Rosenthal: Cubs sign Scott Hairston

Wednesday Night Open Thread
The Biggest Move of the Offseason

Via Ken Rosenthal: The Cubs (?!?) have agreed to sign Scott Hairston to a two-year contract. The Yankees had some interest in the 32-year-old, who was by far the best right-handed hitting outfield left on the market. They didn’t like the idea of a multi-year contract given the 2014 payroll plan though, so off to Chicago he went. The odds of Matt Diaz and/or Russ Canzler making the team just skyrocketed.

Wednesday Night Open Thread
The Biggest Move of the Offseason
  • The Real Greg

    Interesting. They already have a right handed power outfielder.
    Methinks the Cubs are getting ready to move Soriano.

  • Luke

    Another whiff by the front office. It’s pretty said when we can’t even convince Hairston to sign with us. Maybe the Steinbrenners should consider dusting off their wallet some before we turn into the Royals. We’re already starting a scrub catcher.

    • barry

      Why would we want him? He’s not really an upgrade over any of our other options. He hits for power and not much else. Could of just signed Shelley Duncan if wanted a player who strikes out, barely walks, and goes yard here and there.

    • Bob Buttons

      Hairston: I want to be a starter
      Yankees : You will be a platoon player
      *hangs up*

      • MannyGeee

        Hairston: I want to be a starter
        Yankees Royals: You will be a platoon player
        *hangs up*


        • MannyGeee

          Missed a strike there… messed up the joke.

          I’ll show myself out.

  • Blake

    Hate to even ask but I wonder what they’d have to give for Soriano….if Theo will eat most of the money and will take Warren or somebody then that might be their best bet….it’s not perfect….but I seems perfect has left the building at this point

    • Havok9120

      The rumor mill from the beat writers has had Soriano’s price going up at a pretty steady clip for most of the offseason. Theo is either going to treat it as a salary dump or wants a good prospect in return. So a #5/longman probably doesn’t get it done. And that second year scares me to begin with.

      • Blake

        Yea…may not be worthwhile. I doubt there is any team that’ll give a legit prospect for him …and I also doubt there is any team that would take a great deal of his salary either

        • Tom

          Take with a grain of salt but this was on MLB traderumors (granted the price might have changed, and Theo/Hpoyer were probably aiming high)

          They wanted Dom Brown from the Phillies with the Cubs picking up all but 10 mil of the contract (Phils would pick up 5mil per over the 2 years left).

          • barry

            I don’t think that’s too bad of a deal. He’s well worth 10 mil/2 years.

            • MannyGeee

              But is he worth $5M per and Dom Brown?

    • RetroRob

      I don’t think the Yankees have much intention of trading Warren. He’s one of two depth arms they’ll have in AAA.

  • J6takish

    I understand the logic in not wanting to sign a bench player to a “multi year” contract…. But all he really wanted was a 2nd year. This is a guy with a career 119 wRC+ against lefties who can play a passable outfield most likely only making a few million a year. It’s not like he just signed a lengthy deal well into his decline phase

    • Bob Buttons

      How do you know that he didn’t want playing time too?

  • 189,189,189,

    we cannot sign anyone,maybe we should go after that girlfriend of that Notre Dame guy…….I HEAR AT LEAST SHE GIVES GOOD PHONE…

  • Pistol Pete

    I’m totally confused with this off season. If it was just a money dump year then they would not have resigned Kiroda, Ichiro, Pettitte, Rivera, or spent 12 m on Youkalis. But then they cheap out on Martin, pass on Pierzynski and leave us with no ML caliber catchers. Next they can’t get a right handed bat and sign a bunch of has beens to minor league deals. We still don’t have a DH. What the fuck is going on, are we trying or not, Hal’s off season is confusing.

    • trr

      Let’s be homest, this is a team full of DH’s.
      What about infield depth? are you really comfortable w/Nunez???

