Mariners land Morse, designate Kottaras for assignment


According to multiple reports, the Mariners have re-acquired Mike Morse from the Nationals in a three-team trade that sends John Jaso to the Athletics and prospects to Washington. The Yankees had interest in Morse but apparently not enough to make a serious run at him. That’s a shame. Oakland designated catcher George Kottaras for assignment to clear room on the 40-man roster, and New York should definitely look to bring him in. Here’s the now-outdated Scouting The Market post I wrote about him last summer. Makes too much sense to actually happen.

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  • Blake

    If Kotteras makes it to the Yanks I can’t imagine they wouldn’t go for it….hed at least give them a left/right platoon

  • Will The Thrill

    I think the Yankees must now go to Plan H now that all of their offseason targets are off the board. Plan H: Sign Chone Figgins.

    • Yankee Insider

      Plan H= good signing= speed+UTIL Defense(everywhere except catcher)+Average+SwitchHitter(how often do you find a UTIL SH?)+Replacement for Nix who didn’t hit great although he was a good defender, and all of this together hopefully would= Cheap Bounceback season I mean he can play everywhere so he’s a super-super-UTIL player and could play almost every day to give a different person a rest each day. Also on a minor league deal similar to diaz got where if he makes the big league club he gets a couple million. I say do that and if he makes the club it basically means he did good so he should make like 2 million which is a big difference to the $8m he was gonna make with the m’s before they terminated his contract.

      Plan I: Trade grandy for a SS prospect and pitching prospect that are in top 100 prospects of MLB.

      • LK

        I don’t think you can get 2 top 100 prospects for Granderson. That’s basically what the Yankees traded for him, and back then he had 3 more years of team control that were all cheaper than he’ll be this year.

      • DC

        Just stop.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        Figgins is still getting paid by Seattle. IF the Yankees did sign him, they would only be responsible for league minimum salary.

        • Pete

          Figgins hit under .190 in 2010 and 2012. He may be the worst player in MLB assuming someone picks him up. There is a reason Seattle is paying him $8.5 M to stay away from them.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting

            Not saying I want any part of Figgins. Just correcting the idea that the Yankees would need to pay him $2M.

    • Paco Dooley

      Figgins is horrendous – better off giving those ABs to Nunez

      • trr

        No, better off seeking a more worthwhile replacement or giving those at bats to one of minor league players

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadgeek/ Roadgeek Adam

    No way the Yanks should go near Kottaras, unless he comes in a package with Yoenis the Menace.

    • LK

      You are aware of the current catching options on the roster, yes?

      • ClusterDuck

        Are you aware that Kottaras have a lifetime BA of .220.

        • http://twitter.com/#!/AngeloInNY Angelo

          You are aware that Batting average isn’t the only way to evaluate a player?

          • ClusterDuck

            Instead of asking dumb questions why don’t you say why you think Kotex-tarus should be aquired.

            I’m all ears.

            • LK

              Because Stewart, Cervelli, and Romine are all very likely to suck, and having another viable option, even a bad one, is desirable. See my comment below.

              • ClusterDuck

                Kottarus sucks worse.

                However, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t give the guy a minor league deal.

                • LK

                  You’re going to have to explain why he sucks worse, since the available evidence seems to say the exact opposite.

                  • Need Pitching & Hitting

                    Kottaras would likely be better offensively than any of the Yankees current options, but would be worse defensively than any current options (with the possible exception of Cervelli).
                    It’s entirely possible Kottaras’ bad defense will outweigh the added offense. He has been DFA’d twice in the last half year, afterall.

                    That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing them pick him up.

                    • LK

                      I can see what you’re saying, but I personally don’t really view Romine as anything more than a wild card, and I don’t really buy into Stewart’s defense that strongly despite his reputation. However, none of these players are that good, so there’s no slam dunk option here.

                    • Ted Nelson


                      Stewart grades out well as a pitch framer. This is arguably the most important part of C defense. Maybe one or two guys try to steal a game, and that’s on the P more than the C. The C has to frame far more borderline Ps in a game

                  • ClusterDuck


                    BA .271
                    5 passed balls in 1300 innings.
                    CS 20%

                    All of those figure are better than Kottarus.

