Open Thread: 3/23 Camp Notes

Brett Gardner left today's game with ... a stomach bug
King: Rivera battling "severe" headaches
(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)
(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

The Yankees lost to the Tigers this afternoon despite leading by three runs at one point. Andy Pettitte allowed four runs in 6.1 innings of work, so he’s pretty much stretched out for the season. Just one more tune-up start to go. Cody Eppley faced five batters and allowed five hits, which is … uh … not good. Shawn Kelley allowed a run in an inning and a third.

Ben Francisco was the big star of the day, hitting not one but two homers. They both came off righties — Anibal Sanchez and Bruce Rondon — even though the team is looking at him as a lefty masher. Juan Rivera had three hits including a double while Brett Gardner, Eduardo Nunez (two), Ichiro Suzuki, and Chris Stewart all singled. Kevin Youkilis and Jayson Nix doubled. Here’s the box score and here’s the rest from Tampa…

  • Brennan Boesch (stiff left ribcage) was checked out by the doctors today and he will not play this weekend. The Yankees are off on Monday and the plan is to get him back in a game Tuesday or Wednesday. [Andy McCullough & Bryan Hoch]
  • Joe Girardi said he doesn’t expect to make any final roster decisions until the exhibition game against Army at West Point next Saturday. Fifth starter, first base, left field, bench, and Clay Rapada’s vacant bullpen spot are all up for grabs. [Chad Jennings]
  • David Adams played in his first minor league game of the year this afternoon. He had been battling a back injury that required an epidural and kept him out of big league Spring Training. [Josh Norris]
  • Jose Campos pitched in a minor league game this afternoon and was sitting 89-91 mph with the fastball in the first inning. He missed basically all of last year with an elbow problem, so it’s good to hear he’s back on the mound. [Norris]
  • The Yankees released a handful of minor leaguer pitchers today: righties Cory Arbiso, Pedro Guerra, Will Oliver, Matt Richardson and lefty Matt Bashore. Arbiso was the best of the bunch. [Norris]
  • Adam Warren will start against the Rays when they come to Tampa tomorrow. That game will be on YES and (no local blackout).

Here is your open thread for the evening. The Devils, Knicks, and Nets are all playing, plus MLB Network will air a Spring Training game later tonight. Sounds like most people will get the Pirates and Red Sox. Talk about any of that stuff and more right here. Enjoy.

Brett Gardner left today's game with ... a stomach bug
King: Rivera battling "severe" headaches
  • boffin

    So two wind-aided HRs by Francisco and I guess that convinces Girardi and Cashman he deserves a roster spot. Death on lefties– or I guess death from lefties. Hit .213 against lefties last year. Mesa could do that — with much betyter defense and more power. Francisco hit 4 dingers all last year.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Mesa hit .214 against lefties last year….combined in AA/AAA.

      Neither is a good option as a lefty masher. Francisco is at least hitting now. May as well keep him around until he stops.

      • forensic

        See, the translation from AAA to the majors is only losing one point on your average now.

        Play all the kids!!!

        Stop blocking them all!!!


    • Robinson Tilapia

      How dare a veteran player trying to make a major league roster impress! No, Ben Francisco, get back in the box we want you in!

    • forensic

      Two home runs have nothing to do with his roster spot.

      He was all but guaranteed a spot as soon as they picked him up, same as Boesch and to a VERY slightly lesser extent Rivera.

  • boffin


  • Barry

    I’m getting pumped for #42 having a huge year and our scrappy little line-up breaking haters over Musty’s bat.

  • forensic

    Eppley has now allowed 15 baserunners and 12 runs (9 earned) in less than 6 innings this Spring. Yikes!

    Kelley has been slightly better, though still bad, which I guess may put him in the lead for the Rapada spot.

    Unless of course they feel the need to consider a Spence, Rondon, or Nuno as a 2nd lefty there. Rondon appears to be on the 40-man, which could give him a leg up.

    As for the outfield spot, that’s really what you should call it, not left field, since it’ll go to Boesch and he’ll play in right with Ichiro moving to left.

    First base is clearly going to Rivera. 5th starter has likely always been rigged for Nova. Bench could be interesting, but I would expect they add Nix to the 40-man again and take him and Nunez with Francisco as the righty outfielder.

