Yankees agree to sign Bobby Wilson to minor league contract

Thursday Night Open Thread
Mailbag: Mark Trumbo & Shaun Marcum

Via Buster Olney: The Yankees have agreed to sign catcher Bobby Wilson to a minor league contract with an invitation to Spring Training. He was non-tendered by the Blue Jays last month after they claimed him off waivers from the Angels earlier this offseason.

Wilson, 29, is a .208/.272/.321 (65 wRC+) career hitter in 447 big league plate appearances, all with Anaheim. He’s considered a good defensive backstop, and the various catcher defense rankings (2010, 2011, 2012) have ranked him anywhere from average to a top ten defender. Wilson figures to provide depth in Triple-A but could also win the starting catcher’s job in Spring Training given his competition.

Thursday Night Open Thread
Mailbag: Mark Trumbo & Shaun Marcum
  • jramey

    Didn’t Tex truck him in Anaheim and break his leg?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa


    • dalelama

      Wow, the Angels get Hamilton and we get Wilson, great just effin great….

      • DC

        Oh, let’s throw Dalelama a pity party.

      • Strat

        So the two moves are related just because they happened on the same day? Somehow I doubt this was meant to be Cashman’s response to the Angels’ signing of Hamilton.

        • dalelama

          Who claimed they were related? They are just symbolic of the direction both franchises are headed.

          • pinchhitter

            Because the Angels will no longer have any need for third-string catchers?

          • Get Phelps Up

            You implied that they were related.

  • BronxBomber98

    Suck it Angels! You can have Hamilton, Cashman responded in a big way!

  • dkidd

    too much offense at the catcher position for scioscia

  • LarryM., Fl.

    I know the catching position is difficult. But there are so few catchers who are a total package. Indicating that a catcher signed to a minor league contract could win the starting catching position in ST. Who has a .208 batting average in some 500 ABs. Speaks volumes of Yankee brass opinion of Romine, Stewart and Cervelli.

    • https://twitter.com/MattMontero1 matt montero

      Did the FO ever say he could win it? It’s simply what Mike said.

      • LarryM., Fl.

        Matt, I read the last sentence and made my comment on it.

    • Rick

      That little old sarcasm trick is difficult to interpret in print sometimes. Being serious, not an ass.

  • bb

    what a slick move by Cash! this puts the Yanks over the top in my opinion.

  • Yankees Insider

    I’m just waiting for a signing cashman makes of someone with a low average like this guy to break out and hit like crazy like Chavez did kinda but better. Nix was a career .209 hitter and hit .240 something for us. But I feel like someone will break out. Cervelli maybe hes killing the ball in winter league hopefully it carries over. Or Youk might end up with a .300+ 20+HR season. Maybe we get a surprise where GRANDY gets traded and Gardner hits at least .280+ and 10-15+HR or Dickerson has a platoon and replicates what he did in triple a last year in the bigs (.320 9HR 25 SB). If none of this JOBA and PINEDA hopefully comes back throwing 95+ and maybe nova bounces back and phelps lands a spot with Warren as insurance in minors. I’m kind of mad to get ichiro last year we traded Mitchell we should have traded Warren. Mitchell was really good.

    Report: There’s still slight chance ichiro takes different deal if yanks dont give 2 years.

    • ton lon ton

      ichiro can go jump in a

      ————— he aint worth no two years- he did not give us a champion ship

      • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

        Ichiro and Russell Martin carried the team when everyone else went into a slump and Baltimore was on its ass.

      • MB923

        “he did not give us a champion ship”

        Was he at one time a sailor?

        • Rick

          I laughed wayy too hard at this. Was thinking the same thing.

  • ton lon ton

    with ramiro pena gone, at least we got a human being signed

    • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

      Kevin Russo is not out of the picture yet.

      • forensic

        I don’t know if I’m missing a joke here or something, but Russo is a Tiger now.

    • DC

      As opposed to all the androids comprising the other spots on the roster.

  • ton lon ton

    kim kardashian would be better than some of these castoff losers that cashman is grabbing

    • Dale Mohorcic

      She’s been paid quite enough for getting hit with some balls.

  • Harris

    Posted this on the Thursday open thread, but wouldn’t it make sense for the Yanks to front load the Ichiro contract? Any chance of this?

    • IRememberCelerinoSanchez

      Wouldn’t matter. Luxury tax is calculated based on average annual value. It’s the total guaranteed dollars divided by the number of guaranteed years. So $12 million/$2 million and $7 million/$7 million are the same for luxury tax purposes.

    • Ted Nelson

      If it’s an option year it could help. Otherwise it makes him theoretically easier to trade.

      • Joba is Einhorn…Einhorn is Joba

        speaking of trading — general question regarding how AAV applies to a team that trades for a player. if hypothetically the yanks gave ichiro 10 mill first year and 4 the second i understand they would pay 7 mill against the cap….what if they traded him in the offseason. would the team that acquired him pay 7 million against the luxury tax or the 4 million they are assuming

        • Ted Nelson

          Can’t remember. I think 4 because it’s based on what you’re paying.

