Jeter cleared to resume baseball activities

Teixeira -- not Pettitte -- on Team USA roster for WBC
Thursday Night Open Thread

According to the AP, Derek Jeter has been cleared to resume baseball activities as he rehabs from a late-October surgery to repair a fractured left ankle. “I’ve got the okay to start … but I don’t start until next week or the week after, anyway,” said the Cap’n. “In terms of baseball activity, I’m right where I need to be.”

Last we heard, the 38-year-old Jeter had been riding a bike and running in a pool. An Opening Day return seems likely but is far from guaranteed at this point. A setback is always possible, as we saw when Andy Pettitte pushed himself too hard recovering from his leg fracture at midseason. The most important thing is that Jeter is progressing well and he’s right where he needs to be. Very good news.

Teixeira -- not Pettitte -- on Team USA roster for WBC
Thursday Night Open Thread
  • Gonzo


  • trr

    Hope for the best…

  • Captain’s Gift Basket

    How about giving gift baskets away?? Is he allowed to do that? is he? IS HE!?

    • MannyGeee

      “Bend over, I’ll show ya”

      /Clark Griswold’d

  • Endlessjose

    Napoli for 5.Why not give him 6 million and make him a DH backup catcher.

    • OldYanksFan

      It’s 5, with up to $13m in incentives. I imagine the incentives are games played/ABs. So if he’s totally healthy, he’s over $10m. If his hip is bad, he could miss the majority of the season… for $5m.

    • Steve (different one)

      He had agreed to $39M and had to settle for $5m guaranteed. What do you think that physical looked like? I really doubt he can catch.

      Would I have taken him as a DH? Absolutely.

      But I have never heard of a physical that cost a player so much money.

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    great news!

  • Gonzo

    On a tangent, I read up on running in a pool. I really want to try it on one of those fancy machines the Olympians have.

  • MannyGeee

    Here’s to Derek… Not being lazy and resuming baseball activities when we find it convenient and timely, unlike that piece of human garbage A Rod… Sorry, A RIODZ… Amirite?

    – dalelama’s representative for the night…

  • Jarrod

    This answers my question from yesterday. If DJ can resume baseball activities at his normal time this offseason then it is entirely possible that this ankle injury has little or no affect on his 2013 campaign.

    Good luck Cap’n!