Hot .GIF Action: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Betances

Yankees rank fifth in ESPN's Future Power Rankings
Cashman confirms Yankees have made "significant offer" to Cano

Perpetual prospect Dellin Betances threw a scoreless inning on the road against the Astros this afternoon, and to quote Houston’s announcers, he was “scary wild.” That’s pretty typical for the right-hander, who had a nightmare season a year ago and has struggled to harness his admittedly impressive stuff over the last six years. The 25-year-old ranked 23rd on my preseason top 30 prospects list, and today he walked two, struck out two, hit a batter, and uncorked a wild pitch. We’ll start with the good stuff, like the big fastball in the .GIF above. More to follow — click to embiggen — after the jump.

That’s the good stuff. Now for the bad. Hide the women and children.

That last pitch actually hit the bat and was a foul ball, luckily for the hitter.

Yankees rank fifth in ESPN's Future Power Rankings
Cashman confirms Yankees have made "significant offer" to Cano
  • BeanTooth

    The Yankees need to keep a bull mascot nearby when he pitches. Huge psychological advantage.

    • Greg

      needs to wear garters when he pitches. And breathe through his eyes.

  • http://Riveravenueblues Mississippi Doc

    We will be fine when Steinbrenner finally recognizes that with the bloated salaries of Rodriguez and Texiera achieving a $189 M cap is not realistic. Are the Yankees still paying part of Burnett’s salary and, if so, does that count towards the cap?

    • jjyank

      I’m assuming this was meant for the previous thread.

      I believe Burnett’s contract is up after this season, so no, it won’t impact the 2014 budget.

    • RetroRob

      So the answer is sign another bloated contract?

      Yankee fans are getting everything they want. They complained about Swisher. Gone. They complained about Martin. Gone. Don’t want to pay Cano? Gone. Don’t want to play the market-rate game, collapse? Fine, but you want like what you’ll see.

  • Mike Eder

    Aside from the insane spine tilt for such a low release point, he has no balance at all. Stuff is so good, such a pity.

    • Mike Eder

      Just to reiterate, his release point isn’t low, but for his tilt it is. Jered Weaver has a similar tilt into first base, but his arm angle is around 11 O’Clock. Betances is probably closer to 10.

    • pat

      Dude moves like Frankenstein unfortunately.

    • Rick

      I don’t think he has an insane spine tilt at all. It’s certainly less exaggerated to his glove side than CC’s. Additionally, I don’t see an arm angle release point at 10. The problem with Betances is he can’t repeat the delivery. I agree that the tilt makes it more difficult to repeat delivery. However, pitchers with significant tilt in their delivery (as you allege Betances has) typically have a nearly 12 o clock release point. Which is more of what I see here. The body would physically not allow a person to have a glove side tilt with a 10 o’clock release point. The more the tilt, the higher the arm slot will naturally have to be. What makes Weaver so great is that he keeps his arm angle in the 11 o’clock spot despite the tilt. He’s likely significantly more coordinated athletically than Betances.

      • Bo Knows

        Betances balance for a lack of a better term is shit. His finish has his leg locked in some kind of crouch and him tumbling then over himself. Trying to control his arm angle, while also keeping himself from falling on his face is an impossible feat. Other tall Pitchers, like CC, Weaver, Johnson, even Pineda don’t do what Betances does with his lower half and they are just as tall and in Pineda’s case, he’s just as awkward looking moving around as Betances.

        • Rick

          I completely agree with you. I was just trying to point out that I don’t believe the arm angle due to tilt is the problem as the initial post suggests. He certainly has enormous difficult repeating the delivery. From those gifs, the arm is always over the top but the rest of the pitching motion is a mess. He doesn’t appear to land in the same spot twice. He exaggerates his tilt on some pitches to try to have his arm snap forward. Like you mentioned, there is too much movement, none of which is repeated. Which, as you allude to, equates to a mess.

  • Karl Krawfid

    When its good its great.

    When its bad its horrible.

    I hope he figures it out this year.

  • Kalinatek

    What happened to Ben Kabak and Joe P?

    • RetroRob

      They’re preparing the marketing and legal documents for when RAB files to go public on NASDAQ.

    • Havok9120

      Imprisoned beneath Castle RAB.

      Mike lets Ben out of the dungeon to post on local blogs and write the occasional business piece. Joe refuses to help keep up the pretense that Mike hasn’t staged a coup and so is not trusted to leave the prison. He’s a brave soul, that one.

      • voice of reason


    • Mike Eder

      They’ve transcended the bloggie.

  • MannyGeee

    He needs Rick Vaughns glasses

  • Jersey Joe

    Ugh. This makes the children start dying and the squirrels start crying.

    On another note, does anyone see Aaron Harang as a quick fill-in for Hughsy and insurance in case Nova implodes? Could be inexpensive.

  • Bryan

    The only thing I can think is that unless Dellin gets some semblance of control, screw even being an MLB caliber reliever, dude will never make the show. He is way too erratic. Such a pity too. His stuff looks so good.

  •!/KChinmaster KenC

    I like the last one where the ball hits the bat and goes straight up. Then everyone in the crowd looks up at the exact time

    • Greg

      where is Crash Davis when you need him?

    • HW7

      It was probably from the batter making some sort of primal panic-filled scream.

  • MannyGeee

    Take a look at his mechanics on the good ones vs. the bad ones. there seems to be that he is not bending or extending right on the bad ones, almost like a guy with a bad back or a soft core (speaking as a guy with a piss poor core)…

    If my 5 cent theory is right, that could be fixable.

    • CS Yankee

      I thought his front foot was landing too far left and perhaps wasn’t falling into the groove that he likely dug on those wild ones. Wild can be a good weapon, just limit the walks and don’t worry about hitting the batsmen (to a point).

      Seems fixable.

    • Rick

      The scouting reports make it sound as if he’s not athletic enough to repeat the delivery. There’s a lot going on with a man that tall.

      • Bo Knows

        I think his issues are very fixable, but the Yankees have been scared (my opinion) of doing the overhaul he needs to simplify his mechanics. His stride needs to be shortened up first and formost and possibly lower his arm angle slightly from that high over the top delivery to a more normal 3/4 slot.

        • Rick

          I wish I truly knew enough about pitching mechanics to be able to determine what’s fixable and what isn’t. Either way, we all agree something needs to be fixed and ASAP in order to save a kid who clearly has talent and “stuff.”

  • Preston

    On an unrelated note, I really like the Astro’s new unis.

  • TomH

    They should save Betances for the next game against the Jays’ A team.

  • trr

    Terrible mechanics, and at 25 , you have to question if he’s ever gonna make it. I’d be fine with it if he was included in a deal this year

  • Babe’s Ghost

    That is an interesting question and would be an interesting analysis piece for someone better informed than I…

    You could compare extremely tall pitchers, those who tamed wildness and those that didn’t. How long til they made it or flamed out? What kind of progression did they make? What were the early signs before they obviously turned it around or when did it become clear that they weren’t going to. Then look for mechanical similarities.

    Certainly Randy Johnson didn’t make it to MLB until he was 25, led the majors in walks in the first three full seasons, led in hitting batters in 2 of first four full seasons. But in his 5th full year at the ripe age of 30 he went 19-8 w 3.24.

    Is Betances going to be RJ2? No, but I’d still give him more time.

  • rtm5

    Some of those wild pitches are split fingers. Might be a grip issue.

    This guy’s walk numbers were reasonable at one point and now he’s lost it? I think you’ve gotta question the coaches here. Hard to believe that with all that talent they can’t get him to throw strikes. He nasty.