          • Preston

            It’s four, they only take on what they pay, he’d still be a 3 for us.

  • Dale Mohorcic

    The Yankees catching situation is looking like a 2-7 off-suited hand.

  • M&M Boys

    This is starting to remind me of the CBS years…Steve Whitaker, Bill Robinson, Thad Tillotson, Joe Verbanic, Dooley Womack.

    • Flyer7

      Dont think this resembles the CBS Yankees…Jeter isnt Ruben Amaro, Robby Cano is not Horace Clarke and where are Jim Lyttle, Frank Fernandez and Ray Barker?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Finally someone who sounds like he can claim he was around for those years who fights back against the “ITS HORACE CLARKE ALL OVER AGAIN” thing.

        • Juke Early

          I don’t doubt anybody’s bon fides. Though a list, no matter how accurate, is not proof a person was “around.” I was around, and back then I could’ve told you what Mickey, Yogi & Whitey ate for breakfast, pre-Internet days, Because I read Dick Young’s columns & Bill Gallo cartoons. I watched WPIX & listened to Mel, Red & Gerry. This was before Bill Mazer & Art Rust Jr. let alone FAN. SFW. The current NYY are the product of Bud Selig & cronies systematic collusion against any meaningful trades by encouraging the rest of MLB to extort the Yankees. And now Selig has an inside man, Hal Steinbrenner, who, in the guise of fiscal responsibility & the legal right to run the business his way, has sewn the pocketbook shut. But 2013 is a push season. If you think the Yankees will be in the Ws much less win, take the odds & dance. It will be 2014 that tells the true tale of this bullshit era. Can’t wait.

          • Lena

            “systematic collusion against any meaningful trades”

            Ok, so I attempted to look into this, didn’t see much. Forgive me for not being omniscient, I get they’re envious of NYY revenue and want to get the hands on it, but willfully anti-trade?

    • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

      That Roger Repoz could really rake.

  • Flyer7

    Wilson essentially replaces Whiteside as the AAA/MLB catcher…btw when can we expect a list of spring training invitees?

  • Rey22

    I wouldn’t mind a defensive minded backup catcher that is actually…you know….good defensively.

  • paul a

    Jake Gibbs anyone ?

    • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

      Nope, Frank Fernandez

    • Jonathan

      My dad got to play with Mickey thanks to Gibbs breaking I think his hand so God bless him.

      • Havok9120

        okay, that’s pretty awesome.

  • forensic

    I can’t believe they think this makes up for the loss of Eli Whiteside. It’s terrible what the little Stein’s have done to the AAA team. George must be rolling over in his grave watching this happen.

    • Havok9120


    • Robinson Tilapia

      Papa George would have gone all out for Max Ramirez…..or something.

      • Havok9120

        Someone needs to start keeping a tally of all the times we hear some variation of “George is rolling over in his grave,” from Spring Training until the end of the season. Frankly, we should have started at the end of last season, but that’s just a missed opportunity we’re going to have to live with.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          That brings back bad memories of the troll running tally joke gone haywire.

          • Havok9120

            Sigh. Yeah.


  • A.D.

    Poor man’s Russell Martin

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Jose Gil, someone’s coming for you.

  • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

    More like a poor man’s schmuck. This guy could strike out in T-Ball.

  • Laz

    Wasn’t Cervelli kept down last year because he was the only one with milb options? This is probably where it works if they decide go with romine or cervelli.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Different dilemma this year, though. They’re going to go with who they think will give the best performance over the longest period of time, regardless of options left.

      ….that is if it really is these three fighting it out in CATCHER WARZ this spring.

      • boo


  • Pistol Pete

    Just imagine that comment that he could win the starting job with a slash line of 208/272/321, pathetic. George has to be rolling over in his grave. This budget thing appears for real and has Cashman shopping at K Mart while trying to compete. Why not AJ Pierzynski at 1 year and overpay 15m or so. It would show a commitment to the fans, be competitive this year and then the salary drops off after 2013. We’ve lost a ton of power with the losses of Swisher Arod and Martin, AJ would fit the power outage.

    • Electric Nunez II (Handle stolen w/o compensatory draft picks)

      “…AJ would fit the power outage.”

      On the contrary, AJ ain’t needed because you, PP, has given me the brainstorm to solve this Yankee power outage. That being with all the mention here of GHTBROIHG, I figure Ol’ George by now has to be in permanent revolution down under.

      So he could just have magnets attached to his corpse and then copper wire wrapped around him to make an electric generator.

      Bury him under home plate, and orient the body in such a way when you need power from the right or left side. Problem solved, celery cap or no.

      • boo

        image what bud would have said if George wanted to be buried under home plate….

      • DC


      • Dale Mohorcic

        Austin romaine fits under the celery cap.

      • Havok9120

        This (including your handle) is Good Stuff.

  • Rigoleto

    Maybe we can sign Karim Garcia off a 256/320/400 showing for the Frahnistan winter league to fill the right field vacancy.

    • Rigoleto

      In related news, the Yankees could try to sign Sal Fasano away from his managerial post with the Fisher Cats for a cool 2 years, 6 million.