    • JU

      What are u confused by? Other than the Ichiro signing (which I myself am confused by) every other move has fallen in line with not committing to payroll beyond this season. I mean look at the evidence – the ichiro case is the only contradiction to that plan. I don’t consider the AJ non-signing relevant, in that I believe they simply did not want him.

  • Get Phelps Up

    I wasn’t really all that high on Hairston seeing how he’s coming off a career year where he still had a .299 OBP, but there was definitely a good case to be made for him. I would be surprised if the Yankees didn’t get at least one of a DH, RHH outfielder or a catcher before spring training.

  • Greg

    Imagine a world where we really need Scott Hairston AND we can’t afford him. Who would have thought.

    • barry

      I’m not particularly up on the roster this year and I can say that I don’t think we couldn’t afford nor did we need Hairston. He’s not an impact player that’s going to drastically improve our line-up. Last year he was a 135wrc+ but career 119 against lefties, he’s a shadow against righties, plus has spent entire career in NL. One year, fine, 2 years nope. If you want a slightly above average platoon OFer there are options on the team already with a lot less risk.

  • dkidd

    theo is stocking up on trade bait for 7/31. not a bad strategy for a rebuild

  • jedua

    Maybe the Yankees could sell George’s corpse as a perpetual motion machine and forget about the budget

    • The Doctor (formerly known as G formerly known as Matt Smith formerly known as David Tennant formerly known as etc)


    • MannyGeee

      I see what you did there… clever

  • mustang

    “The Cubs have reached an agreement with outfielder Scott Hairston for a two-year deal pending a physical, reports’s Ken Rosenthal (via Twitter). The Excel Sports Management client will receive up to $6MM over the course of the two years including incentives”

    6MM ??????

    I know it’s not a major lost, but can someone explain this one to me because I just don’t get it.

  • Bob Buttons

    For Pete’s sake, people are overreacting.

    Scott Hairston can’t hit righties if the stake of his livelihood depended on it (and he’s lucky that it doesn’t)

    He’s also a bad fielder.

    Matt Diaz isn’t the worst fielder in the world and historically has been a better hitter in every aspect except homeruns. Even in the past couple of years he was still at least serviceable as a righty bat.

    People also need to realize that Scott Hairston may not be satisfied sitting on the bench a lot.

    Hairston would be nice, but it’s not the end of the world. We lost him, so what?

    • RetroRob

      I agree. Haitston would have been okay on a year deal, but this free-agent market has been pretty weak outside of a few players. I’d rather they take their chances with Diaz, Canzler and Mustelier than locking in Hairston over two years coming off a career year.

      The Yankees have holes to fill, yet Hairston was hardly a great answer.

  • Danny

    Assume that this means Stanton or Upton will be in Yankee uniform by Saturday

  • lightSABR

    Yeah, this offseason is making less and less sense to me with every new non-trade and non-signing by the Yankees. I’ve always been a Cashman fan. I hope he doesn’t let me down.


    Lord help the Steinbrenners if the Yankees start the season off on a losing streak…They don’t know this town’s wrath….

    • Pistol Pete Hater

      And you call yourself a Yankee fan. Humbug scumbag.

      • BINNER

        …and a merry “screw you” prick!

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

      The Steinbrenners, whose family has owned the team for decades, don’t know this town’s wrath? LOL.

  • Ken

    It’s a sad state of affairs when Yankee fans are upset about not signing Scott Hairston. I’m glad the FO isn’t paying these overpriced veterans. I never imagined a scenario where I would be thankful we flushed 6 million down the toilet for this scrub

  • Ken’s wife

    So they’re afraid of giving a guy who mashes lefties a 2 year deal but waste no time in giving a 40 year old on the decline (Ichiro) a 2 year deal at much more money. Doesn’t make sense to me or Ken.

  • Brazilian Fan

    REALITY CHECK: the front office won´t sign anyone expensive. Deal with it.

  • Robert

    Good news for all our minor league OF prospects,for the first time in many years the door is wide open!!

    • Jason

      Justin maxwell will finally get his chance!

