Hot .GIF Action: Nick Goody

Spring Training Game Thread: Penultimate
3/27 Camp Notes: Jeter, Nova, Cano, Aardsma

The Yankees spent $140k to sign right-hander Nick Goody as their sixth round pick last year, and he went on to post a 1.12 ERA (~0.89 FIP) with 52 strikeouts and just nine walks in 32 innings after turning pro. The former LSU closer is a low-90s fastball/slider guy who doesn’t have much of a changeup, but he won’t need one in relief. The combination of performance and stuff earned him the 21st spot on my Preseason Top 30 Prospects List.

Goody struck out two and allowed a single in a scoreless inning of work against the Orioles tonight, showing off all three pitches and a herky-jerky delivery that provides deception. A few more .GIFs after the jump.

Here’s that changeup he won’t need in relief:

And finally, the breaking ball:

Spring Training Game Thread: Penultimate
3/27 Camp Notes: Jeter, Nova, Cano, Aardsma
  • Travis L.

    Where is he starting? Tampa?

    • Mike Axisa


      • Travis L.

        Think we will see him in Scranton this year?

        • Mike Axisa

          Might be pushing it. Even Montgomery didn’t jump three levels in one year.

  • Pro

    How come his leg kick is so different when he throws the breaking ball as compared to the fastball and change? Is that something the Yankees are working on?

    • Mscott

      Good catch. Way slower and much higher, more pronounced leg lift. Serious telegraphing for a mediocre (at least in this GIF) breaking ball.

    • Strat

      Yeah, that is a good catch. He does seem to have a slower, higher leg kick when he throws the curveball as opposed to the fastball or change up in these GIFs. I haven’t seen him pitch, but if that’s a consistent thing they’ll certainly need to work on it. I wouldn’t give up on the CU even if he’s destined for the pen though, as the original post seems to suggest.

    • forensic

      If we only had the last 3 GIF’s, I could see what you’re saying, but the first one may hurt your theory.

      As you note, in the bottom 3 GIF’s, his leg kick is quite a bit larger and slower on his slider (the last GIF) vs. the fastball and change (the 2nd and 3rd GIF’s). But, if you look at the 1st one, that appears to be another fastball (though even if it’s a less breaking change the point still stands since we’re looking at the slider vs. the other two). This one has the same larger and slower leg kick as the last GIF which is the slider.

      Now, I’m certainly no pitching coach (though I play one on six beers) and I may be missing something here, but it doesn’t seem to be a pitch type thing. I already deleted the game off my DVR unfortunately so I can’t try to pick out each pitch Mike used here, but I wonder if the two shorter, quicker deliveries are when there was a guy on base and the other two were when the bases were empty. We can’t tell because the MASN bug is mostly deleted, but maybe Mike has the full screen still available somehow and could fill us in on the situations for each of these four pitches.

    • John

      Was one from the stretch and one the windup? Would be my best guess there since we can’t see who is on base and who isn’t.

    • Mike Axisa

      It’s definitely a windup vs. stretch thing. There was a man on-base at one point, I just don’t remember which GIF is which. Noticed it during the game. I assume the shorter leg kick was with no one on-base.

      • Garyward

        Wouldn’t it be the other way around? Shorter leg kick with a man on. Like a quick pitch or slide step.

  • Wayne

    Nick goody and tommy kahnle are our two best two relief prospects. They should be ready soon. I also like chase Whitley. I would see what you could get for mark Montgomery while his value is high! He is definitely expendable.