Yankees will look at first and third basemen in wake of Teixeira injury

Open Thread: 3/6 Camp Notes
The Most Important Player in Baseball

Via George King: The Yankees will look at acquiring both first and third basemen in the wake of Mark Teixeira‘s wrist injury. Kevin Youkilis can play either position and gives the team some flexibility. “This ain’t good,” said Brian Cashman of the injury. “We will look at our best option. We have time to evaluate all our options …. Third base is very difficult. First is always an easier position to fill.”

Teixeira, 32, will miss 8-10 weeks with a wrist strain suffered during batting practice with Team USA yesterday. That timetable puts his return somewhere in the mid-to-late May range, but wrist injuries do tend the linger and the Yankees have to consider the possibility he may come back as a less productive player, especially in the power department. Finding something more than a temporary stopgap would be a pretty wise idea, especially since Youkilis isn’t exactly Mr. Durability either. That won’t be easy though.

Open Thread: 3/6 Camp Notes
The Most Important Player in Baseball
  • Victor Sharma

    We should sign Carlos Lee to play 1st base & leave youkilis @ 3rd.

    • MannyGeee

      Sweet Dreams… Not sarcastic at all. I think he would be THE ideal target to man 1B and be the RH DH/RH OF in 8 weeks…

      That said, he didnt waive his NTC last off season to come to NY. And he wasnt a target over the winter when the RH OF was a legit priority. This tells me there is mutual non-adoration between Lee & the Yankees at this time. For shame….

      Here’s to hoping I am wrong.

      • Obi-Wan Cano-B

        I had read earlier today that Lee refused to waive his no trade clause to the Yankees because they wanted him to play third base. Not sure how accurate that is, just what I read.

        I would love to see El Caballo come the Bronx on a one year stint though. Logical fit for this mess of a team right now.

      • Mscott

        Not for nothing…but I bet Mustelier would slug a lot higher than the scorching .365 that Lee produced last year. Let’s see how Ronnier plays at 3b today…

  • Billy

    Where’s Juan Miranda when you need him?!?

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I assume the sky can no longer fall because it’s completely crashed to the ground, with little pieces living, Xenu-style, inside of us.

    I’m guessing Youk to first, Nunez and a prayer at third, and see what’s out there? Joseph hasn’t exactly looked great out there at third, and Nix will now be expected to cover more ground.


    • Manny’s BanWagon

      I’d hope for David Adams to come back soon and play 3rd over Eduardo Scissorhands.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        We’re at the point where I’ll take “At least he can hit” from Nunez at third.

        If looking for corner infield help, I’d honestly rather look at the left, rather than right, side. Youkilis can always fill in at first. Of course, it’s harder to find third base help than it is to find someone who can fake 1B.

      • JU

        Yea, David Adams really shit the bed with this back injury…

  • Peter Lacock

    The reinforcements coming in May, June & July are going to be awesome!
    If the Yanks can win any games in April it’ll be a cakewalk after that.

    • bigBadFrAn

      Can I borrow those rose colored glasses?

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        Or his crack pipe

      • Peter Lacock

        Sure, just keep them away from the clouds of depression everyone walks around in.

        Let’s stick Joseph at 3rd for a few weeks. I bet he hits. If he can’t cut it, Adams should be ready to take his shot. I bet he hits too.
        Youk at 1st.
        Play Ball!

        • Robinson Tilapia

          You trust Joseph’s glove out there? I don’t, and I’m the guy half-advocating for Nunez.

          • Peter Lacock

            but let’s find out.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              I like your style. Don’t know if I’d join you on that one, though.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I certainly would like to take a walk and buy some cake in the springtime, but nothing is going to come easy. Guys still need to come back from injury strong during a season which was going to be a dogfight to begin with.

      • Peter Lacock

        Injuries happen.
        Better now than later.
        No need to panic and sell the farm.
        Hopefully it’s not a plague. If it is, nothing can be done.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          This I can absolutely agree with.

        • Smoltz is a Schmuck

          The thing is they’re going to happen later too. Does anyone think Youk will still be healthy by say June? I realize we’re supposed to stay positive, but we’re filling in for injuries before we’ve played a game. Guys will get hurt all year long – it happens to every team.

          • Smoltz is a Schmuck

            Though I should note I agree – selling the farm is a terrible idea right now.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Of course, and that’s every team. I agree with Peter, though, that, if you HAVE to go through these injuries, you could do worse than having about a 1/3 to 1/2 of the DL time occur while still in Spring Training.

        • TomH

          If it isn’t a “plague,” it’s doing a damned good job of imitating one. Hell,even the GM’s on crutches and (at times) in a wheel chair.

