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  1. DJ says:

    I agree that the inability or unwillingness to upgrade at catcher is baffling. If not Kotteras why not Torrealba (who just signed a minor legaue deal with Rockies). He had a decent year with Texas in 2011. Better than most of the ‘internal’ options they have.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      The Yankees might not see those guys as upgrades. They could have probably had Kottaras for any D prospect since Oakland got nothing, and Torrealba probably if they guaranteed him a deal. They did neither.

      Kottaras is pretty terrible defensively. He’s respectable offensively, but a below league average guy overall. Not Jorge where you overlook the D.

  2. DJ says:

    I don’t buy Cashman’s logic that he can wait til trading deadline to upgrade roster for this season. Seems like the price might be higher then than if you did something sooner. Thoughts?

    • Laz says:

      Maybe, but also more teams selling. Look at the number of teams buying players thinking they are in it. Outside of Minnesota every team in the AL has made moves thinking they are contenders.

  3. DJ says:

    What’s the best RH OF option left for Cashman or is he more likely looking at a trade. Not much left

  4. DJ says:

    Hamilton if healthy makes Angels better than last year.

  5. DJ says:

    Guess Yanks considered Posada’s offense secondary to his ‘defense’?

    • RetroRob says:

      Well, remember, Girardi lost his job as the Yankees starting catcher to Posada. Girardi was a defense-first, small-ball, put-down-the-bunt type of player. For him to not value that type of catcher means he doesn’t value himself!

      • Ted Nelson says:

        Who knows, but I doubt the whole rest of the org is cowtoeing to Girardi if they think the team is worse off than they would be with another C/philosophy. If they thought he was essentially sabotaging the team to placate his own ego… Not sure that they’d keep him around. And he doesn’t have direct control over personnel anyway, so he’d have to be really twisting Cashman’s arm here and probably ownership/Levine too. So I think it’s reasonable to assume this is not a Girardi thing.

        I also don’t know of a C who hits like Jorge who is available. Since the Yankees still target the Monteros, Sanchezs, Birds, Austins, and O’Briens as amateurs I don’t think they’ve given up on the value of a C who hits. Just that while Jorge’s very good hitting might have well outweighed his bad D to them, an ok hitter like AJP or Kottaras might not do the same to them. Or a guy like Napoli’s D might just be too much to overcome for them. Or maybe they’d evaluate Jorge differently these days and move him to 1B or DH or something, I have no idea.

        Finally, the Rays and Yankees could be starting (assuming Stewart and Molina start, which of course isn’t a given) two of the highest scorers on Fast’s pitch framing data and seem to be two of the most analytical FOs, so I think pitch framing is really worth looking into more deeply.

        • RetroRob says:

          Although it’s really not evident from my comment, which is understandable if taken at face value, I was really only half-serious. I do think Girardi values catchers like himself. Human nature. Yet if the Yankees actually had a Jorge Posada-type catcher, I’m sure he would use them over the current crop. They don’t.

          I am still perplexed by the organization’s decision to let Martin leave. Even at .210, he is far better overall then anyone who will be in camp when taking into account power, walks and defense. Add in that the .210 BA was the lowest of his career, with the peripherals suggesting some bad luck, then I think a .240/.330/.410 bounceback season was quite possible. (His second-half numbers last year were even better than that.)

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