3/21 Camp Notes: Jeter, Hughes, Betances

Spring Training Game Thread: Robbie's back
Mailbag: Andrus, Wallace, Moreland, Aceves
"Hey Robinson, how are your injured teammates doing?" "Hey Twins guys, how have you been doing in the ALDS?" (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)
“Hey Robinson, how are your injured teammates doing?” “Hey Twins guys, how have you been doing in the ALDS?” (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

The Yankees lost to the Twins tonight, and David Phelps got hit pretty hard (five runs in 3.2 innings). Mariano Rivera struck out the side in his scoreless inning while David Robertson — pitching for the second time in as many days — struck out just two in his scoreless inning. Slacker. David Aardsma fired a scoreless inning while Boone Logan surrendered one run in his one inning. Offensively, the Yankees were held to just one hit, a Robinson Cano single. Brett Gardner, Kevin Youkilis, and Travis Hafner all drew walks to round out the offense. Here’s the box score and here’s the rest from Tampa…

  • Derek Jeter said his ankle is doing better following yesterday’s cortisone shot, and he hopes to resume baseball activities tomorrow. I’m guessing the team will give him one extra day of rest. He remains optimistic about Opening Day and says he’d be disappointed if he has to start the season on the DL. [Wally Matthews & Andy McCullough]
  • For what it’s worth, Brian Cashman said Jeter will only play in minor league games for the rest of Spring Training. If he appears in any Grapefruit League game, they’d lose the ability to backdate a potential DL stint when the season opens. [Jack Curry]
  • Phil Hughes will throw three innings in a minor league game tomorrow as he works his way back from a bulging disk. Still seems unlikely that Phil will be ready in time for the start of the season, but progress is good. [Chad Jennings & Meredith Marakovits]
  • No surprise here, but Joe Girardi all but confirmed his top three starters to open the season will be CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda, and Andy Pettitte, in that order. Just in case you were beating the “Vidal Nuno for number two starter” or something. [Bryan Hoch]
  • VP of Baseball Ops Mark Newman said Mark Montgomery is not in the mix for the Double-A Trenton bullpen, meaning he will start the year with Triple-A Scranton. Lefty Shaeffer Hall might get pushed into the bullpen because of the numbers crunch. [Josh Norris]
  • Dellin Betances was sitting 92-94 in a minor league game this afternoon. Mechanics were still a mess though, which is just par for the course for him. Newman told Norris they’ve working on shortening Betances’ stride. [Kiley McDaniel]
  • Jose Campos is throwing pain-free, according to Newman. It’s a “coin-flip” as to whether he begins the year with Low-A Charleston or High-A Tampa. I suspect he’ll be with the River Dogs. [Norris]

The Yankees will be on the road to play this same Twins team tomorrow in Fort Myers. That game will not be broadcast anywhere, unfortunately.

Spring Training Game Thread: Robbie's back
Mailbag: Andrus, Wallace, Moreland, Aceves
  • forensic

    In other words, if this game had been played one day earlier, they quite possibly would have been no-hit. Spring or not, that’s sad. And with a likely early season lineup too.

    This offense could be very painful for quite awhile. It seems like they only score one inning per game, if that. At least the pitching has been doing similar too, allowing runs in only one inning. Unfortunately, it’s often more runs than they can make up offensively.

  • forensic

    Am I missing something about who Wilson in the title is referring to? Maybe I’m just blind.

    I sure hope they just DL Jeter but I can total picture them making the dumb decision and keeping him active even if he’s not playing, leaving them with a short roster (even shorter if they do the same thing with Hughes). I just don’t see how maybe 20-30 plate appearances with around 40 pitches seen is enough for Jeter to honestly be ready.

    • Bobby “Machete” Wilson


    • 28 this year

      Since they can backdate a DL stint, they can DL him and activate him only a few games into the season so if he needs more than like a day off, they can DL him and not be short while still activating him as soon as he is ready.

      • forensic

        I know he only needs to sit six games, I didn’t say anything abut that. I could still see them keeping him active anyway.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

          I believe it’s only 4 games. Extremely unlikely they’d keep him active if he’s not ready to start opening day.

          • Deen

            Not trying to be doom and gloom here, but I have to agree I’m afraid they’ll let Jeter play even if he’s not ready. There’s been a significant trend in the past of letting Jeter play because he said he was okay or because he wanted to when logic or reason would dictate the opposite decision in almost any other circumstance. It’s almost as though Girardi is the manager of this team, but, except in extreme instances, Jeter is his own manager and calls the shots as to when he’s okay to play, and in his mind he’s never anything but okay to play. I love Jeter, and I expect good performance from him again this year, but he’s an older guy at this point, and doesn’t heal like he used to. I’m very afraid they’ll let him play opening day even though he won’t be ready, and that he ends up injuring himself and being out longer. I admire his desire to be on the opening day roster, but I really hope that if he isn’t ready, the team sits him for a few games to a week (even 2 if needed), rather than starting him before he’s ready leading to setbacks and reinjury that keeps him out longer. Unfortunately, history suggests they won’t be cautious. I hope I’m wrong, but not being cautious in this cause could really bite us at a time when we can’t afford to not be cautious.