  • kenthadley

    Steve “Spaldeen” Pearce might be available.

  • Chris

    What about Aubrey huff??…he’s still out there

    • MB923

      I don’t see that working out. For one thing, he’s left handed, and the Yankees would have no place to put him once Tex gets back. Tex would be at 1st, Youk would be at 3rd, and Hafner would be the Left handed DH.

  • Eddard

    There’s no one better than the in house option of Eduardo Nuney. Cashman created this mess by letting both of his backups go in free agency. There was going to be less margin for error this season with injuries and Nuney has proven he can give the team a spark. This isn’t the Bronx Bombers anymore. It’s going to be an offense based on speed and contact hitting which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I don’t think Eric Chavez would be enough to overcome all this at this point, but I was all for keeping him.

      Nunez will at least be a better lineup option. Good thing we have a nice fresh Pope coming in to pray for his defense. I begrudgingly agree, though.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        By “agree,” of course, I don’t mean “Cashman created this mess.” Cashman’s only responsible for his own injury right now.

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        Doubt the Yankees are gonna tolerate Nunez putrid defense at 3rd. I’d bet they end up playing Youk at 3rd and Dan Johnson or Rivera or some other stopgap at 1B.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave it a try anyway, but you may be right.

          Team’s going to need all the offense it can get these first two months, though.

          • Manny’s BanWagon

            Nunez has never even been close to a league average offensive player with wOBA’s of .305, .306 and .312 the last 3 years so I’m not sure why you think he added so much offensively.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Eddard told me so.

  • Dirty mike and the boys

    Oh god not the great pumpkin at first.

  • Dirty mike and the boys

    Youklis to 1st
    Jeter to 3rd
    Jason bartlett to ss padres are not asking for much.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Jeter’s not moving. Sorry, dude.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Probably because they released him last year.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Do I hear you saying it would take a mid-level prospect, then?

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

          Exactly what I’m saying.

          And in related news, the Yankees aren’t asking much for Bobby Abreu.
          Maybe they can work out a straight Abreu for Bartlett trade.

  • Dirty mike and the boys

    Scott rolens orlando hudson josh bell jorge cantu 3rd
    Lee branyon thorme for 1st
    Or trade for soriano in lf and put rivera at 1st.

  • Reggie44

    Stress free year looks like will be sellers this year at the trade deadline. Feel sorry for Mo Andy this is there last year o be on a real bad team. Lets make it easy deal cano and whoever else and let’s start building another great Yankee dynasty.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Good shit you’re smoking. Still not happening.

      It may be a tough season due to injury, but I don’t see how this changes much in the long term.

    • TomH

      Feel sorry for Mo Andy this is there last year o be on a real bad team.

      Yeah, I guess, but it’s happened to even better Yankees before them (Ford, Mantle), when management failed to recognize and deal with decline–and fall.

  • Dan

    The yankees need a big time replacement. Forget the $189 million dollar pay role plan. Cash needs to call up the twins and see if theyd be willing to trade Morneau

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Trading for Mourneau would have no effect on the $189M payroll plan. His contract is up after this season.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I can’t see giving up anything of real value. It’d be rather short-sighted.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

          Not saying they should do it, just that the $189M plan (if they decide to stick to it) wouldn’t preclude it.
          If they were willing to take his salary, I’m not sure they’d have to give up much value to get him anyways.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Agreed on all counts.

      • Dan

        Didnt know morneau was a free agent at the end of the season. Theoretically how much (in terms of prospects) would the yankees have to give up if they actually made this deal?

    • No Pepper Games

      I think a Morneau trade makes sense here.

  • Eddard

    I’ve had just about enough of this comment nonsense. I’m not on a mobile phone! The Yankees will live and die this year with their pitching, grinding out low scoring ballgames. Cashman and Hal let Swishy and Chavy go in FA and now they must suffer the consequences of their actions. Let the kids play. They’re cheap, young and bring the element of speed.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      “Cashman and Hal let Swishy and Chavy go in FA and now they must suffer the consequences of their actions.”

      The comment section would be full of people yelling about how the Yanks kept too many that got them swept by the Tigers, yadda yadda yadda.

      They’d still be in a hole with those two around. Also, with this luck, they would have been hit by a stray buffalo, somehow, in Central Florida, and gone on the DL already.

      • jjyank

        And isn’t Swish the type of “big hairy monster” type player that Eddard hates? He needs to be more consistent.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Oh, go drink a coconut with a fucking hole in it.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    No matter how bad things get for the Yankees, at least we have Chris Stewart’s pitch framing to look forward to seeing.

