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New Yorker cover

The Red Sox beat the Yankees rather convincingly on Monday afternoon, the team’s second consecutive Opening Day loss. Boston was the far better team and there’s no way to dispute it. They outplayed New York in every facet of the game and completely overmatched their division rivals. Oh well, give it a go again on Wednesday.

Here is your open thread for the night. All three hockey locals are in action, but screw that, baseball’s back. ESPN is showing games all night and Extra Innings is free preview mode right now. Find the channels and watch whatever games you want. Talk about whatever, go nuts.

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  1. Alkaline2.0 says:

    Well, that was fun.

  2. forensic says:

    Giants fans should be excited that it looks like they have the same offense of the last couple seasons back.

    Oh, and George Kontos? Yankees win the trade! :-)

  3. Barry says:

    Can “The New Yorker” go out of business yet? Who is still buying that magazine?

    • thenamestsam says:

      It’s the only magazine I subscribe to and I basically read it cover to cover every week. I think the quality of the reporting, the criticism and the fiction is all consistently top-notch. I always find it a bit odd when people wish companies would go out of business. How is the New Yorker affecting you negatively? If you don’t like it, I would think there’s a pretty simple solution.

      • CP says:

        If you don’t like it, I would think there’s a pretty simple solution.

        Of course. You can bitch about it in the blg comments.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      A shitload of people, actually. It’s a great magazine, that’s a pretty damn funny cover.

      • Barry says:

        Eh, it’s circulation barely breaks 1 million and it’s average reader is 47 with a household income of 109k. For a magazine titled “The New Yorker” one would expect a readership to be more than 1/8 of the city it titles itself after, plus only about half of its readership is in NY so 1/16. Doesn’t sound all that relevant. Plus that cover isn’t really funny, 3 of those players are healthy, 2 are close to being healthy.. Don’t see it.

  4. SeventhAce says:

    Is it wrong that I have this seething hate for Nix? He always has this “I’m lost where am I?” look on his face… I know it’s only the first game, but can Girardi only use him in the late innings for defensive replacements?

    • Barry says:

      He’s a utility guy dude, nothing to get so worked up about. So yeah, it’s wrong to have such seething hate.

      • forensic says:

        If he was a utility guy, sure, but he’s not for the next 2 months. He’ll be playing half the time for that length of time and it’s really going to help drag down the offense.

        • Barry says:

          Yeah but that’s not his fault really. He was decent enough in that role last year. You can’t expect him to be great when that’s not the player he is. Also today was one game, so put the hangman’s noose away.

      • LK says:

        At least for now, he’s more than a utility guy, he’s a platoon guy. But, yeah, seething hate is probably too far.

    • Erica says:

      But he’s a professional ballplayer – Suzyn will tell you herself!

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I don’t see him that way at all, FWIW. Jayson Nix will always have a use somewhere in the MLB.

    • Magilla Gorilla says:

      Girardi thinks he is better having Nix and YOuk against Righties than Youk and Overbay. Pretty pathetic. Eric Chavez: Come on down!

  5. Evan says:

    It’s one game where the Sox got a lot of infield hits and some timely walks on pitches that could have gone either way. The Yanks worked Lester, Youk looks really good, Cano hit some balls hard, Kelley looks like a smart pick-up. The heart of the order was up with a chance to tie in the 7th, sure Cano did his usual swing at pitches off the plate and strike out on the high heat, but the game was not as bad as all that.

  6. forensic says:

    That’s actually a pretty cool cover. Wonder how Tex feels though that people think about him and put in a group of guys who are all just about 5 years or more older than him.

  7. Eddard says:

    It’s only one game. CC didn’t pitch well but it’s just the first game. The offense needs to get in rhythm. John and Suzyn seems excited about this team’s chances and I don’t doubt them when it comes to baseball acumen.

  8. Yankee Underground says:

    Time to end the Yankee Curse. Melt down all the inane monuments to Steinbrenner – the statues, the bust, and especially that profane ‘plaque’ disgracing Monument Park.

    • LK says:

      Yeah the team under Steinbrenner has been the very definition of cursed.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      That’s going too far….but they should add some hydraulics to the Monument Park plaque to make it roll every time the Yankees lose.