                    And about Stewart, he throws out about 30% of the runners trying to steal.

                    And Romine has a higher ceiling than Kottarus, Stewart and Cervelli.

                    Heck if you want to give Kottarus a minor league contract fine.

                    But please lettuce stop all of the hyperbole about the guy. He’s a scrub.

                    • LK

                      Cervelli is inferior to Kottaras in every offensive category other than BA. His issues on defense stem from throwing the ball into CF and allowing the runner to go to 3rd base.

                      Stewart can’t hit whatsoever.

                      Romine has a higher ceiling, but has ~100 PAs above AA.

                      If you want to call me saying “having another viable option, even a bad one, is desirable” hyperbole, be my guest.

                    • WhittakerWalt

                      All of the Yankees options at C are scrubs.

                    • http://twitter.com/#!/AngeloInNY Angelo

                      You didn’t read my comment and you asked for my response. Anyway, if this your way of evaluating talent, this argument is a waste of time.

                      You do realize that Cervelli hit .246 in AAA last season, right? Also, once again, BA is not the only way to evaluate talent. In fact it’s useless information without knowing every other skill a player possesses on the offensive side of the ball.

                      Passed balls are also a very poor way to evaluate defense.

              • commerce

                No question that the club doesn’t have a “sure-fire” answer at catcher–they won 95 games last year w/ a bottom-feeding hitter and good receiver (RussM)…last year Russ wasn’t a solid option off his ’11 season. Adding Kottaras to the existing candidates (Cervelli, Stewart, and Romine) is not a strong move–signing Pierzynski would have been.

                While I don’t know whether Cervelli is ready to start in the majors, I do know that his WL% was .619 in 141 starts as Yankee back-up…the team WL% wasn’t as high at .607. Also, his CERA was lower than the team (3.66 v 4.02). Moreover, he hit .271 and drove in 71 runs in 562 PA with a startlingly great record of hitting with RISP. He’s cheap, hustles, has MLB experience, and deserves a chance to win the job in ST IMO.

            • Get Phelps Up

              Because he’s better than what the Yankees have. That’s why.

            • http://twitter.com/#!/AngeloInNY Angelo

              Kottaras can take a walk and has some power as well. At the very least, he can be used as right handed part of a platoon situation.

              Kottaras hit .207 against right handed pitchers last season, but he also had a .335 OBP. Which means he’s good at taking walks/working the count. He also had a .434 SLG, which is pretty good for a catcher.

              I stated these stats because I’m not sure if you’re familiar with wOBA (337) or wRC (112.) He actually had solid numbers against lefties as well since his OBP was a ridiculous .429 last season.

              Those were his stats from last year. If you want to point to batting average as if it’s the end all be all stat, then go ahead, but there’s little logic in that.

        • LK

          You are aware that Chris Stewart has a lifetime BA of .217?
          That Francisco Cervelli hit .246 in AAA last year and is erratic on defense?
          That Austin Romine has 106 PA above AA, has hit below .220 in that time, and was injured almost all of last year?

        • Get Phelps Up

          And a lifetime OBP .320 and SLG of .412 which are both MUCH better than Stewart.

        • Paco Dooley

          He has had a better OPS than Martin each of the last 4 years (but in limited PAs). People are mourning the loss of Martin, but his BA was just as low and his OPS lower.

    • Rey22

      Have you seen who the Yankees plan to roll out at catcher in 2013? Yogi Berra is an upgrade….at his current age.

    • FIPster Doofus

      They should absolutely go near him.

    • trr

      u kidding?

  • Leg-End

    Well thats dissapointing.

  • Harris

    The Yanks should have pounced on both Morse and Jaso. It would have been a good opportunity to improve the lineup significantly without giving up any Mason/Heathcott/Sanchez/Austin. Oh well I guess they don’t pounce on all any good cost effective opportunities anymore.

    • DC

      Jaso brought Morse to Seattle. Who would NY have sent to Seattle comparable to Morse, and if they had that person, why trade him away?