    • Pistol pete

      Along with his sub 600 lifetime ops. Our catching situation is a joke.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Rally GIFs?

  • Mister D

    I’ve always liked Dan Johnson. This could be fun.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Hooray for silver linings.

      • Mister D

        If Dan Johnson doesn’t go .400/.500/.750 in April, feel free to never value a comment of mine ever again. I’m staking my reputation on it.

    • Tom

      It would only be fun if his walk up music was the theme to Miami Vice.

  • http://Riveraveblues Austinmac

    Johnson will get a hit this spring. I’m sure of it.

  • Dalek Jeter

    So, this made me feel a little bit better: The Ottoman Empire still existed the last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series.

  • Hackensack Bulls

    They would never do it, but I’d love to see them play Jeter and his bum ankle at first base to start the season. Play Nunez every day at short and let Derek start the year off at a less demanding defensive position. It would also be good to get a look at life without the Captain at shortstop. I’d also bat him 3rd, with Gardner and Ichiro at the top of the order.

    • papa

      hole heartedly agree

    • Now Batting

      The problem with that is the strength of the team is pitching. I wouldn’t want to make it harder for them by starting Nunez everyday at SS and Jeter at a position he’s never played for a marginal at best offensive upgrade.

    • Darren

      And in the role of a wackass replacement taking over for a legend…. previously played by Royce Clayton, introducing, Eddie Brick Nunez.

      Like they say about The Bronx…no thonx.

      Keep The Cap’n at SS, unless he really truly hasn’t recovered by opening day. but if he’s basically back to normal – super steady hands, great at charging ball, excellent at going back, very bad range to left and right, he is WAY MORE VALUABLE than Nunez out there. Sorry.

  • Now Batting

    Chase Headley would be nice. One of the few guys out there I’d be willing to give up real prospects for and who has at least a 1% chance of being available.

  • Tom from England

    For those fans who wanted ‘the kids’ to have a chance, looks like they’ll get it. Isn’t this how new dynasties get started? Old infirm mega-millionaire wildebeest fall behind the herd and the new, younger, stronger wildebeest take over?

    Optimistically buoyant Marlin Perkins

    • TomH

      For those fans who wanted ‘the kids’ to have a chance, looks like they’ll get it. Isn’t this how new dynasties get started?

      Yes, if “the kids” turn out to be really good. Otherwise, it’s how mediocre teams continue being mediocre.

  • LarryM., Fl.

    I have watched a few games not in their entirety but every time a ball is hit toward 3rd, the ball was misplayed. It will be a rough season so we’ll have to get use to it. For all of us who have been advocating youthful change. It is upon us and I’ll have to enjoy it.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      The problem is that this certainly isn’t the change we’ve been waiting for.

      The youth I want to see isn’t going to be here until, at least, the middle of next season. What we’re going to get now is eight weeks of sticks and mud. This is what happens when injuries hit in bunches.

      • Sweet Dick Willie

        this certainly isn’t the change we’ve been waiting for.

        ponders political comment, but thinks better of it

  • pinchhitter

    As awful as this is, there’s a good chance Fill-in-the-blank can match Tex’s .716 OPS of the last three Aprils. Not giving up on season quite yet.

  • Jersey Joe

    Derrek Lee? Carlos Lee? Travis Lee?

    • the Other Steve S.

      Michelle Lee?

      • Slappy McWaterbug

        Stan Lee?

        • Vern Sneaker

          Alvin Lee? Maybe too late.

  • Joe

    How about Garrett Jones from the Pirates? Plays 1st, then when Tex comes back DH/OF spot for him. Pitt probably not willing to part with him too much though.

  • http://www.mises.org The Economist

    This team looks pretty miserable. If their pitching is anything less than stellar the entire season, they probably won’t make the playoffs. I’m certainly not all that excited this year, unfortunately. But I knew this year would come eventually. I’m just pretty sad that it’s now here.

    • Eddard the Great

      I think this adversity will bring the team together. They’ll get by for a month on their pitching. Pitching is always ahead of hitting to start the season because hitters have to get their timing down. Speed, defense, and pitching will be our keys to victory.

  • Travis L.

    Not sure what to say about this. Everyone has their opinions on who we should get, yadda yadda. We have to remember that there are teams who (in a couple of weeks) will face a roster crunch. There will be guys who will be available then that arent now…so we should all just relax and just let Cashman and the front office do what they do best…find scrapheap replacements that turn out to be significant pieces. And if they turn out to be nothihg more than what we all think they are…then they get released or DFA’d when the starters return. Just relax and see what they do!