    None of this is exactly shocking, but it’s how I see it likely coming out.

    • Brian S.

      Who the hell is Francisco Rondon. Too many Francisco’s trying to make this team.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      I hope you’re wrong, but I think you’re correct.

      • forensic

        Which part do you hope I’m wrong about? Just out of curiosity.

        I’m not happy with many of the options either, obviously, but it’s how they do things.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

          No real great options, but I’m expecting the offense to struggle quite a bit early on, so I’d take anybody currently showing at least a semi-live bat.

          It’ll never happen, but if the season started today, I’d go with Francisco and Neal splitting time in LF, with whoever happens to be hotter getting more PT.
          Same thing in the IF, I’d go with Musty and Rivera splitting time with Youk bouncing between 1B and 3B (assuming Musty is actually passable at third – haven’t seen him enough to judge).
          I’d keep Nunez as BU middle IF, and leave Nix and Boesch as AAA depth.

          Better yet, I hope they can trade for a legit 1B or 3B.

          • forensic

            All true. Neal might be interesting, but he seems to have been mostly invisible in most discussions involving decision makers this spring for some reason.

            I would actually play Mustelier full-time in the infield for a month and see what happens. No desire to see Juan Rivera at all, but I know that’s even more of a pipe dream than having Mustelier make it as a utility-ish backup in place of Nix (who has looked horrible this spring). Not overly impressed by Nix’s defense so much that it’ll help his very possibly horrid offense. Much more comfortable in Mustelier having a chance to bridge the gap to his slightly lesser defense.

            Also want Boesch to have nothing to do with the ML roster, but I don’t see anyway that doesn’t happen.

            • forensic

              If Mustelier hadn’t lost that week or so to his bruised legs, maybe things could’ve tilted in his favor a little, but I think that basically killed any chance he had.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

              Just curious, have you seen much of Musty at 3B?
              Is he just below average, bad, horrible, or nightmare?

              • forensic

                I really couldn’t tell you. I’ve watched all of every televised game (why? I don’t know) but off the top of my head every time he’s out there he gets maybe one or balls hit toward him, so it’s hard to tell. He’s also still been a reliever in most games (which is obviously a bad sign too) so he’s not out there all that long anyway.

                I would even give him a few chances at 1B, but that clearly isn’t going to happen.

  • Brian S.

    Fuck Ben Francisco go Melky!

  • Bob Buttons

    This edition of “Random Crap Bob looked at today and find surprising because he doesn’t read much other than news”

    Apparently there’s a place called Cabbagetown.,_Toronto

    • And in merrie olde England

      Upon reading this news I immediately started looking for garments branded with the towns name (Cabbagetown Sluggers shirt? I’ll take two!), it turns out there’s more than one out there:

      • Bob Buttons

        Ironically neither place seem to have much agriculture today.

        Lesson of the day: don’t name towns with era-appropriate names.

  • forensic

    What a day in the NCAA Tournament so far. Four games and four blowouts, with a 5th one on its way at halftime.

    Is one close game too much to ask for? At least the Michigan-VCU game was still exciting, but that’s only because I had a rooting interest and it was fast-paced.

    • forensic

      Cool, after those first 5 blowouts at least there seems to be two good games going now.

  • Mattchu12

    Hard to say that positions are open when I can really only wrap my head around one possibility:

    C – Cervelli/Stewart
    1B – Youkilis (hopefully keeps him healthier)
    2B – Cano
    3B – Nunez (I’ll be clenching with every play)
    SS – Jeter
    LF – Boesch/Mesa
    CF – Gardner
    RF – Ichiro
    DH – Hafner/Rivera (please God, bring back Pronk instead of Pork…)

    C – Stewart/Cervelli
    PH/DH – Rivera/Hafner
    INF – Nix
    OF – Mesa/Boesch

    • forensic

      I don’t see any chance that they suddenly put Nunez at 3B after he hasn’t been at any position other than SS all spring.

      I also think Mesa is pretty much cooked in his competition (if he was ever really part of the consideration) for the OF spot since they picked up Francisco. Mesa can contribute a touch of power/speed/defense, but as expected his massive problem with making contact drags everything down a ton. I’m not so sure they’d feel comfortable with him out there during the regular season at this point since they have an older guy option in Francisco.