      • http://twitter.com/#!/AngeloInNY Angelo


    • trr

      face it, the Steingrabbers are too busy counting their money

    • Ted Nelson

      Cole is a top 100 talent, so it stands to reason that it would have cost the Yankees two of Mason/Heathcott/Sanchez/Austin.

  • Anthony

    I’m not getting my hopes up for Kottaras… seems everyone the Yankees are/should be interested in are just slipping away.

  • Kentucky Bomber

    What does it say about the present state of the team that we are getting excited about the likes of the oft injured Morse and Kottaras? The saddest part is not just that the major club is looking so thin, but the farm is so devoid of anything anybody else could possibly want.

    • Get Phelps Up

      4 top 100 prospects?
      The farm isn’t devoid.

    • Blake

      11th ranked system by BA……if a few guys have good years they could realistically be a top 5 system this time next year.

    • https://twitter.com/MattMontero1 matt montero

      Yep, so devoid of talent that they’ll have about 4 top 100 prospects (maybe a small chance either Manny or Campos make it) in their system.

    • DC

      Do you not get scouting reports in Kentucky?

    • JobaTheHeat62

      and just today i saw on the weather channel that the sky has officially started falling! just a matter of time before it hits us!

      • dalelama

        The true value of their farm team talent is what the market says it is and the silence is deafening.

  • Dars

    Yankees are all about saving money… We’ll as a fan I will do the same. I will not go to any games, I will not spend my money on their merchandise. They will see… I know I am not alone in thInking like this…

    If they do not get a good right handed bat they are in for a long, long season. With the likes of Price, Lester, Buehrle, Romero, Britton in our division, we will be losing 2 out of 3 frequently.

    Disgraceful and shame on the Steinnbreinner brothers. They have tarnished the legacy of their Dad.

    • Get Phelps Up

      Morse’s salary was $6.5M and he was only under contract for this year. Money wasn’t the issue.

      And Buehrle, Romero and Britton suck anyways.

      • Ted Nelson

        Lester has fallen off a ton the last two years as well.

        The obsession with a RH OF is getting ridiculous. It is the easiest hole to fill effectively in baseball. And the Yankees have a bunch of RH bats: Tex, Youk, Jeter, C, A-Rod… Cano is still strong against LHP most years, even if relatively worse.

        • dalelama

          Other than Jeter they blow…each of them other than Jetes and Youk would choke on applesauce.

    • MannyGeee

      graves… ROLLING GRAVEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • MannyGeee

        and also, we forget now, because he’s passed on, but George Steinbrenner was a complete maniac and the opposite of a baseball mind. And despite his philanthropic ways, kind of an asshole to work with/for…

        BUt nah… TEH LEGACIEZ!!!

    • Laz

      Yes, because a $210M payroll which is actually higher than last years opening day is really being cheap.

  • Nick

    Really tarnished the Steinbrenner legacy? Is that the legacy of being twice suspended from baseball? Please-I enjoyed the wins as much as the next guy, but having lived through the dark days of the late 80s and early 90s, I know the George era wasn’t all good times

    • CS Yankee

      It was great except when it wasn’t, then it was really, really bad.

      He added so much turmoil in the early dynasty years (’76-”78), but got the right mix of players. Added a wash-up overpaid has been players annually in the 80′s, while being a drama queen with the skippers. Things got so bad in the early 90′s that no respected FA would consider signing…bam gets suspended & stick takes over and focuses on the farm…reinstate, add some FA’s and championships arrive.

      The Boss was a risk taker, passionate, and a humanitarian…he also could be selfish, criminal and petty.

      • Big Jim Walewander

        Well said – you’re right, from all accounts George was a complex man. And you’re even more right about how bad those late 80s/early 90s years were for Yankees fans.

        You want to know why Don Mattingly will always be loved and revered by a certain generation of fans? Because he was the only constant of class through some dark, dark times.

        I understand that younger fans can’t fathom what those years were like, but I wish many of them wouldn’t just cherry pick from the history. Good lord, look up Howie Spira and go from there.

  • P

    “Oh no! Zach Britton is pitching tomorrow… ” Said nobody, ever.

  • Hoss

    No Swisher, no Morse… who is going to be sliding around the outfield after misplaying a ball?

