The 40-man Roster Nightmare

3/26 Camp Notes: Rivera, Teixeira, Granderson
2013 ZiPS Final Standings Projections
Fitting Nix (and others) onto the roster will be a chore. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)
Fitting Nix (and others) onto the roster will be a chore. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

The Yankees acquired Vernon Wells from the Angels yesterday — begrudgingly, I’m sure — a move that helped clear up some of the roster questions heading into the regular season. The right-handed Wells and left-handed Brennan Boesch will presumably share left field/fourth outfielder responsibilities with either Juan Rivera or the recently signed Lyle Overbay temporarily replacing Mark Teixeira at first base. A trade for a new first baseman shouldn’t be ruled out, but I don’t expect it. With Eduardo Nunez taking over for the injured Derek Jeter at short, Jayson Nix figures to make the team as the utility infielder.

Even though Wells, Boesch, Nunez, Nix, and either Rivera or Overbay are all expected to make the team now, the Yankees still have one bench spot and potentially two bullpen spots to figure out. Here’s the projected roster as of today, in case you don’t believe me:

Regulars Bench Starters Bullpen
C Chris Stewart/Frankie Cervelli C Stewvelli CC Sabathia Mariano Rivera
1B Rivera or Overbay IF Nix Hiroki Kuroda David Robertson
2B Robinson Cano OF Wells/Boesch Andy Pettitte Joba Chamberlain
SS Nunez ? Ivan Nova Boone Logan
3B Kevin Youkilis David Phelps David Aardsma
LF Wells/Boesch ?
CF Brett Gardner ?
RF Ichiro Suzuki
DH Travis Hafner

One of those bullpen ?s could disappear if Phil Hughes is able to avoid the DL to start the season, but that looks increasingly unlikely. He isn’t expected to miss much time anyway. Clay Rapada, on the other hand, will indeed start the season on the DL, ditto Jeter, Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, and Curtis Granderson.

Shawn Kelley, Cody Eppley, and the recently claimed Dan Otero are candidates for one of those vacant bullpen spots, and I assume Kelley is the front-runner because the other two have been Awful with a capital-A in camp. Left-hander Vidal Nuno is a consideration for the other open bullpen spot — “Still talking about it,” said Brian Cashman to Chad Jennings the other day. “Obviously Nuno has opened everybody’s eyes and taken a run at it, still trying to force his way on. We’ll go with one lefty, or we’ll go with two.” — and he’s been used in traditional LOOGY spots (lefty batter, middle of an inning, etc.) the last few times out.

Assuming one of those three 40-man relievers gets one of open bullpen spots, the Yankees will still need to open at least three (!) 40-man spots before the Opening Day: one for Rivera or Overbay, one for Nix, and one for whoever gets that fourth bench spot (Ben Francisco? Ronnie Mustelier?). Nuno could potentially make it four 40-man spots, but I suppose they could take Eppley or Otero or Kelley or even Adam Warren as a short-term bullpen arm until Hughes comes back. Opening up three and potentially four spots will be very, very difficult.

Mr. Otero. (Presswire)
Mr. Otero. (Presswire)

The Yankees released a perfectly good (but not great) prospect in David Adams yesterday to make room for Wells. Cesar Cabral, Michael Pineda, and A-Rod are already on the 60-day DL, and as Jennings notes the team can’t back-date 60-day DL stints. That means Granderson can’t be placed on the 60-day because he’s expected to return in early-May. Teixeira isn’t due back until late-May/early-June, but the Yankees will want to have the option of bringing him back as soon as possible and are unlikely to 60-day DL him at this point. Since Manny Banuelos was already optioned to Triple-A, they won’t call him back up and 60-day DL him. They’re choosing between burning one of Manny’s three option years or one of his three pre-arbitration years, and obviously the former is preferable.

The 40-man roster is cluttered with a lot of Adams-esque good but not great prospects, and those guys never stand out as obvious DFA candidates. The most obvious DFA targets are Eppley and/or Otero, but sacrificing MLB-ready (and optionable!) pitching depth might not be the best idea. One could go, but two would be pushing it. That could put someone like Corban Joseph, Melky Mesa, Zoilo Almonte, or even Dellin Betances on the chopping block. I’m sure the Yankees will scour the trade market before simply cutting any of those guys loose, but as we saw yesterday, sometimes push comes to shove. Hell, maybe they could package two of ’em together for one big leaguer (utility infielder? lefty reliever?) and kill two birds with one stone.

