Kevin Youkilis will undergo MRI on stiff back tomorrow

Game 24: No Mercy
Sunday Night Open Thread

This isn’t surprising, but Kevin Youkilis will go for an MRI on his back tomorrow. He missed about a week with a stiff back before returning the lineup yesterday, but the problem popped up again and he was unable to play this afternoon. If he needs to go on the DL — they can’t backdate it to last weekend because he played yesterday — I would think David Adams or Corban Joseph are the call-up candidates. Joseph is on the 40-man and that could give him a leg up. Let’s see how the MRI goes before worrying about that.

Game 24: No Mercy
Sunday Night Open Thread
  • zs190

    That’s what I thought too re: Joseph/Adams but I just checked, Joseph has only played 6 games at 3B in his career and they were all in 2010. There have been persistent stories that his arm strength just doesn’t allow him to play on the left side of the diamond, it probably should be Adams but they’ll have to really tinker with the 40 man roster to get him on it.

    Do you 60-man DL Cervelli? minimum 6 weeks and it’s quite possible he doesn’t come back for 8 weeks. Mesa is swinging and missing like mad in AAA again and he’s 26 so he’s someone that I would consider DFA too. There is also the DFA Ben Francisco possibility but I think that’s quite unlikely.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Joseph looked fairly awful at 3B in spring training.
      They could conceivably put Tex on the 60-day DL, making his earliest return about May 22 (he may be out that long anyways).
      Adams seems to make the most sense, if he’s even eligible to be called up yet (not sure, but it might be May 15 because he was released before opening day).

      • zs190

        That’s a good point re: Adams, has there been anything conclusive written about that? I’m pretty unclear on that rules, we heard about that re: Rapada, doesn’t seem to be invoked a lot, does it apply to minor leaguers?

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

          Here’s the rule:

          (1) A player released during the playing season shall not again be placed on the active player limits of the Major League Club during the 30-day period that starts on the date of the waiver request, unless the Major League Club has had less than the full complement of active players at all times during those 30 days; and,
          (2) Any player who has been unconditionally released between midnight, August 31 of any championship season and the opening day of the following championship season, may not be re-signed to a Major League Uniform Player’s Contract by the releasing Major League Club until May 15 of that following championship season.

          It seems like (2) would apply to Adams, since he was released before opening day.

    • zs190

      oops, I messed up, Joseph also played 37 games at 3B in 2009, still, it’s been a while.

    • forensic

      I think Tex is a more likely 60-day candidate at this point than Cervelli.

      Mesa is a DFA candidate, but I think they’ll end up giving him all season, even though it arguable about whether they should or not.

      Eppley is another DFA candidate. Even some of the MiLB starters could be candidates too.

  • dkidd

    least surprising news in history

    is musty ready?

    • zs190

      Hasn’t played a single minor league game yet, pretty sure he’s not an option.

      • dkidd

        lousy timing with that injury

        this year was his best chance to show what he could do

      • Mickey Scheister

        I thought he was playing extended spring training.

        • Havok9120

          He is.

  • Wheels

    He probably aggravated it yesterday on that play where he had to sprint over and slide covering first base when CC slipped and fell on the mound.

    • Havok9120

      If that aggravated it then anything he did on the field for 9 innings would have done so as well.

  • Magilla Gorilla

    Maybe the Yankees should have bought an MRI. They use it more than the whirlpool.

    • Havok9120

      Too specialized.

      Oh, and they run into the seventh figure. Mostly the specialization though.

    • JRod

      One of the NY tabloid scribes used to write about the “Carl Pavano Memorial MRI tube.” I miss that little jibe.

  • Tom

    Mentioned this in the game thread… even if Youkilis is day to day the Yankees should carry a 2nd IF over a 2nd OF anyway. This would give them an opportunity to pinch hit in a close game as well (for Overbay if Youkilis is healthy or Nix or even Nunez)

    The 3 OF’s are pretty much playing full time so I think only 1 backup OF is needed. If the utility IF is right handed you can also use him as a rest day for Hafner (and DH them or have Nunez/Nix DH)

    It’s one thing to play with no backup IF’s (other than 1st) for a day or two, but this is now 6 out of 7 games (or something like that)

  • Tim B

    How bout they call up Ramiro Peña, Eric Duncan, or Brandon Laird? Oh wait Cashman didnt resign Peña and now hes with the Braves. Duncan i think retired. Would have loved to see him in pinstripes. Laird is with the Astros. Be nice to see him again. Or maybe Chavez? Oh wait hes not with NY anymore. So much for depth.