Jennings: Yankees have “nothing alive” in Morse talks


11:47am: Jack Curry says the Yankees called about Morse after the LaRoche deal, but the Nationals weren’t ready to talk trade yet. He says the two sides will speak eventually.

11:30am: Via Chad Jennings: There is “nothing alive” between the Yankees and Nationals regarding Mike Morse. Washington is expected to trade the outfielder/first baseman after re-signing Adam LaRoche, and New York is said to have interest.

Morse, 30, would fit great for the Yankees as a right-handed bat for their DH spot. He’s far too good for a platoon role as I explained the other day, but the team wouldn’t have any trouble working him into the lineup. It’s not all that far-fetched to think he would be their second best hitter in 2013. The Yankees tend to do these things in secret, so I won’t believe the Morse ship has sailed until he’s wearing another uniform.

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  • Robinson Tilapia

    “Nothing Alive” = They got so tired of the grave-rolling, they’re including Papa Bear in potential trade talks.

    This is all tea leaf reading, of course, as well as us anointing Morse as the “must have” guy even if the team potentially hasn’t.

    • MannyGeee

      Hank: “Brian and Randy couldn’t get them to budge… you know what we need to do….”

      Hal: “OK, we’ve been left with no choice…”

      In Unison: “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!!!!”

  • Upstate Yanks

    Morse for Logan and B-level guy…maybe a Warren or Bentances. Could be wishful thinking…

    • jjyank

      I doubt they want Betances at this point. I’d drive up to New York to pick up Logan and Warren and bring them back to DC if that’s the trade. I don’t think that gets it done, though.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        We’re hearing things that sound like too little to me (the above) or too much (Grandy-like deals.)

        I have no clue what they actually want for Morse. I still think it costs you either Nova or Phelps, and what looks like excess pitching now isn’t going to look like excess pitching in 2014.

  • trr

    what else is new?

  • Joe

    Logan,Nunez,Phelps or Nova. For Morse and Ramos?

    • your mom

      Since when was Wilson Ramos available?

      • Steve (different one)

        There is an extremely tasteless kidnapping joke to be made here, but I will let someone else take a crack at it….

  • CashmanNinja

    I can see how they’d want Logan, Nunez, and maybe a filler (Warren?) for Morse. I’m not sure if I’d do that because…as much as I dislike Nunez…he still offers some trade potential/depth considering his age and position — plus the fact that he can also make contact. I’m 100% fine with trading Logan because he’s a LOOGY who has been relied on heavily lately. He’s Girardi’s version of Scott Proctor. Trade him before his arm falls off. Plus he’s only got a year left and it won’t be worth the $$ he’ll want to keep him, especially if we’re trying to get under $189 mil. I’d rather take some of that money and invest it in Morse and then giving someone like Cesar Cabral a shot.

    Morse really would be a terrific fit for this team. It just seems like he’s such a perfect match given the need for a right handed power hitter who won’t cost too much financially. He’s like a cheaper Nick Swisher, except he’s not a switch hitter and the defense isn’t as good. I’ll take that, though. I just really like Morse and if we can get him at a reasonable price then I think it needs to be done. The problem is whether or not the Nats will deal him for cheap. Everyone says Logan and Warren, but that won’t be enough. It’s not like he’s Nick Swisher a few years ago, coming off a BAD year, yet still making a good chunk of money. Morse isn’t making much now, he’s set for free agency soon, so teams can hope to get a contract year out of him and maybe sign him for a below market price. I’d love to get him, but Logan and Warren won’t be enough. I’m thinking something like Logan and Nova is what it will take, but if that’s the case then I’d want Ramos in return as well as Morse.

    • nicky

      I agree with most of this, except I thinkI’d rather sell high on Phelps than sell low on Nova. Phelps, Logan + a mid-level prospect seems like a pretty fair deal for Morse + Suzuki/Ramos. But this still all depends on what Washington really wants in return.