      • Preston says:

        The grave rolling Steinbrenner sign would still be classier than the thing the Marlins have in the OF.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          Oh, absolutely.

          They could install a coffin out in centerfield in which Papa Bear pops up and gives everyone the finger every time something goes wrong and it’d still beat that art deco flamingo tragedy.

      • The Doctor says:

        And Tilapia once again claims the night with the best comment. I laughed out loud.

  9. soxhata says:

    That was the funniest April Fools joke.We played like the METS.C’mon,quit teasin!Shades of Marv Throneberry out there.

  10. LK says:

    I don’t understand. They didn’t hit any homers, so how were they held to only two runs? It just doesn’t make sense.

  11. Mike N says:

    Anybody know why there’s no game tomorrow, but then the series resumes on Wednesday?

  12. Erica says:

    I went to the game today.

    It was weird. I mean, I’m totally happy I went (my boyfriend bought me tickets as my birthday present) and I’d never turn down Opening Day, but this wasn’t what I expected when I learned I was going 2 months ago.

    Cheering for Youkilis was the strangest part of the whole shebang. I mean, it was full-blown, 50,000 people hollering, “YOOOOOOUK!” It also sounded the same when they cheered on Lou Piniella, so maybe they just wanted HIM at the plate.

    I don’t know. I left in the 8th because it was cold and I wanted to avoid the crush of people getting on the subways. It’s only game #1 guys – 161 to go. Let’s go Yanks!

    • jjyank says:

      Bummer you couldn’t have seen a win. But you’re right, it’s one game. We all knew the Yanks would be weak in April, just gotta hope they come back on Wednesday and even things up.

  13. forensic says:

    Kind of sucks that none of the Jays, Rays, or O’s play tonight. With the Yankees being done already, it might have been nice to watch a little of them to see what they look like at this point.

    • Bob Buttons says:

      I’ve said this before, and I’ll repeat it every chance I got.

      Jays’ commentators made me die a bit inside listening to them. The content makes me feel like they think the fans are blind, don’t understand baseball or loves to hear their friggin voice.

      So yeah. May you have the fortune to not listen to Buck(ing boring) Martinez and Pat (stab me right now) Tabler.

      • forensic says:

        I wouldn’t listen to them. I know they’re horrible. I’d listen to whoever they were playing. But really, I wouldn’t be concentrating on listening at all. Mostly just looking up periodically at it.

        • Bob Buttons says:

          I get what you’re saying now. I get things done slower in the baseball season, because I tend to have the compulsion to check the scores of AL East every ten minutes or so and occasionally wild card teams in September. Have to say sometimes I sleep sounder in the night when Yanks win and Sox/Rays lose.

  14. DInnings says:

    The Red Sox were not “the far better team”, they were merely the latest team to make Sabathia an Opening Day non-winner or in today’s case, loser. They had one big inning against him, a rarity I doubt will come up again and if it does maybe the Yanks clobber whoever is on the mound that day.

    Can someone point out that the 2013 Red Sox Opening Day starting lineup had neither David Ortiz hands down their best hitter nor Adrian Gonzalez thus was weaker than the Red Sox’ 2012 Opening Day starting lineup, yet they still managed to score eight runs, and the 2012 Red Sox finished 69? Well I just did.

    Lay off of Nix. He stretched his entire body to get a line drive and it popped off the tip of his glove or it went in but it wasn’t not far enough for him to get it. He prevented a double thus a possible run in the first inning as Sabathia gave up a two-hit single after that and made an expected but still nice throw home to prevent a run from scoring. He was the 3B today only because A-Rod is out with injury, Youkilis has to play 1B because Teixiera is out with injury, Overbay is a lefthanded hitter Girardi didn’t want to start against lefty Lester, Juan Rivera and Dan Johnson weren’t good enough to make the team so Youkilis could play 3B, Nunez is unfit to play 3B, ditto for Mustelier who is also injured, Corbin Joseph isn’t MLB ready, ditto for David Adams.

    The offense didn’t help matters today, but the pitching was the real culprit today and I’m sorry, when you give up eight runs and you’re drawing the other team’s ace and still above average starting pitcher which Lester still is despite his awful 2012, you will lose more often than not, or do any of you think the Red Sox would’ve come back to win today’s game if THEY gave up eight runs? I doubt any of you do.
    The Yanks could’ve hit back to back to back to back to back homeruns in the ninth (first homerun a solo shot) and still would’ve lost 8-7, that’s how bad their pitching was today. I’d take 7 runs from the Yanks any day of the week in any year.