  • The Doctor (formerly known as G formerly known as Matt Smith formerly known as David Tennant formerly known as etc)

    Every non-move by the Yankees this offseason so far can at least be rationalized. However, if they don’t even make an effort to get Kottaras, I see absolutely no way to defend them. Clear upgrade, A’s basically have to trade him, and he’s under control for 3 more seasons.

    I swear if they pass up Kotraras and come out to say they had concerns about his defense I may kill someone.

    • Blake

      He had to make it to them first though and wouldn’t surprise me if he didnt….

      • The Doctor (formerly known as G formerly known as Matt Smith formerly known as David Tennant formerly known as etc)

        Make it to them? He’s not on waivers. The A’s have 10 days to do whatever they want with him before anything like that happens. They’re free to make trades with whomever they please.

    • ClusterDuck

      Kotex-tarus is a lifetime .220 hitter. I’d rather see cervelli, Stewart or Romine get the job.

      • The Doctor (formerly known as G formerly known as Matt Smith formerly known as David Tennant formerly known as etc)

        Because average is everything. Ignore his very high walk rate that have him an OBP of .351 last year despite a .210 average and power (.415 SLG). The guy had a 114 wRC+ last year, 49 higher than Stewart.

        He’s a low average hitter who takes a lot of walks and hits for power. Sounds an awful lot like Russell Martin. He won’t play as many games behind the plate as Martin, nor will he play defense as well, but he’s a league average to slightly above league average hitter. Much more than we have right now.

        But if you want to settle for Stewart’s sub .300 OBP and .319 SLG be my guest.

        • http://twitter.com/#!/AngeloInNY Angelo

          I’m not sure if Cluster knows any other stat matters.

          • Get Phelps Up

            This is the same guy who didn’t think Justin Upton had superstar seasons in 2009 and 2011.

            • http://twitter.com/#!/AngeloInNY Angelo

              Ah okay, so we’re definitely wasting our time. He’s too far gone.

        • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

          9 HR and 6 doubles in 2012, that’s a power hitter right there!

          Kottaras isn’t even in the same ballpark as Martin. Last year was the only year he’s played more than a half-season’s worth of games (and just barely, at 85), he’s nowhere near as good defensively, and can’t come close to putting up comparable power numbers.

          We have plenty of bullshit at the C position already. Unless the Yankees plan on putting together a trade for a starting catcher (highly unlikely) than I’m content letting the scrubs they already have battle it out. No need to add yet another scrub to the mix.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting

            “and can’t come close to putting up comparable power numbers.”

            Martin career ISO = .139, career high .192 (last year)
            Kottaras career ISO = .193 (.205 last year)

            Kottaras definitely isn’t as good overall as Martin, and he is a part time player, but he has more power than Martin.

            • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

              If you want to use ISO as the end all be all for who has more power than I guess you’re right. I suppose I am placing too much emphasis on Martin’s Yankee years. His HR total the last couple years has certainly been helped a little by YS3.

              I guess my point was we’re comparing a career backup with no more than 250 PA’s a year to a guy who’s been an everyday catcher since he’s been in the league. Extended out over a full season’s worth of wear and tear, I don’t think Kottaras could match Martin’s offensive production in any category. I could be completely wrong, but I don’t see it happening.

              I just am not creaming my pants over the potential of adding yet another backup catcher to the ranks of backup catchers already on the roster.

              • YanksFanInBeantown

                As you said, Kottaras is a part time player, so his HR totals aren’t as good a measure of his power as they are for Martin, a full time player. That’s what ISO is for, comparing the power numbers of people with different amounts of playing time.

              • The Doctor (formerly known as G formerly known as Matt Smith formerly known as David Tennant formerly known as etc)

                I could see him exceeding his OPS all together to be honest. Thing is he can’t play nearly as many games as Martin, so he’d be less valuable as a whole. However, as has been said, any game someone else catches is a game not played by Stewart or Cervelli. It’s an upgrade, not a complete solution but an upgrade.

      • City Island

        Batting average FTW! 1950s style!