Outside of cutting Eppley or Otero (likely Otero), I honestly have no idea how the Yankees will handle this need for 40-man spots. Maybe they’ll take the easy way out and send Nuno to Triple-A, filling out the bullpen with 40-man arms. Melky Mesa could fill that final bench spot and he’s already on the 40-man. Maybe Joseph or Almonte sneak onto the roster for a few days — even though they’ve already been optioned down — just to ease the 40-man headache. Either way, the Yankees are still going to need to open up two spots (Nix and Rivera/Overbay) and that won’t be easy. The roster is an absolute mess right now.

3/26 Camp Notes: Rivera, Teixeira, Granderson
2013 ZiPS Final Standings Projections
  • Kevin W

    I’d use Mesa, Kelley and Eppley simply because they can all be optioned down when the guys come back. Jeter will be back early, kicking Mesa off the roster. Hughes will be back early, kicking Eppley off the roster and Kelley I believe is the best option to be productive out of the pen until Rapada comes back. Drop Otero for Rivera and drop Almonte for Nix.

    There’s no point in dropping guys off the roster for Francisco or someone else when they’ll just have to drop them in a week or two. No reason to lose two guys when you can only lose one.

  • BeanTooth

    The way this off-season is going, imagine the stupidest roster move the team can make (short of getting rid of an actual MLB talent), and that’s what they’ll do.

    • Buck Foston

      No kidding. All of Cashman’s weaknesses now come into glaring relief. This guy has always chosen to cover his butt rather than get creative. Any idiot could have signed Suzuki, Rivera, Wells, Boesch, Overbay. Well, this idiot just signed all of them even as the best from them is only marginally better than what Adams and Mesa could give. I’m not even sure we’re talking one win.

      Then again, the same moron released Maxwell last year when Gardner was hurt. Cashman last chose the rookie in the case of Andy Phillips. Since they they keep going to the scrap heap and it keeps getting worse. The Martin nonsense is just another example. It’s time for Cashman to go. He’s known for how long they wanted to shrink payroll. Instead he’s spend as much on Wells and Suzuki next year as he could have on Martin. Fire Cashman. The only ring he won from a team he built was predicated on spending $350 Million in one off-season. And both Burnett and Teixeira will end up costing more than they gave.

      • DC


  • mt

    Otero move makes me think they may be thinking of packaging a couple of relievers for a player (??) – otherwise why did we need Otero who has bad stats to clutter up 40 man?

    I think they take 2 out of the Kelley/Eppley/Warren trio so no 40 man impact – they will send down Nuno (unfortunately – I wanted to see him)

    They DFA Otero for either Rivera or Overbay.

    I have a strange suspicion they may put Tex on 60 day DL (clearing space for Nix) even though rumblings from camp is that they do not want to do this. If this injury is so risky where if he reinjures it he may be out for year, why not take maximum time – even if eevrything goes right isn’t may 10 or May 15 the ealiest he could be back and with WBC paying salary isn’t this the perfect opportunity to try to give maximum rest while still ensuring he comes back this season?

    As for Francisco or Mustellier, they do just go with Corban Joseph since he is on 40 man already and send down Musty and Francisco? Boesch is already on roster to back-up outfield. If they want another OF, they can go with Mesa.

    A trade right now as mentioned would be nice. I don’t see how Mustelier makes roster (also looking forward to seeing what he could do) without a trade of others or some shocking releases (Betances, tec.). Also maybe they send Musty down to AAA to play 3B for a couple of weeks and keep Mesa and then flip them in a couple of weeks after clearing a 40 man space some other way.

    • trr

      not sure i get the whole Otero thing, other than he has options left…but as you suggest mt, a trade could be a welcome thing…

    • JRod

      Spot on with both points on the Tex thing. They should absolutely move him to the 60 day DL.

  • pc

    a lot of knee jerk reactions but not a lot of forethought as to the yanks moves it seems, to lose players because of fo moves might give a reason for the yanks inconsistent strategy in the past few years, the bad old days may be back.

