Hale: Yankees have not called about Chipper Jones

Rivera about 95%, will begin throwing in a week
Mustelier finishes strong as winter leagues begin to wrapup

Via Mark Hale: The Yankees have not contacted Chipper Jones about possibly playing next season. Chipper’s agent says a number of teams have called this offseason, but New York was not one of them and his client is staying retired anyway.

Jones, 40, went out like a boss this past season, hitting .287/.377/.455 (126 wRC+) with 14 homers and more walks (56) than strikeouts (51). The future Hall of Famer has had a ton of injury problems in recent years and wouldn’t have been a great fit at third base (pre-Kevin Youkilis), but man oh man would he have looked marvelous at DH.

Rivera about 95%, will begin throwing in a week
Mustelier finishes strong as winter leagues begin to wrapup
  • Robinson Tilapia

    Notice how Mike neither confirmed or denied that the Yanks had contacted Hank Aaron as to a one-year deal.

    • Austin Aunelowitzky

      I mean, realistically how much can we expect from Hammering Hank this year, he’s not Superman.

    • Jersey Joe

      Same with Eddie Mathews! I mean come on Cash, we need some 3B depth for when Youk is injured. His corpse could probably play 3rd better than Youk and ARod.

    • Get Phelps Up

      I can’t believe they haven’t contacted Johnny Bench about the catcher opening.

      • Herby

        My money is on Joe Torre, RH power, can catch, play 3rd, DH and manage…who could ask for anything more.

        • Rigoleto

          Also a True Yankee.

  • Get Phelps Up

    who cares about this old washed up 40 something. get me justin upton or mike STANTON!!!!!!! george is rolling over in his grave!!!

  • Jersey Joe

    Anyone think we can pry anything of value away from the Mets for Dickerson? Braves may also be in the market for CDick, also the Twins without Span and Revere.


    • Nick

      He was DFAed. If they want him, they can claim him for free.

    • Hoss

      Designating Dickerson was another stupid move by the FO this winter, but I am no longer surprised. They never gave him a chance, and he will produce for the team that gives him an opportunity. He can hit with power, run, play good D at all 3 OF positions, but because he is lefthanded, he is dumped in favor of the almighty Russ Canzler.

      • Get Phelps Up

        and he has 599 plate appearances to his credit entering his age 31 season.

        • Hoss

          Your point? Unless someone is at least 35 they can’t play on this team?

          • Get Phelps Up

            He might be no more than a typical AAAA journeyman. And one that is made redundant by Gardner and Ichiro.

            • Hoss

              He also might be a lot better than anyone else they can find as a 4th or reserve OF or DH. Also, they gave him away for nothing after letting him languish in the minors for 3 years in favor of washed up veterans,

              • Get Phelps Up

                Who were the washed up veterans that were blocking him? Granderson? Swisher? Gardner?

                • Hoss

                  DeWayne Wise, Darnell McDonald, Andruw Jones and Raul Ibanez just last year. If not for Raul’s playoff heroics, people would not have such great memories of his 2012 season.

                  • Get Phelps Up

                    “If not for Raul’s playoff heroics, people would not have such great memories of his 2012 season.”

                    And if not for one homer, we’d have all forgotten about Aaron Boone’s tenure in pinstripes too.

                    • Hoss

                      Apparently, Cashman has forgotten because he didn’t make Ibanez a contract offer and he’s a Mariner now.

                    • Get Phelps Up

                      Not sure what you’re getting at here. You move on after a veteran has a season like that.

                  • Get Phelps Up

                    Also if they had called him up instead of Wise, they’d just have had to DFA him sooner.

  • ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa

    I know that some people on here still feel some animosity towards the Braves because they were a big rival for that late 90’s dynasty. Despite this, Larry has always been a favorite of mine and if this deal could ever pan out I would love it.

  • stu phillips

    Why dont they call no neck williams.this team is going to be a joke.

    • Steve (different one)

      There is really no point engaging you, but the Yankees did NOT call chipper, so your comment makes no sense. Bonus points for a full sentence though.

      • Milt Toast

        Full sentence? I thought he meant hat tperiod between williams and this team to be a decimal point.

  • Pistol Pete

    Great player, first ballot hall of famer, would have been a great DH fit and fill in at 3b but it’s not happening. Would love to see something happening on Stanton. He wouldn’t hurt the 189 m budget. Just don’t know if the Yanks have enough pieces or could acquire them by dangling Granderson or Cano who the Yanks might lose both and get nothing back after this season.

  • RetroRob

    Hale: Braves have not called about Derek Jeter

    • Tmoney

      But if they did and offered Hayward and Teheran would we listen?

  • Jimmy Page

    Chipper Jones would fit Brian Cashmans new “mantra” old, washed up, over the hill former all stars who will sign a one year deal as cheap as possible.

    • Hoss

      Wrong. Youkilis cost $12 million, and that’s by no means cheap!

  • LitFig

    Would’ve been fun to see Larry as the DH, but we’ll be fine.

  • trr

    a little early for April Fools, isn’t it?