yankees or Red Sox suddenly trade the farm for Stanton/Upton/whoever, sign Marcum/Jackson, trade for a good C in the Yankees case… there’s no more opening. If Matt Moore and Wil Myers step up bigtime, there’s no opening.

    I just think it was the right time in their rebuild. AA has been “winning” all these trades with no results on the field to show for it. He’s been accumulating talent that he wants, and now depending on whether you want to take the positive or negative view it’s either time to complete the plan or time to save his job. The Blue Jays have arguably gotten worse since he’s been there, and the moves he’s made this off-season are pretty high risk. I think it’s kind of funny that Moore gets slammed for desperation while AA gets praised as a genius. If other teams were lining up to take on the contracts of Buerhle and Reyes and to get one year of Josh Johnson, Miami probably splits them up to get the maximum possible return.

    “isn’t Martin + Chris Dickerson > Chris Stewart/Austin Romine/Frankie Cervelli + Ichiro + $4M? Doesn’t that seem obvious?”

    Obviously not to the Yankees. Whether it’s a marketing thing, they really believe Ichiro is cured, they value OF defense a lot more than the mainstream, or all of the above… I have no idea. What I don’t believe is that they just accidentely didn’t match Martin’s offer and did sign Ichiro.

    $8.5 million is also 25% above what the Yankees wanted to pay Martin in terms of AAV. They might feel it’s too much, or that it cuts into their 2014 plan too much.

    • Andy Pettitte's Fibula (formerly Manny's BanWagon) says:

      I agree on the surface it makes little sense to let Martin walk for 2/$17 million especially considering the Yankees other options to catch.

      As for Dickey, who the heck knows how a “power” knuckleballer is going to fare moving forward. Traditionally, you’d think he’ll age much better than traditional starting pitchers. I think they gave up a lot to get him but D’arnaud seems to get injured quite a bit so maybe they feel he may not be able to stay on the field as a catcher.

      I agree too about Teix. He really needs to step up his play. I believe he’s the 2nd highest paid 1st baseman in baseball (AAV) yet he was 14th in wOBA and 12th in wRC+ last year among first baseman. He plays very good defense but that still doesn’t make up for his lack of offense. Chris Davis, Freddy Freeman and Adam LaRoche bettered his offensive performance for a fraction of the cost and his consistent downward trend since 2008 is very concerning. At this point of his career, he should at the very least be Robin to Cano’s Batman.

    • Andy Pettitte's Fibula (formerly Manny's BanWagon) says:

      Sorry, not this was’t meant as a reply to TN.

  40. Yank the Frank says:

    I just saw on MLBTR that the Angels would trade Kendry Morales for a pitcher. I’d send them Nova and have Morales as a switch hitting DH.

  41. Kyle says:

    How about Kelly Johnson for a bench role. He has a career 103 OPS+ and is only 2 years removed from a 26 homer season. He played some SS, 3B and OF in the minors in addition to 2B in the majors.

    • Bob Buttons says:

      No, no, no, no, no.

      He looked absolutely lost at the plate these past two seasons and those good years seem like the exception, not the norm. That and a guy who can’t hit for average, take a walk, not a great fielder and can’t really run isn’t a good bench fit unless he had 30 homer potential annually.

  42. Garcia says:

    LAA probably wouldn’t want to do a deal with a contender at this point. The Yanks may no longer be the favorite to win the division, but they should be in the WC mix for sure.

    I’m thinking LAA might look for a match with the dregs of the NL (Ricky Nolasco comes to mind).

  43. Rev Max says:

    Dear all, cheer up, it’s the holidays. Meaning, not just ‘be positive’ but there’s plenty of offseason left. 2013 NYY not yet built. Reading this blog has become depressing, I’m out, off with the believers.

  44. Yankeefan says:

    sign ronny paulino hes a great backup he has sum pop when he gets playing time i wish the yankees sign him.

  45. TampaYankee says:

    Jason Giambi!

    I always loved the guy, no real factual reason to bring him back. Just a personal thing.

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