  • Vern Sneaker

    Keep Warren (need a long man until Hughes is back), Mesa (late-inning defense/pinch runner), and Kelley. Cut Eppley and Otero. Pay Rivera his $100K (I assume they did) and send him to Scranton. Add Overbay and Nix. Consider cutting Boesch and adding Musty for his bat and to play third if we want to have Youk at first to back up Overbay and to start at first against certain lefties. Why do we need a lefty/righty platoon for the short time Grandy will be out; is Wells that bad against righties?

    • Barry

      Last year he was 88 wRC+ against both L/R. Some will say he can still hit lefties but apart from 2011, since 2009 this hasn’t been the case. He still has some power, albeit from the wrong side of the plate. He could still surprise us though, who knows?

  • Gonzo

    Does anyone know if David Adams is hurt or, more likely, has something that is lingering?

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    This opening day roster is sobering.

  • Vern Sneaker

    Didn’t mean “cut” Boesch (above); he has options, can go to Scranton.
    Also: Francisco is on minor-league contract so no problem.(Might have to pay him $100K?)

    • jsbrendog

      boesch is already on the 40 man. sending him to aaa doesnt change anything about that

    • Bavarian Yankee

      to option Boesch to the minors he first has to be added to the 40-man roster. So they’ll add him to the 40-man and keep him on the 25-man or just release him right away (I guess).
      I don’t know about Francisco’s contract so you might be right here but I guess he has some kind of opt-out clause.

  • Pasqua

    I realize this doesn’t contribute to the debate, but I have to say that this article is exactly why I turn to RAB. This is the type of stuff that no one in the MSM is even aware of, let alone discussing. While sports radio callers clamor for Cashman to “make a deal!” this is the reality that the team is dealing with right now. The devil is in the details. Good stuff, Mike.

  • Frank

    It’s funny how we’re simultaneously concerned about our lack of quality depth and now a 40-man log jam. Hard to see how we can have both problems at the same time.

    • Mike Axisa

      Lot of guys on the 40-man just aren’t MLB ready (Rondon, Flores, even Betances). They also don’t have any depth where they need it (catcher, shortstop).

      • Frank

        I don’t disagree with you. It’s more frustrating than anything.

        • trr

          agree, just not a good mix right now. Still, as mentioned above a trade to bring in that sort of organizational depth would be welcome

  • Eddard

    The more kids that are given a chance to make the MLB roster the better, at least until Teix, Jeter and Granderson return. People either forget or they’re not old enough to remember that the late 90s dynasty was due to a core of young ballplayers brought up through the farm system together – Jeter, Jorgie, Andy, Bernie, Mo.

    I think we have a chance for the next generation’s nucleus if we’re dedicated to keeping them together – Nuney, Frankie, Nova, Gardner, Robertson, Phelps or The Pick Six if you will. The F.O. needs to keep these players together for multiple years and build around them with FA and trades.

    • jsbrendog

      nunez, cervelli, phelps, and as of now the current incarnation of phelps are not cornerstones or building blocks to anything. they are complementary pieces that are useful and that most teams would like to have. gardner as well. dude basically has the same statistics as shane victorino but with more steals. robertson is a reliever and yuo dont build a team around relievers.

    • mitch

      The only thing similar between those two groups is that they came up through the farm. The first group contains 2 definite HOFers and 3 fringe HOFers. The second group will be lucky to combine for a couple all star appearances.

      • Sweet Dick Willie

        You obviously aren’t familiar with EddardWorld, where young, home grown players equal championships, regardless of talent level.

        • MannyGeee

          Ah, EddardWorld. Where statues of Nunez are erected daily and all young prospects become Jeter and MO.

    • Frank

      Yes, and with the unfortunate string of injuries, the Yankees are presented with a (unique for them) “opportunity” this season to do exactly that.

      $189 for 2014 is very real. We’ll find out this year which young/cheap talent we can count on – and what holes we’ll need to spend money to fill.

    • Jobu

      The Yankees may have the core of young players coming up through the minors, but that group doesn’t seem to be it. If those six players are your core, you probably have a very bad team.

  • Neil

    why can’t both Rivera and Overbay make the team? Overbay vs. RHP, Rivera vs LHP

    • Larry B.

      I asked myself same thing reading it.

    • Jim Is Bored

      Wasted roster spots, IMO. They both are only useful at 1B and have little to no bat to speak of.

