• Brian C.

    Is there anything the Yankees could do (as far as baseball operations are concerned) that would make you resign from being a fan of the team?

    • trr

      extending A-rod’s contract

    • Shots Fired

      If they hire Ted Nelson.

  • LarryM., Fl.

    If you are a fly on wall in Brian Cashman’s office. What trade is he realistically working on that he could swing. Include a three team trade if you want?

  • Mick taylor

    This blog has idiots like jj yank who only a few weeks earlier ridiculed my suggestion that slade heathcott might play for the yanks this year. Well, apparently the yanks according to Oppenheimer are contemplating it. Of course these idiots are silent now about slade.


    I think ur gonna be as wrong about Ichiro as u were about Gio Gonzalez mike.. I think Ichiro’s playing passionate baseball again and is gonna add alittle pop with the short porch to his game, and even though 300BA might not happen, something like 281ba 12hr 63rbi 20sb with good D is not outta the question..