Rosenthal: Yankees are “asking around about everybody”


Via Ken Rosenthal: The Yankees are “asking around about everybody” in trade talks according to rival GMs. Andy Martino hears they’re still looking for first and third base help, specifically. Rosenthal suggests signing Kyle Lohse and trading either Ivan Nova or David Phelps for a bat, which is similar to the idea I floated about signing Shaun Marcum over the winter.

The idea of signing a pitcher and trading for a bat is a pipe dream more than anything — “I don’t think it would make any sense whatsoever,” said Brian Cashman to Rosenthal. “We have all of our pitching intact. Our problem is not our pitching. Pitching is our strength.” — mostly because there just don’t seem to be many bats available. Certainly not any kind of impact bat who will replace the production of Curtis Granderson or Mark Teixeira for a few weeks. Well, at least they’re trying.

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  1. Frank says:

    I just don’t understand why Brian Cashman doesn’t trade Nunez for Stanton. It’s like, sooo dumb.

  2. MannyGeee says:

    “Everybody” sounds vague….

  3. BeanTooth says:

    That was a bizarre column by Rosenthal. He advocates signing Lohse, a middling starter, to a multiyear contract right as the Yanks are doing everything they can to avoid multi-year contracts. He’d probably cost well north of $10m/yr at a time the team has decided to cut budget. And there’s the matter of the draft pick they’d lost. Kenny poo-poos draft picks, but for a team on an austerity budget, a first rounder ain’t nothing.

  4. Johnny O says:

    I can’t wait for the Giancarlo Stanton trade options.

  5. Eddard says:

    Once again, NO on Nova, NO on Phelps unless you’re getting an elite AND young talented bat in return. The problem with this team is old age and injury so the solutions isn’t to trade away your few young and healthy ballplayers unless you’re getting one in return.

    And I’m sick of this The Yankees are asking around about this person and that person and now it’s everybody. It’s not news. Everybody is asking about everybody all the time if they’re doing their jobs right.

    • Ramondo Stallings says:


    • Guns says:

      Elite and young bats don’t come in a trade for players like Nova or Phelps, who have little more upside than that of a league average, mid-rotation starter. Those players are a dime a dozen and can be found on the cheap seemingly every season.

      Freddy Garcia gave the Yankees a 4.12 and 4.68 FIP in two seasons for the Yankees. Colon came out of nowhere with a 3.83 FIP. Nova’s FIP for the last two seasons is 4.01 and 4.60. What exactly is he going to fix on this team? Kyle Lohse on a one or even two year deal could easily replace that kind of middling production and signing him in order to trade an expendable pitcher would be a fine idea in my opinion.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      “Everybody is asking about everybody all the time if they’re doing their jobs right.”

      You’re slipping, Eddard. This is actually telling the truth.

  6. CC says:

    Slade and Joba to Texas for Olt. Olt plays 3B for the Yanks, Youk goes to 1B. Texas can use Joba as a starter since they are looking for one. Boom. Half kidding, half my trade proposal sucks. Next.

    • Chris says:

      I don’t know why Mike Olt is worth so much. He’s only had 37 PA above AA, which happen to be in the bigs. At least Joba has proven he can get MLB hitters out in a high leverage situation. He should be worth more than Olt, if it’s found out that he’s 100% healthy. And Olt is only 3 years younger than Joba, if that means anything to anybody.

    • Bern_baby_bern says:

      Really not a terrible suggestion.

      • Jersey Joe says:

        Right, but 2012 was his only standout year in the minors. I’m not sure really what the Rangers think they have in him, it’s really hard to gauge his talent from 2010 – 2012 in the minors, and 2011 was by no means spectacular.

        • Gonzo says:

          Not for nothing, but he was ranked as a top 50 prospect after his 2011 season. Someone saw something in him before his “breakout” 2012 season.

      • TomH says:

        If you’re talking about a JobaOlt deal I agree. Not least because of these recent stories about Selig’s Crusade to get ARod and Braun. A really nasty penalty for ARod, e.g., one that finished him for the rest of this season, might well lead to his retirement. In any case, ARod’s approaching the end as a 3baseman, no matter what may happen, or not happen, as a result of the Biogenesis probe.

    • Jacob A. says:

      I’d do it.

  7. LK says:

    Everyone is being blinded by the #CashmanFail so no one can see creative solutions. This is simple:

    1. Trade Phelps for Stanton. This nets us a fill-in for Grandy and the Marlins need all the arms they can get.

    2. Trade Nova for Tulo. This gives us insurance in case Jeter is still injured. COL won’t worry about Nova’s problems with extra-base hits since every hit goes for extra bases at their ballpark. An added benefit is that with BOTH Nova and Phelps traded, Eddard’s head is sure to explode.

