Cashman discusses decision to trade for Vernon Wells


Here’s a pretty interesting read from Andy Martino, who spoke to Brian Cashman about the decision to trade for Vernon Wells (among a number of other topics). “We had thought (Wells) would be a fit here, at the very least, in that role that Andruw Jones had been playing for the past two years,” said the GM. “But no, there was no magic, unearthed data point. The fact that he was having a tremendous spring didn’t really move us … Our needs grew and we were able to come up a little bit more on the what we were willing to take on.”

Cashman acknowledged the two sides were talking all winter — we first heard the they were discussing Wells back during the Winter Meetings — and that allowed them to quickly wrap-up negotiations a few weeks ago. As he seems to indicate, it was basically just a matter of how much money the team was willing to absorb. The injuries and offseason defections created some big holes in the lineup and they had to act. Wells has been a godsend in the early going (163 wRC+) and is a big reason why the Yankees have been able to do a lot more than just tread water so far.

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  • will

    I’d like to ask him why some of the farmhands aren’t getting shots in replacing the “replacements” that are not performing… eg.. phelps and Francisco

    • trr

      Francisco has been especially bad, and I don’t understand why we kept him over Juan Rivera. If he wasn’t a RH-hitter he wouldn’t be here at all. As the injured players return, they will claim roster spots and I’m sure Francisco will be DFA’d, and this will all seem like a bad memory…

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’d like to ask you why you can’t just read the last thread.

    • Mattinglyfan03

      Look at how often Francisco plays. Do you really want a farmhand up here, sitting 5 days a week? I am confused as to, if the plan was only to use Francisco as a DH against lefties, why Juan Rivera couldn’t fill that role but spring training numbers don’t mean anything.

  • Havok9120

    I like the whole “not taking a victory lap” thing. It would be rather silly to take one at this point.

  • jsbrendog

    man i am so happy he is doing well for two reasons.

    1. they need him. bad

    2. to shut up all the people who decried this move as if it were trading cc sabathia for eric fryer and paying all of ccs salary. people are the worst.

    • Tk

      Yea seriously. I can’t believe people hated this trade so much. Kevin Long+ old superstar= great success

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Somehow this has gone from “desperation” to “crafty move,” and it’s really been entirely based on Wells’s performance and demeanor as a Yanke. He’s played well and said and done exactly the right things as a new Yankee.

    As Sherlock Mustang demonstrated in unearthing all our lost quotes on the topic, a whole lot of us were dead set against this move. I look forward to continuing to eat a ton of crow.

    Speaking of eating a ton of something, how’s Jon Niese doing?

    • Jim Is Bored

      Even I was against it. I just didn’t flip out like a lot of people did.

      But I’m glad to be wrong; lord knows it happens more often than not.

      • jsbrendog

        ok ok, so i am so rarely right do i get to say i told you so this time?

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Rock out with your cock out.

          • jsbrendog


    • emac2

      How many weeks have we seen production worthy of the 12 mil he is getting paid?

      Why did they decide that their desperation was best addressed by paying 12 million dollars to replace Andrus Jones anyway?

      You guys can eat the dead birds but a good month or two doesn’t make this a good investment unless you assume that there was nothing else to invest in and that he continues to hit like this for two years.

      • mike


        Andruw was signed on consecutive 1yr deals for $2mm (as i recall), yet in a time of self-imposed austerity the Yanks spend 6 times that amount on a platoon LF/DH when there are gaping holes throughout the roster.

        I wonder if Cashman will fall on the sword just as quickly as he is taking credit

        • Havok9120

          Did you even read the article? He doesn’t take any credit at all despite the reporter actively TRYING to get him to take credit and call himself a genius.

          I’m not for backing Cashmen to the hilt without much cause but this nonsense of bashing the guy for anything and everything he does or doesn’t do is at least as stupid. You don’t actually have to attack him at every possible opportunity to make your overall point. You can even occasionally give him credit. He doesn’t need to be portrayed as some wholly incompetent boogeyman, and attempting to do so doesn’t really help your argument because it’s pretty clear to anyone not coming in with an ax to grind that he isn’t wholly incompetent.

          • Jim Is Bored

            But that’s not a fun narrative!

          • mike

            What Cashman did is called taking credit – he was able to jump on the deal because he had worked on it since last year, and so when he pulled the trigger it was smooth sailing.

            He also took the opportunity to compare Wells’ signing to that of another player (Jones), which by inference he was happy with its outcome.

            this is not “bashing” – its is pointing out a contradiction in his and his company’s logic of working with a reduced payroll in the future, yet requiring an additional expense of $10 million yr/yr to get to the same place.