    I know it’s the cool thing to cry about the lack of offense, scapegoat it, and bash Nix etc. but fact is the pitching is what did them in today. The offense gets a pass today. When they score two runs in games the other team’s fourth and fifth starters start, then you can bitch, it’s legitimate bitching, and I won’t say (type a word), I’ll nod in agreement.

    • forensic says:

      Both the offense and pitching sucked today. It’s not all on the pitching. Theoretically, if the Yankees had scored a few more runs, they have a better pitcher in the 9th and thus the Red Sox are less likely to score another 3 runs there.

      • Get Phelps Up says:

        Joba gave up all the runs in the 9th. It’s not like it was some scrub that only came in because it was a blowout.

        • forensic says:

          I know, and that’s why I didn’t say they certainly wouldn’t have scored or anything. Robertson and/or Mo are just better pitchers than Joba.

          When you can get a 2-run groundball single to second, who knows what could happen.

        • WhittakerWalt says:

          Except that Joba IS a scrub.

        • soxhata says:

          To be fair Joba struck out phenom Bradley jr,then the Cano bobble on Ellsbury was terrible and he didn’t seem to notice the runner Gomes was motoring around .No I don’t blame Joba for us playing like the f#@$ing METS!

    • Bob Buttons says:


    • Barry's Gift Basket says:

      “I’d take 7 runs from the Yanks any day of the week in any year.”

      Yeah… you do know they scored like two runs today, right?

      The game was 5-2 at the bottom of the 7th, if they would’ve scored, I don’t know, 5 more runs between the fisrt and seventh inning, there is probably no way Robertson+Mo allow the other 3.

      Context does matter.

  15. Mick taylor says:

    C.c always sucks on opening day and chokes in big games like the world series. He is really great the rest of the time. I do not like girardibatting ichiro anywhere but the 2 hole. Jason nix sucks. The yanks are crazy if theygivecano anything more than 5 years at 25 million per.He is the most overated player in baseball. The yanks got already the best years of his career. AN 8 to 10 year deal fora32 year old 2nd baseman is nuts.

  16. Get Phelps Up says:

    I ran across this today. RAB’s craziest commenters wilt in comparison.


    • Erica says:

      “for all of you that say “its just one game”..It was just “ONE GAME” that prevented us from winning our division last year.EVERY GAME COUNTS!”


      • Pat D says:

        The problem with thinking like that is that you never know exactly which one game is the one that truly cost the team.

        Also, we as fans tend to remember the really tough losses but never remember the games that our team wins and has no business winning. It goes both ways.

    • Bob Buttons says:

      Cool, a H.L. Mencken reference. I love Inherit the Wind.

  17. Erica says:


  18. Pat D says:

    Oh, good, one of those “we’re gonna boo Cena no matter what” crowds at Raw. Expecting the same on Sunday.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I wonder if they’ve got the balls to have him go all “maniac heel turn” a la Stone Cold on the Rock.

      • Pat D says:

        No, they don’t. I’m not sure that Cena could be a good heel anymore. I mean, he’s gonna get booed no matter what.

        It’s just not possible to have a seismic heel turn like Bash at the Beach 1996 anymore.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          No, but the Rock/Austin finish where Austin “snapped” and just beat the living fuck out of the Rock with a chair before beating him would go over well here.

          The reason I don’t think they do it because then they have to wonder what to do with Punk, who is a much better heel and should remain the top heel in the company. You also will have a turning Orton soon as well, with the Shield needing to stay at the top of the card as well. Ryback could turn by the summer, and there’s tons of stale mid-carders (Kofi, Ryder) who could benefit greatly from a turn.

          • Pat D says:

            Well Austin didn’t “snap” so much as he “sold his soul to the devil” because he was desperate to be champion again.

            There’s talk of Punk needing to take some time off, that he’s not booked for the next PPV which is why Rock and Brock are, or something. Orton probably takes his place. They don’t need to turn others heel, they need to give meaningful programs to the mid-card heels (Cesaro, Barrett) already there.