      • MannyGeee


        ‘Platoon’ would imply that either would provide a considerable advantage with the stick.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    More open spots than I thought. Interesting.

    I think Rivera’s a lock at first, considering how much the team has looked his way, and despite Overbay’s presence. Nix and Boesch SHOULD be on the roster. With bullpen slots, and with someone needing to go down for Jeter, I agree that 40-man guys like Kelley, Warren, or Eppley should get the temporary gig, since they have options.

    That means two 40-man slots? Holy god this is confusing. The obvious first one to me is Otano, as we barely know him and I’ll assume he’s pretty fungible. The second? Barring trade trickery (which I actually think is quite possible and a couple of guys do get packaged for something of use), I’d say CoJo’s the one to go. It’s been years of hearing his name, but he hasn’t looked good defensively, and I just don’t see where he fits into plans moving forward as anything other than a sub-optimal utility guy. Just like with Adams, it’d be sad, and it’d be sad for me since I watched these guys play really early on, but it’s a long road to the majors.

    Would love to see some trade trickery here, and for it to be a better trick than the one from a few days ago. That wasn’t much of a trick.

    • mt

      I used to think Rivera was a lock but this Overbay move is inteersting. He has an out clause for Friday – which I assume is around noon as opposed to 5 pm (just a guess) – therefore in effect he has 2 games to “prove himself” – talk about a small sample size – the game against Orioles and tomorrow against Pirates – what are Yanks going to learn about a veteran like Lyle Overbay in 2 games – seems silly so maybe unless they think Overbay is totally shot offensively they will go with Overbay’s defense. Yanks have to rely on pitching and defense and Rivera is below average at first while Overbay is above average. With Nunez at SS that could be key – I have this nagging feeling that yanks offense may be pedestrian but OK and pitching OK but infield defense absolutely atrocious – I saw one spring training game last weekend where Youkilis was for some reason short-hopping first baseman on easy throws from 3B with no fast runner running -there also was another play where Nunez made a great rangy catch but Rivera couldn’t catch the easy short-hop – WTF?

      So Overbay may be the answer – if not, not sure they brought him to decide after in effect 2 spring training games.

      Also does Yanks’ apparent payment of $100K yesterday under the new CBA clause for veterans on minor league deals allow them to send Rivera to minors on April 1? (also isn’t it funny that with the Yankees blanket coverage by so many in MSM , no one as far as I can tell definitively said that this was paid yesterday – there was a lot of ” he is still here so they must have paid it” – one other option is they could have avoided the $100000 by promising in writing that they will add Rivera to 25 man major league roster in which case Rivera is a lock – I am interested in knowing whether they paid the $100K which seems to give them the right to put him in minors past April 1 – does anyone know what actually happened?)

    • Jim Is Bored

      I see Ugh tried to troll me again yesterday. It’s wonderful when you can say “I’m out” and follow through.

      I’m not sure Rivera’s a lock, I don’t know what Cash’s sentiments on Overbay are. And they prob wouldn’t have signed him if they had no intent to let him try out. Although with 4 days left until opening day, I’m not sure what benefit there is.

      I let the FO worry about the 40 man, unless I’m trying to figure out a Your Trade Proposal Sucks(tm)

    • RetroRob

      CoJo’s main position in second. He’s been bounced around with a lot of time at third, where he’s never played. They just cut Adams, and with Cano’s situation unknown, I don’t know if I can see them also cutting CoJo.

      Losing Adams and CoJo because of the MLB roster mess is sad. Neither are great, although I still think both are MLB players in some form.

  • Vern Sneaker

    Rivera may be a lock as far as management is concerned, but I don’t agree with it at all. He’s a bad first baseman on a team that needs a good one. Also, against righty pitching (when Hafner and Overbay will be in the starting lineup, he’s just another right-handed bat on a bench that has no lefties unless Boesch stays as a back-up to Wells (NOT as a starter against righties, which would make no sense to me at all). However, it’s true we have no right-handed hitting back-up at 1B without Rivera. My solution is keep Musty and send Youk to first against lefties with Musty at third and the hell with Boesch, option him. We’d still have no lefties on the bench most days, but Musty can hit like hell. Boesch and Rivera can’t.

    • Larry B.