      And though I think some other positions will be different than you indicate, I do think the rest of the personnel is correct.

      • Nice Guy Eddie

        I agree w you that it’s frustrating to know that BFrancisco and JRivera are going to be starting on opening day when both of them are marginal upgrades – if they’re even upgrades at all – to Mesa and Ronnier. But, I think we need to remember that if Francisco and Rivera flat out suck in the beginning of the season, which is highly likely, it will be very easy to just release them and give Mesa and Ronnier a shot. I assume this will probably happen pretty early on as well.

        • forensic

          That’d be nice, but I don’t see it happening. I’d be absolutely shocked if there were any releases like that before Granderson and/or Teixeira were back. That’s just not a typical Yankeelike move in my opinion.

          • Nice Guy Eddie

            But there isn’t really a need to be patient w those guys if you know that Grandy and Tex will be back in May(which may or may not be true).

            • forensic

              You don’t have to convince me. I totally agree with that (of course, with me I’d do whatever I could to not even have them that long, but anyway), I just don’t think that’s how they will think or act.

              • Nice Guy Eddie

                My line of thinking is that Cashman & co. have to know that the roster will be more fluid this year than in years past.

          • Sweet Dick Willie

            I’d be absolutely shocked if there were any releases like that before Granderson and/or Teixeira were back. That’s just not a typical Yankeelike move in my opinion.

            Eh, they cut Randy Winn in May when he wasn’t performing. So there’s at least a little hope.

  • Pat D

    Has the fucking season started yet?

    • Betty Lizard

      I thought it was always fucking season?

      • Pat D

        Well played.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Got any kids?


  • Jimmy McNulty

    Ladies and gentlemen, here are your potential New York Yankees Opening Day starters:
    1B: Juan Rivera
    2B: Robinson Cano
    3B: Kevin Youkilis
    SS: Eduardo Nunez
    LF: Ichiro Suzuki
    CF: Brett Gardner
    RF: Brennan Boesch
    C: Francisco Cervelli
    DH: Travis Hafner
    Over the last two seasons, those nine guys have combined to hit .270/.334/.423 – but that is HEAVILY weighted by Robinson Cano’s .307/.364/.542. If we remove his numbers, the team’s averages over that time fall to a less than impressive .262/.327/.396.
    For comparison, the 2012 Minnesota Twins hit .260/.325/.390.

    Pathetic. Have to say, if the Steinbrenners sell the team or Cashman goes I won’t be too upset. Sure Granderson and Teixeira are better, but they’re still pretty overrated: .232/.319/.492 and .252/.332/.475 respectively. A-Rod? Please…I think imagining anything better than .275/.340/.430 is insane. All things considered this team’s not looking very good. Nothing down the farm that seems like it would help that much or net anything decent in a trade. Perhaps this is when the Yankees join the rest of baseball in mediocrity.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Another prodigal son returns.

      I assume stuart is warming up in the pen.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        This line up is basically Robinson Cano surrounded by a non-Detroit AL Central team. The rotation looks like it might be non-terrible, though.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        And this is easily the worst team they’ve fielded in well over a decade. I hated the 2008 squad, but even then they had A-Rod coming off an MVP season and Jeter, Posada, and Cano were coming off good seasons. Damon IIRC too.

        • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

          That depends. Do you consider 2000 “well over”?

          • Jimmy McNulty

            Well in 2000 they returned most of the core of a 98 win team, but guys had worse years than they did in 1999.

      • Troll

        Do you even know what “prodigal” means? Also, don’t you have better things to do than commenting/trolling on a baseball blog all day, every day, for the past umpteenth days?

        • Pablo’s muffuletta sandwich

          Don’t you have better things to do than reading his comments on a baseball blog all day, every day, for the past umpteenth days?

          • Troll

            It’s called STATISTICS, genius.

            • Pablo’s muffuletta sandwich

              It’s called STALKING, genius.

              • Troll

                Ok. Sure.

          • Robinson Tilapia


            • Troll

              Just, you know, get a life. That’s all. Have a nice night, sir.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                You have zero clue, buddy.

                Use a real screen name next time.

      • DC

        The Legions of the Miserable are emerging from their winter hibernation.

    • Jimmy McNulty

      Quote is from NoMaas too.

