Heyman: Yankees won’t give up a good prospect for Alfonso Soriano


Via Jon Heyman: The Yankees are unwilling to give up a good prospect for Alfonso Soriano, nevermind a top prospect. He suspects they would absorb $10M of the $36M left on his contract, however.

Soriano, 37, had a nice bounceback year in 2012 after looking close to finished in 2011. As I wrote in a mailbag over the holidays, his resurgence looks to have been aided by a switch to a lighter bat. The Cubs are reportedly willing to pay $26M of Soriano’s contract, but they want a quality piece in return. I’m not quite sure with the Yankees would do with him other than use him as the right-handed hitting outfielder/Travis Hafner injury replacement, but they could have signed Scott Hairston for like half the money to do that.

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  • Jerkface

    If the Cubs ate 26 million, broken up as 9 million in 2013 & 17 million in 2014, then Soriano would count as 0$ against the ’189 limit’. That is the only scenario in which i think the Yankees would take Soriano, and it would have to be approved by the Commissioners office due to money changing hands. I don’t think they would veto it, as teams put out uneven cash considerations for multi-year contracts all the time.

    • Matt :: Sec110

      Isn’t it AAV?

      • turd surfer

        He knows his stuff. I think he’s right.

      • jjyank

        Yes. I assumed this was common knowledge by now.

        • Gonzo

          I’m not certain, but I think page 101 (iii) Cash Considerations backs up his claim.

          The CBA:

          • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

            yeah, I believe the way it works is the Yankees would inherit Soriano’s 17M AAV, but deduct any payments made by the Cubs in the year the payments are actually made.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        I haven’t looked at the CBA, but apparently any money acquired in trades is applied to specific years and isn’t spread as AAV.

      • Jerkface

        The luxury tax hit is AAV yes, but cash considerations going either way are applied in the year they are paid or received. So Soriano’s salary is 18 million, his AAV is 17, and the cash considerations from the cubs reduce the 17 number by X.

    • trr

      Doesn’t work that way

      • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

        And jerk face has been around long enough by now to know this. Or he’s just being willfully blind. Someone proposes something like this in every single trade thread ever written. And many people quickly point out the error. And yet…

        • Steve (different one)

          Are we sure he is wrong?

          • hogsmog

            Isn’t like, the commissioner allowed to step in if he thinks shenanigans are being pulled anyway?

            • Havok9120

              Yes, he is.

            • Steve (different one)

              He could, and he might, but I don’t see how he could do that on grounds other than “f the Yankees”. He approved the Burnett deal to Pittsburg, there was uneven amounts of cash by year moving from NY to Pitt. So he’s already signed off on such a deal.

              But would he block it? It’s possible.

              • Havok9120

                His grounds would be that we were “obviously” trying to circumvent the luxury tax. Whether he’d actually try it, I do not know, but that’s all the grounds he’d need to do so.

                • Steve (different one)

                  And the Yankees could just argue that Soriano would be 37 in 2013 and 38 in 2014, and they don’t expect him to have as much value in 2014.

                  Would it work? Who knows.

                  Too bad Soriano isn’t a Brewer, Selig would look the other way….

                  • Gonzo

                    Think about it though. I really doubt Bud would step in at all. He’ll review it, maybe even try to send it back, but it’s clearly written out in the CBA. When’s the last time he invoked the best interest of baseball clause? When Frank McCourt was running his team into the ground not trying to improve it.

                    • Havok9120

                      I don’t think he would either, but it would depend on what the League’s internal reaction has been to the Yanks deciding to reign in payroll and get under the tax. If they’ve all been going “sweet, we did it!” that’d be one thing. But if they’re all secretly cursing the unpredictability of the Steinbrenner family and the resulting revenue loss for the Global Domination Fund…then there could be a problem.

                      But again, I don’t expect that it would be.

                    • Gonzo

                      It would have to be some blowback. I just don’t see it at all. I mean it’s not like they have suitors knocking themselves over to get this guy. This is a much different scenario than the Kansas City A’s trades the Yankees made in the 50′s.

          • trr

            Yes, he is wrong

            • Jerkface

              Nope, still right, read the CBA

          • Havok9120

            No. I’m waiting for our legal experts to show up and lay it out for us.

            • Gonzo

              I’m not a legal expert, but I think he’s right. I posted it above. I couldn’t find anything other than the 2016/2017 part that disagrees with what he said.

            • Legal Expert

              The Yankees would have to be responsible at least for the MLB minimum salary. The Cubs could not pay Soriano’s entire salary in one year and have him play for another team. Pretty minor, though, since it would be basically at 500K hit.

              • Jerkface

                They wouldn’t be paying his entire salary. The Yankees would pay 1 million physical payroll for 2014. The thing is that despite paying 1 million, his LUXURY TAX payroll hit would be 0.