    3. Trade Nunez for Kershaw to plug the hole in the rotation. The Dodgers need a SS. If Eddard’s head had not already exploded, it certainly has now.

    4. Since the Tigers need a closer, I’d offer them Montgomery for Miggy and Verlander, but if push came to shove I’d do it for just Cabrera to make sure we have a replacement for Tex.

    I was able to come up with all this in the time I spent not sky diving.

    • Gonzo says:

      Allow me to retort.

      1. Stanton’s knee blows up one day after the trade is finalized.

      2. Tulo’s body decides it doesn’t want to stay healthy ever again one day after the trade is finalized.

      3. Kershaw needs labrum surgery on his hip once he meets A-Rod (It might be contagious) one day after the deal is finalized.

      4a. Miggy gets a case of the fat and can only wash himself with a rag on a stick one day after the deal is finalized.

      4b. I can get behind the Verlander trade. Do it!

    • jjyank says:

      Well done, sir.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      The real question is why this hasn’t been done already.

      Cashman failed.

  8. CountryClub says:

    The other major issue with his column is his belief that the Yanks have finiancial flexibility next yr. Sure, they have a lot of money to spend, but that’s because they have a ton of spots to fill. And obviously there aren’t a lot of great players available next winter.

  9. jjyank says:

    Rosenthal: The Yankees front office is doing their jobs, much like every other front office.

    I mean, I like to hear that they’re still looking for upgrades, but I kind of assume that’s what they’re always doing.

  10. theyankeewarrior says:

    Media lobbying to keep fans happy? Just kidding. But seriously.

  11. Rizi Walnuts says:

    What exactly does ‘everybody’ mean?

  12. Jersey Joe says:

    Miguel. Cairo.

  13. Adam says:

    We don’t wanna give up any guys who are ready for the big leagues now (Nova, Phelps) and we don’t wanna give up any prospects. If half of these prospects pan out the way the organization holds them in such high regard then we should be fielding an All Star team in about 5 years.

    That being said, there’s nobody available even worth trading a C-level prospect for right now. We had our chances in free agency and blew it. It’s all downhill from here.

  14. Jersey Joe says:

    Actually, I find it hard to see what the Yankees are looking for at this point.

    OK, a shortstop with more bat than Nix AND much more glove than Nunez should not be too hard to find. The article this morning mentioned Cedeno, which I would be able to live with. So I say sign Cedeno.

    But there’s nothing else for us to do. Boesch, Rivera, Mesa, Ronnier, Dan Johnson, and a few more are all vying for a roster spot at either first base or left field. It’s a given that Boesch makes the team, same for Rivera probably, and I’m not too sure about Johnson. But the Yankees already have so many lineup spots tied up right now with mediocrity.

    The Yankees really can’t sign anyone now without having to lose one of Boesch or Rivera by midseason. The talent that the Yankees will need will have to be A) Provide equal or better production than Boesch/Rivera and B) accept a AAA assignment. We are talking about a very limited number of players.

  15. trr says:

    (Beer League 1B-man waiting patiently with phone for the call.
    Has good hands and a positive clubhouse presence, but has been
    branded as a realist on leading team blog…)

  16. Jersey Joe says:

    I think Carlos Lee just might be the only option at this point. That said, I have no idea what his role would be once Tex/Grandy come back.

  17. Jersey Joe says:

    I think the worst thing, the most preventable thing, was the way that the roster is set up. 3 lefty OF, 1 DH, is the thing that it is killing us now.

  18. Nice Guy Eddie says:

    What are some possible teams and packages for Cano, Grandy, Youk, Hughes, and Joba if this team is 15 games out at the deadline?

    • Will says:

      I can’t see Youk, Joba, and Hughes fetching much since they are both average players on their walk years. Cano and Grandy are a different story since they’re above average players. Maybe if the Cardinals want to go all in and Yankees out of the playoff picture late in the season something can be worked out. Maybe Yankees trade Cano and Granderson for Taveras, Rosenthal, and Wong. As much as I love Cano I don’t see a scenario where signing him long term doesn’t come back to bite us in the butt. Cano is a great player but I don’t think he has many elite years left in him. Anything in the vicinity of 8 years/$200MM is just wrong. I don’t want the Yankees handcuffed with our payroll like we are now years from now.

      • viridiana says:

        Joba and Hughes may well prove to be valuable sought-after players by the time trade deadline rolls around. Both have had transcending stretches and are young enough to do so again.