      • Nutty the Squirrel

        NoMaas people are dicks. I’m not even kidding. When I first got into more advanced statistics (for back then) I made a few beginner’s errors in a comment (while my own tone was not, and should not be interpreted as patronizing, insulting or rude in any way) and one or two of the then-site staff (not sure if they still write there now) treated me very rudely. The personal insults I took that day was uncalled for.

        One of the great things about RAB is that Mike and the regulars won’t lash out at you for no good reason. At most is maybe a good-natured teasing insult (if you are likely to be a regular) or dissecting your comments to give some harsh but fair rebuttals.

        So yeah, to be short, screw them.

        • Pat D

          I agree. I liked NoMaas when I first discovered the vast blogosphere, but the fact that they let their commenters say some vile shit, particularly about the 3 RAB founders, and that they act like their shit doesn’t stink, turned me away from them at least a year ago.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            I liked NoMaas when it was basically a front page of funny pictures.

      • tito

        NoMaas? Am I back in 2008 when they were last relevant? What is Steve Lombardi up too?

    • forensic

      So, you (they) take out the Yankees best player then compare that line to another team’s line without taking out their best player? You (they) also ignore Jeter, any possible platoon improvements, and Granderson, Teixeira, and Rodriguez. Yeah, you mention them briefly, but say they won’t make a difference despite their OPS being nearly 100 points higher than the overall line you’re (they’re) trying to pass through the comparison.

      I certainly don’t hold back from criticizing what needs to be criticized, and there is plenty to work from, but this is about as poorly constructed and thin as a comparison argument can be.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      So with 4 of the team’s top 5 or 6 hitters out of the lineup (and possibly none out for the full season), the remaining lineup combined for an OPS over the past 2 years that is still more than 20 points better than AL average?

      Wow, things are better than I thought.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        20 points better than the AL average? Que? They’re opening the season with Eduardo Nunez, Vernon Wells, Juan Rivera, Kevin Youkilis, and one of Chris Stewart or Frankie Cervelli will be starting opening day. Yeah.

    • Get Phelps Up

      Yeah, 4 top 100 prospects in the farm system won’t net you anything decent in a trade.

  • CG

    I admit this is only based on loose impressions of looking over RAB daily, but it seems like Stewart has been going out there a lot more often the past week or two (as opposed to Cervelli). If true, that would seem to indicate that they’re going to go with Stewart as the starter and Cervelli as the backup.

    • Bob Buttons


  • Bob Buttons

    This lady got a father of three fired for making a sexual joke to his friend while in her vicinity. He made a couple of sexual, not sexist jokes to his friend at a conference while seated behind her. She didn’t ask them to stop, nor did she express that she was uncomfortable with the jokes. She then takes the guy’s photo and tweets it, and his employer finds out and gets her fired. She is being hailed as a hero, but ironically the jokes weren’t sexist at all, and she herself supposedly tweeted some sexual jokes in the past.

    Sounds like a real bitch.

    • forensic

      Well, she also caused herself to lose her job, so they’re all wrong in this thing.

      But, it continues to show that social media (along with reality tv shows) are hurrying along the downfall of society…

      • Bob Buttons

        Social media is really destroying the shreds of privacy we have left. Hence I don’t touch facebook or twitter or whatever fancy schmancy stuff out there.

        Prospective employers judge you on whatever crap you post on facebook, but at the same time they think you have something to hide (and not just a lazy fuck who is too lazy to set up a facebook because he doesn’t want to bother maintaining relationships with friends of friends of friends , people he can’t, nor should reach via e-mail or phone, because frankly, they are unlikely to share enough common interests with him and/or will prejudge him on physical appearance and/or stories they’ve heard from the people who directly know him).

        In all seriousness, technology is corroding our skills of physically writing, as well as penmanship/calligraphy, plus ability to read a compass, ability to read maps without a voice telling you “turn left in 500 meters” (though GPSes are awesome, I admit), ability to read an analog watch, ability to read cursive, etc.

        Some of the finer arts and basic skills are being lost. If some random crap happens and all electronic stuff are broken, civilization is likely fucked.

        Sometimes I wish I lived in the 50s. But then I’d have to watch out for Soviet agents trying to blow up my city, and we all know how effective hiding under our desks is.

        • forensic

          Wow, that’s quite a rant. :-)

          I don’t have any problem with technology, for the most part it improves quality of life and helps people.