        • Jerkface

          Get fucked, read the CBA.

      • Jerkface

        Get fucked, read the cash considerations section of the luxury tax rules in the CBA.

    • Now Batting

      If I’m following your logic wouldn’t it be $8 million in 2013 and $18 in 2014? Pay $10 mil this year and 0 the next.

      • Jerkface

        The only thing that matters is the AAV number, so thats why I went with 17 for 2014 and 9 for 2013.

    • free speech


  • jjyank

    I wouldn’t mind taking a shot on Soriano, but I’m glad the Yankees won’t give up a good prospect. Not to sound like a total prospect hugger, the farm system is too important to what the team is trying to do right now. Keep the prospects. If they could get Soriano for like a C- prospect, sure.

    • Steve (different one)

      This is where I am. I’d take him, but not for anything more than a middling prospect.

    • Govin

      Ya, I’m not really in the mood to give up one of our better prospects for a 37 year old guy. Just read that the pettitt’s son threw a no hitter with ten strike outs. Like father like son.

    • Jacob the OG(formerly Jacob)

      I am under te impression that the majority of or top 30 prospects are C’s, until they prove me wrong.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Yeah, pretty much. Otherwise, I’d just as much start the season with lesser depth and see what becomes available.

      I still think an actual contributor to this roster this season will come from the ranks of guys who lose a spot battle on another team in Spring Training.

  • pablos taco smash samwich

    This is where I am? I’d take him, but not for anything more than a middling prospect

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Changes everything, really.

  • Ryan

    Too young…..maybe next yr

  • Who hates bunts more? Axisa or Earl Weaver? (Formerly Austin Aunelowitzky)

    What about a total non-prospect….Mr. Boone Logan ??


      Interesting perspective on the term “useful piece”. I like where your heads at Aunelowitzky.


        Er…. Quality piece.

        • trr

          that too…

      • Who hates bunts more? Axisa or Earl Weaver?

        Was that a polite way of calling me an a$$hat ? Haha.

    • Steve (different one)

      Think you’d need a third team involved, but that’s not insurmountable.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Not for Soriano. No.

  • Magilla Gorilla

    We have out second baseman of the future!

    • Jacob the OG(formerly Jacob)

      Kia optima take me back to ~1998

  • OldYanksFan

    It seems like the Cubs would like to dump Soriano and that Soriano would like to dump the Cubs. I’m not sure what the demand is for Alfonso, but my guess is there is not a big market for him.

    To me, he seems like a good fit.
    … He has had about an .800 OPS over the last 3 years
    That is close to an .850 OPS against LHP
    … His WAR value is hurt by a -1.5+/- dWar
    As a DH, he is a bit more valueable, but he is at least, not a butcher in the OF
    … We have a LH bat in Ichiro already signed for 2014.
    … We will probably lose Grandy for 2014.
    Soriano might not be a starting OFer, but it seems he could be useful both this and next year.

    I don’t want to apply the ‘Ichiro Bounce’ to everyone that comes to the Yankees/a contender, but I would have to think Soriano would be VERY happy to play on the Yankees.

    I don’t think they should trade a prime prospect for him, but I’d like to see Cashman at least be aggressive, and see if he can get something done.

    • Havok9120

      I think you are badly characterizing the Cubs’ outlook on Soriano. They don’t NEED to trade him or release him. The only real incentive they have to do so (other than improving their draft position) is if another team can make it worth their while.

      • OldYanksFan

        Well…. Is saving a team $12m plus a few decent AA prospects worth their while. They really have no reason to keep him.

  • Havok9120

    I’m reduced to watching the Mets Spring Training.

    Bring it.

  • Barry

    if only we didn’t have Ichiro..

    • Havok9120

      Then…what? We’d have the honor of trading a good prospect for Soriano because we don’t have 3 viable outfielders?

    • Yankonymous

      If only we signed Cespedes…

      • free speech

        AND DARVISH………….

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I don’t see how the two are related, unless you actually think the Yanks should be putting Soriano out there every day.

      • nsalem

        The only rationale I can see behind that comment is that 2 years of C-Dick and 2 years of Soriano
        are more valuable than two years of Ichiro and two years of whatever scrapheap selection(s) that we choose to call our rhdh through 2014. I am not a mind reader, but strongly belief based on past performance that was not the posters thought process when he made said comment.

  • lou in the bronx

    How much does butt selig get paid anyways?

  • free speech


  • ChristIsKing

    With the way things go in baseball.. The Yankees would trade some “scrub” who ends up winning 4 MVP awards or 3 Cy Youngs… Go figure. I wouldn’t trade ANYONE under 27 for Soriano