  • blake

    Whether there is a chance or not I’d say Cashman wants to see the Upton situation resolved before trading for Morse…..

    • mustang


      Nunez, Nova, and prospect for Upton then sign Kyle Lohse 2 years 30ish.

      Winter saved.

      Cashman and ownership Heroes .

      Yankees Universe back normal.

      • mustang

        back to normal

        • Robinson Tilapia

          And that prospect’s name is Rookie Davis. DONE.

          • mustang

            My Giants are out the playoffs and Hal is playing Ebenezer Scrooge dude have a heart.

            • Robinson Tilapia



  • craig

    I think Morse and Hairston are smoke and mirrors for Upton. It makes too much sense.

    Upton killed the deal. The D-Backs are going to move him now and do the best they can, but when these things fall apart the team with the MLB player usually gets less than the deal that got nixed.

    • blake

      usually….but other teams can still beat the Yanks if they want to and it just depends on what Towers wants….

      If he has to have a premium prospect that’s close to the big leagues then the Yanks don’t have that….if he’s ok with prospects farther away supplemented with some big league pieces then they might can match up

    • Robinson Tilapia

      That wounds like really wishful thinking to me.

      • MannyGeee

        this. can’t see it, don’t think the Yankees have anywhere near the pieces

        • Robinson Tilapia

          And, if they did, I shudder to think what would be left behind.

          This is where I continue to be pretty stuck with this fantasy scenario.

          • mustang

            fantasy scenario is all we Yankees fans have left. Sad isn’t it ?

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Except when it’s dalelama’s fantasy. Then it’s slightly disturbing.

              • craig

                I think he gets moved and that it is for less than the Mariners package. I like Upton a lot…that said, I wouldn’t want to overpay either.

                It’s most likely a long-shot for the Yankees, but that’s okay too. I like our prospects (gives them a big hug).

  • Vern Sneaker

    Yes , get him, though he strikes out a ton, doesn’t walk, and can’t field. We need the bat big time. Danger is in overpaying — I doubt Nats will settle for Logan and pitchers like Warren. I’d be ok with Logan and Phelps or Nova, but no more.@

    Morse strikes out a ton, doesn’t walk, and can’t field at all.

  • Vern Sneaker

    I’m repeating myself in the same post. Bad sign.

  • kenthadley

    I find it amazing that some folks think Morse can’t field, cant walk, strikes out a lot, but are willing to give a good lefty specialist along with either Phelps or Nova, both of whom are legitimate starters. And that’s for just one year of Morse. Seems like overpaying for a stopgap player, out of the Ken Phelps mode.

    • Vern Sneaker

      He’s a big right-handed bopper, that’s why, probably the team’s biggest need right now. Will we win more games with a reasonably projectible 30+ home-run, .290-.300 guy with the lefties hitting around him or with Logan + Phelps/Nova? We lost Buhner for Phelps, which was ridiculous on its face at the time. This is a reasonable exchange. I’m just worried other teams will outbid us.

  • Hoss

    Just say NO to Morse. It’s NOT worth giving up any prospects for a mediocre rental with a PED suspension in his background.

  • Vern Sneaker

    He’s WAY beter than a mediocre hitter. A line-drive guy with lots of power and can hit them out to right-field too. A Bleacher-creatures delight. You can’t keep criticizing Cashman, et. al. for not doing enough for 2013 and at the same time saying no to this kind of deal. I’m not saying we should overpay with our best prospects,but we need to try to work this out.

  • Mike

    No Re-Morese Repent

  • Hoss

    Was the last trade between the Yankees and the Nationals the Tyler Clippard for Jonathan Albaladejo swap? Now that was a real “Fox News” kind of deal: Fair and balanced. A true Cashman classic.

    • jjyank

      How is this relavent?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      This comment completely invites a nice gentlemanly discussion on the topic, doesn’t it?

  • RetroRob

    Apparently the Yankees contacted the Nats, who informed them they’re not yet ready to discuss a deal with any team. It’ll resurface again.