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      They seem to be prioritizing C defense lately. Kottaras isn’t likely a good enough hitter to convince them to change that philosophy.

    • trr

      how ’bout Hal?

    • Ted Nelson

      He’s intriguing, but C defense does exist… It’s not a myth. This doesn’t strike me as make or break.

  • Deep Thoughts

    Weird. Does this mean more reps behind the plate for Montero? Or do they think Zunino is ready now?

    They have about a billion fringy 1B/corner OF types. I guess I don’t get why they didn’t dump one of them instead of Jaso.

    And what will the Nats do at catcher? If Wilson Ramos the odd man out does he go back to AAA like Cervelli, or is he on the market as well?

    • Ted Nelson

      He only played 43 games at C for them last year, so he pretty much was one of their DHs. He’s also coming off a career offensive year, so his value may never be higher.

      Could mean more C for Montero short-term, and Zunino probably is pretty close.

      I agree the Ms will probably still stink offensively this season, and seem to be getting a bit worse defensively at the same time.

  • Vern Sneaker

    Are we really going into spring training with just Diaz, Canzier, and Mesa as RH hitting outfielder candidates? Really? REALLY??!

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      No. Mustelier will be there as well.

    • Get Phelps Up

      Does spring training really start tomorrow? Really? REALLY?

  • Vern Sneaker

    Are we really going into spring training with just Diaz, Canzier, and Mesa as RH hitting outfielder candidates? REALLY??!

    • Tonight, on It’s The Mind…

      …we examine the phenomenon of deja vu, that strange feeling we sometimes get that we’ve lived through something before…

  • Steve

    Weird that Boone Logan and a sack of dogshit didn’t land Morse. I could have sworn that is what it was going to take.

    • Hoss

      It would have been better if Cashman had not left the sack of dogshit burning on Rizzo’s doorstep. That and they wanted more than Logan and mediocre prospects and Seattle obliged via Oakland. We helped, though, by giving them Montero to catch next year.

      • Ted Nelson

        Jason caught 40 games for them last year… and that Zunino fella is supposed to be ok.

  • wiljaq Yankfan

    The Yankees are now just lazy and cheap! Shame on you Hal, Cash.

    • http://twitter.com/#!/AngeloInNY Angelo

      I won’t completely agree/disagree on this, but I wouldn’t blame Cashman. This is ownership.

      • Hoss

        You’re right. Cashman is just incompetent, not lazy or cheap.

        • Get Phelps Up

          The Yankees have missed the playoffs once in his tenure…we must have a different definition of incompetent.

          • Hoss


  • dasani

    I got to believe that Cashman has something going on that nobody knows about. Maybe they are sliding in under the radar on Upton or maybe even Stanton, because for the life of me I can’t imagine that they are serious about their righthanded bat being either Diaz or Canzel, thats like Cashman had everyone believing that Bubba Crosby was going to be the Yankees opening day centerfielder before they got Damon.

  • James


    • Hoss

      Youkilis, Diaz, Canzler… definitely a rebuild.

    • http://twitter.com/#!/AngeloInNY Angelo

      If the Yankees were rebuilding they would have traded Granderson, Cano, and Hughes by now. This isn’t a rebuilding phase.

      They also wouldn’t have signed Kuroda, Pettitte, Youkilis, etc…

      The Yankees are just unwilling to spend money right now (or take on money and years.) There goal is to get under the $189M cap.

      • James

        thats cuz they don’t want the fans to think they are rebuilding, they are keeping the stars so that the killer outfield in A-ball and gary sanchez have more time to develop! The Yanks have a TON of talent in A-Ball so naturally they want to try to build from within. The owners are saying 189 payroll for multiple years is to prepare them for the years where [pray to yankee-god] then whole outfield is worth 1.2mill. Thats why they said they think we can win with a $189mill roster for multiple years. 2+2=4

        • http://twitter.com/#!/AngeloInNY Angelo

          This makes absolutely no sense, but I guess people will believe what they want to believe.

  • B. Phillips (Yankee fan)

    Why don’t we claim kottaras and DFA eppley and then go sign like valverde or farnsworth or K rod orsomeone of that nature to a minor L contract and then if they make the big leg roster then they make like $3-6m to replace EPPLEY an then some.