            In a sense, he identified a problem, and needed 6 times the money to fix it than he did for the past two years – and is proud of it.

            Nevermind the fact he was bidding against himself for Wells…

            So this is not an axe to grind or calling him incompetent, but he publicly has criticized his organization in the past for foolish spending that he advised against(Soriano, Arod), yet he is ok – in a time of austerity – in making the Wells deal.

            IMO, its fair commentary

            • Jim Is Bored


      • Robinson Tilapia

        No one is saying this can’t go south tomorrow.

      • Tk

        He only needs to play well this year for this to be a good investment. 1 million next year he can sit on the bench all year.

  • Jim Is Bored

    Results don’t justify the means, obviously, but it certainly is nice to see Wells have some success early on this year.

    It’s also a caution in over-reacting to things that happen in the off-season. Not that anyone will stop doing so.

  • Eddard

    I’ll be the first to admit when I’m right but I was wrong about Vernon. It was a brilliant move. Gave us a RH bat when we have so few. I think he was given a blank slate in NY and a chance to play for a contender. Same for Overbay, Youk and Hafner. For some reason the NYY always get a lot out of these veteran fill ins.

  • Steve

    I’m confused. I thought the boogie monster Randy Levine made this move?

    • Havok9120

      Was that actually said by anyone?

      • Havok9120

        I was gone when the move was made and for the two weeks around it I didn’t read a darn thing on here, certainly not the comments sections. So I’m honestly asking if this was reported, said in defense of the move, etc.

        • Steve

          Just went back and looked. Only one reference to Levine and just a few to Hal. Pleasantly surprised. But there were several other references to him on other sites. Guess I’m just used to moves that are perceived as bad being blamed on anybody but Cashman.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Perhaps confusing with the Ichiro re-signing?

            I think you’re right as to unpopular moves being assumed to be someone other than Cashman.

            • Havok9120

              I’m not sure “assumed” is the proper word though. The most unpopular moves of the last 5-6 years have all been pretty close to confirmed in media reports as to have been done around Cashmen. ARod, Soriano, Ichiro are the three that come to mind with me.

  • MannyGeee

    I love the fact that the world ended the day this trade went down, yet 5 weeks later it has become another brilliant Ninja Cashman move. I questioned the move, more than anything the money the Yankees absorbed in the move, but always thought he’d serve a purpose.

    Slightly off topic, but I read an post on Pinstripe Pundits (i think) about how the Yankees would be able to maneuver around $189M and still sign Cano at $25M. As it was written in the early spring, nowhere in that plan was Vernon Wells for (essentially) free in 2014. This is a pretty awesome part of this that alot of people forget too.

    • Havok9120

      Yeah, that could be pretty helpful. If he can be serviceable in the field and at the plate that’s one less OFer that needs to be found next season while getting under the limit.

    • emac2

      12 mil plus taxes to have a replacement level outfielder for free next year?

      I have to think we could have purchased some pretty good prospects for that money.

  • Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain)

    The trade looks great so far, but only time will tell. If Wells keeps hitting like this it will be one of the best trades Cashman has ever made.

    • jsbrendog

      have to say the best are swisher and abreu/lidle off the top of my head…

    • The Real Me

      Yeah, it’s working out fine right now, but I still want to see what he’s doing by the time Sept rolls around. I wasn’t for the trade, but I wasn’t entirely against it. It seemed odd and I always felt like I was missing something (like a lot of info the Yankess had to support the deal). Now it seems maybe I wasn’t missing something and this was a “gut feel” type of move. Glad it’s working out when we need him. I hope he can keep it up to a large extent the rest of the season.

  • dc1874

    Reminds me of right handed version of David Justice…..what a sweet swing!!

  • awy

    don’t see any need for crow eating. he gave the blind squirrel explanation, akin to hitting on 19 in blackjack and not busting out. not a wise decision even though it worked out.

  • Chris

    I’m a cashman guy, but what bothers me about this is that I’m sitting here thinking they identified something in scouting and made this move. Like the bat speed issue that has been talked about. but instead, he has been working on this awhile…just because…and it’s blind luck that it’s worked out for a month so far. kinda disappointed.

    • aluis

      Dude it’s not blind luck. It’s the secret sauce and you just don’t go around blabbing about it, especially to the competition. ;0)

  • tommy cassella

    I would rather have moe, larry and curly instead of boesch, phelps and Francisco.

  • tommy cassella

    I would rather have moe, larry and curly instead of boesch, Francisco and phelps.

  • tommy cassella

    yet more brilliant moves by the assman signing boesch, Francisco and phelps. I would rather have moe, larry and curly.