            I’m not sure Kofi could ever be a credible heel. He’s like Jeff Hardy. He does all the athletic stuff people want to cheer, but he has no personality to get him over.

  19. forensic says:

    I LOVE watching the Angels squander scoring chance after scoring chance.

    Unfortunately, the Reds aren’t doing any better.

  20. Robinson Tilapia says:

    “Boston was the far better team and there’s no way to dispute it. They outplayed New York in every facet of the game and completely overmatched their division rivals.”

    But what does Joe think?

    Couldn’t disagree more. I think the game was a series of bad breaks, and one bad inning by CC, until the disgusting ninth inning, and I’m willing to put that aside since you won’t see that from Cano too many more times this season. A non-call for Wells, a great catch by Bradley – two things that could have easily gone the other way.

    There’s still two games to play this series, and I could certainly be wrong and watch the Yankees stare at 0-3 after all this, but the lineups looked comparable to me – except I’ll take our returning players over theirs any day of the week.

    My big boy pants are on. I’m ready for whatever comes in 2013.

    • forensic says:

      In the end (sorry Greg) I don’t think the possible missed call on Wells changed anything. IF things went as they followed anyway, it would’ve been the same two runs and two left on in the end, theoretically of course.

      And yeah, it was one really bad inning for CC, but even beyond that he wasn’t very good, which continues a long trend for him in April and especially on opening days.

      I’m not mad they lost the game, I never expected a win today. I’m just disappointed in how they looked in going about it, especially how they let it get way out of hand and ugly in the end.

    • Barry's Gift Basket says:

      Hmmm I don’t know.

      Probably our line-up will be better after the wounded come back, or if you are talking about our lineup V/S RHP, but on today’s I just disagree with what you said, as in; you can compare them all you want but I wouldn’t take the yankees’.

      To lazy/tired to look up for numbers but, talking from the top of my head;

      Cano over Pedroia, and Nuñez over Iglesias are the only clear choices for me taking yankees.

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        I’d take healthy Youk over Middlebrooks, and Gardner’s been better than Ellsbury outside of 2011

        • Barry's Gift Basket says:

          Today, It was Nix V/S WMB and Napoli V/S Youk.

          The later may be close, but the former is not.

    • Barry's Gift Basket says:

      And a question;

      Imagine the yankees win today’s game 8-2, just the way the red sox won; Would you say the yanks didn’t outplayed Boston in every facet of the game and completely overmatched their division rivals?

      • Ruby Rich says:

        Yes. Even though Boston’s 2nd inning was 99.9% luck, their approach at the plate late in the game was far superior than what the Yanks pulled, and this has been a problem for them for some time now. Maybe Mike’s rhetoric was a little outlandish, but i sure did feel the same way after Youk k’d in the 8th.

  21. Pat D says:

    So how have the Angels been playing this game with 2 first basemen and no centerfielder?

    • forensic says:

      Heh, their position changes aren’t marked correctly in the box score (if that’s what you’re talking about) after they (somewhat pointlessly) ran for Pujols.

      • Pat D says:

        Yea, looking at the starters on ESPN’s box score right now it shows both Pujols and Trumbo at first, with no CF. Though I now see Bourjos listed there. Still, it’s funny.

  22. Pat D says:

    I still say they’re trying too hard to get The Shield over by having all three of them speak whenever they do.

  23. Ruby Rich says:

    I think we all understand that April will be a tough month, as it usually is when even they’re healthy, let alone when they have $90m tied up on the DL. But that 8th inning with Nuney and especially Cano and Youkilis really disturbed me.

    More than even the self-imposed and unwarranted budget, getting embarrassed in the ALCS last season was what truly irked me about this entire off season; and, Robbie swinging at those first two pitches in the 8th inning to put himself in an 0-2 hole is a microcosm of everything that went wrong for him and the team in that series.

    Overall though, I was happy with the way Youk swung the bat not only today, but in ST as well; it seems like he’s figured something out in his swing. CC will be fine, even if this diminished velocity continues on into the season he has proven that he knows how to pitch without it. Nunez is a little crazy out there at short, but he made a nice play on the ball that Iglesias hit and I think that he’s at a point where his defense at least won’t hurt the team. I really hope that Cervelli gets the bulk of the PT behind the plate this year, he can be an average offensive player at that position, and is surely a better option than Stewart.