      Agreed. I think considering some recent moves, Rivera looks like a more expendable piece now…

    • Jim Is Bored

      With the current team setup, I think a defense first 1B is what we need, especially with the left side of our infield.

  • Conor

    Why not leave Nix in AAA? He’s not that good anyway. It’s only a couple of weeks with some scheduled off days before Jeter returns anyway. Bring Joseph up to fill in the bench. I’d much rather see him pitch hitting for that day’s catcher. Joseph can fake SS for part of one game if Nunez gets injured. But baring injury, Nunez can play short every inning until Jeter is ready. It’s better to leave Nix stashed in AAA in case of more missed time later in the summer.

    Take Mesa as a back up. Then you just have to make a spot for Rivera/Overbay/Mustelier. I’d prefer to move Youkilis back to first and take Mustelier. Youkilis is less likely to breakdown at first so might as well take advantage of Teixeira’s absence.

    As for that one spot, put Teixeira on the 60 Day DL. He might take longer to come back anyway.

    After opening day, look to make a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 trade so they 40-man roster isn’t so bloated with marginal, yet slightly useful players. It’s hard to see how Cashman has any leverage for a trade now while other GMs are assuming they are going to cut some players.

    • Vern Sneaker

      Totally agree with you re Musty and Mesa. But Joseph can’t fake SS at all and can barely fake 3B. He’s just too much of a liability out there, unfortunately, in my opinion. Nix at least is adequate.

  • MartinRanger

    I still don’t understand why they panicked and added Jose Ramirez to the 40-man. There is no way in hell any team is going to send a kid with little minor league experience from A-ball to the majors. Especially when they left a near-ready major league arm like Montgomery unprotected, as far as I can tell?

    Otero is the obvious casualty. He’s nothing special. I’d rather keep Kelley.

    I sure hope Francisco Rondon is worth his roster spot because I’ve seen little that suggests this is the case.

    • Gonzo

      Montgomery didn’t need to be protected. He wasn’t eligible for the Rule 5 draft.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      There is no way in hell any team is going to send a kid with little minor league experience from A-ball to the majors.

      Probably not, but you never know.

      This guy had even less minor league experience than Ramirez.

      We all know how that turned out.

  • dalelama

    This mind exercise is the equivalent to stirring turds with a plunger—no matter how you do it the end result is still going to stink.

    • Jim Is Bored

      Your mom is equivalent to stirring turds with a plunger.

    • DC

      And stirring the turds in your mind is how you arrive at every comment you post.

  • TrollHunter

    The Yankees are a joke right now and the lauphing stock of the league. Pride has caused all of this and pride will be their downfall in years to come. Cash always thinks he can get a better deal so he puts players on the backburner and loses them. (Martin) The refusal to extend players or discuss contracts until they hit free agency (Cano) while pridefully assuming everyplayer wants to be a Yankee and will wait is going to cause the Yankees to lose Cano. Cashman refusing to say that the Yankees are rebuilding or have financial contraints is a JOKE. I have not seen a team this bad since Mel Hall and Jesse Barfield. Dark Days are on the horizon for the once mighty.

    • Larry B.

      Your exagerrating. The lineup isn’t very good but this still is still throwing out CC, Pettite and Kuroda as a top 3 in their rotation. They will be very competitive.

    • jjyank

      If the Yankees are the laughing stock of the league, I’d hate to be an Astros fan. Or a Mariners fan. Or a Cubs fan. Or a Marlins fan. Or a Royals fan. Or a Padres fan. Or a Mets fan. Or a Twins fan. Or a Rockies fan.

      Perspective. It helps.

      • Hubward


        • Hubward

          and I say that having the Padres as my west coast/NL team for when the Yanks games are done.

      • Jim Is Bored

        Seriously jj? Perspective? On the internet? For shame.

        • jjyank

          Heh. Silly me.

      • TrollHunter

        Compare some of these teams farm systems with the Yankees….these teams have a bright future!

        • Jim Is Bored

          Because that’s how these things work, every single time.

          All prospects pan out how people want them to. All those teams want to believe they have a bright future. But they probably don’t.

    • DC

      Not sure if serious….