            • CS Yankee

              On the flip side of this…
              1) When he was hurt in 2011, Cashman forced the DL and even extended that timeframe for his return. Hindsight says it was correct as Jeter came back with a solid bat versus the weak ground ball machine he was the previous 15 months.
              2) Numerous times he has played hurt and played down his injuries to get in the lineup and yet he still has done pretty damn well while playing through those injuries.
              3) He played the last 60-some odd days last year not right and everyone was on board until he breaks in the ALCS.

              Jeter is who he is, and it would be nice if the more talented players gave the same effort instead of saving it for their next mission/contract in life.

        • trr

          he’d be eligible to play April 6

  • Vidal Nuno for number two starter


  • Tom

    Made the mistake of watching ESPN BBTN preview…

    Schilling on the next wave of young position player superstars:
    “You have Profar, Trout, Stanton , Harper, Heyward… Bradley Jr

    Holy crap the Bradley Jr hype machine is in overdrive…

    • forensic

      How are Stanton and Heyward in the group either? They’re both going into their 4th seasons. That would seem to put them in the last wave, not the next wave. Even Trout and Harper are pushing it but at least they only have one year each under their belts.

      • Tom

        I think it was meant to be a generic young supertstar in the making type list. (it wasn’t meant to be prospects)

        I think folks tend to forget Heyward and Stanton are only 23, they’ve just been around for a while. Stanton is I think just 4 or 5 months older than Bradley Jr…which just points out the absurdity of putting them both in the same category.

        • Reggie C.


    • Bob Buttons

      Curt Schilling spills more shit out of his mouth than a human-sized dung beetle throwing up.

    • Reggie C.

      I bet you Schilling has never heard of Xander Bogearts … the real gem of the Red Sox system.

  • Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain)

    It looks like Wang is coming back to the Yankees. I hope they can sign him. It was sad how he turned out; I always liked him.

    • MickeyP

      Agreed. He was a Cy Young candidate for us for a couple of years. His heavy right handed sinker was among the best in baseball. Here’s hoping he has a successful year.

      • forensic

        Since you mentioned it, I decided to go back and check out his numbers again and happened upon the Cy Young voting from 2006.

        Can anyone explain to me how he had 5.8 WAR (from BR) while Halladay ended up with 5.0. It’s not necessarily a massive difference, but it just doesn’t seem to add up to me. Halladay had better numbers across the board: ERA (almost half a run), IP, Hits, Walks, K’s, WHIP, etc…

        Does Wang somehow have that huge an advantage in whatever defensive component might be involved (I know one of BWAR or FWAR has defense included, but didn’t feel like checking which one)? Do they count wins (or his save), giving Wang a bump that way? I can’t imagine they do either of those.

        I just don’t see it.

        • Ed

          BRef WAR is basically Runs Allowed + Team Defensive Adjustment, scaled by innings pitched.

          BRef puts Toronto’s collective defensive WAR for 2006 at +6.1, while the Yankkes were at -5.4. That’s an 11.5 win difference.

          Wang gave up 10 runs more than Halladay in an almost identical amount of innings. That suggests our baseline is Wang being 1 win worse than Halladay.

          Now let’s try scaling for defense. Wang pitched in about 15% of the team’s innings, so a rough estimate is the difference in defenses leads to a 115 * .15 = 17 run difference in performance. So if you had Wang pitch in front of Toronto’s defense, BRef thinks he’d give up 17 less runs.

          So if Wang started of 10 runs worse than Halladay, and the defensive adjustment is 17, he ends up being 7 runs (0.7 WAR) better than Halladay. That’s really close to the 0.8 difference in WAR that BRef shows.

          No guarantees that what I did here is correct, but it seems reasonable.

          • forensic

            Hmm, guess that works out pretty close. Thanks!

            Not sure I really agree with their background calculations on it, but I guess it is what it is.

  • Bo Knows

    Um, Betances pitched four innings,1 hit batter, 1 hit, walked one batter and struck out 4

    Oh yeah he was also throwing a lot of strikes according to those who were watching him.

    • MannyGeee

      He might need glasses.

      – Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn

  • John C

    They’ve been working with him on shortening his delivery in an effort to help him better repeat his delivery which. Has been his main problem in keeping hiscommand.

    • forensic

      It’s only been 7 years. Hooray for being proactive!

  • MannyGeee

    Maybe they should work on making Dellin Betances throw sidearmed. Or turn him in to a LOOGY.


  • Reggie C.

    That caption made me laugh out loud in the office. Thanks for a good start to the morning!

  • http://riveraveblues sandy g

    brian cashman’s time as gm has come and gone.this roster is a mess.if hafner is the dh what lefty batter comes up in the 8th or 9th in and pinch hits for cervelli and or stewart ?

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      brian cashman’s time as gm has come and gone.

      Yeah, because he’s missed the play-offs how many times during his tenure as GM?

      • http://riveraveblues sandy g

        you did not answer the question. what left handed batter is going to pinch hit for cervelli/stewart against the other teams closer in the 9th inn ?

  • Reggie C.

    Campos starting the season with ANY affiliate is good news to me. He’ll be in High A in little time. Campos showed enough last season to indicate that Low-A hitters aren’t much of a challenge.

  • wow

    I hope Campos starts with Charleston. That way, I get to see him play.

    Questionable development decision? Sure. Selfish? Absolutely.

    But that’s why I’m not paid to be in the front office.

  • NY DLer’s

    Yes…but can you name any one of those Twins in the picture?