    • forensic says:

      I was actually pretty surprised, almost shocked, that Girardi didn’t have Nunez bunt there to move the runners over. Even if you do lose Cano, you lose him against a lefty which may not be the worst thing in the world (especially if he’s going to continue helping to get himself out) and then leave it up to Youkilis with the bases loaded and just one out.

      • Ruby Rich says:

        Eh, they were down too many runs to give up an out in that situation, and even if Nunez hits a ground ball right there you’re still forcing the action with his speed. I don’t even mind if you lose Cano and put it in Youk’s hands, but if Youk makes an out there then you’re relying on the super-massive black hole that is the 5-9 hitters to come through with 2 outs.

        Bottom line is that Robbie needs to do 2 things: STOP FAKE BUNTING early in the game on fastballs right down the middle, and stop swinging at pitches 5 feet out of the zone when the game is on the line.

        • forensic says:

          Yeah, it’s tough when you’re down 3 instead of 2 but it’s not like it would’ve been the first time Girardi’s ever done that.

          And yup, having a Vernon Wells as their #5 batter is likely going to be a MAJOR problem for the next month or two. Really, having him as their #8 batter would be a major problem, but at least they could work around it a little better. The lineup looks a touch better vs. righties, but not much.

          Robbie always does that crap: fake bunt and help pitchers. Personally, I think he does the fake bunt stuff because he knows he has no discipline and it forces him to actually take the first pitch.

  24. wow says:

    I think Sports Picle’s “Yankees Hilarity Meter” captures everything quite nicely.

    That’s gonna be one busy blog category this year.

  25. Michael says:

    A bit off topic but are we going to get minor league game stats and updates too?

  26. JohnnyMax says:

    the New Yorker is a liberal rag!

  27. Laz says:

    Hey, even the best teams lose 1/3 of their games.

  28. Mike HC says:

    The only thing that really bothered me about that game was that Ben Francisco was the DH. Hafner hit lefties better than Francisco last year and has hit better against lefties in his career too. And just common sense dictates Hafner is a far more dangerous hitter than Francisco regardless who is on the mound. Just mindlessly platooning is not going to work.

    • forensic says:

      Just mindlessly platooning is not going to work.

      Good luck avoiding that with Girardi.

      • Mike HC says:

        I never noticed a problem before this. Francisco actually has hit righties better than lefties in his career. In 2012 his OPS against lefties was .626 and the year before that it was .661. And this is the guy we used as our designated “hitter.” I really don’t get it. Forget the DH, CC himself could do just as well.

  29. Oy vay. Forget 1965. How about 1991.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I remember it well although, as many know on here, I don’t have the slightest recollection of Jeff Johnson.

  30. Oy vay. That was truly pathetic today.

  31. Pistol Pete says:

    5 singles, 1 double, going to be a long season. No power and only one player (Cano) with power in his prime. It’s going to be a long long season. This line up looks like a Mets lineup.

  32. Cool Lester Smooth says:

    In happier news, Bryce Harper is well on his way to making everyone forget about Mike Trout!

    God, the Phillies have been my NL team since I was 3 years old, but I can’t stop thinking about the Nats.

    I feel like such a slut.

    • Bob Buttons says:

      Eh there’s no rule to supporting more than one team in the same division. Geographically there are a handful of teams that are closer to me than the Yanks, so naturally I cheer my local team whenever they face non-Yankee contenders. There’s also nothing wrong with changing your childhood allegiance. When I was starting to get into baseball (granted, that was pre-teen years) I also cheered for the Sox. What got me out of it is how Sox fans harassed me for my allegiance to the Yanks. Granted, I liked the Yanks more, and it just so happens Sox fans bothered me more often, so I was done with the Sox from that point on. Though to this day I still do like their alt uniforms.

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        I was trying to make a “The Nats are seducing me with their young, incredibly talented wiles” joke, but it kinda fell flat.

        And I’m happy that there are enough Eagles-Yankees fans from South Jersey that people assume I’m one of them and don’t give me shit about it.

  33. heismanziel says:

    Donald Trump is being inducted to the WWE Hall of fame? What the hell.

  34. Nathan says:

    It’s like old timer’s day everyday!

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