  • Greg

    Really amazing that we’re talking about guys as bad as Kotares and Morse. Pitiful.

    • mustang

      Yes Sir it is.

    • Steve S

      Not at all. Guys like Morse and Kottaras are the one’s that could push the Yankees in the 90-94 win range.

      • The Doctor (formerly known as G formerly known as Matt Smith formerly known as David Tennant formerly known as etc)

        Exactly. I don’t see what people don’t understand. Teams aren’t comprised entirely of superstars. I’m sure if RAB existed back in the ’97-’98 offseason there’d be plenty of people complaining about Brosius being a scrub. Guys like this have breakout seasons at best and at worst play a role that helps the team win a game or two extra. That could be the difference this year.

      • Herby

        I don’t see a player like Kottaras as one pushing the Yankees to 90-94 wins though. I really don’t see him as that big of an upgrade over what is available on the team now, or possibly with Romine that he should be the latest player fans should be getting all up in arms for. I’d rather see Romine given the job from the start and see what he can do.
        Players like George Kottaras aren’t going to be the answer for the club, you also never know what a young player is going to give you if you don’t give them a chance. Start Cervelli, work in Romine, Cervelli might have a good enough start that in mid-season he might be a possible trade piece. It think some of his AAA performance last year was because he was pissed about how he was used by the Yankees and disappointment over the situation. Which isn’t what I want in a player, but perhaps can turn it around if given a chance to start.
        If Kottaras was so good, he wouldn’t have been DFA’d for someone like Jaso.

        • Laz

          2012 Kottaras was a better hitter than 2012 Martin.

          • Herby

            that’s not saying much.

    • Evan3457

      Except that Morse isn’t “bad”, I agree with you.

  • mustang

    The Mariners will probably play a few games next season with an outfield with 2 from the following: Raul Ibanez, Jason Bay or Michael Morse and have Jesus Montero catching.

    Please God let be vs. the Yankees.

  • YanksFanInBeantown

    That settles it, then. We need Justin Upton.

    Make is happen, Cashmoney.

  • YanksFanInBeantown

    That settles it, then. We need Justin Upton.

    Make is happen, Cashmoney.

  • Steve S

    Even if the Yankees aren’t 100% sold on Kottaras, they would be insane not to trade for him within the next few days. Someone with higher priority will likely claim him. They should offer a piece off of their 40-man roster to make room for him – preferably a guy like Rondon or Mesa. Kottaras can be DFA’d after Spring Training for a fraction (1/6?) of his $1 million dollar salary. If they choose to keep him, he his under team control for the 2013-15 seasons, according to B-R. Seems certainly worth the risk, and I really can’t imagine any superior situations opening up for the Yankees in terms of picking up an extra catcher. I’m not sure what Cervelli’s option situation is, but if he has one more left they can demote both him and Romine; if he doesn’t they’ll figure something out.

    • Bob Buttons

      If Bubba Crosby could catch I don’t mind him starting at catcher over what we‘ve got.

  • MartinRanger

    As you guys know, I was high on Morse, so I’m really torn. Actually, I was pissed until I saw the latest evidence that Jack Z is a desperate.moron. If the Yankees had a Jaso, I would not trade him for Morse.

    Still, I’m really alarmed by how weak our lineup is against lefties. And the general lack of power. We’ll need the O’s luck in one-run games for parts of this year. And with injuries inevitable this doesn’t look like more than an 87-88 win team.

    • Blake

      Tex and Youk are gonna be key….if those two don’t bounce back overall and Cano doesn’t bounce back vs LHP then this offense could be rather toothless vs LHP….,and there are several very good lefties in the AL east

  • http://Riveraveblues Austinmac

    The season may as well start tomorrow. This is the team.

  • Joe R

    So whats the consensus about the cost of this deal? Did the Mariners overpay? I feel like they did but thats just my somewhat educated guess.

    • Blake

      The deal just doesn’t make sense from the mariners POV to me…..they have up 3 years of Jaso for 1 year of Morse when they really aren’t ready to compete…..they dealt a catcher with an .850 OPS last year to a division rival…..and now they are either going to have to bank on Montero catching the bulk of games or they are gonna have to rush Zunino to the big leagues.