  • http://RAB YankinCO

    These are strange times, this off-season we have seen players choosing once/still scrub teams or just lowere tier organizations over the Yankees. Some have mentioned because they want a chace to go to WS. Honestly, my confidence in this team going forward is not that good. If we have injuries again this year?? Or last of production on Walk Years for some?? Good Luck

  • TopChuckie

    I predict one of Thomas Neal, Matt Diaz, or Russ Canzler will be a fan favorite this season. He will have a surprisingly productive season, coming up big when he get his opportunities, and there will be fan pleas for more playing time. Sort of like Chris Dickerson but more relevant. I’m pulling for it to be Neal, but odds are it will be Diaz.

  • MB923

    Yankees didn’t show much interest in this guy, but the Mets just signed Shawn Marcum.

    • mitch

      You know it’s a tough off season when you’re jealous of a move made by the Mets

      • MB923

        Haha, pretty much

  • Boys of Summer

    Time for Hal to stop lying to the fans. We keep hearing that they are not done yet they apparently have “no interest” in anyone available and holes to fill. Thinking this may happen every year going forward. I can only hope they sell this team. I remember the year piazza was available and the fans were calling up the radio stations complaining and the mets finally traded for him. Surprised Yankees fans are not using the airwaves to voice their complaints. Thinking we should! Not being greedy here and asking for top players but they have lost so much of what was an offensively challenged team last year and have done little to replace that offense. Cervelli could not even make the team as a back up last year and now he is starting? Huh??? Am I missing something here??? We all know Ichiro got two years bc of the business side more than the baseball side. I am furious! Some will criticize me for these remarks but I am thinking that most will probably agree!

    • MannyGeee

      Soooooo, the Mets FO was just sitting around listening to Vinnie from Queens and Johnny from Hoboken complain about wanting Piazza on Mike and the Mad Dog, and succumbed to the pressure?

      seems legit

    • Get Phelps Up


  • MB923

    Anibal Sanchez – 3.75 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, 2.29 K/BB ratio
    Shaun Marcum – 3.76 ERA, 1.22 WHIP, 2.65 K/BB ratio

    • Blake

      The valuations of pitchers right now in baseball is really screwy……..the gap between real value and perceived value is pretty large in some cases

    • Coolerking101

      Sanchez – 30 or more starts for 3 straight years.
      Marcum – Coming off of a 2012 that featured an elbow injury and only 124 innings.

  • TheOneWhoKnocks

    I don’t see why they didn’t sign Hairston to a 2 year 6m deal unless playing time was the issue. (and I don’t think it was, seeing as he could slide full time into the DH hole immediately, and play the OF frequently against lefty pitchers, it was going to be easy to find 500 at bats for him this year)

    I get that the 2014 budget is a big deal, but it would have been super easy to trade hairston next year on a 1 year 3m deal if necessary.

    To all those who say Hairston isn’t an impact player, your missing the point. He’s a role player. And the role he plays is precisely the one this team is currently lacking.
    This team right now needs a RH OF with pop who can hit lefties. He was a perfect fit for our needs. Hairston was the best available and he was available at a bargain price, and the Yankees didn’t land him.

    Disappointing offseason, if this is the team we break camp with this will be the first time in the last 15 years that I felt like we weren’t going to win the division.

    • cat37

      I agree ,unless they make a big move I do not think they have a chance. I know I will not renew my mlb network to watch them.

    • Bob Buttons

      And chances are, one of Mustelier/Diaz/Canzler/Neal/Mesa/(instert name) will be no less successful than Hairston at a fraction of the price.

      Again, his OBP is horrendous and his only upside is pop. I’ll take my Musteliers and Mesas over him without too much sleep over it.

      Will we win the division? Possibly not. Do we need to win the division?

  • dasani

    Cashman said hes still shpping. Where ? Siberia ?

  • Bavarian Yankee

    via MLBTR: Braves acquire Upton. Heyward + Upton brothers = best outfield?

  • Boys of Summer

    Absolutely believe that the mets organization did succumb to the Piazza pressure…not a doubt in my mind