Jeter will resume playing catch today, hopes to do more this week

Game One: Opening Day
Hughes scheduled for Triple-A start on Saturday

Via Andy McCullough & Chad Jennings: Brian Cashman confirmed Derek Jeter will resume playing catch today and hopes the Cap’n can do even more in the coming days. “There is no exact schedule for Derek because it’s what his ankle allows him to do (and) we’re really not going to know that until he goes out there,” said Joe Girardi.

Jeter, 37, received a cortisone shot in his surgically repaired left ankle two weeks ago. He was apparently on track to be ready in time for Opening Day, but the team had to shut him down due to lingering soreness and inflammation last week. The Yankees say they want Jeter to play back-to-back nine inning games at shortstop before activating him off the DL, which means the original target return date of April 6th is wildly optimistic. I really do worry about there being that lingering soreness and inflammation all season.

Game One: Opening Day
Hughes scheduled for Triple-A start on Saturday
  • Bob Buttons

    Well.. at least Nuney looked okay at short today.

    • dkidd

      still 4 innings to go

      knocks wood

  • Scott

    Agree on the “worry about there being that lingering soreness and inflammation all season” but I worry about the decent chance it’s worse: how likely is it that a 39 year-old ankle broken badly enough to need plate-and-screw rebuilding is going to be professional-athlete-level agile? (I’ll assume it reliably can bear the full weight of a tall athlete lunging on it, but that’s not a given either.)

    There’s a real shot Jeter is now a righty DH, nothing more. Maybe he could learn 1B too.

    • hogsmog

      At this point, Jeter playing first until Tex comes back might actually be better than him at short, though something that would never, ever happen.

    • Diane Gowin

      I would prefer to have a 38 year old Derek Jeter at shortstop than Nunez. Mr. Jeter has proven himself over and over, and all of his accomplishments have been without the use of drugs. Too bad that Mr. A-Rod cannot say the same. Without Jeter on the field and leading the team as our Captain, we do not have a chance in you know where to win this year. Jeter, subpar, is better than any shortstop with full health. Yankee fans have too short of a memory. Lets go Yankees.

  • LarryM Fl

    I don’t believe the strength of the bone will be an issue but the tendons and ligaments are a whole different story. We may not see Derek for some time and not at his usual position.

    We shall see.

  • trr

    “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”