  • Fin

    Ted, how does this work in the Yankees favor? There has to be some stat from 8 years ago, that makes him look good.


    I honestly hope Frankie Cervelli wins the job over these guys.. I know his Defense isn’t quite as good as Bobby Wilson’s or even Chris Stewarts, but the guy can HIT, and with enough AB’s, i have a feeling he’d put a solid stat line together, and he seems to like being productive in big situations, and i’ve seen him make a few really nice plays on D as well.. Its not like hes totally terrible back there.. For a catcher, hes a fast baserunner as well…

    • Fin

      Put up Cerveli’s /// line and prove he can hit.

      • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

        Frankie’s MLB triple slash: .271/.339/.353

        No offensive monster by any means, but for what it’s worth his career numbers are markedly better than the other options.

        • LK

          His career numbers are by far the best. That’s the scary part.

    • Fin

      hes as bad as posada behind the plate, and cant hit.

    • William Donsldson

      Joe G doesn’t want a top hitting catcher
      t reminds how many rallys he killed at his time at he plate

  • Fin

    It seems to me, this team is not going to be very good. Qoute me all the 95 wins you want, that was last year. This year is replacing Arod with Youk, Martin with who ever and Swish with Ichiro. All of those players are downgrades.

    The pitching didnt get better it got older, very old. So for the die hard Ted, what are the odds this team isnt desimated by DL stints? A 39 yr old ss coming off ankle, a 43 yr old closer coming off acl, a 40 pitcher coming off 12 games in 2 years. The Yankees solved one problem, with a Youk who is at least as fragile as Arod, but not as productive.

    Where is this team better than, or as good as last year? I saw Mike’s post about wins and how important they are, as close as this division should be. I dont buy it!

    This team wont stay healthy enough to compete. Too many old guy, and too many old guy who are already hurt.

    • Chris Widger

      Youk isn’t a downgrade over last year’s Alex. He just isn’t.

  • TomH

    Just keep telling yourselves, “This team won 95 games a year ago,” trying, all the time, not to remember (a)how that team looked at the end, and (b)how little of that ‘juggernaut’ remains, and (c)how it is another year older.

    The timing of the Wilson signing was wonderfully “symbolic” (as someone says).

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    Get used to it…until the Team is $old (which I believe isn’t far off) and we get an owner with a passion for winning again in NYC, these are the new NY Yankees.

    • Fin

      Its at least 3yrs away. No way they sell it, until they get all rebates, and fuck NY for stadium as hard as they can.

    • Mick Foley


  • Bill

    Wow Hal broke the bank with this signing.

    WAy to go Hal you will have your 189 figure in 2014 with alot of empty seats when they dont make the playoffs.

  • Paco

    At least this is no longer a lost off-season. With Wilson behind the dish they are all set to start the 2013 season…

    • Fin

      Imagine what next year is going to be like? The whole team will gone. Off the top of my head…Cano, Hughes, petite, Mo, Joba, Kuroda, Granderson, and Yuk. The only every day players they will have left is Arod, Jeter and Tex. The pitchers will be…C.C, Shoulder and NOva. I dont care how much money you have, your arent building a team in a year through FA. I know they may sign a couple of those guys, but damn its looking barren right now.

  • Chris Widger

    2 years, 13 million for Ichiro. It’s a gamble. We’ll have a stellar fielding outfield at least.

    • William Donsldson

      Ichrio brings pride and hard work to a clubhouse
      players like cano should take notice
      if cano he ran full out he probably win a batting title

  • chris

    Because when I think New York Yankees…I think .208/.272/.321 (65 wRC+)

    Good Grief…

  • Dave M

    Just heard from the “Little Guy” on MLB network that the Yanks and Ichiro have agreed on the 2 years and $13mil figure that’s been talked about.

  • JohnC

    Word is when Hamilton’s agent got wind of the Yanks doing a background check on him he contacted them and told them not to bother. Hamioton had no interest in coming to NY.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Which part of your ass did you pull that out of?

      • JohnC

        The part that your wife sniffs.

      • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

        Right behind “they’re selling the team next year” and slightly to the left of “Big Stein is rolling in his grave.”

    • Lena

      Fine, didn’t want him anyway and I think there’s a fair chance LAA regrets this. First, he went back on his word to give the Rangers the last shot, but also, Daniels said the organization did a lot for him, read: they went out of their way to keep him clean. People with addictions don’t typically appreciate those ‘efforts’ and usually try to escape them.

      • Fin

        Yea, the Yankees are alot stronger with a clean Ichiro. Than a drunk Hamilton.

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

      Hamioton is overrated anyway. Romaine is way better. And let’s not even get started on Petite…

    • DC

      Funny how the “word” at the winter meetings was that Hamilton wanted to meet with the Yankees.

  • Adam

    Joe Girardi is currently our best in-house option at catcher.

  • William Donsldson

    Ichrio is a rare breed
    man plays hard full out
    we got a bargin maybe some lazy Yankees will try harder
    they know who they are