• Jim Is Bored

    Just realized you can translate to other languages. Doing so and then translating back to english is amazing.

  • grouchonyy

    Yankees didn’t come close to 100 losses in 1965 or 1966. Lost 85 in 65, 89 in 66 (finishing last).

  • Now Batting

    Just caught the chat. “What else are they supposed to buy” is now my default response when I hear that statement.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    I bet all my money and then some that Trout will have a better year than Harper. Well, let’s make a real bet out of it: if both Trout and Harper get at least 550 PAs then I bet that Trout will have an fWAR that’ll be at least 1 full win higher than Harper’s. If I’m wrong I will use the name “Bavarian Red Sock” during all of 2014. If I’m right I’ll praise the sun. Umbasa.

    If you wanna bet against me you’re welcome to post here ;)

  • Dave in VA

    A few weeks ago, one writer (might have been Sherman again) compared the current style of Yankee management to that of CBS, and blamed CBS for the causing the team’s cratering in the 1965 season and after. I take serious issue with the latter: Del Webb and Dan Topping, the owners who sold the Yanks to CBS, were the ones who gutted not just the team, but the entire organization, for increased cash flow while they searched for a buyer. CBS was a last minute “rebound” suitor after a 2-year courtship with another firm fell through; by then the Yankee organization was a thin hollow shell which looked very pretty but had no substance at all underneath. (Which is why, when the team crashed, it crashed as hard as it did; in addition to a lot of the starters getting old, there was nobody to replace ANY of guys on the major league roster — even the young ones like Tresh — when they got hurt.) The first signs of life occurred shortly after Dan Topping finally sold his last share in the team in late 1966 and CBS finally got to install Mike Burke as team president. With the need to rebuild the entire structure, I’m not surprised it took years for the major league club to get back to real respectability. I don’t see the same thing happening now.