Mason Williams close to 100% following shoulder surgery

2013 Preseason Not Top 30 Prospects
Poll: The Yankees' Top Prospect

Via Anthony McCarron & Erik Boland: Top prospect Mason Williams is close to 100% following shoulder surgery in August. He should back to “full practice” mode in two weeks and is expected to begin the season with High-A Tampa.

Williams, 21, injured his left (non-throwing) shoulder diving for a ball in the outfield last season. He was cleared to resume working out in October and started swinging a bat in December. Williams hit .298/.346/.474 with 11 homers, 20 steals, and only 47 strikeouts in 397 plate appearances between Low-A Charleston and High-A Tampa before the injury.

2013 Preseason Not Top 30 Prospects
Poll: The Yankees' Top Prospect
  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    Hopefully this settles the “The Great Spring Training Invitation Snubbing Debate of 2013™” once and for all. He was injured! He doesn’t have an attitude problem…the Yankees weren’t trying to take him down a peg or two, just a boring old injury.

    • LK

      Wouldn’t a player who hasn’t even reached AA be unlikely to get an invite anyway?

      • TCMiller30

        I think he got one last year.. So you’d think he’d get another.. Unless he was injured and is coming off surgery, then they probably wouldn’t. Haha, those concerns about his character issues being the reason he wasn’t invited were ridiculous.

        • SXB41E

          Williams did not receive an official invite last year, but the Yankees did call him over from minor league camp for a few games.

  • vin

    Awesome. So I assume Slade is expected to open the year in Trenton so he doesn’t have to share CF with Mason?

  • Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formally Drew)

    Best news I have heard all offseason.

  • Robert

    Saw Mason play his 1st year in Staten Island,he was clearly a superior talent on that rookie level.

    Also very fan friendly always signing and very approachable.

    Hope to see him in Trenton by June with Slade in the Bronx or Scranton at the same time….

  • John C

    Hopefully at one point this season we see Williams, Austin and Heathcott in the same OF at Trenton. Or Maybe Heathcott makes it Scranton and we see Flores out there with those 2

  • MannyGeee

    Mason Williams, I need you in my life… Get to Trenton in time for the road trip to NH. KTHX

    • TCMiller30

      Fischer Cats stadium is awesome. I used to live right down the street and would try to catch a few Thunder games.

  • trr

    Good News! Hope he’s on the fast track to the Bronx!

  • dkidd

    if they’re smart, w.b. mason is already planning the ad campaign

    • CS Yankee

      They have the worst and creepest ads on the tube(err, flat screen), so i doubt they’ll change and add some style.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Replace weird mustached white guy with black guy with the face of an eight year-old? Check.

  • Jim Is Bored

    Excellent to hear. Looking forward to seeing him in DoTF again

  • lou in the bronx

    Is mason still a switch hitter? I could have sworm I heard something about him staying on one side of the plate.

    • pat

      He was never a switch hitter.LHB only. Cito is prob the one you’re thinking of.

  • your mom

    Who is on prospect watch this year?

    • Reent Roint

      Even though he primarily plays second, I think Corban Joseph looks good too. Great defense, looks speedy on the bases, and makes good contact.

  • trr

    I rank ’em