      • viridiana says:

        Joba and Hughes may well prove to be valuable sought-after players by the time trade deadline rolls around. Both have had transcendent stretches and are young enough to do so again.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      I don’t think you realize how impossibly bad 15 games out at the deadline actually is.

      • Nice Guy Eddie says:

        Just a hypothetical. How many games out will they need to be before Cash starts selling off assets?

        • Mike Axisa says:

          I don’t think the Yankees would ever sell off assets. They’d sooner add pieces and go for it.

          • Nice Guy Eddie says:

            Well, don’t you have to at some point? I’m not implying the season will turn out this way, but isn’t there a time where it makes more sense to sacrifice present value for future value?(even if it is the Yankees).

  19. chuck says:

    I know I may catch hate but.. Im not excited that we have so many injuries but in a way Id rather them lose bad and develop some new exciting players than have this life support crap with Randy Johnsons, Kevin Browns, and Gary Shefields.. Watching them lose in the alds annoys me the most and its often predictable.

  20. viridiana says:

    Ben Francisco and Juan Rivera, some say, will make the team. Mustelier probably will not.
    Is this the Juan Rivera whose OPS was below .670 last year? Is this the Ben Frncisco who struck out almost four times for every walk he drew. His OBP was an alarming .285. What is the point of keeping these sub-mediocrities? I think there is a very good chance Mustelier would be an ideal #6 lineup-extender, hitting perhaps .280 with lots of doubles. At the vey least give this guy a shot and you may have something — either a major league hitter you can keep or a trade chip. Rivera and Francisco have neither present nor future value. Indeed, their only value was briefly four or five years ago. And why should Rivera’s spring BA win him a spot? He’s proven over several seasons he’s in decline. This sort of decision-making by Cashman just doen’t make sense for a team that clearly must rebuild.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      They have present value in that they have actual MLB experience and aren’t going to embarrass themselves out there.

      Mustelier will get a shot at some point during the season. I type this at least five times a day. Maybe he’ll even hit #6. Hell, Sam Pearce batted clean-up last year.

  21. Robinson Tilapia says:

    From dumpster diving to just plain being cheap whores.

  22. viridiana says:

    “From dumpster diving to just plain being cheap whores.”

    ….And proving you can be a dumpster-diving cheap whore all at the same time.

  23. Pistol pete says:

    The Yankees have lost an impossible level of talent and players through free agency and injury that truly is impossible to replace. Martin, Tex, Jeter, ARod, Granderson, Swisher, Ibanez, Soriano, Hughes all hurt or playing somewhere else. All we signed were existing very good players that are a year older and Youkalis. I can’t believe it but I really think we’re going to really stink.

  24. Ichiro says:

    Why should we trade good pitching for a player that after a month will be relegated to the bench? Cash is doing the right thing by not panicking and waiting till Grandy and Tex come back. If Tex and Grandy can’t come back then it won’t matter anyway. The Yankees of 96-99 had good pitching and decent but not great hitting, I see similarities to the 96 team here.

  25. Laz says:

    Would have done a sign and a trade with Marcum. Wouldn’t touch it with Lohse.

  26. george s says:

    similarities to the 96 team? that team had strawberry,boggs,fielder,leyritz,martinez,o’neal,raines,b.williams. there are no similarities between the 2013 and 1996 yankees.

    • jsbrendog says:

      maybe you should revisit your history there big guy.

      Daryl Strawberry was playing in St Paul for the Saints in the INDEPENDENT LEAGUE until July when the Yanks purchased his contract. Imagine how bad prior options must have been to purchase a player who couldn’t even get a job in the majors between the 95 WS and July 4th 1996?

      Cecil Fielder was traded to the Yanks on July 31 1996, so he wasn’t there in the beginning either. He came in to replace poor options and to give the team a big thumper because the team lacked power…hmmm, sounds like another team i know.


      Food for thought:

      Tino: 108 OPS+ in 1996
      Bernie and Paul both played over 150 games.
      a 36 yr old Tim Raines only played 56 games.

      So, let’s say Cano/Bernie is a wash.
      Raines/Ichiro are prob a wash too, both older guys looking to contribute for a few last hurrahs.
      There is no one to compare paul to i guess since cano/bernie.
      cervelli/leyritz…probably about a wash.

      so the 1996 team was a team with great pitching and 2 or 3 players having great offensive years but overall lacking power which led them to go trade for cecil and sign strawberry.

      yeah, these teams are actually a lot alike.

  27. Mscott says:

    I’d like to get Chris Carter from the Astros, who should be willing to trade everyone. Right handed first baseman/dh, good pop potential, even dabbled in the outfield.

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