Pineda’s rehab continues with latest half-mound session

Orioles claim Russ Canzler off waivers from Yankees
Tuesday Night Open Thread

Via Erik Boland: Michael Pineda‘s rehab from shoulder surgery continued today with his latest half-mound session, which lasted roughly 25 pitches. He’s been throwing off a half-mound for about a week following nearly five months’ worth of flat ground work. I imagine it’ll be a while before he gets up on a full mound, but every day Pineda gets through without his arm falling off is a positive.

Orioles claim Russ Canzler off waivers from Yankees
Tuesday Night Open Thread
  • vin

    It’s official.. Yankees win this trade!!!1!

    • Havok9120

      We got more value out of it last year than they did!!!!

      • The Big City of Dreams

        Based on what??? WAR??

        • Cris Pengiucci

          Yes. Montero had negative WAR.

          • The Big City of Dreams

            And Pineda didn’t play at all and is coming off a serious injury. Yankees didn’t get more value from it last yr.

  • KennyH123

    I think He’ll pitch somewhere around midseason, with decreased velo. 4-7, 5.03 sounds right.

    Montero on the other hand, is ready to blossom. .284, 28, 99 in his second year, my guess. No. We didn’t win anything.

    • josh0909

      Montero put up a sub-300 on base last year, and suddenly he’s going to hit .284 with 28 home runs? Yea, I’m going to have to believe it when I see it. At best Montero is a poor mans Mark Trumbo.

      • LightSABR

        Given the Yankees’ budget, I think Cash is a poor man who could use a Mark Trumbo.

        (I still think the trade was a smart move, though.)

      • Mike Axisa

        Mark Trumbo was in Single-A when he was Montero’s age.

        • Andy E

          got ’em!

        • LightSABR


      • Herby

        I’m always amazed at how people want to write off Montero’s career considering his age and the park that he plays in, or is everyone a superstar in their first year?

        • The Big City of Dreams

          I think some ppl do it to justify the trade.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Regardless of what Pineda does, if given the choice of watching Montero go on to an All-Star career, or falling flat on his face, I’d pick the former every time. Why wish him ill will?

        • josh0909

          I’m just pointing out facts. I watched games where he was straight fooled by breaking balls and his plate discipline was atrocious. His defense behind the plate was mediocre also. I’m just pointing out what my eyes saw last year.

      • Ted Nelson

        Check out his home/road splits.

    • jjyank

      The book is still far from over on the trade, random guy on the internet’s predictions or no.

  • Heismanziel

    Pineda is going to come back and be a absolute beast. Throwing triple digits, striking everybody out, and its going to be glorious. Screw montero.. Gary Sanchez will have a better career than him. Bank on it.

    • Dropped Third

      Hell yea! I’m sick of all the doom and gloom shit. Im pretty pumped out the kids we got and the current roster.

      • Heismanziel

        Damn right. This years team is going to be special. A Mix of resurgent vets, sprinkled in with some youngsters that are going to surprise. Nunez and Phelps are going to take great strides this year. and Pineda will regain beast mode at some point this season. Oh and Mo will be MO. Hell.. we might even see montgomery up in the bronx at some point. We got big time prospects that could make huge strides this year and get very close to the bronx. A very Intriguing team and farm system. I am stoked.

        • Jersey Joe

          Woah, slow down there buddy. This team is not “stoked” worthy.

          • Heismanziel

            says you. I am completely pumped for this season. I could be way off base and completely wrong with every single one of my predictions, but that wont change my positive outlook. Sorry I am not doom and gloom 8 months of the year.

            • jjyank

              You’re probably more optimistic than me (and I consider myself pretty optimistic), but at the very lest I find your outlook refreshing compared to the mass gloom I see on here.

              And @ Jersey Joe, that’s your opinion. You don’t have to be stoked, but I am.

              • Heismanziel

                I always feel optimistic at this time of the year. Its nearly spring training and its a fresh start. Honestly.. this team has the talent to make the playoffs and get hot and go on a run if things go right.. which they certainly could or might not. We see it every year from a unsuspecting team. Personally.. i Find it depressing when people find every small thing to gripe about ( especially in feb) But whateer

                • Robinson Tilapia

                  Man, we need some actual positive-minded new blood around here. Right or wrong, stick around. It’s nice to see someone new believing in the franchise.

                • The Big City of Dreams

                  Ppl are not complaining just to complain. They are bringing up legit concerns.

                  • Jim Is Bored

                    You always jump to people’s defense. YOU bring up legit concerns. A lot of people do not.

                    I don’t know how anyone could possibly make that more clear to you, or if you’re just intentionally obtuse.

                    • The Big City of Dreams

                      SMH why do you go out of your way to be a jerk. Once again Jim this is baseball….a sport we all love and follow so calm down and relax with the insults. It’s not life or death. This is the second time you’ve done this. I could understand being angry at a troll but don’t take this thing to heart.

                      Me: I think the Yankees could have some trouble scoring runs this yr
                      You: What are dumb you dense loser. How can you say that. you’re an idiot.

                      Again you don’t have to be a jerk just because I’m not waving the pom poms. Are you going to attack me because I don’t have the Yankees steam rolling the league this yr. WTF man

          • LK

            If you’re not stoked for the start of a baseball season, I think you can probably find a hobby that would give you more enjoyment.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Let the man be stoked. I’d rather hear this 100 times over people who want to declare the season over.

            • Arnold Palmer’s Putter

              It’s only 53 weeks until next year’s spring training!

    • Manny’s BanWagon (formerly Andy Pettitte’s Fibula)

      Sanchez has me the most excited of the Yankees prospects. A hitter like that at catcher is just so valuable.

      Also, I’m optimistic that Pineda is young enough to overcome this injury like several other’s have. If he can be anything close to 1st half 2011 Pineda, he too will also be tremendously valuable.

  • trr

    At this point, we’ll take anything we can get from Pineda.
    Hope he’s back in shape he was overweight last year. As far as the trade is concerned , it will take to the end of 2015, maybe longer to really evaluate it.

    • Heismanziel

      I agree. I am just really high on Pineda and believe the he will be a absolute beast at some point. He is way too young for this injury to just have derailed his career. The kid has SOO much talent. When it comes to the trade… I honestly think Sanchez/Romine will make one hell of a group at catcher for us for a long time so i don’t really get all upset about the loss of montero. But.. I do realize some people will NEVER get over montero being traded. But.. we she shall see how it all plays out.

      • sevrox

        Trish – is that you?

        • The Big City of Dreams

          Nah it can’t be her.

        • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

          Reading this doesn’t make me want to stab a fork in my eyes, so I don’t think it is that bitch.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        Sanchez has to get to develop more and Romine has to show he can healthy and hit on this level.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I’m not going to be impressed until he’s throwing off a mound and a half. Pussies.