          But, the twitters and facebook and all those things just take things too far and have caused more bad than good, in my opinion.

          I’m not on any of them either. Sure, they have their good points, but the bad outweighs them in my opinion. And that’s especially true for people in certain careers, including mine, where that stuff will absolutely come out in a second and ruin your career if you happen to make any mistake or do some dumbass thing on them.

          For me, it’s just not nearly worth it. There are plenty of other ways you can basically get the same basic things done.

          • Bob Buttons

            I’m a guy who holds some unpopular (but fair) opinions about some controversial stuff so I’d have a hell of a time (literally, not the daily use) refraining from posting stuff like “so many idiots don’t realize animal rights are rather stupid. It just fucking saddens me how people rather feed an animal and dress them from head to toe than to spare 5 bucks for your local homeless guy you pass on the street”. I’d probably lose out on prospective employment opportunities in a jiffy. Besides, I know some pretty silly (but well-meaning) people, so if my prospective employers saw who my friends are they’d be judging me for it.

            I guess to be short, I’m not saying facebook is wrong or anything like that, it’d be a hassle for me, and I love my freedom of speech.

            Also, I’ll check that TV series out. Seems kinda cool, from what I’ve seen on the official site.

        • forensic

          Damn, I forgot the one other thing I wanted to mention.

          Have you ever watched Revolution on NBC? If not, it’s basically about the world with no power and it’s coming back from it’s mid-season break next week I think. Seems like the kind of thing you might enjoy. :-)

        • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

          This reminds me of a hypothetical I like to throw out at dinner parties to stir it up: children today no longer have the need to learn to physically write. It usually riles people up quite a bit until they realize that with the exception of a check or birthday card every now and again they hardly physically write at all. And even for checks and birthday cards, there are apps for that ;)

          Same with telling analog time.

          Not necessarily actually advocating these positions, but they’re interesting to ponder in the context of just how completely technology has infiltrated our existence.

          • Bob Buttons

            Skynet has laid its foundations.

  • Joshua

    Hey everyone…

    I was hoping there was going to be another fantasy thread this year…but since there was not. I thought I would put this here in the open thread.

    Anyone interested in joining a RAB league from last year that has turned keeper? Need a few committed managers for a competitive league.

    You can see the details here….

    If you want to join send me an email at and include your email and the team you would like to take over.

  • Storace

    I am watching Krokus on TV.

    • forensic

      When did this become twitter?

      Sorry, but it just goes along with the other group of comments and seemed so out there.

  • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

    So, the saga of the Godspell production continues: Our theater company has gotten the money to perform Godspell. The story is this:

    We need 575 dollars to perform Godspell. 375 are donations from family members of the chairmen-300 from a combination of two not-immediate relatives and my parents, and 75 from a co-chairman’s Aunt. That means we needed 200 more dollars to put on the show.

    This money is essentially a guarantee in about two and a half to three weeks or so, due to fundraisers with various companies and a hundred dollar advertisement bought by a business. But a co-chairman informed me that this may not be soon enough, because people are asking for exact audition dates, and since we can’t give them they’re losing interest.

    So my super-awesome parents, who I told this to, offered, along with their 100 dollar donation, to give us a 200 dollar loan.

    Meaning: We can get the rights. The show is a GO.

    Oddly, my reaction has been sort of reserved. I figured I’d be thrilled. I think that will come when I actually hold the scripts in my hand, but until then I won’t believe it.

    BUT-for all intents and purposes, WE DID IT. I honestly did not think we would actually be able to pull this off, but I think we’re really, truly going to. I mean, there’s still the real meat, auditions and rehearsals-but we have a theater. We have a director, music director, and stage manager. And finally, FINALLY, we will have the rights. We’re going to pull it off. I can’t believe it.

    If we do, everything-absolutely everything-will be worth it.

    This is going to be so fucking cool.

    • Bob Buttons

      Nice to hear that, seems like you’ve been looking forward to it for a while.

      I think that you’re in a condition I call success-denial. Things turned out much easier/better than you expected (possibly on the edge of your hopes) or some good fortunes happened in succession so you cannot believe your relatively good fortune.

  • http://riveravenueblues I remember the CBS years!

    Yes shoppers, look for Bill Hall to make an inexpensive comeback.