Pettitte undecided about pitching beyond 2013

Rivera not yet ready to discuss plans beyond 2013
Open Thread: 2/13 Camp Notes

I think most of us have assumed that the 2013 season would be Andy Pettitte‘s last as a player, but apparently that may not be the case. Pettitte told Dan Barbarisi and Jack Curry that he will make a decision about his pitching future next winter, though he made sure to mention that he wants to finish his career strong. We sat through a few weeks of “will he or won’t he pitch?” this past offseason and it looks like we might be in store for some more in a few months. I love Andy, but I hate that part about him.

Rivera not yet ready to discuss plans beyond 2013
Open Thread: 2/13 Camp Notes
  • Who hates bunts more? Axisa or Earl Weaver? (formerly Aunelowitzky)

    I think he operates his family as a democracy rather than a dictatorship so it takes longer to get alignment.

    • Ed

      I’ve always gotten the impression that his kids love having a dad that pitches for the Yankees and encourage him to keep playing. The urge to retire seems to be driven by all the aches and pains he feels at the end of the season. And of course the year he finally did decide to retire was the year he had injury issues. I believe that after that season, Girardi said that if they had lasted longer in the postseason, Pettitte’s status was questionable.

      • jjyank

        Yeah, I recall that it was primarily the desire of his kids to see him pitch again that drove Andy’s decision to come out of retirement last year. Their teenagers now I think, so they’re probably stoked as hell to watch their dad pitch in the majors.

  • trr

    tough to see him pitching beyond ’13…let’s hope he and the team go out winners

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I agree. I have to wonder if 2013 is happening because he was looking for a do-over of what he hoped 2012 would be. We’ll see on both him and Mo, though. If you asked me to make a bet now, I’d say 2013 is it for both.

  • LK

    What happens if Pettitte wants $12M to come back in 2014 with the budget being so tight?

    • Cris Pengiucci

      I think (hope?) both Pettitte and Mo understand where the team wants to go financially and would be willing to accept a salary that works for the team. Either that, or they’re plotting a way to break the $189M payroll discussion in support of the fans. :-)

      • LK

        If Pettitte and Mo decided to blow up the $189 plan I might have a heart attack of pure awesome.

    • jjyank

      It’s a real tough call if he won’t budge from a high figure, but remember he did accept a pretty low salary in 2012 after the Yankees gave Kuroda most of the money that was initially offered to Pettitte. To me, that seems to indicate that he doesn’t mind taking a low salary (relatively speaking) if the team’s budget is tight. Time will tell.

    • Now Batting

      I think they’d both go elsewhere. Pettitte already has. Mo threatened to sign with the Red Sox until the Yankees went two years. Who knows if that was just a negotiating ploy?

      • Ed

        Mo is great at negotiating. He’s always pushed hard for a better deal, and been willing to talk to other teams to try to get the Yankees to make a better offer. Every time he signs a free agent contract, he admits after that he doesn’t want to play elsewhere and was only looking for leverage.

        Pettitte is on the opposite end of the spectrum. He’s driven by emotion. That’s why he left before – he felt disrepected when the Yankees offered him much less money than several other teams did. Since then, he’s been very open about his options being Yankees or retirement. And that’s why the Yankees negotiate hard with him – he openly destroys any chances he has for leverage.

        In the end, I don’t see either of them going elsewhere.

        • vicki

          NB: he felt disrespected because he WAS disrespected.

        • RetroRob

          He left before because the Yankees let him leave. They pushed him out.

          He got a $12M deal this year coming off 80 innings at 40-years-old. He was in the driver’s seat.

  • Mike HC

    I personally don’t mind the will he or won’t he every off season when it comes to Pettitte. He always takes just one year deals, the negotiations always seem to go pretty smoothly where he isn’t trying to max his value over and over again and his decisions do seem to have some reason behind them rather than just being completely random or bullshitting.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I agree. It’s the price of doing business with him.