      If Zunino was ready and they were a bat away then the deal would make sense….that’s not really the case though . Love it for the Nats and As

      • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

        That’s it in a nutshell.

      • Laz

        Yes, I think Jack Z is really trying to go for it this year. Maybe he sees his job on the line.

      • Ted Nelson

        They didn’t actually use Jaso at C. Only 40 games. This doesn’t drastically change their C situation. It is still Zunino’s spot in short-order, I would guess.

        I’m not particularly high on Morse, but I’d guess they see him as a long-term piece they can extend or at least wine and dine for a year to try to re-sign. They might see Jaso’s career offensive year as unsustainable, and they clearly don’t see him as a C while they don’t really need him to DH.

  • Reggie C.

    Can’t call the Yankees and Cashman “cheap”.

    Youkilis did get $12 million after all, and though its strictly for 2013, its an awful lot of coin when you think that Arod’s return is eventual. We can’t discount Arod’s ability to recover fully. I’m thinking the Nationals were really asking for one of the three outfield prospects or Gary Sanchez in return for Morse.

    Morse’s power would’ve been welcomed though.

    • Ted Nelson

      Yeah, those are the only 4 guys I see as objectively comparable to Cole with Manny hurt. And when you consider that the Nats drafted Cole, they’re probably especially high on him.

  • MartinRanger

    As you guys know, I was high on Morse, and desperately wanted a youngish bat in this lineup who could almost make up for Swisher’s lost production, so I’m really torn. Actually, I was pissed until I saw the latest evidence that Jack Z is a desperate moron. If the Yankees had a Jaso, I would not trade him for Morse. So as much as I sometimes doubt the ownership’s grasp of reality, this was a good non-move because Seattle frankly made a terrible trade.

    Still, I’m really alarmed by how weak our lineup is against lefties. And the general lack of power beyond 3-4-5 (as much as I want to count on Youkilis to rebound, it’s not a given). Even with a solid pitching staff, we’ll need the O’s luck in one-run games for parts of this year. And with injuries inevitable this doesn’t look like more than an 87-88 win team unless things go perfectly. Even then the ceiling is lower than that of the 95 win team last year, which really looked hurting and sputtering by the end of the year.

    I suppose that if Hairston is available, they should get him – apparently the Mets aren’t exactly throwing money at him, if the report of the 1-year 2 mil contract offer was accurate. That in his *career year* he made out 70 percent of his plate appearances is alarming, but hopefully you can use him judiciously.

    Eh, as much as I want to be optimistic about this year, every non-move this team makes, even when they make a lot of sense (as does a Kottaras/Cervelli platoon), is just not inspiring confidence in the short term of this organization. And as much as I love our A-Ball 4, the chances that only one of two of them becomes a major league contributor, let alone an All-Star, is pretty high. And who knows what we’ll get from Baneulos and Pineda going forward.

    • CashmanNinja

      I wanted Morse badly, but I just don’t see what the Mariners are doing. I was thinking Logan and a so-so prospect could get it done, but it’s not like Jaso is a scrub by any means (especially since he’s more cost controlled than Morse). I just don’t understand the Mariners’ way of thinking. Morse would be great for their DH, but they’ve got Montero. So this means they’re going to have Montero catch? Early in his minor league career I thought he could stay behind the plate, but then I actually got to see some vid of him back there and…yeah, there’s no way he’d stick there and be a competent defensive catcher. He can’t throw runners out, he didn’t frame pitches well, he didn’t block balls in the dirt very well, and he just looked too big. So I don’t see what the Mariners are doing right now. They’ve got such a log jam of the same types of player (Ibanez, Montero, Morse) — guys who can hit, but really have no set position.