    • jsbrendog

      “The refusal to extend players or discuss contracts until they hit free agency (Cano)”

      immediate loss of credibility because they already broke that rule for himwith his last extension. nice try, please try again.

      plus, this team >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the mel hall and jesse barfield days. go compare the pitching staffs.

      seriously, you have no idea what youre talking. why not sit the next couple plays out, slugger.

      icwudt too with the trollhunter…NO ONE WILL KNOW IM A TROLL!

      • TrollHunter

        When you drink all the KOOL-Aid don’t just put the empty pitcher back in the fridge be condiderate and make more for the rest of the KOOL-AID drinkers on this site. You sir are the opposite of a troll. Someone who refuses to believe that the team that they have unconditional love for could ever make a bad decision or have bad years. You are why people hate Yankee fans because your are unrealistic and blind to the cyclical way base ball works. The 80’s and early 90’s actually happened it wasnt all made up by Red SOx fans and history dictates that it inevitably will happen again. Guess what Kool-Aid man the time is now!

        • Jim Is Bored

          brendog be careful, you’re drinking too much KOOL-AID!

          I just hope it’s red.

    • MannyGeee

      This whole post has more holes in it that dalelama’s plunger analogy above.

      • Jim Is Bored

        Having a hole in a plunger would be a bad thing to discover mid-plunging.

      • trr

        a lot of haters can’t wait to pounce, it’ll be worse if we get off to a slow start….me, i try to let it roll off my back. This team is no powerhouse, but it’s certainly no doormat. What I think we’ll have is a tense, exciting season-

        Bring it on!

        • hubward

          I agree. It will mean that there will be no meaningless games in the first couple of months. Every game against every team will matter as we can’t take any wins for granted. It could make for an epic season.

      • TrollHunter

        ZiPS projects the Yankees to finish 83-79 this summer thanks to all of their injuries, good enough for a fourth place finish in the division. Only the Orioles are projected to be worse. “The Yankees exemplify why settling for ‘good enough’ in the offseason is dangerous,” wrote Szymborksi. “If the Bombers hadn’t played it safe — not picking up a true impact OF/DH and going with a Triple-A catcher as Plan A — the rash of injuries wouldn’t have hurt the lineup as hard as it has.”

        • Jim Is Bored

          It’s a projection, not a prediction.

          There are error bars. A 83-79 projection means an 87-75 record, or even a 90-72 record, is not terribly unlikely.

  • Hubward

    If you want to go all out doom and gloom (not forgetting its always darkest before sunrise) is Jeter to the 60 day DL beyond imagination? I wonder how long that ankle will take given how bad an injury it now obviously was?
    I’d like to see Mustellier and Boesch make the team but I agree that it seems Youklis to first is not on the cards and I fear that Boesch will get lost among the veteran presents.
    Could be a rocky start to the season, makes it mighty interesting for us fans.

    • hogsmog

      I have to say, I’m sorta pissed off that Jeter might have rushed his recovery. Shouldn’t physical therapists be looking for and preventing this exact thing, especially when dealing with ‘hard-nosed, gritty’ 40 year old athletes with a history of doing it?

      • Larry B.

        Jeter would absolutely hate that. Having someone babying him like that…

  • bg90027

    I’m guessing that Otero was claimed with the belief that if he made it all the way to them unclaimed that they could turn around and pass him through waivers again and take him off the 40 man. Then since they can expect to have Otero as a break the glass in case of emergency reliever sitting in Scranton, they can risk exposing Eppley or Kelley or if it were up to me, both of them to waiver claims.

    I’d go with

    Mustelier as the bench guy because of his versatility
    Warren as the long man, and
    Rondon as the Rapada replacement

    Is Rondon an ideal choice? No but he’s on the 40 man and looked pretty good this spring and its only for a week or two which so I’d feel more comfortable with him than taking Nuno or Eppley or Kelly which would require exposing someone more useful down the road to a waiver claim.

  • FLYER7

    I would carry 11 pitchers and one extra bench guy early in season to sort things out…I’d also cut Hafner and his sub .140 BA

    • AJ

      You would have cut Ibanez last season as well then. But we all know how that turned out.

    • Jim Is Bored

      Yeah let’s use the oh so predictive spring training batting average to make personnel decisions.

  • AJ

    Melky Mesa can be let go. He’s a 26 year old prospect who still hasn’t cut down on his high K rate and will never be a decent enough regular. Almonte is in the same mold as Mesa, but at least he’s only 23 and could still improve.