    P.S. I’m voting for John Mayberry (PHI) or Carlos Rivera (WAS)

  • Eddard

    As soon as I sign in today I get the mobile version of the site and it doesn’t go away until I post. So from now on I’m just going to post meaningless drivel that contributes nothing to the conversation. Hopefully that will move things towards a solution.

  • Eddard the Great

    As soon as I sign in today I get the mobile version of the site and it doesn’t go away until I post. So from now on I’m just going to post meaningless drivel that contributes nothing to the conversation. Hopefully that will move things towards a solution.

  • bigbsarteest

    The Mets have a better club – with or withou Tex – – cashman needs to call alderson and beg for wright

    • Evan3457

      Hunh? What?

  • Eddard the Great

    And that posted twice by mistake. At least we’re back to normal for now anyway.

  • mitch

    Has Adam Kennedy officially retired? Move Youk to first and platoon Kennedy and Nix at 3rd.

  • Adam

    “That timetable puts his return somewhere in the mid-to-late May range, but wrist injuries do tend the linger and the Yankees have to consider the possibility he may come back as a less productive player, especially in the power department”

    Yeah, because his power numbers were so gaudy last year. People need to stop making excuses and come to the realization that this team stinks. Yes, stinks. The Yanks had a nice run and that’s that. Oh, and I am a HUGE Yanks fan, just one who is realistic with my expectations and not afraid to be honest.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      You’re so very brave.

      Teixeira hit 24 homers despite missing a month with the calf and playing sick during the first three months of the season.

  • Reggie C.

    Pedro Alvarez anyone? Pittsburgh always seems ready to deal anyone who’s not Andrew McCutchen.

    Would cost us a couple good prospects, but Alvarez could probably hold down the 3B position for a while and then fall into part-time 3B/DH with Arod upon his return.

    pipe dream?

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

    Nick Johnson.

    We only need someone for a month or so…

  • http://riveraveblues.com Rich

    Where have you gone Nick Johnson…lol
    But seriously how about Casey Kotchman for a month or two. Reliable defense and he seems to have a good year every other season…last year was not good.

  • jason

    I hear Derek Lee is looking for a job

  • mt

    If they are able to get someone who has some semblance of a bat, I think Yanks should move Youklis to first and hopefully the short-term replacement for Youklis at 3rd can also competently field (Dan Johnson has looked horrible at 3rd; I want no part of him there; also we will probably already seeing a lot of Nun-E at SS; I know Youklis is no prize at 3B but we definitely can do worse with Dan Johnson).

    If there is nobody coming from trades or other teams’ cuts, keep Youklis at 3rd and try to platoon Rivera and Johnson at first (although I shudder to think about infield defense in terms of scooping up Nunez’ errant throws as he subs at SS for a recovering Jeter). Anyhow, I still prefer Johnson at 1B as opposed to 3B.

    Assuming no trades/pick-ups, Melky Mesa can be starting CF (Yanks seem to prefer replacing Grandy at CF since Girardi has already told Grandy he will be coming back as a CF). Bench would be Diaz (back-up OF and part time righty DH), Johnson (platoon 1b and back-up 3B), Stewart/ Cervelli catcher compettion loser, and Nunez. Rivera would be primary 1B (and also available as part time LF and part time DH).

  • Jim Cavanaugh

    Feel weird having to preface my statement by saying this, but i am unequivocally a Yankees fan. That being said, most of us saw this coming all winter long & it felt like watching a car accident happen in slow motion with no way of stopping it. After last season, i was all for letting Swisher go and passing on Russell Martin. Problem is, we were supposed to replace those bats w/ additions who were better for this particular club. Finding those replacements was supposed to happen during the Hot Stove Season, not the Spring Training Season. Every time (everyday)i checked in here to read about our off season activity, all i saw was “Yankees not in on …” or “Yankees not interested in …”. I couldn’t believe what i was reading, you would have thought the team won the title, was being kept intact & no additions were necessary.

    Basically, Cashman and ownership gambled w/ everything on bounceback years from Grandy & Tex, and now they are out til May or longer. Instead of picking up quality players for C & 3B we grabbed on to some retreads and now face our final season with Mo and possibly Andy, and a below average product behind them. This all could have been tempered with some solid players added to the team in the off season but mgmt was insanely intent on not making a move & now they are forced to make one. Everyone here knows we could sink big time in April and face a difficult hole to dig out of. Now a move HAS to be made, no two ways about it and clearly, it won’t be a move made from strength.

  • joey12508

    ok its time to go get some players. this is the yankees we need corner infielders, rh outfielder the bench has no depth. were to old
    and the stienbrenner kids are walking around playin pocket pool. if the dont go outside to get some real help theres going to be a lot of empty seats.