      If Jaso is what it took for the Mariners to land Morse…I’m glad he’s there and not in pinstripes. Again, I really like Morse’s power, but not at the cost. At this point I’d just roll the dice with Justin Upton. I hate dealing so many prospects, but right now they’re just prospects. Upton is more proven. The key thing is that Upton is only 25. Again, I hate giving up so much of our farm, but he’s not even in his prime yet and would basically be a replacement for Granderson since there’s no way he is on the team in the future. Grandy will make $15 mil this year and will want one last contract. There’s no way he takes a team friendly deal in a market where Napoli originally had an offer of 3/39. He’s going to try for 3/45 as a starting price and could probably get 4/60 or more if he tried. Swish got around that so I’m sure Grandy could, but it depends on the market. Either way I think Grandy is gone so Upton is a phenomenal replacement (which also winds up saving us some cash as well). If we really are adamant about getting under $189 mil, this is the player you go after to help do that while not losing too much offense in the process.

    • Ted Nelson

      Can’t agree the line-up is weak against LHP.

      Tex, Youk, Jeter, Nunez, ARod, and the Cs should all hit LHP better, in some cases much better, than RHP. Cano is no scrub against LHP. We’ll see what Ichiro does overall, but he has a reverse platoon split.

  • John C

    Hairston is leaning toward signing with the Phillies last I heard. Yanks also need a lefty DH. SHould take a look at Luke Scott.

  • CashmanNinja

    Hairston wants a multi-year deal. The Mets apparently offered 1 year/$2 mil. There’s no way he should get the rumored 2/8 that he wants. He had a sub-.300 OBP for crying out loud. His 20 HR was an anomaly. He’ll regress back to a 10 HR a year kind of guy. His defense is alright; it’s not great, but it could be worse. I’d rather just sign someone else if that’s the case. Hell, we could sign Shelly Duncan if we wanted an all or nothing guy off the bench. I also want nothing to do with Luke Scott. I realize that players are allowed to have their own opinions on everything, but Scott has a big mouth. He says what’s on his mind and I can see how teammates could get sick of him very quickly.

  • MB923

    Red Sox and Napoli got a deal. Just 1 year and $5 million. Do not tell me the Yankees could not match that.

    • MartinRanger

      And played him where, exactly? If the hip is that bad I’m happy staying away from him. He’s sure as hell not going to be a regular catcher.

      Seriously, if a deal goes from 3/39 to 1/5, something is seriously, seriously wrong. So much so that even the player’s agent can’t talk his way around it.

      Napoli is a season-ending injury waiting to happen.

    • Ted Nelson

      There’s that whole incentives part. Any team in baseball could have topped it, none of 28 other teams wanted to either. They may all be wrong, sure, but this isn’t a Yankee only thing.

  • http://www,riveraveblues.com GT Yankee

    I don’t comment that frequently, but I read many of the posts and feel frustration for sure. What I ultimately come back to is Hal. I think a good part of the ire fans are feeling stems from him. He basically said he was confused/surprised at the reaction of Yankee fans. I believe he has Cashman’s hands tied and has not taken the opportunity to man up and protect him. Sure, you can say that’s what bosses pay employees to do, but these are the New York Yankees! Eventually when Cash does leave, we’ll read about this in his book. I understand the whole 189M thing, but especially if they plan to keep the likes of Granderson and Cano this year, they really should be going more balls out than to say we signed Youk. If they’re secretly declaring the next two years “lost” than go full out and trade Cano for O. Taveras and Miller BEFORE Opening Day while you can still can. That is if you’re not able to extend them. I’m really okay with this approach IF they can get max value. I know, the naysayers will point out that Spring Training is not tomorrow, but the pool of available players isn’t getting any larger. Plus they haven’t gotten better. Not appreciably worse, but not better. No way this current team gets past Detroit….again.

    Read’s Mike’s post on Kottaras….Good stuff. Rare left-handed hitting catcher. Actually good defensively, but horrendous (worse than Posada horrendous) at throwing out runners. I say snag this guy, work with him and have pitchers work extra hard on holding men on. While I don’t think a guy who has been DFA’d twice recently is “the answer”, I do believe a platoon of this guy with Stewart/Cervelli/Romine will easily compete with offensive catching output for 2012. Short porch at YS could help get a few extra over the fence for this guy. Trade a piece we won’t use ala Mesa for him as I doubt he’ll fall to NY and we’d need to DFA someone to make room anyway.

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