Update: Mesa, Cedeno, Velazquez, Ibarra, and Venditte will play in WBC

Phil Hughes and a reminder about depth
Open Thread: 2/21 Camp Notes

5:57pm: Infielder Walt Ibarra (Mexico) and switch-pitcher Pat Venditte (Italy) will also play in the tournament according to Wally Matthews. Guess this means Venditte’s right shoulder is healthy following labrum surgery.

5:30pm: Via Dan Barbarisi: Outfielder Melky Mesa, left-hander Juan Cedeno, and infielder Gil Velazquez will all participate in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. Velazquez will play for Team Mexico while the other two will suit up for Team Dominican Republic.

The 33-year-old Velazquez and 29-year-old Cedeno are expected to serve as depth pieces with Triple-A Scranton this summer. Mesa, 26, has an outside chance of making the big league team as the right-handed hitting outfield bench bat with a strong spring, though this might be a once in a lifetime thing for him. The Dominican Republic’s outfield has been decimated by declined invites (Melky Cabrera and Carlos Gomez, specifically), so Mesa might be their everyday center fielder. I don’t blame him for going, and there’s a good chance we’ll see him in the Bronx at some point this summer anyway. He should be the first outfielder recalled when injury strikes.

Phil Hughes and a reminder about depth
Open Thread: 2/21 Camp Notes
  • Steve (different one)

    Does this necessarily mean Venditte’s right shoulder is ok? Could still be the Italian loogy….

  • Bob Buttons

    Didn’t even remember Ibarra existed..

  • Govin

    Does this mean that the Yankees will be playing against Cano and Melky Mesa, When the play against the Dominican Republic? That would be interesting. I hope Cano doesn’t find that game very fun.

  • Jacob the OG(formerly Jacob)

    Represent us well Pat! (italy and the yankees)